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Enhanced Contacts VCard Export patch fixes webOS contact export 8

by Adam Marks Wed, 17 Oct 2012 2:59 pm EDT

This tip is currently only for devices running webOS 2.2.4

Export contactsYou always want to make sure that you have a backup of your critical data that you keep on your smartphone, and your contact list should be towards the top of your priority list when to comes to ensuring you have recent backup. If you use cloud-based synergy accounts for your contacts like Google Contacts, Facebook or Yahoo, you are probably less worried about having a backup since you can always go back to the source data and pull it down again. But if you use the Palm Profile or a different "local" account for your contact data, the only way to access your data is on the phone itself, and if the phone is lost or your backup gets corrupted, you run the risk of forever losing that data.  Luckily, there is a rather simple method to perform an export of all your contacts to a .vcf (VCard or "Virtual Business Card") file by just dialing a code into the dialer. This is useful to not only create a backup of your data, but also would allow you to easily migrate your data to a different service like Google Contacts.

Unfortunately, it appears that since webOS 2.1 this export does not include the "Spouse" or "Children" fields in your contacts, and the URL field is not saved with the right field type. This is obviously not ideal as you will no longer have a complete backup, nor will you be able to migrate all of your data to a different service. In order to combat this, webOS Nation forum member gizmo21 created the "Enhanced Contacts VCard Export" (available in preware) that will fix these issues when you perform an export of either a single contact or all your contacts. 

Currently, this patch is only available for webOS 2.2.4. If you would like to help gizmo1 test this patch for webOS 2.1 or 3.0.5, reply in the patch's forum thread to let him know.

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Awesome! Thanks gizmo21!

Find the file (using Internalz) in /media/internal/.temp after step 1, tap the .vcf file that was produced and then "Info" and email the .vcf file to yourself. No USB required, completely on device.

Awesome! I recently (about 6 weeks ago) switched to a Pre3 from a Pre-. Does anyone know if I export the vcf and then copy it to my Pre3 if my contact info will all be there? Will Synergy merge the two?

It should be automatically brought back in via your Palm Profile once you logged in on your Pre3. If it did not, I would suggest you export from the Pre- and import that file to  Google Contacts and then use that on your Pre3. that way you will always have a backup of your contact data in your Google/Gmail account.

if you import .vcf (click on in as email attachment or open it via internalz fileexplorer) webos will import it to your currently set default contact account (e.g. google or palm profile). it could then be the case that contacts are doubled in that account but synergy should merge them on webos though.

please also check the other tips of adam marks on exporting contacts:

Boom, action time!


Everytime I see someone still using that, I'm brought back to the NYC webOS Developer conference where it was first said.

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