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DrPodder Podcast app graduates to App Catalog 69

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 09 Mar 2010 1:14 pm EST


A longtime favorite in the Homebrew space, the best podcast listening app on webOS is now officially available in the App Catalog for the low price of $.99! DrPodder will allow you to download podcasts on a schedule, listen to them at your leisure, or even stream them on the go. You can search for podcasts, add them manually, or even export all your podcasts from iTunes and import them into DrPodder (Click Podcasts, then go File -> Library -> Export Library. Be sure to name the file drpodder.xml, then put that file on your Pre's USB root) 

Even if you're already using the free, Homebrew edition, if you have $.99 to spare (and we know you do) it's worth a download from the App Catalog. If you're not a homebrewer but are addicted to podcasts, you owe it to yourself to give the app a whirl. Our favorite feature, naturally, is that our very own PalmCast is featured. :D

Go get it.

Thanks @Audemars02!



Just nabbed this one. Congrats on graduating! Was wondering what happened to you...

Same for me! Done deal! Best buck ever! Great job on graduating!

Great App! Going to Download the paid version now!

Best $1.06 (damn sales tax) spent on an app so far!!! glad to pay it, even with the free HB version on my Pre!

Greatest Palm Pre app in existence. Absolutely worth your financial support if you listen to podcasts at all. Nothing else on any platform comes close to this.

Is there a difference between the app catalog and homebrew versions? Any new features or anything?

Just pay the $0.99 to support the developer! Don't be Cheap!

His question didn't imply cheapness. It was simply a question.

I have the same question. For instance, will the HB version be updated more often (as App Catalog apps take a while to be pushed)? Or can I delete the HB version and just go with the official version?

He said in the forum the HB version would be updated more frequently.

oh i am definitely being cheap. what do i get for $0.99 that i don't already have with the HB version?

i'm not in the habit of just giving money to strangers for nothing, even if i do appreciate their hard work (which i very much do- drpodder is a great app). if i wanted to just give someone $1 i'd give it to my little brother or to my church or something.

A Developer has to eat.

And damn you are cheap, if you do appreciate his work like you say you do, then purchase the app.

Ric, you sir, suck.

First of all, I am glad attitudes like yours are the exception, rather than the rule. Second, you are NOT GIVING MONEY TO STRANGERS, you are PAYING FOR SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE BUILT. There is a huge difference. Don't be such a jerk and support authors (and great apps) like this and encourage them to create even more apps.

If you use the app, you should pay the extremely modest fee to say, "Thanks for your hard work."

I'll be more than happy to fork over the 99 cents when the app is no longer free. I'd even be willing to pay 5 bucks for it. But the fact is, it's free. This stuff about giving people money because you like them and appreciate them isn't the way the world works, kids.

I've never used the homebrew version, But I knew this was a great app because I've heard so much from the forums and palmcast. So I purchased it and am now going to give it a shot!

i don't think this one has any new features, but i use this damn app all day, every day and i'm buying it right now, even though i also have drpodder hb on my pre right now.

Congratulations - but I hope there will always stay on version in the home brew catalog...

Probably until the end of March, when paid apps are available all around. Then it should be removed. Jamie has done a ton of work on this App. $0.99 for it is stupid cheap.

+1 Its a great app I use tons (and just bought). Everyone should have this on their phone, and sacherjj is right, its worth far more. :)

can you get some of the CNBC podcasts like fastmoney?

I had to do a search to add one of my favorite podcasts. If you google fastmoney xml you should be able to find an xml feed that you can copy the link and add it into drPodder.

I would gladly pay the price (and more) for this great app. If they would let me...

- Canadian Pre user

Nice! I just got my Pre on Sunday and haven't had a chance to HB it yet. I just installed it from the App Catalog.

One question, will both versions continue to be developed? If so, will they be developed in parallel?

Maybe HomeBrew will be for minor updates or betas to updates in the App Catalog. Once the App Catalog got up and running, I always viewed the HomeBrew is prime testing ground for app that made it to the big stage.

Love this app!

Love the HB version of this app, bought it.

This is awesome news. I'm a huge podcast fan, especially since I have to spend about an hour on the bus everyday. Before drPodder came along, I was seriously considering buying an iPod Nano just to cover my podcasting needs, but this app is a million times better. Downloading and streaming episodes over EVDO has become such an integral part of how I listen, I don't think I could ever go back to an offline media player. The other podcast apps in the official catalog (MediaFly, Stitcher) are ok, but drPodder is the best podcatcher I've used on any platform. I will happily give it my .99 (and would happily give more).

I am happy to support the developer! I was surprised to only see the app for $.99! I would have paid more. Thanks for the great app drnull!

Congrats. I use the HB version, but because I use this app all the time, and I enjoy it so much, I'm going to get the paid app.

Quick question though. In regards to getting the paid app, should we delete the HB version first? Having it installed won't corrupt the downolading of the paid version, will it?

Grats! like Lehmeir, i used the HB version but i have now bought the official app. i been using this app and i want to properly support it.


One of the all-time best apps for the Pre, and would be a bargain at 5 times the price. Had the HB version, but gladly bought the app one.

I have a question. .. How did the app manage to be the first and only one of this kind? I am sure podcasts are very common here in the states. Doesn't this app use some "unsupported" APIs as palm likes to call them. . . . A question for the developer, did you just submit this to the app catalog or were you accept because of recent changes in the review process?

Not sure about the APIs and review, but this was very early in homebrew and very good, so there was no need for anyone else to develop a podcast app :)

Go get this on homebrew if you haven't, try it out, and then go BUY IT and download it! (and keep using the homebrew version)

This app deserves to win a Hot Apps award.

