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by drnull Wed, 16 Sep 2009 2:06 pm EDT
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webOS 1.4+ required

drPodder v0.7.7 (1/16)

  • Yet another webOS 2.0 localization bug (sorry!)
  • Preferences formatting cleaned up (thanks Oil!)

drPodder v0.7.5 (1/14)

  • Another webOS 2.0 localization bug

drPodder v0.7.2 (1/14)

  • webOS 2.0 compatibility on non-English devices bug fixed
  • Added progress indicator for episode loading on launch
  • bugfix: No more lockups on loading screen when you have many episodes


  1. Add your feeds
  2. (optional) Download episodes you're interested in
  3. Play or stream Podcasts!

Please see the forum thread for full usage notes.

I am writing drPodder because I need a good podcatcher that does what I want it to do. Even the professional Windows Mobile solutions I've used in the past disappointed me, so I decided to start early and make it like I like it. drPodder is still beta, but as a developer, bugs bug me, so when my code isn't working correctly, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.

License: drPodder is Open Source software licensed under GPLv3, and the code is hosted at webos-internals. Feel free to poke around and see how it works and learn more about webOS development yourself.

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GPL v3 Open Source - Learn More


Development version free on P|C. Stable version $0.99 in the Official App Catalog.

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i love this app one of the top 3 app in precentra.net of homebrew apps

I agree. This is probably my fav app.

The Best App for the Pre. A must have

Definitely one of the most used apps on my Pre! Great work!

My favorite and most used Pre app. If you're still streaming podcasts through the web browser, you're nuts. Get this.


My personal favorite. The app has come along nicely since its first version, and the developer has been exceptionally responsive. Easily the most frequently used app on my device right now.

The app stays in an endless LOADINGS FEEDS loop

I installed 3.5 with filecoaster and I had 3.3 installed

I have tried installed 3.3 with filecoaster and 3.5 and the same issues persists.

I do not want to delete the app since I have some podcasts bookmarked

If someone has any advice on a solution or cause please let me know

JXC, eepyikes, I would love to help you two out, but this is not really the place for that. Please come over to the official forum thread where we can try to work through the issues. Thanks.

thanks for the response and thanks for letting me know to take the discussion to the forums..

i couldnt wait for the response so i just uninstalled prepod and installed 3.5 from scratch and this fixed the issues.

thanks for the application...this is by far the best application for the PRE in my opinion and the one i use the most




By far the most used homebrew app on my Pre. Have no stability problems. Love this app!

First app installed and best idea for an app ever. Good job!

Wats an on device that I can paste the link in

My favorite app so far! So simple and so effective.

What I LOVE:
It remembers where you left off in the middle of a track, not like the built-in mp3 player which just starts them from the beginning every time, VERY annoying. THANK YOU for saving the place.

Only improvement I can think of:
Maybe move the > buttons away from play/pause. Isolate that play/pause so if I'm in a car or something, I can just tap that thing with my big fat thumb and not accidently skip a track.


As the developer notes, the program needs work. But even in this early stage, it has proven useful to me as a podcatcher.

Works perfectly for my needs.

Turn off album art in prefs and it's a pretty sweet app, and I gave the 5th star for the author giving the people what they want.

Thanks for sticking with it and updating your rating! The next version will download the album art so it can be resized locally, so you won't have to sacrifice album art for performance.

My #1 homebrew app. Has all the functions I was missing coming over from my WinMo phone. Would be nice to leave the current track continue playing in the background, so I can back-gesture and queue up some other feed episodes for downloading. Otherwise, WELL DONE, Dr Null! Much thanks and gratitude!

Awesome, wish it were a bit easier to add feeds to, but I'm sure that will improve.

Nevermind, I assumed opml was the only way to get new feeds in.

sorry i am new to this how do i get a espn podcast added on my prepod...... HELPPPPPP

This is by far the easiest to use podcatcher, mobile or otherwise, that I have used in a long time. Thank you drnull for an excellent beta product.

