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Enyo 2 officially out of beta and available to the masses 13

by Ryan St. Andrie Wed, 18 Jul 2012 5:27 pm EDT

Enyo 2 officially out of beta and available to the masses

Break out the cigars and pop the champagne because Enyo 2 is finally out of beta and available to the masses! We last reported on Enyo 2's beta progress way back in March where Beta 3 delivered sliders and progress bars to the Onyx user interface within Enyo. Since then the Enyo crew has been hard at work to get the framework out of beta and available to the public despite losing a handful of team members

"So what's new?", you ask. Well first up they have added several new Onyx widgets. Now a handy developer can make use of  Menu, Picker, Tooltip, Tree, Drawer, Scrim, and “MoreToolbar,” a responsive toolbar that adapts to different screen widths from the Onyx widgets library. Next up there is a snazzy new Enyo 2 sampler to help those interested familiarize themselves with what Enyo 2 has to offer. Last but certainly not least, there is a new contributor process that will allow code contributors to be able to submit larger quantities of code while keeping the codebase Apache 2.0-compatible. Oh and before we forget, the Enyo website has received a sexy new makeover!

We know that is a lot for the layman to take in but ultimately it means that Enyo 2 is ready to roll. Whereas Enyo in its birth was built around the TouchPad, Enyo 2.0 is platform agnostic and will allow developers to use it regardless of the platform they wish to code for. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside that Enyo will carry on the web-centric legacy of webOS regardless of the fate of our most loved mobile OS. So in essence a little piece of webOS will always live on so long as developers take to Enyo which we have a hunch they will.  

Source: The Enyo Blog



I think I'm happy! I don't know what to do with Enyo 2.0...but I'm hopeful that most everybody else will and that they will come over to the shallow end of the webOS development understanding pool and help me know too!

Hey, all cool. Enyo is a great framework. Easy and Powerful.
The new site is nice, but something that "hurted" me is that there is no reference on webOS (except on the Testimonial by zhephree). The could've put some reference of our beloved platform, at least on the "Develop app for:" image.

But, apart this, a great milestone on the Enyo (and webOS) history.


Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed. I guess I can kind of understand why they want to distance themselves from webOS but still, its a little sad.

Worse still when you look at the supported devices page webOS is considered "Tier 2: Lower-priority support" which means we can "Expect support, but lower-priority testing and issue resolution."

Hopefully this will change when Open webOS is released.

Still its good news to see Enyo has progresses so far and has support.

Edit: 7/19/2012
I just checked today and now webOS is listed on the homepage and on the supported platforms page Open webOS is listed under Tier 1: High-priority support.

Exactly the same with me!

I went on the new site, looked at the supported device icons and COULDN'T FIND a webOS or Open webOS icon!!!!

Then I went to the supported Platforms page to find webOS only in the lower-priority section!!

Ouch. That hurts.

Despite still being under development, they could add Open webOS to the High-Priority section. (And add a comment - under development).

great news!
(ps losing and in its birth)

I was a lil heart broken when I saw this on Engadget before my beloved nation!


so what does this exactly mean for a casual modder and touchpad user like myself?

It means that developers can not only deploy their Enyo apps into the webOS app catalog but also to Android, iOS, WP8, Firefox, Chrome, etc....

This gives developers a much bigger enticement to use Enyo as their app framework which will hopefully lead them to submit more apps to the webOS catalog and give us webOS users more apps!!

But if developers can generate one app fits all what is any hardware developers incentive to produce a web o/s/enyo centric piece of hardware ie Pre 4 or tablet?

hhm on the enyo2 samples page the scrolling of lists (like flicker example) doesn't work on webOS 2.2.4. :(

That's right, if devs jump onto Enyo, there's not much effort for the to port their app to webOS. If this happens then webOS will finally get the gazillions of apps that it was always criticised for not having.
I think if Enyo can be hyped amongst 'other' dev communities as 'the best toolkit' thhen it offers the most hope for webOS into the future.
I can't, because I don't know what I'm talking about, but I know HTML5 is the buzz around at the moment and Enyo should get a lot of interest, provided it is known about and promoted.
Who knows, maybe even HP will pick up the baton, once the number of apps grows and they can spruik the 'ecosystem' that seems so important to everyone (not me). They definitely need to be in the mobile space, don't have a strategy and still have most (?)of the webOS experts on board.

Will this ever see the light of day on a phone?