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Evernote finally gets an update on webOS; more to come 31

by Nathan Mylott Tue, 26 Oct 2010 1:03 pm EDT

Evernote app on webOS

A data loss bug that has crippled the webOS Evernote app finally has a fix available and more updates are on the way.

Evernote is one of the most powerful and popular cross platform note taking apps out there and was one of the first apps to hit the App Catalog when the Pre first launched. But it has stagnated in version 1.0 ever since and until recently, seemed abandoned by its developers. Evernote employee Dave Engberg said in the Evernote forums as recently as late August that 'the WebOS client is currently on the "back burner" while we wait to see what happens with the platform.'

This was sad news for Evernote fans in the webOS community since version 1.o is virtually unusable. Notes created in the webOS app would sometimes fail to sync with the server and get stuck in the pending queue forever. The only solution was to delete the note and start over again. There is also an issue where it fails to scroll all the way to the end of a note and thus some of the text cannot be seen. I could not even run Evernote on my Sprint Pre because it would cause my phone to freeze up every time I launched it, so badly that I had to take the battery out to restart it. All of this on top of many limitations in the app's feature set, such as a lack of copy and paste or full editing features available in other versions like bulleted lists.

At long last, version 1.1 is available for download, though not yet in the official App Catalog. It is available via a download link posted in the Evernote forums. You will need webOS Quick Install or other installer to get it on your device.This version fixes some of the data loss bugs and 'more significant improvements' are promised in future updates.

Source: Evernote User ForumThanks to user xImtc for the tip!


Thank goodness, about time!

Of course, I've mostly switched to Notes, but since I can't get to Google Docs at work, I'd love to use a functioning Evernote again.

Yes I have switched to Notes as well when all I have on hand is my Pre. But I prefer to have all my data in one place so I end up emailing the note to Evernote. That's all well and good but what do I do if I want to look at what I have saved in Evernote?

Very happy to see this update come at long last! The Evernote forum post that notified of this update indicates they are looking to add additional features in the future as well.

Yes, as I mentioned at the end of my post. :)

Finally! Use it daily on my pc. Being able to reliably store and search from my phone would make the system complete.

If everyone who homebrews could go to Evernote and download this new version and also sign up for an Evernote account -- even if you have no intention of using it (it's free!) -- that'd be awesome. It'd show Evernote that, as a community, we want this software.

Also, and much simpler, if you post in their forum at the linked-to thread that we're really glad to be getting the love, that'd go a long way, too.


Oh, and HP, if your money bags are feelin' a little heavy lately, just buy these guys :)

OOhh...then they should pull a Google and make it available on all platforms, but way BETTER on webOS :).

Right now, it's still a little rough around the edges, even on Windows, but with just a tiny bit of spit-shine and some new features, Evernote could be a bona fide killer app. Things it needs to become such:

Many of these features are available through the third party through third party applications you can find in the Evernote Trunk. Such as speech to text.

OCR does work with hand written notes. Though I would not rely on it for large sections of text. But it has done a good job finding keywords in my experience.

On the Mac application you can of course have it read you the text, thats built into the OS. Not sure how that works on a PC but I bet there is a similar accessibility feature in Windows too.

Not sure about the shared simultaneous memo editing, in the premium account you can share notebooks between users.

Finally is an understatement! I love Evernote and it sucks how long it has taken for them to push this out.

Maybe I will try it again. It was so unusable that I didn't (I stopped using it)


in the edit stage it has text styles now (bold, underline, italic)
login with special characters is working
swype to delete is working

link doesn't work


(note the url has a line break in the middle so it displays properly)

nice. two weeks after i finally got sick enough of evernote that i deleted it. i guess at least it's free if i ever want it back.

Excited! Downloading now so I can play with it!

good! Last night ii thought that missing copy paste is really a reason to delete it.and i could not find a mail ad. To send a angry note.glad that they move. The german version,by the way,worked allways without any problems on the pre and now pixi and perfect on the mac.strange to hear that it was unuseable in the us version. Go elefant go and yes, hp should buy them.it s amazing free software. Changed the way i think about working with the cloud.

I recently switched no Noted after finding the Evernote webos client pretty much unusable, because Noted syncs with the free service simplenote, and I have found it to be excellent. It only works with plain text, but that's fine for my needs

Ugh. The 'the WebOS client is currently on the "back burner" while we wait to see what happens with the platform.' bs is the same crap Alamofire tried to pass as an excuse for why there's no information to be had about any updates/fixes to their Gowalla client.

After HP bought Palm and was very upfront at saying they were going to push webOS..

great news! I used evernote for awhile when I first got my pre, but I've mostly been using the memo app lately because 1) evernote takes too long to load, 2) you can't use evernote without internet access, 3) the interface was pretty bad.

I really want a notes app that will sync nicely without something i can access on my desktop but until at least those first two issues are solved, I won't be doing that.

Still caused my phone to crash (Sprint Pre). Running 500/1000 screenstate and no other apps open when testing.

explain that in the forum.

does it just crash or do you see anything before?
how many notes do you have? which kind (lot's of pictures?)

doesn't work for me in preware. Do I have to use quick install?

will this update allow Palm Pre user off-line use of their notes?


I'm wondering this also. I see this as pretty much a must have for a notes apps.

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Agreed. What's the point of not having access to your info 100% of the time. Expecially with business travelers who do a lot of flying, hours at a time on airplanes. Duh, no cell phone connection, no info. I really like Evernote, but MUST have access to my notes/info all the time.


more features to come ;)

I was just going to install it via quick-install when I discovered that 1.1.0 is available in the App Catalog updates!