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Emblaze kills the First Else, leaving ALP as the OS without a phone 37

by Derek Kessler Wed, 30 Jun 2010 12:55 pm EDT

Emblaze First Else

Oldtimers from the days when there was just TreoCentral may remember the Access Linux Platform (ALP) developed by Access. We care about Access because they purchased PalmSource and subsequently the Palm OS and all work on the then next-generation Palm OS 6 platform. ALP eventually came from Access’ purchase and they’ve been struggling for years to get the OS onto devices. The latest version, 3.0, was unveiled way back in February. Of 2009.

It wasn’t until that November that the first and to our knowledge only licensee stepped up and revealed a handset running ALP: Emblaze and the First Else. Now, seven months later, the First Else has been unceremoniously killed by Emblaze, leaving ALP again as a promising OS that cannot be easily found on any branded, consumer-facing hardware products. In a world where even once-mighty Palm is struggling to gain traction, it’s even more difficult for a new player to enter the smartphone space with even a refined-and-refined-again version 3.0.

Does this spell the end for ALP? We’re not going to put an entry in the obituaries just yet, but we’d be mighty surprised if ALP doesn’t die a quiet, lonely death over the next few months.

Source: Engadget



I don't care if you claim first... at least put something useful in after...

I honestly had never heard of ALP. Was it any good and just missed the "corporate sponsorship" boat? or are Android and WebOS better?


dont be mad cause i claimed it. nothing really to say about something ive never heard of.

Let gimpy have his Online Special Olympics gold medal. It obviously means a lot to him.


Really? You

I remember seeing some video of it & it looked pretty cool. From what I remember it was pretty quick & intuitive. Anyone else seen it before? Maybe I'm thinking of something different.


Yeah, you should do yourself a favor and dig through Engadget's back articles on it and see the videos. It had some really intriguing concepts and did in fact seem quite promising. As promising as WebOS? Hard to say without using it, but definitely there was something there.

I agree. Also, does anyone remember how the OS was supposed to run Palm OS apps natively?? I was really looking out for this release, but alas...in true EMBLAZE fashion, it is no more.

good job on being first =] my turn next!! this phone is shit, i have been watching it fo awhile now.. its shit!! the only os hpalm should be worried about is wp7!!

sorry just always wanted to do that.wont do again...

It's ok, put your mittens back on and go out and play.

Oh who cares, your just havin' fun. God people...does it really bother you that someone made a 'first post' joke??

Every post seems to have a, as you put it, "'first post' joke".

I am happy people get joy out of being first... I only ask that after you let everyone else know of your sheer giddiness, you contribute something to/about the article...

I don't think that is too much to ask, since the comment section purpose is to discuss the article.

I wish them the best of luck with their product... But in reality, if Palm with its name has a tough time selling phones then what chance do new companies have into establishing themselves in the market...

Its not really about how good your OS is, its really about how many flavors of of mobile Operating Systems will the industry really allow...

But it looks good... A little too much like Android if you ask me... LOL...

But best of luck to them...

Oh Well. Better Them Than Us. Couldn't Care Any Less About Other Phones Or Their OS, Unless It's One I Currently Own.

Is that the working title for your book? ;)

Is it me or does the video of the phone at the beginning look a lot like Android 2.0 does?

Honestly, I do not care. And the Palm content is tenuous here at best.

go ahead and buy them out too, hp.. eff it..

looks like a phone from the movie Minoritiy Report. Far too techy and geeky for your average consumer in opinion. They had some intriguing concepts, but overall I feel like current smartphone OSes are more aesthetically pleasing and function quite nicely.

the lady in this video said that the design was inspired by minority report.. i say throw the option to hae a background image in and have the controls lay over semi-transparent and i would definitely pick this up as a second device.. i think it's pretty cool.. i still say hp should buy em for the hell of it lol... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhKxpYRip18&feature=youtube_gdata

I remember the access power up screen on my centro was wondering what that was all about.

First ELse was going to be a touch screen phone that could be used one handed. IT had some very interesting UI ideas. I hope someone buys them and incorporates those ideas in to their phones.

"Does this spell the end for ALP?"

Um, probably not. They've managed to put out three versions (four, if you count Palm OS Cobalt before it) without anybody ever putting them on any phones. I'm not sure how the economics of that work, but they just keep going...

I figure, if ALP was going to die, it would have died a long, long, long time ago.

Crazy that we once thought ALP was the future of Palm OS...

The diamond icon based "menu" screens weren't anything amazing, but that "dial" menu thing looked very slick. They took some time looking into how far someone could comfortably extend their thumb to touch the screen. Someone really needs to buy them and push it forward.
http://bit.ly/6EjxB7 (from Engadget)

I was rooting for ALP to succeed from day one. The idea of old PalmOS apps running natively along side the rest (without the need for an emulator like Classic) sounded awesome. All this time later WebOS has grown and PalmOS has died so I don't know where it could go now...


*for right-handed people only

the comments are the most intresting I tought just awsome reading! Go Palm

they needed to step up and make a revolutionary app some 5+ years ago when palmOS 5 began to get dated. Instead they left palm in the cold with their only chance to survive by making their own OS from the ground up. I don't know how much time over the last 5+ years palm spent to make webOS but it would be interesting to know. As for access (palmsource) they practically destroyed palm, If it weren't for webOS palm would have been dead, so in my book their fate is sealed as they reap what they did to palm.

Yeah; that's sorta my feeling too.

PalmSource didn't manage to produce a worthwhile successor to Palm OS 5 in YEARS, and left PalmOne to rot (and use WM)... and still hasn't produced anything competitive.

cool. So does this make my centro a collectors item? So now it's worth 5 dollars instead of 2?

The main product of Access is the NetFront browser, that is embedded in millions of devices around the workd (Sony's PSP and Amazon Kindle), so I don't think they are going to go bankruptcy right now.

As for Emblaze, they seem to have been working in "under the hood" mobile technologies all of these years more than being newbies on the bussiness.

This is more a Palm-Foleo-like situation than other thing.

Their "Picsel Browser" for palmOS was pretty sweet, actually. Reminds me of how ALP has operated in the videos I've seen in the past.

Pretty slick. Obviously the best implementation imaginable.

Seems like you're always just one step away from wherever you need to be.

Appears to be dieing EMBLAZE of glory! .... :P

... or perhaps a pile of embers by this point ...

"The hardware design was designed to be...... It looks best when device is not activated,when it's locked". Did anyone got that at the end of youtube video posted by D.MOSS?. Yes the main idea was so it looks cool when it's not activated... This is what I was looking for a phone that looks like it's from future but the os sucks. Iphone looks cool too but do we need something that looks cool or something that has great design, easy to use, and what about apps. I don't think anything is close to webOS they just need to get couple more updates to make it perfect.