I have no issues at all. I have only one request for the future. I would love to be able to keep the feeds synchronized with my other reader -- Google Reader.

Rock on and keep up the great work!

This application is great and has some very good possibilities. However, I wanted to add a feed and I always get an "Error Updating Feed" message.
What am I doing wrong? I copied and pasted the address.

#1 killer app for the Pre! Puts Palm's built in music player to shame

I love this app. After a few additional updates this will be the best podcatcher application that I have used on any mobile phone. It's better than what I have used on Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or the iPod touch. Great job.

Wow! I love this app!

This is the app that convinced me to get into the homebrew area! Use it every day!

This is a great app. I drive a lot right now with work and PrePod is making all those miles seem easy! Thank you!!

I second everything that has been said about this great app. Definitely my favorite/most used homebrew app.

Great App! I have been using it for a few days now, and besides still needing a bit of polish, I don't think there is much more to add. Sure beats having to sync podcasts with the PC first.

It is a nice app but can someone educated me on how to find PodCasts?

Works great on 3g, but why are download speeds slow over wifi? I have Comcast 14mbs cable and it takes 5 mins to download a 35 min pod cast, when my ipod touch takes 20 sec. Any advice to make wifi downloading over wifi faster? Really great app though!

Sorry, I have no control over this. WebOS is limiting the download speeds for some reason. I know for a fact the downloads are going over WiFi when it is available, but it stays slow. Please come over to the official forum thread for discussion.

Just started using it, and I love it!

Great app. Works perfectly for my needs. What does the may exceed the 5GB/month limit comment in the preferences section when using EVDO. I thought the simply everthing plan would not have any limts with data??

It's in the fine print, but there is a limit. 5GB should still get you quite a few podcasts per month. Video podcasts, though, will push you closer to your limit.
CNET article about Sprint 5GB limits
EVDOForums discussion
Google search for Sprint 5gb
Official Sprint Terms

2nd best app(after filecoaster). This should definitely be in the official app catalog (I'm sure it will be). Almost flawless. Thanks for making this a free app!!(even though i will still donate)

I hope this program will eventually eliminate the manual downloading of all my podcasts via usb that I have been doing in the past. I've been catching most of my podcasts with podcatcher and playing with Palm's media player via stereo bluetooth headset. Podcatcher does not seem to accept the remote command from my bluetooth headset for forward or backward to next song. I'd like to set up podcatcher to automatically download the most recent podcast while wifi is active, but it seems like I have to manually select the podcasts to download. I haven't tried bluetooth remote commands with podcaster for streaming files. Also, it is not clear to me about the xml file use. Is one supposed to create an xml file with a list of the feed addresses for desired podcasts Podcatcher will monitor, and install this file in one of podcatcher's folders on the Pre?

Please come to the official forum thread for feature discussions. Thanks!

PrePod does both automatic downloading and BT commands.

This is probably my favorite/most used app, works well,seems to get better without getting bloated. If you aren't a podcast person you might not see the usefulness of a clean app like this.

Really like the wifi only DL option as well.

I really love this app but am I the only one that lost my feeds for the 0.4.1 update? All tracks are still found via Music, though prepod has lost all knowledge of what it was subscribed to, what has and hasn't been listened to.

I love all the new features and would upgrade again but it would have been nice to have kept the feeds or have a way to back them up before upgrade.

Thanks again Jamie for the great app.

2 or 3 other people mentioned losing feeds, but the vast majority of people updated fine without losing anything. Please come to the official forum thread if you need any help.

Sorry about losing your feeds, I know it's a pain! Currently all that can be backed up is your list of feeds, none of the listened/new/download information would be retained. You can use the Application Menu->OPML->Export via email option to backup feeds and feed settings.

Fantastic application!

This is an amazing app. I love how easy it is to use, i don't sync my podcast with iTunes any more. Breaking free from iTunes and Apple.

