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Key members of Enyo team quitting HP, moving to Google [Updated with statement from HP] 38

by Rene Ritchie Fri, 25 May 2012 12:53 am EDT


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Update: webOS Nation has just received the following statement from HP:

"We’re pleased with the traction Enyo has gained to date and plan to continue its development along with the open source community. The Open webOS project is on schedule and we remain committed to the roadmap announced in January.”


Key members of HP's Enyo team have reportedly just quit the company and left to set up shop over at Google. While initial rumors made it sound like it might be the entire team, webOS Nation's own sources indicate that this will move less than half of the team. It will, however, include Matt McNulty, the Senior Director of Frameworks and Tools.

As to what this means for webOS, well... what would it mean for Apple if the entire iOS application framework group jumped over to RIM, or if the entire Android dev team did a walk in over at Nokia?

In other words -- nothing good.

To be successful, operating systems need to be platforms, platforms need apps, apps need developers, developers need a framework to make apps, and that framework needs a strong, smart, passionate, engaged team behind it. If these rumors turn out to be true, in whole or even in part, webOS' struggle has just become that much more difficult. Again.

Now Enyo might well still be on track, and Enyo isn't the only way to develop for webOS, but it's the first party framework, and that makes it important.

Enyo 2 Beta 3 was released back on March 23 and while no doubt work has already been done on the next beta, and on the release version, it's hard to imagine a large scale defection wouldn't cause problems and delays.

As to what the Enyo team might do over at Google, well hooking back up with Matias Duarte, who designed the original Pre user interface for Palm and now does that same job for Android, is an easy guess. Google's a web services powerhouse, however, and Enyo is a cutting edge web technology framework, so the sky's very literally the limit.

Google's made a serious effort to improve not only the look but the user experience of everything from their web sites to their smartphone apps lately, and there's still Chrome and ChromeOS to consider. A team of skilled web framework developers could go a long way towards furthering all of those goals.

But Enyo and webOS are commited to being open source projects now, and they're bigger than any one person or group of people. 

This is still a developing story, and we're tracking it in the webOS nations forums, so head on over there for more.

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Enyo 2 might be finished. At which point HP would have a lot of reason to let the team go to save money.

Software is never "done". The enyo team has something very hard to aquire and develop: know how. This worries me much more than the departure of administrative personal. Enyo is part of what defines web'os competitive advantage, this "edge" is now in peril. F...

To be honest I highly doubt the whole team is just gone. Especially that quickly - if they really were quitting, they'd have to notify HP in advance, and we'd have heard something of it by now.

Probably just a rumor. If anything, a part of the team is quitting. I'm sure that there are some honest people in the Enyo team who are there to make webOS better, and wouldn't just abandon ship for better pay or greener pastures.

Thats what most webOS fans (included me) wish. However the news seem to be at least somewhat true (part of the team quitting). Sadly it makes sense. what is left of Palm won´t get much support from the troubled company HP is. They are forgotten. If I worked there I would be concerned about my job.

Google has very stealthily succeeded at buying "Palm" without having to "buy Palm". As you can clearly see, Google didn't have to purchase the software from Palm/HP, all they needed to do is pick up the talent that built it. Why settle for buying a company, when you can get the people who built it for less?

Smart move on google's part, but painful on our part. My animosity towards google just crept up a notch.

When I first heard this I thought to my self: this is just f@#$% up!!!
But then again, I cannot blame them (if it's true). They will be well considered there, since in HP they're view like the cause of all hp's bad decisions. They -even though their innovative contributions- just don't have the best creative atmosphere like they do on google or apple. I think they have done very well on an hostile unstable place; I can just imagine the wonders they'll be able to do on a place were their efforts are appreciated.

A die hard webOS lover! :'(


P.S.: even if it is on android.

