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Enable Swipe Up [webOS 3.0] 5

by Adam Marks Tue, 12 Jul 2011 11:11 am EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

Although there is no gesture area on the Touchpad, HP kept the ability to swipe up from the bottom of the screen in order to minimize your app into card mode or launch the app launcher. If you have tried to swipe up but nothing happens, you may need to enable it first. To enable (or disable) just open up the "Screen & Lock" app, find the  "Advanced Gestures" section, make sure that "Enable Gestures" is set to ON.

The swipe up can be done when the Touchpad is rotated in any screen direction, and will always be done from the "bottom" of the screen. However, note that for some PDK or older mojo apps, the "bottom" of the app may not be the same as the bottom of the screen rotation. This occurs because the app was built for a webOS phone that always had the same screen bottom and does not recognize the rotation of the device, or if you have set a rotation lock. When in doubt, you can always press the Home Button to minimize the app, too.


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Any chance of a homebrew developer being able to make the card switch by going from right bezel to left bezel and vice versa like the Pre/Pixi/Veer have?

Since most apps that I've given any consideration to (still just playing with our new Touchpad) that has a back button also has a whole swath of screen (a bottom bar) devoted only to housing the back button - it would be really cool if that bottom bar were the virtual gesture area so to speak. I'd much rather swipe back in the bar than reach all the way to the left with my right had to click the back button (since I'm supporting the TP w/ my left hand)

Homebrew team: Please give us forward/backward swipes using the same mechanism (but using the right or left "side" of the screen)! It is much easier to do a quick forward/back swipe using the side of the bezel instead of hunting for the back button. Thanks!!

I don't think this is possible for a homebrewer to do--All the Enyo apps that have been written wouldn't have a listener for a gesture, they'd be listening for a button press, which means the back gesture would have to be configured for every app. Maybe just adding gestures for the browser alone would be possible?

That said, I'd like to see it as a swipe from the right bezel to the bottom or bottom to left for back, and left to bottom or bottom to right for forward--swipe across the corners, in the direction you want to go.

I'd also like to see scrollable panes not move on an up swipe :/

This is one of my favorite WebOS features. I'm glad they decided to keep it. Now if they could only add the other gestures as well.