I know this app has been around for a while. . . It was one of thw first HB apps. . . But I am just curious as of how it go through the review process considering is the only app of it's kind that plays files stored locally. Which I think is done using APIs from the music olayer thus being "unsupported" APIs. . .

I wonder if the v1.4 of the SDK added this missing support?

This app is so excellent. When Kinoma did not move over to WebOS, I needed something like this. DrPodder is perfect for me and I upgraded to the purchased version today.

Easily, one of the best apps available on webOS. Certainly worth the small price even if the HomeBrew version is good enough for your needs.

Congrats to drnull! I've purchased this application immediately after realizing it was available on the official Palm Application catalog. This was my very first homebrew application that I so desperately needed because I'm an avid lister of podcasts.. It's good to know drnull is finally going to make money off this application because I know he's spent alot of time making it the best it is out there.

I've been using the Homebrew version, but didn't hesitate to buy it in the App Catalog to support the developer! This is a very personal favorite of mine and my most-used app on the Pre. Streaming my Podcasts over EVDO and then having them bookmark automatically without even downloading them is by far my favorite feature. This will install along side drPodder HB- just export your feeds from HB and import them into the new version (don't add the canned Podcasts at start), and hit refresh. Works great. Highly recommended.

Buying it now - hoping to see the community supports one of the earliest and most impressive homebrew apps out there -- and still the best podcast app available.

timing is fantastic. After much problems following my webos1.4 upgrade, I realised that it was this homebrew installation that was causing me big probs. After webos1.4 I lost ability to browse internet (or other internet services) over wifi. Finally went to Palm as O2 in the UK are rubbish like their 3G coverage :-( Palm led me through WebOS Doctor and all was restored except the homebrew stuff. Reinstalled it and it killed of WiFi browsing again. Don't know why this happens, just thought it might be useful to note it here.

This is the only podcast app I have ever used.....was glad to convert to the paid app. One thing, I hope that the issue of podcasts pausing and not restarting in the same place.

Been using the Homebrew for quite a while. Glad to pay the ridiculously low app cat price. Congrats to drnull!

planning on checking this app out for the download feature. I find streaming even over wifi can be a problem.

Does this app include podcast summary or show notes?

Yes, when you are playing a podcast the notes are typically on the same page. You can even click links and navigate around while you listen.

It's a little rough around the edges, but the sheer amount of functionality more than makes up for it. Way better than Palm's built-in solution.

I hope this continues to get full support from the developer now that it is bringing in revenue.

I've been using the homebrew version for a bit now and love it!
I will be purchasing the catalog version.
Congratulations DrNull! keep up the great work!

WTF? .99? I'd gladly pay 4.99 or up for this app! Even though I've been using the free homebrew version since the start I will gladly get the paid version. The developer gave us a great app and single handedly saved me from ditching the Pre in the early days. The developer listened to the community about improvements, engaged the boards and updated often so for that I will gladly fork over my .99 cents!
Congrats on the promotion to the big time you deserve it.

Bought it... Been using it since I started doing the HB stuff. I promised to buy it when it went on the App Catalog. This app is definitely well worth it for the price.

Love it! Bye bye HB, hello app catalogue. :P

Been using the homebrew app for weeks and was planning to contribute to the developer this week because it is such a great app. Happy to buy it from the App Store for only $.99. This app really is worth $4.99 or more with the ability to stream and cache podcasts. Thanks and keep the great apps coming.

Greatest App ever. Everyone should buy this and review in the app catalog, get this man some cash, and should be up for the app contest.


This is by far the best app for the Palm Pre and Pixi, in other words, the best app for WebOS!


Best Free App is now clearly the Best $0.99 App. Just bought, reviewed and easily updated my feeds. Always feel better when i pay for something i really use and value!

I used to use this app when I used homebrew and have missed it the most. I just bought it. Excellent app! Congrats on entry into the Catalog.

sweet, i look forward to supporting this developer once i can get paid apps.

can u set it to download over wifi only?

Just bought it. I've been using the HB version forever. Best app out there.

Congrats Grad!!!!! I love Dr. Podder haha

i can't download any apps from catalog, whats the matter? the download progress bar never move?

Was waiting for that, going to get it soon!

I love the homebrew version. This is my first download when we get paid apps in Europe.

Video? When did he add the video podcasts? I downloaded the pay version and have noticed the video capability is included now. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!

I didn't look to see if the HB version has video before i canned it.

always had video for as long as I have had it (HB)

Great News, that will be the first app i will buy, once paid apps are available in Europe. Still think, that 1$ is too cheap for the best app, that i have on my pre :)

I recommend EVERYONE who has ever used the homebrew app buy this app and support apps like this. drPodder has been consistently one of the best apps for the Pre and I will definitely buy it when Europe gets paid apps later this month.

I tried following those directions for exporting my list of iTunes podcasts. (clicked on Podcasts, File::Library::Export Library, renamed to drpodder.xml, copied to root directory of Pre in USB mode.)

However, when I went into drPodder and tried to import, I get the following error message:

"OPML Import Finished
No valid feeds found in drpodder.xml"

For that matter, I looked in the drpodder.xml, and I don't see any podcast URLs in it.

I'm running iTunes 9.0.1 on OSX 10.6.2. Can somebody help? I know I could create my own OPML using the mail feature and typing my podcast URLs into it, but if I can do it automatically, that would be great. iTunes doesn't make it easy to extact podcast URLs: if you click the infor button for the podcast, it pops up a window which displays the URL, but you can't select/copy it, and if you click away from iTunes the popup get hidden.

Ah ha! I figured it out.

Right click on "Podcasts" under the Library panel. Then choose "Export" from the context menu and make sure to export into "OPML" format. It worked great after that.

How do you export into OPML format?