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by kdubhotsauce Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:42 pm EST
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A Great theme of which practically every image has been changed. Let me know of any suggestions, Email me @ kdubhotsauce@yahoo.com 1.0.3 3rd Party app Icons *Updated* Since the SMS wasn't working, changed the SMS Bubbles PLEASE DONATE IF YOU ENJOY MY WORK. I AM 15 YEARS OLD IN HIGH SCHOOL SO I APPRECIATE ANYTHING! SCREENSHOTS

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Suggestion... Don't use the Google Chrome symbol for the browser. It may be your favorite browser, but some people absolutely hate it. And the Pre's browser is definitely not Google. Android phones use Google.

how about IE, should i change it to IE?

Go with Firefox...best browser there is.

Unlock screen looks tacky because the lock is cut off at the top.

I love the theme excluding one thing, the fact that once I downloaded it with preware I had to run webosdoctor to remove it cuz it would not show up in preware. I will rate this low til someone can explane to me why this would happen.

I think this is sweet! Clean and simple. Why someone would rate it 1-star b/c they don't know what they're doing is beyond me. You can install/patch/remove anything using just WebOS quick install you don't need Preware. (not trying to be rude btw) and yeah Firefox ftw

You should definitely change the web browser to Firefox!!

Nice theme. I love the Chrome icon. Chrome rocks.

Chrome's the way to go. Netscape > IE > Firefox > Chrome (FOR LIFE)

"After Chrome, every other browser feels claustrophobic"
"What are you talking about? There IS no 'after Chrome'"


hello, i am having trouble downloading this theme, cany anyone help?

Now i downloaded it on my cmputer disc,how can i install it on my palm pre.Anybody who can do me a favour?
Thanks a lot!
my email address: mervyn.won@gmail.com

forget to say,i just dont want use WQI!