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The Big Elephant comes to the Big Screen; Evernote for the HP TouchPad in the works 19

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 16 Aug 2011 1:38 pm EDT

What's the biggest thing that people mention when talking about missing features that are holding the TouchPad back? Document Editing and note taking apps. While we are still waiting for the official update of QuickOffice HD to bring document editing to the tablet, third-party apps like TapNote are still pretty scarce when it comes to taking notes and managing content (Notes+ has yet to be released). So when Evernote says that they're bringing a TouchPad-sized version of their app to webOS 3.0, we have to listen in pretty close.

There are no details yet on when the app will be released or what the feature-set will be like, but we're gonna take a guess that it will be similar to the iPad and Android versions (shown above) that have already been publicly available. If that's the case, you can bet that a lot of us will be pretty happy campers once the app arrives. 

Source: Evernote Forums


That is spectacular news. That is certainly one of the missing pieces to making this tablet the best out there.

I wish the other e: epocrates was there too

+1 for the epocrates as well.

Excellent! I absolutely love evernote. Can't wait to get it.

I totally need this for work. I use it for customer meeting notes.

I have to use the web version on the touchpad for now, but a native app would be a bit more friendly and would not rely on a wifi connection.

I'm in the same boat. I don't have access to internet as often as I would like so a native app that does not require an internet connection to store notes would be great.

There is another note app in the catalog that is pretty awesome, StickIt!

Still waiting for HP SERVER to be fix, since Saturday my TouchPad can not get a OTA version 3.0.2, not even via computer everything is "blocked", I am stuck in the middle with a new TouchPad using a "old version" 3.0.0, ....HELLO HP!
Fix your server, PLEASE!

Are you sure it is HP? Try a different wifi site. I couldn't do my update from my home wifi. I actually did it on my Palm Pre+'s hotspot (but that was pretty slow).

Sorry 'big elephant', too little too late. Already moving on to TapNotes.

if this is the same as the phone version that doesn't work offline: so not interested... Make this a true syncing version. Otherwise, I'm better off using the touchpads 's lovely browser....

OUTSTANDING!!! To me, Evernote and Nook are more important than doc editing.

agree it needs to be a working Evernote!

more importantly, is this a sign of more 'big name' apps making their way to webOS/TouchPad? Hope so

super excited for this. the web version works for me now but a native solution would be better. the phone version works in a pinch but is not ideal

I like Evernote, but I don't think it will work for how I use it most often - taking sermon notes during church service.

It works fine for me right now because i'm using it on my Pre - in concert with my Bible app. But on a wi-fi only device it may be quite useless - unless there is a way to create notes while offline, but sync and save later when I get back home.

Otherwise I'll need to find something else to use when I get my TouchPad.

I am usually one of the more optimistic (pollyanna-ish) posters...but...this article really irritated me.

Please correct the verb tense on the title of this article, it is very misleading. It implies something that actually has not happened yet.

The title, 'The Big Elephant comes to the Big Screen...' should be 'The Big Elephant is coming soon to the Big Screen...'.

Nothing is for certain when it comes apps for webOS. After the DataViz Dcouments-to-Go fiasco and the still missing Quick Office Document editing... this article simply rubs salt in the wound.

When I saw that title, I thought... (using Tarzan accent in my head) hmmm... Big Elephant comes to Big Screen (smile - I couldn't resist). Anyway, I thought... hooray! Quick Office Documenting Editing is finally on touchpad. Nope, still missing.

Oh wait, Tim's talking about EverNote... hooray! it's now on touchpad. Nope, still missing.

AFTER EverNote (and/or Quick Office) appears on Touchpad then verb tense of article would make sense.

Does anyone know if there are any updates on this. I'm really hoping it still comes. I would be happy to pay for the app !!!

any update?