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Enyo SDK released to Early Access Program, webOS 2.0 SDK still under NDA 15

by Derek Kessler Sat, 12 Feb 2011 1:40 pm EST

Developers, if you've been waiting to get your hands on the latest code from the folks at HP, now’s your chance. The HP Developer Relations Team has released an SDK for their next-generation Enyo app framework. As noted during the Think Beyond developer presentation, Enyo is still a work in progress - they called it an alpha (i.e. pre-beta) - but it’s the future for webOS. And if you want to start developing for the TouchPad and webOS 3.0, this is how you’ll do it (at least if you want it to work well).

If you’re a developer already enrolled in the Early Access Program, head on over to the Early Access private forum and download the preview. If you’re not, well, enrolling is easy, though you’ll have to sign a confidentiality agreement (i.e. NDA) before you’re allowed to proceed.

Speaking of things that are still under NDA... The Enyo SDK is in essence the SDK for webOS 3.0. That’s under NDA, and we can understand why (though we’d love to get it, pick through it, and report back to you what’s inside). What we don’t understand is this: why in Hades is the webOS 2.0 SDK still under NDA? webOS 2.0 devices are out. We have them, you can buy them. Right. Now. But apps to take advantage of the new(ish) features in webOS 2.0 are few and far between because they’re still cloaked in confidentiality. That’s just silly.


It will be a LONG time before anyone who asked for it recently gets it... there is still a backlog.... i'll find the post/tweet


HP might be riping support for legacy devices out of the Mojo-based 2.X SDK. In retrospect, they probably have been working on this for about a month, which is a rough guess as to when the final no-go on legacy hardware support decision was made.

what kind of legacy device support could possibly be in Mojo? This is an interpreted language (CSS/JS/HTML), not compiled.

Mojo isn't the issue. It is webOS itself. Supporting a version of webOS for each carrier and device was a major effort for a relatively small team that is trying to gain escape velocity. I have to believe carrier intransigence was the last straw. HP may be able to moderate its position with respect to "support" for legacy devices through something other than an over-the-air update. This could involve a third party.

Waiting for: "March 14th, Apotheker plans to unveil his grand plan for HP, his “secret answer” and “vision of what HP is capable of in the future... the starting point.”

Or is this just more of in the coming months....... hurry up and wait!?

Apotheker best hope there are not ANY Other events that day, as he will go un-noticed. Lie to me once shame on you.. As I won't give you the chnce to lie to me twice....

from the interview....

"Steven: We expect to have apps in the low tens of thousands by the launch of the Pre 3 and TouchPad. That's phase 1. We've got a massive footprint, we're committed to building the best tools for developers, and we're committed to putting in place the best marketing, and helping them drive their business programs."

Low tens of thousands seem optimistic where are these apps coming from?

LOL, you cant find comedy this funny.

"In six months, nobody will be using an Iphone".

"I've never used an Iphone".

"When the video app is delivered in Febrary, the support for Flash will be complete.

"We're not up for sale, we're just looking for partners".

"We didn't by Palm to get into the mobile phone market."

"Not soon. So stop asking".

"But not forever, so stop asking."

"WebOS 2.0 for all devices."

"WebOS and flash for no cash"

"Products, weeks after announcement."

"Tens of thousands of apps".

I cant be associated with this sort of fraud and hyperbole. Its time to rediscover dignity. A so-so phone in my hand is much better than the greatest device imaginable in coming months. And those months never arrive.

oh no, again with the "coming months" thing?! I can honestly say that HP and Apotheker are both CHARLATANS and outright PREVARICATORS! Why even bother waiting for crap that is always behind everyone else. In the coming weeks, in the coming months, heck why not say in the coming next centuries! Jerks!

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that sounds like a drinking song..

I give up..............................

I thought I joined the early access program....How do I find the enyo sdk if I am in it.
How do I sign up if not...Is it just that email they ask you to send or is there something more envolved...I can't find it.

If you are in the EA program, head over to developer.palm.com and log in. The EA program has two private forums, one for the 2.X SDK, the other for ENYO. If you're in the program, you should have access to both. Otherwise, sign up through the developer web site. The dev relations team was overwhelmed by requests to join the program, so be patient.

Why in Hades?
Indeed! I've been wondering this same thing.. for a LONG time, and now, that we have been told that webOS 2.x is released on all devices it will be available on.. there's no reason it makes sense to have 2.x only available to Early Access.

And to keep devs from being able to talk about their new features, etc, for 2.x..

oops thought i hit 'post' yesterday.. ;^)