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Eating their own dog food: Palm Developer Relations team builds the new Facebook app 59

by Derek Kessler Thu, 04 Mar 2010 10:34 am EST


Yes, folks, it's a Facebook kind of morning here at PreCentral. What can we say, we're celebrating the new app in style.

Having recently taken charge of Palm’s Developer Relations team, web developers extraordinaire Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer decided it was time to try out their tools for themselves and use them to revamp the webOS Facebook app. The two came into the project with years of web programming experience but none with webOS. They used the experience as away to both become familiar with the tools they push, and to explore the SDK from a developer’s point of view.

Chuq Von Rospach posted about the experience on the Developer Center Blog, noting that, “Working on this application has given us a really detailed look at the current state of our tools and documents. Here in Developer Relations, we’ve been sitting down and evaluating the results and putting plans in place to remove as many of the speedbumps and potholes as we can, as quickly as we can.”

Almaer went more in-depth on his personal blog, diving into the process that went into the revamp. It’s no secret that the version 1.0 Facebook app was a disappointment to many, but the folks at Palm listened and prioritized the updates for this latest version (those being access to Facebook messages and profiles). They also worked to bridge the gap between webOS-style and Facebook-style, designing the app such that it works much like the website.

This is what Almaer and the team hope will be the first of “a regular cadence” of releases. Where they go from here is a question that they want your help answering. The options are many, including birthday integration into calendar or webOS notifications. Both the Palm Developer Center Blog post and Almaer’s own are interesting reads and give us more hope for the future of webOS apps.



Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm glad Palm is taking an interest in their uses. That is what makes a company great compared to other selfish companies like Apple that is rejecting Flash support.

I just have to say, this is leaps and bounds over the original. Keep up the good work, Palm. I won't lose faith!

If you're not moving forward you're falling backwards!

If you're not moving forward you're falling backwards!

MUCH, MUCH better than the last, weak effort. Will replace Friendsbook, Palmbook, and FriendFlow as my default FB app!

why,,friends book does everything this does and more,.

this isn't true at all. I've been using FriendsBook up until now. With FriendsBook you cannot see your inbox, your events, or people search. Also the Palm application has a cleaner UI. I'm thankful for FriendsBook, but it has been surpassed.

I love the fact that when I search the app catalog for "facebook" I get 41 results, none of which are the FB app.

That's a huge pet peeve of mine (no good search). Preware does a fantastic job of search, why can't the PALM freaking CATALOG do that?

Does everyone realize how great it is that we have SO MANY APPS in the catalog that you need to search?!!!

Once Flash is available, will it be possible to even access Facebook applications through the App?

Can't wait for notification/video/chat to be available to roundout/complete the app.

Great Work!

i doubt it'll happen that way initially because the app itself would have to but updated to support the flash plugin. but games working in the full browser version of the site on the pre is a definite possibility... still i doubt they'll run smoothly.

Heck, Facebook games don't run smoothly on my PC.

Wow, very interesting update and I also read elsewhere people on Android complaining because their Facebook app isn't this good. :)

Either way, great work and I'm looking forward to hearing what the Palm Developers have to say about the update and using the tools for webOS development.

Thanks for the update and info Precentral! Sorli...

Much better than the original app--thank you for the hard work and improvements. Step in the right direction.

well,when there are notifications,,and video uploads,i will think about using this. Friendsbook still does more then this and any fb app out there.

they could add video uploads, but that would probably just open the video app. Because now we can all ready upload videos directly from there sense 1.4.

or are you talking about watching videos?

A much needed update, thanks palm for showing consideration to your supporters!

well,when there are notifications,,and video uploads,i will think about using this. Friendsbook still does more then this and any fb app out there.

You Can Upload Videos To Facebook Now With The 1.4 Update. All This App Needs Is Notifications And The Ability To Accept Friend Requests.

well,when there are notifications,,and video uploads,i will think about using this. Friendsbook still does more then this and any fb app out there.

i think it's incredible! much, much better. i would like to see the fb chat as well, possibly integrated with messaging if possible. i can get fb at work, but the chat is disabled with our firewall. thanks for the great app!

very sorry for the repeat post.

Great effort Palm. It really is a fantastic app. Granted, there's still room for improvement but what a giant leap you've taken.

Only feature missing is:
Notifications / Chat / Friend Request / Pages,Groups

I'd also like to be able to tag people in photos.

I would also like the ability to add captions to pictures I upload to facebook through the phone...

Just one issue I have with the 1.1 release. Email threads. Can you always show the person the email thread is directed to? I have no idea who the email was sent to since my picture is displayed instead.

great job! How about a native Google Voice app next!?

great job, very responsive app, quick to load, much quicker that the or w.e. It is now;) now all we need is chat, and I'm set, oh, maybe a 1.4.1 update so the rest of my phone works, but whatever right?

This is great and all. I am actually going to use this now instead of lite or touch site. But how do you log out of this app?????

Greatest update yet! I agree, Google Voice app, please?

The changes to the Facebook were monumental to our webOS devices. I cannot believe the leap that was taken from one version to the next. I'm not about to ask for more features right away as I am very content with the many features we've all been waiting for. This is one of the best Facebooks apps I've seen out there. Simply a fantastic job. I'll tell you people do not know what they're missing with this phone especially after the 1.4 update. I do not feel the need to even think about purchasing another phone out there as this one covers everything I need. It's a tragedy to see all the negative publicity and poor financial results Palm is going through. I am doing my best to support the phone, webOS, and everything Palm is bringing to the table!

The new FB app should be a 2.0; not a 1.1!

