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Duke3D Headed to webOS 25

by Jason Robitaille Mon, 08 Mar 2010 2:30 pm EST

Palm loyalists out there will undoubtedly remember the name MetaView. Back in the days of PalmOS, he rose to fame with apps like PalmPDF (now named PDFmob), 2PlayMe, and notably Duke3D, a PalmOS Duke Nukem 3D port that won the Zodiac France Contest 2006.

MetaView has been developing for webOS for a while now, with releases like Match This!, MapTool, and ÜberRadio. Now, he's returning to an old favourite and is bringing Duke3D to webOS.

Posted on his blog, Henk "MetaView" Jonas shares the above video of Duke3D working smoothly on his Pre. According to his post, the controls can be used all in the keyboard or alternatively use the screen as a virtual d-pad and have the rest of the controls in the keyboard (similar to Quake).

Interestingly, MetaView has told PreCentral that:

"The porting was really easy. Just some small source and makefile adjustments and both jfbuild and jfduke did compile and link. Not at all comparable with the old Palm OS where I needed several days just to get it compiled and another couple of days to have it running without crashes."

Seems the boasts of quick app porting to the webOS holds some weight. That certainly raises my spirits for the webOS platform as a whole.

Duke3D is now available for the Palm Pre and Pre Plus in the WebOS-Internals testing feed for those brave enough to try it while it's still in-testing.



Gr8! Gooing to try it!

Been watching Webos internals projects page over the past week and have seen increased activity with Duke3D. Was gonna say something in the forums, but I wasn't sure what the deal was. AWESOME! Never thought it would be this quick!! Thanks MetaView!

so i installed it from the feed using wosqi, anyone else? I cant seem to get it to launch. Lights up and does nothing... Quake works fine, something wrong with the method I used to install?

same issue here!!

Mine does not launch. Downloaded it, clicked on the icon, and nothing.

You need the following files in the Duke3D directory on your internal drive:


When you start Duke3D for the first time, it will create this directory for you.

it created a directory on my pre but it only has 3 files


Yes, you must grab your buyed Duke3D game and put game data files into this directory.

Darn, I thought we would get Duke Nukem Forever. :)

I saw this in the testing feed a week or 2 ago and I had the same issue.. I tap the icon to run it, it will glow, then that is it. I'll give it another run.

I didn't reboot the phone after the install so I'll try that =)

I only submitted the news tip for this thing like 2 weeks ago with the youtube vid of it running. Nice to see the lead time on the articles ;-)

I hate when people spell it, "favourite"

It's British English, it's completely acceptable.

And Jason is in Canada, so it is not only acceptable, it is proper.

As said above me, it is British English, and guess where the author of this article is from? Canada, where favorite is favourite, color is colour, etc.

It is part of the world. American English is not the only version of the English language out there. I live here in the USA, born and raised, yet I know this.

You need to realize that there are other variations of the English language, and as a matter of fact, we modified it to favorite FROM favourite.

Could this video be any shittier or further away from the camera?

I'll bet it could. :P

I can't get duke3D to work or super tux now dang!!

>"Seems the boasts of quick app porting to the webOS holds"

Jason! You said "the" webOS again!!! We don't port to "the Linux" or "the MS-Windows".... :)

i got it working =)

which version did u use 1.0.4 or 1.0.5?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but what does Duke3D do?

It's a bad-ass FPS (first person shooter) game that doesn't take itself too seriously ;-)

1.0.5 but u have to find these 3 files

i torrented them but they shouldn't be to hard to find then put those files into the internal directory through usb mode and it should work fine

The current 1.0.5 doesn't install from the feed. But if you download the ipk you will be able to use WebOSQuickInstall to install it. At first run it will create a Duke3D folder in your internal drive and finish. Copy the game files (DEFS.CON, DUKE3D.GRP, GAME.CON, USER.CON) from the desktop game (demo should work too) in this folder and you're done. There is a readme file in the folder, describing the controls. Audio is still missing and the controls could be improved. I will address this issues when I got it installed directly from the feed.