...oh my. If this turns out to be true, it could be the proverbial nail in the coffin. =/

IF this is true, then as a developer, I hope Enyo lives on as a development framework. It's already been demonstrated on Chrome to produce good apps. There are many Enyo apps on Chrome, and Android as well.

It is clear that Google does not like the idea of ​​competing with Open webOS.
Cowards, they shoot from behind. :-/

Updated with statement from HP, and clearer info from trusty web OS Nation sources.

HP just don't understand what it is that makes talented people tick.

I hope the helps them wake up to the value they have sitting in their lap, albeit less than before.

If it is true then, can you blame them with all the uncertainty, especially if it means these guys will be working with Matias again? These guys need security and maybe they'll get the chance to do it their way again.

The statement from HP is as vague as you can get, which in corporate speak, to me means there's some truth in the rumours.

As much as I love webOS and Enyo, developers have to be pragmatic. If you can get exposure to Chrome and the other devices with Enyo, then this is a good thing. A lot of the original features from webOS are now being used on the other platforms.
Now it's open source, they can't put the genie back in the bottle, so Enyo will be out there, just how widespread is up to the developers.

I don't understand this, unless they were 'marked' as part of the 27,000 to lose their jobs..

If Enyo is open source, can't Android programmers just use it when it's finished/released?

Surely head-hunting the Enyo devs only delays the finish/release, (as they won't be able to use it until the source code is released) giving iOS another competitive advantage?

Why wouldn't Google wait until it's released, then poach the team to take it further for them?

I agree with thigydaze, the statements from HP is all vague and to me it worries me. Not only the statements validates these rumours of this group of engineers leaving WebOS but it leaves more questions up in the open. While I like webOS, it feels kinda sad seeing on how successfully HP is killing this operating system slowly with their indecision of not making any more hardware for WebOS.

As far as the team, I wish them good luck on Google(even though I hate android). I hope that at least google appreciates their talents than the STUPID HP, and create something nicer than makes me want to leave webOS forever. I'm hoping they bring slideable panes to the android platform and maybe even multitasking (which for me only thing that needs to be copied).

what I would like to know, REALLY how much is HP committed really to this project? How much of an effort is HP willing to put to take this project up from the ground and up? How much frustration is the Enyo team facing when working for HP, that forced them to the point of quitting? Is HP really wants what good for this project, or they just to open source it quickly to get it out of their hands?

webos is dying very slowly....

Not that slow at all, imo. I have weeds in the yard that I am actively trying to kill that show more life then WebOS.

Don't know if you have seen Chuq's take on this, but it is grim, definitive and grim.

While it doesn't mean doomsday, it is a significant setback. It's going to take time to recruit replacements, and with HP committed to a widescale Reduction in Force I wonder just how many hoops the webOS unit is going to have to go through to get those new hires approved?

I don't see how this doesn't equal either a delay in the Enyo 2 release date or a paring down of features in order to still make the date.

I can't blame the developers for leaving - these folks have families to support and mortgages/rents to pay, and when a company like HP restructures to improve profitability, when your unit is showing a loss all bets are off. Even though they escaped cuts now, who knows when the hatchet is coming out again? And getting to work in a company with the cash and the desire to really get behind what you're working on? That's an offer that's extremely hard to refuse.

"In other words -- nothing good."

I don't agree totally.

This could also mean that Android could get the best parts of webOS to make Android experience better.

I am using an Android phone now and I miss so much the webOS cards, notifications, multitasking, etc.. If I can't get a modern device with webOS I hope that at least other OS learn something from webOS.

They didnt hire the webOS team, they hired some people off the Enyo team. Enyo is the JS framework for the application UI, it is not the parts of webOS that implement cards, notifications, multitasking and all those things that existed in webOS 1 and 2 before Enyo came along.

Enyo is great, but its not those parts of webOS.

I know that it isn't the team behind all the goods of webOS, but nonetheless i hope that given the situation the Android team learns something of how to make multitasking work the way it should.

