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The Enyo logo. It's a badge, chevrons, E, modularity, and Palm homage all in one 17

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 Jan 2012 4:25 pm EST

With new frameworks comes a new logo. Technically neither Mojo nor Enyo had a logo before, but that's because they fell under the rubric of webOS. Now that Enyo is open source, however, it need an identify all it's own. That's where the brand new Enyo logo comes into play.

HP worked a whole lot of symbolism into the logo, though at first glance some it's not so obvious. There's the big E, which is kind of a duh. But the angling and three-dimensionality of the E also gives it a military chevron appearance, a nod to Enyo, the Greek goddess of war. The overall shape is a badge/shield meant to resemble the HTML5 logo (though they stole orange away from Palm here). The three-blocks stacked design for the E is also meant to invoke the modularity of the Enyo framework.

Most blatant is the font, which is nicely rounded yet squarish in a direct and clear homage to the Palm logo of yore. Overall there's been a lot of thought put into a logo that not a log of people are going to see. With so much though put into the logo, we can't wait to see how much has been put into the rest of the Enyo and webOS open source project.



So why is Enyo deserving of an identity anymore than, say. UIKit or Foundation or even Xcode for iOS? It seems that these these are all pretty transparent to the end user. Does knowing that the app was developed with Enyo mean anything to most users?

To this day i honestly have no clue what most of these developer terms mean. I think it's more for them then a regular user like me. I don't really have a clue what webkit, enyo, java, xcode, uikit, javascript do or why it matters. I have a vague idea on some of the things like i think webkit is a browser used by a lot of operating systems. But i'd agree that the average phone users, and i mean average not tinkerer or hacker user, kinda just glazes over at many of the terms.

i think they are more for the developers and tech people.

As much as you are right here, I still can't think of a reason why one couldn't learn a little more about those things if the interest in them is high enough.

If people are that much interested in a specific OS they should stop glazing over terms and try to do some research instead. I'm a teacher at German Volkshochschule and that's what I tell my pupils all the time. You have the Internet. Start using it for the real thing instead of just for Facebook.

It is no more deserving than anything else, but it still means something to the developers.

No dev stuff ever really matters to users, as long as the app works.

Why is jQuery deserving of an identity? Or PhoneGap? Or any other software project, for that matter?

The enyo logo looks like something you get when leveling up in Call of Duty.

it's a very nice shade of blue though.

And don't miss the obvious resemblance to a blue police phone box, a clear reference to the future-traveling nature of this development! ;)

You mean a Tardis? Have you seen that Woot tshirt design? It's a Delorean (outfitted with a flux capacitor and a Mr. Fusion of course) that has crashed into a Dr. Who Tardis. When Time Collides!

Anyway, it's a cool shirt.

Reminds me of a giant E from an Enron auction.

It makes a nice boot logo :)

We rarely like to admit it, but symbols mean a lot to people (I've lived in Georgia long enough to remember them fighting tooth and nail over the state flag).

I like this one. I wish it were a bit more "palmish", but hey...

The logo also reminds me of a RIG helmet from Dead Space.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

That logo reminds me of Enron. Almost any story about them featured stock footage of the front of there building and the rotating cube with that color changing E on it
As seen in this video from 0:53 to 0:56

Anybody know if the Enyo and Palm letters are part of a complete font (that can be downloaded from somewhere)?

i am getting an autobots vs. decepticons vibe here with these logos....

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