Support for enhanced podcast would be nice, but it's not a deal breaker.

This has rapidly become the most used app on my Pre. I too have been weening myself off the iPod. Since I listen to more podcasts than music these days, PrePod/drPodder has been a msjor a great find.

By far my favorite app, and it stays in my quick launch

But Keep the Name PrePod!!!! it's catchy!

I agree, but sadly, the name must change. Don't worry, drPodder will grow on you.

Really like the whole program and most of the interface feature. I do NOT like that it truncates the audio. Sometimes up to 60 seconds is lost at the end of the audio track.

If that bug gets fixed, 5 stars all the way.

Sorry that it cuts off your audio, but sadly, that's not within my control. The built-in music player will do this as well anytime you skip around using the forward/back buttons.

Is there a way you can pull songs from your itunes library or pandora library and put them in this kool app?
Thanks drnull

Ok, I loved my Pre before this app, but deep down was still wishing I had an iPhone. Reason being, I felt one BIG feature that the Pre was lacking to the iPhone was the way it handled podcasts. For me, this was a big deal.

I say was because after downloading this app to go with my new Pre, I have ZERO desire for an iPhone. In my opinion the way that this app allows the Pre to handle and play podcasts blows the iPhone away!!!

I now totally believe, hands down, the Palm Pre is far superior to the iPhone and for me, drPodder/PrePod is what tipped the scale!


Thank You SOOOOOO Much For This App!

this app is amazing, i use it everyday and i love the delete when finsihed feature!

100% the BEST mobile app I've ever seen or used.

Does what it should, doesn't do what it shouldn't - it's THE perfect podcaster for mobile.

My following idea is NOT a negative critique - it's an idea for the future: desktop client that works hand-in-hand w/ drPodder. Therefore when my computer and other devices linked to my computer will be in sync w/ everything I've been doing w/ drPodder while away

Fantastic app! Really great! But after adding some more Feeds, including videopodcasts, it does not start any more on my PalmPre. I really don't know what to do. Restarted my pre again and again. "Reading database" works on startup. Then it hangs (for over 1 hour, then I skipped!) on "Loading Episodes" don't know how to rescue my podcasts list! Please, can anyone help me??

I think this is the single most used program on my Pre. Absolutely wonderful.

On an average day I'll hit play on a podcast and it'll play fine for about 5-6 minutes. Then it'll stop with no restart. I'll check the phone and it'll show 'connecting...' yet I have about 30 minutes already cached on the phone. If it's cached, why would it need to connect? I'd understand if it did a pure stream without caching and had connectivity issues with the podcast provider, but this isn't the case.

When DrPodder flashes the 'connecting...' message, it won't continue again until I've exited out the app and relaunched. At that point, it doesn't display the progress bookmark and I have to fast forward or relisten to the podcast.

Secondly, if I'm downloading a podcast for uninterrupted shows, there are occasions the program will lose connectivity with the provider. It'll show an error message stating that it can't connect. Well, I'll hit ok and it'll flash the same error message with no end. Luckily, the Pre will let me quit the app from there. Again, launching the app will show zero downloading progress on the show and then I have to redownload it.

In short, I will consider DrPodder a five star app the day it plays a podcast without pause while it has a healthy cache already downloaded. Also, if it can't download a podcast continually, I'd like to see the error message once and once only and not need to quit the program.

Since I bought the PRE on day one I have been pleading to get a WebOS version of pTunes (had it on my Treo 650, 755p & Centro) because it was my source for podcasts & OTA updating. When this first hit homebrew I was overjoyed and it just keeps getting better! Don't need pTunes now! Thanks!

Can't wait for the update!!

I cannot install dr podder hb. I get errors trying to install Java.net.protol execption servier redirected too many times (20)

pkg log erro 403

I have an original pre on Spring running web os 1.4.5

I had a previous version but it quit working so I deleted it.

Thanks for any help.