The biggest things i miss from webos are cards (none of the cards emulation apps in Android work as they should) and a phisical keyboard.

Yeah, I jumped over to Android about 6 months ago. While webOS was smoother and more intuitive, the pluses far outweigh the minuses with Android. As we are seeing with Wphone and supposedly the new Blackberry OS, all the great features of webOS are being assimilated into other OS'es with each new iteration. It simply comes down to hardware. Android has fabulous hardware in EVERY style of phone. I love(d) webOS, but that boat sank with Leo, the clown.

This is not the kind of news I like to wake up to.



Someone tell me i'm having a nightmare? This is SUCH ABSOLUTE JUNK! Who wants to wage war w/ GOOGLE RIGHT FREAKING NOW!

I was going to let them walk, I said have a good day! NOT ANYMORE

Well, Chuq just categorically stated that he believes WebOS is completely dead now.

But I'm sure the faithful will just invalidate Chuq's credentials and ignore his proclamation.

They labeled Derek a troll though as well when he had the gall to post an article about the difficulties and lack of feasibility of a community made mass marketed webos phone. Interestingly, though, none of the people claiming he's wrong have been able to produce such a community made phone.

Not only that there are tons of posts in the forums about how 'it's up to us" or forming groups to develop for webos and push it forward. The threads will go on an on but the really it's the people at webos interanals, hp, and people probably under nondisclosure agreements that would be doing any work. The forums are mostly hyperbole outside of the known people that are actually working on the OS.

by the way. Are we supposed to know who this Chuq is? Sorry i don't pay attention to the tech world royalty. Everytime some random get's fired at hp that's connected with webos we'd get an article. i never knew who they where or what they did. i still have no idea why that matais duarte was important. That said, i'm happy to NOT know who he is.

Chuq used to work for Palm(HP) --- you can read the front page story on him here (just so I have to re-invent the wheel).

i see thanks.

ok i just read is post on the matter. He clearly thinks webos is "dead." Well not a good sign i'd say.

Now, all of you slab phone wanters can get Web OS on a slab like you have been begging for. Still love and have my Pre-, even after trying an Evo for a couple of months. Pre 3, is what should have been next. It all was a plan by the man.

As much as i love webOS and was really hopeful for open webOS but now i think its OVER, it'll be wishful thinking only afterwards..i hope google implements all the unique features of webOS and other frameworks in it and it becomes so huge that everybody(critics) raves about it that how awessome and game changer it is and it'll be like spitting on HP's face...
the problem was never with webOS ,it was HP's incompetency..if they could not manage with webOS then they cant do either with windows 8 , and i really pray their downfall and bankruptcy..

Not good news at all. So said that every time you think we hit the bottom there seems to be another setback.

Wasn't Jason Robitaille set for an apprenticeship in that team? Maybe he'll be the senior member before his shift is over.

LOL he will probably be VP.

Great, just great. Sheesh.

Not worried at all, I say good riddance. HP will complete and deliver the new webOS. I can also see lots of companies using it in hardware. WebOS is being ripped off for a reason. It's good and everyone knows it, HP included. Patience, grasshoppers, the day is coming.

koa enyo people are quitting the team because morale at hp is terrible. hp is in a downward spriral and they need to do something fast to get out of it. my best guess is that theyll start using android on their tablets. right now webos and the whole enyo thing is nothing but dead weight that will never mount to anything. nobody cares and nobody ever will. i use to be so enthusiastic with webos as you are. i use to go to the developer websites and fb pages and annoy them about webos and when will they bring their apps to us webos users. the fact of the matter was that they just didnt care about webos. If they didnt care then why are people going to start now. the best we can all hope for now is for android and ios to impliment all of the best features of webos to their phones. theres nothing that i hate more about my iphone that i cant just pick a picture from my picture app and upload it to fb from there. but anyways all im saying is that if you havent seen the writing on the wall yet then its time to open your eyes. webos is dead. let go. move on.........