Considering the differences between 1.0 and 1.1...Can you imagine what a true 2.0 will look like? It might be so good that it even gives you your old facebook back! :)

I hope these two developers carry on the good work

After spending time using the Facebook app, it feels like a highly polised "application" and provides most of the features that users felt were missing from the previous application.

However, it feels like a let-down on the true promise of Palm Synergy.

Let me explain.

The selling-point of the Palm webOS was supposed to be multitasking and synergy.
While most of these weren't stated explicitly, Palm webOS was supposed to allow you to view all your calendars in one place, all your messages in one place, all your emails in one place and all contacts in one place and all at the same time! At least that seemed to be the vision Palm had and we had started to see the beginnings of it.

Looking at things from this perspective, one could say that the original/previous Facebook app (1.0) was not a disappointment at all. It integrated perfectly with Palm webOS and provided complementary features that were unique to Facebook (streaming/live/news/status updates). Virtually every other Facebook service had natural homes within the Palm webOS Synergy-sphere: chat (messaging), friends (contacts), events (calendar), pictures, videos.

However, users seemed to want more Facebook features from Palm and it was given to them in a way they are used to having it.

The new version of the Palm webOS Facebook client is a well-thought and polished mobile application and provides capabilities that rival or exceed the capabilities on competing Facebook clients on webOS as well as other platforms. On that note, this application has delivered and I commend the folks (Palm Developer Relations team) that brought this joy to us.

So, is the Facebook client a progression or a regression?

And as a big Palm-fan, webOS-fan... neither, I hope!

The hope is that Palm has not stepped away from it's webOS and Synergy promise and that the "silo'ed Facebook client" is only a detour. And that, instead, Palm's development efforts are focused on evolving and refining their cutting edge webOS ( a la Synergy), because they got "that" right and it is the future!!

much was and still is missing from the synergy side of facebook, or any social network for that matter. I expected chat integration in the stock messaging app, email in email, and pictures and videos viewable in their apps? tif this were all there, it would make the stock apps a little like what win phones7 is trying to do with hubs. We were so close to beating them to this with the synergy promise, but I don't know what happened..

on the same line of thought, shouldn't there be a stock social news stream app? With toggleable notifications? So that you could combine the news stream from facebook, twitter, google buzz, etc and view it alll at once? Maybe for the funcionality of ea. of those platforms, you would click on the news item, and it's own app (whatever service) or webpage would open.

The app will not let me log into facebook so I have to use the mobile web to log in.

I can't log in either. After entering my email/password, I click 'sign in' and it does nothing. It doesn't even look like it's hitting the server.

I'm having the same problem with logging in. I had the same issue with the original facebook app, but since I had friendsbook I knew I wasn't missing much.

More things are coming, such as notifications and the like. They're working on integrating them into the entire OS, not just the app. Also, just noticed this, but when you use the app to update your status and comment on things it not only says "via Facebook for Palm," but it also has a small Palm logo next to it!! I haven't seen the iPhone app do that.

If you go on your computer and look at what you post from your phone, it has a Palm logo next to it.

All we need now is Notifications / Chat / Friend Request support / Video Support/ View Picture comments /... At least we are moving forward.... Great look though good job boys!

- Notifications yep u are right
- Chat .. mmmmm yeah .. but u have the option for App FB Chat in the App Cataloge.
- Friend Request the App has it u probably just don't know how
- Why are asking for video support if we don't even have the plug-in for Flash 10.1 from Adobe and that does not have anything to do with Palm the phone is ready for it.
- View picture comments that u can also do and u don't know how.

So my point is YOU and another whole bunch of people come here with all this IGNORANCE against PALM making them look bad even though that u have a PALM PHONE instead of support them, don't u realize that if PALM is goone u are not gonna have any support for ur device?

Please i think we own an amaizing piace of technology y love my phone and that is why i boght it couse i think is a very good and beatiful phone that has it's flows but tell me wich one is perfect The iPhone? ja!ja! don't think so or if u think
just go and buy one and don't come here with all this BAD ENERGY.

This is 7 different kinds of awesome... Now gimme notification on the icon and I'm in heaven!

Exactly what I was gonna say. All I want is notifications. If it had that, it would be perfect. I could care less about chat, it sucks anyways.

so... does anyone else find the app extremely buggy? it randomly picks what it wants to show sometimes, missing some posts on some reloads, and not others.

Not to mention not actually posting my posts.

I've definitely seen some buggy moments with the new app. When I click on pictures only the background shows... It takes several times or a random time to show pictures in an album.

would like to see notifications, but not just rhw awction in facebook, actual background notifications with options to chose what we are notified for, the sound facebook will use, andclicking on the notification brings you right to where you need to be to respond.

It would be great to have an option to take a video and instantly caption and upload directly from the app...

**** Necessary update for this app is to be able to map the location of events with google maps just like in our calendar when we are maping for an appointment.

Can someone tell me why I can't log into the new Facebook app.
I have tried restarts, changing email addresses, reinstalling the app, everything but rooting the phone...what's wrong it's ticking me off.

For all the people that can not log in the App go to INFO app > reset options > erase app & data option > that will do the trick u don't have to worry about loosing anything because all your apps & data are back up in the cloud ... good thinking PALM.

by far my fav facebook app. Only question I have is will there be any way to un-sync all the facebook contacts? I tried deleting one of them and it said can't delete any fb contacts. That's the only issue I have with the new app since it completely clutters my contact list with excess contacts. Thanks in advance.

by far my fav facebook app. Only question I have is will there be any way to un-sync all the facebook contacts? I tried deleting one of them and it said can't delete any fb contacts. That's the only issue I have with the new app since it completely clutters my contact list with excess contacts. Thanks in advance.

nevermong, I just figured it out. Thanks!

I still think Friendsbook is the best App for this. We Buy Houses Does Anybody else agree? Disagree?