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Enyo workshop heading to Toronto, taking Open webOS porting along for the ride 9

by Derek Kessler Wed, 10 Oct 2012 8:18 pm EDT

Enyo workshop heading to Toronto, taking Open webOS porting along for the ride

The webOS Developer Relations Team is continuing on their Enyo and Open webOS warpath. Since the successful Enyo Hackathon back in August, members of the team have dispersed across the globe to bring the message of the Enyo application framework to the JavaScript masses. They've hosted several sessions across Europe and the US, and Developer Relations guru Roy Sutton is heading to Toronto to do another next week. As with the previous small reports, we wouldn't have been likely to report on this one if it weren't for one thing: there's going to be a hackathon to attempt porting Open webOS onto an undisclosed Android device in five hours.

The dual events will go down on Monday, October 15th at Semaphores Lab in Toronto (a mobile and pervasive computing research cluster at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto). The first portion, starting at 2pm and going until 5pm, will be a workshop on Enyo development led by Sutton, introducing the basics of the framework to any willing to come. The second part - the one that caught our attention - will take place immediately afterwards and run until 10pm, wherein any willing takers will work to port Open webOS onto "an undisclosed Android device" (likely something Nexus-y). There's no telling if this will be an easy project, as the page for the event notes, the event will run for five hours, "assuming [they] can even install and troubleshoot webOS" on this mystery Android device.

Registration for both events is free, and as of publishing time there were a reported 34 tickets still available. If the Enyo workshop is anything like what we saw at the August hackathon, it should be good stuff for any current or interested mobile developers, especially those looking to go all cross platform.


I'll be there for the Hackathon. It'll be my first webOS. I'm quite excited for this.

This is even funnier to read when you consider that "webos" in Spanish is slang for "testicles."
(Don't believe me? Show your local Spanish speaker a typical search for the term "webos" on Twitter and ask them what it means. Good times.)


Nice, I wish I had some skills to be a dev.. or the time to learn all the coding stuff...

And true, in spanish "huevos" means "eggs or testicles" (well, "testicles" is "testiculos", but we use "huevos" for both based on the sentence or as a pun)...

and true... it was funny to read... heck, some friends and myself have trouble talking of the OS without changing subject...

at the end we end up agreeing that my pre+ has lots of webOS...

Ahh, I managed to leave out the word "event". I wonder how that happened. And yes, I've noticed the random posts on Twitter with #webos that had nothing to do with webOS.

When are we going to have one of these somewhere I can actually go? ;(

I've always wanted to go to a webOS event too... 

good all the hard work will pay up

Anyone willing to wildly hallucinate with me that said "Nexus-y device" is actually the still unconfirmed LG Nexus?