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Edit TouchPad Launcher pages with SubOrbital (homebrew) 5

by Adam Marks Mon, 25 Jun 2012 11:09 pm EDT

SubOrbitalWe published a tip a couple weeks ago on how to add two additional tabs to the TouchPad's launcher, but it limited you to just those two and did not let you specify the name of those tabs. However, if you would like some additional control, including the ability to specify the names of the tabs, add as many as you would like, and even rearrange them, then you need to check out SubOrbital by grep_awesome, an application available in the Preware or webOS Quick Install homebrew gallery.

SubOrbital is not a pretty looking app. The developer even comments on that in the "read me" section of the app. But who cares!  This app allows you do all sorts of things to the TouchPad's launcher that should have been stock functionality in webOS 3.0. The app is split up into three sections, split using the Enyo sliding panels to access the middle and right panels. This tip will focus on the left and the center panels, which will help you modify your launcher pages and backup/restore the launcher in case you run into issues.

The main, large pain allows you to add, remove or rename launcher tabs, as well as to reorder them in the launcher. Unfortunately, you are unable to delete or rename the 4 stock launcher pages (Apps, Downloads, Favorites and Settings), but you have free reign to set up the tabs any other way you would like. Once you have made your changes, you will need to press the "Luna Restart" button to reboot the TouchPad for the changes to go into effect. As you add multiple launcher pages, the size of the tab names in the launcher will resize to make the additional tabs fit. As a result, you will notice that some longer names may wrap around if they don't fit, and that the "DONE" button that appears when rearranging icons is no longer visible in either portrait or landscape mode. Instead, you can just tap anywhere on the screen between or to the sides of an icon to exit "edit" mode.

The middle pane will allow you to backup or restore your launcher settings. As discussed in the Read Me section, making these kind of system changes also has the possibility of messing something up on your TouchPad. Therefore, it's always a good idea to make a backup of your system prior to making these tweaks. In addition to using the backup functionality within SubOrbital, you can also run the "Launcher" script in Save/Restore to ensure you have an extra backup in case anything goes wrong.

One final note. If you have already installed the "Add Launcher Pages" tweak from our prior tip, there is no need to uninstall it. SubOrbital will pick up those changes just fine.

Thanks to all the comments in our Add Launcher pages tip for pointing out SubOrbital

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Thank you for some new Homebrew! Seems like we are not getting as much homebrew or other apps, but thank you to those still supporting WebOS! We need to keep this alive and going to give Open WebOS a chance. FrankenPre 2 and touchpad still going and hope to keep them going until Open WebOS.

Great app :) Been using it for a while :)

I wish there was a way to have different names of the tabs based on orientation. This is not an Orbital issue but maybe a patch would make it possible. So Favourites in landscape would turn into Favs in Portrait etc.

I would love to see this implemented and would contribute too....

This is great and I installed it. Then I realized that I don't know how I want to organize things.

I initially created a Media and PIM tabs to separate out those functions, that makes the tabs overfill in portrait mode with Homebrew and Games. I changed Homebrew to Utilities (the "I"s take up less space), but Downloads still wraps.

I wish I could change the Favorites and Downloads as those are the two long ones cramping my style.

you could try being creative w/ the names: Favs, DLoads, DWNLDS, FVRTS ...idk something like

edit: ok...i some how didnt comprehend the that those were the default until i read suboribtals app description page and then it clicked....came back to this article to confirm, and yup thats in here...oh well that kinda sux then

I just settled for getting rid of the PIM category. Most of that stuff is just tossed in Apps now.

It seems really weird that they would built so much structure into something arbitrary like this and not make it and easily adaptable properties file or something.