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European-banded Pre3 passes through FCC, says hallo, bonjour, hola, and beannachtaí (and hello) 26

by Derek Kessler Sat, 04 Jun 2011 8:21 am EDT

We’ve already seen the HP Pre3 with AT&T bands and a global version with CDMA and GSM radios, so now there’s just one version left to pass by the FCC’s laboratory of radiological toruture: the European GSM. Unsurprisingly, the phone was certified safe for human use, both in your pocket and against your head (both positions are apparently not going to result in irreparable radiating of any *ahem* vital organs). We’ve looked over the documentation and didn’t see anything that really stood out at us, but that label is unmistakably Pre3. So rest assured, the version of the phone you won’t be able to buy in the United States won’t kill you, just like the versions you will be able to.

Source: FCC; Via: PreCentral Forums





Of all the words to make a mistake on, that one? *sigh*

When you guys think will it come to SPAIN and wich carrier?

I would change no doubt to get it.

Do you need a special keyboard? Otherwise you could even buy it unlocked from GB or Germany.

But I guess as big as HP is planning to make this, they are going to sell it also unlocked in Spain and (if possible) via a carrier.

I would actually much rather purchase it direct from HP than from a carrier. However, the Pre 2 was (and still is) priced far too highly compared to the USA. If the Pre 3 is priced around the Pre 2 price, I might buy it. It can't be more than £400 surely.

Far too highly?

Pre 2 is the best phone I have ever used, or seen. Actually, it's the best handheld anything I have ever used or seen.

Priced far too highly compared to the USA.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it has a $600 price tag in the USA.

I think it's not.

In Europe almost every carrier use these bands:

GSM 850/900/1800/1900
UMTS 2100

Global domination, now we want Australian and Asian phones

First off, this is wonderful news for our brothers across the pond!!! It is my sincerest hope that all of the Pre³ are released to the global market simultaneously and on schedule for immediate availability. Surely HP is large enough to facilitate such a thing.
Now for my irrelevant opinions....
You guys bring up an interesting discussion here. I love my Pre² and I really wish that HP would release a spec-bumped version of it with TTS, basically making it a true little brother of the Pre³. I'm not going to hold my breath for such an animal, though. I think that would totally be the right move for HP because as we've ready so many times before on this site, there are lots of folks out there that want the power of the Pre³ in the package of the Pre. If they could increase the size of the screen without sacrificing the overall size of the phone, it would be a killer product.

But can it say 'malaka'?

I like the Pre, but I'll never make the mistake of buying one on Verizon again. I have no plans to switch carriers.

Monday marks the 2 year point for those many of the Sprint "Pre-" owners. Now would be a great time for some word from HP on "making it right". Personally I'm not holding my breath and I'm reluctantly researching the Sprint Android offerings. If only HP could move product cycles on their phones along as fast as their printers!

Have you researched your options on other carriers other than Sprint? Many of us have found the $10 per a line fee puts Sprints plans in line with or more expensive that the other 2 of the big 3.

Sorry for the question, but if we already have a global version that can handle both CDMA and GSM, why do we need a separate AT&T and European GSM Version? Is GSM != GSM? Can't I use an AT&T phone on, e.g., o2-germany?

I was wondering the same thing but i guess it is because AT&T use different frequencies to the Europe or the rest of the world.

Yup. European GSM frequencies are different from US GSM frequencies. The CDMA + GSM version only has the European GSM frequencies.

I hope it also says "Ciao"

kilroy was here.

Datessssssssss????? not the fruit :P

shorty after the new iphone gets released and the galaxy s2 in the US. These are just approximate dates though

I just hope it will be supported in more european countries and be less expensive than the Pre 2.

I thought Sprint and Verizon get separate FCC filings? So when Derek says this is the last version, does he know something we don't???

Both Pre and Pre Plus carried the designation O9F-CASC. Verizon got a different FCC filing, because it was a Class II permissive change to accommodate the Pre Plus with the extra memory. The radio component were identical, so it wasn't a full test report at all.


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