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Ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd joins Oracle as Co-President 30

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Sep 2010 9:33 pm EDT

Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd, together at Oracle

It seems that Oracle CEO and largest shareholder Larry Ellison is putting his money where is mouth is. After blasting HP for releasing CEO Mark Hurd (equating it to Apple’s firing of Steve Jobs back in 1985, Ellison has brought Hurd onboard to help helm his technology empire. Hurd and Ellison have long been personal friends, and Ellison has never been timid in expressing his support for Hurd. In fact, the two worked together often as executives, with HP and Oracle capitalizing on several corporate partnerships.

Hurd will be replacing retiring Oracle co-president and board member Charles Phillips, Jr. As co-president, Hurd will be slotting alongside current Oracle executive Safra Catz, and will report to Ellison. On his decision to bring Hurd into Oracle’s executive team, Ellison was not short on praise: “Mark did a brilliant job at H.P., and I expect he’ll do even better at Oracle. There is no executive in the I.T. world with more relevant experience than Mark.”

Source: New York Times


That's nice. Where's my new hardware.

It did not take long for him to get a great job. HP's loss.

Hurd was/is a destructive power and Oracle can have him. Bring on the old original HP with it's great history of R&D.

And where is the new HP CEO? :S

Hope Ellison keeps him away from the Womyn and the Expense accounts...

+1 :)

Oh how I wish one of my buddies was a CEO of a huge corporation and can hook me up with a job too. :)

Of course, I don't have that kind of experience for anything high up, but entry level would be nice. :D

He was going to run hp to the ground..

Short term gains by cutting jobs, and research. Ignoring consumer, and employee loyalty....

Where have I seen this before???

Never mind, it was a dream I had, where Gm needed a government bailout for following similar strategies.


It'll be interesting to see how he does. It sounded like he was doing a really great job at HP even if he wasn't a great PR CEO like Jobs. I think Oracle could do with a good PR person leading the company since they don't get much love right now with the Google/Java issue, MySQL, and other open source stuff that Sun was doing before the buyout.

with that experience he has, Oracle gain and the relations with HP will continue in a friendly enviroment.

he was granted a few nice perks:

1. Expense reports don't have to be accurate.

2. He can date anyone in marketing, or any contractor doing business with Oracle.

3. He can use Larry's boat one weekend per month.

4. Responsible for negotiating acquisition of RIM, with BB-6 to be renamed OracleOS.

5. Pants-optional fridays.

I wonder how many low level Oracle code monkeys have been fired this year for doing exactly what Hurd did over at HP...

Um...none? (A) Code monkeys don't typically pursue subcontractor hotties, and (B) even if they did, it wouldn't have the same ramifications because it would be rediculously difficult to prove such a thing without risking harm to the other person's reputation as well (perception is reality).

Now comes the brain drain of HP executives moving to Oracle. Hurd certainly has people he liked still at HP and now their former boss is co-president of a competitor.

except oracle and hp don't compete

The Oracle of old, the single trick rDBMS maker company doesn't compete with the well rounded HP technology Co. Yeah I buy that; but... Now that oracle has Sun hmm dunno 'bout day anymore. PA-RISC vs SPARC? HP/UX vs Solaris? Also in the services business SunPS vs HP/EDS.

They sure do in the server market.

I think I heard that Larry Ellison owns major stock in the drug company that makes the morning after pill. Everyone at HP gets a Palm phone. Everyone at Oracle can NOT have a phone. No pictures - it never happened. I guess Mark Hurd is safe working UNDER Safra Catz.

its done, its over with...lets concentrate on something worth concentrating on. like WEBOS 2.0 and hardware for our new tablets and phones

Hurd is replacing a guy that got caught cheating on his wife. Sounds like he'll fit right in!

He's got experience all right! ;)

sure this is nice but WEAK.
Where is my flash that was supposed to be here?????
Where and what is my c40?

I know you guys at precentral do not know these things but it's weak that NOBODY does. Arrrr

Palm cmonnnn already!!! Hello samsung or htc 4G!?!?!?

Maybe the guys at Precentral DO know all about the new hardware and have all sorts of specs but have decided not to publish the info because someone else signed an NDA and people here don't want Palm hurt in any way.

Derek: You need an end paranthesis ")"

So I guess the fact that he's a bit of a scumbag doesn't matter to Oracle. Stay classy.

LArry Ellison of Oracle has also been accused of sexual harassment, though I believe he took it to court & won, so he is no stranger to this type of controversy.

Here is what he said of HP firing Hurd:

It's kind of like Chris Rock said, anything short of actual rape is just a guy trying to get hime some.

ORCL stock up significantly w/the hiring of Hurd...just as HPQ stock went down w/his resignation. ORCL stock up 6.44% while market is down.

DJIA: 10,370.58 -77.35 (-0.74%) | NASDAQ: 2,219.96 -13.79 (-0.62%) | S&P 500: 1,095.16 -9.35 (-0.85%)

24.39501.4750 (6.44%) AS OF 10:00:25AM ET 09/07/2010

hhahaha and who cares?
I don't miss that sex biest