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Exchange Calendar Issue in 1.3.5, and Workaround 61

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 03 Jan 2010 11:21 am EST

As reported both in our forums and on Palm’s own support forum, there is an apparent bug in Exchange calendar syncing following the 1.3.5 webOS upgrade this past week. Users report (and I found as well) that when the Pre’s calendar hit January 1, 2010, all Exchange calendar data disappeared from view on the Pre (although some report that alerts continue to work, suggesting the data are there but just hidden). Users who do not use Exchange syncing are not reporting the same problem, and those that delete the Exchange account say that their calendar data reappears; adding back the Exchange account, however, makes it happen again. Note that the bug is on the Pre side only; the data remain untouched on the Exchange server.
Fortunately, there is at least a partial workaround, first suggested by meandmypre in the PreCentral forum: go to Date & Time, turn off Network time, and manually reset the calendar to December 31, 2009. Check your Pre’s calendar; the Exchange data should be back. Now return to Date & Time and change it back to the correct date; the calendar data should remain visible. Unfortunately, if you have to reset your Pre for any reason, this fix will be undone, and you will have to go through the steps again to properly view the Exchange data in your Pre’s calendar.
Hopefully, Palm will figure out the problem and push out a fix ASAP; we’ll keep you posted.


Thanks to Jim for the heads up!



A luna reset doesn't undo the fix, only a full reset.

Love the cloud, embrace the cloud, F*** the cloud. The Garnet PIM calendar is running fine, I'm still working on the Nova calendar. Fixing one thing seems to upset something else. Palm may have to fix this one for us with

As I said in the forums, this isn't just a 1.3.5 issue. I'm running 1.3.1 on Bell and I've got the same problem. Thanks for writing this article.

Agreed, it's not a 1.3.5 issue. I'm still on 1.3.1 and my calendar data is not visible either. I think I remember it was visible on Jan 1, as I remember adding a calendar item that afternoon. On Jan 2 I discovered that ALL my calendar data was not visible. My Pre calendar syncs with Exchange 2007, a Google Apps account and a regular Google/Gmail account.

The workaround successfully revealed the calendar data. Looking forward to a permanent fix. wife's Pre also has the disappearing calendar data issue, though she has no Exchange accounts. She has two Google Apps accounts on different domains.

If the problem is occurring for people that are still on 1.3.1, then obviously, the bug has existed at least as long as 1.3.1 has been out. The problem must be indicative of the year 2010 as interpreted by webOS's calendar app and simply didn't show up until the new year. It could have existed since 1.0.0.

Either way, it is an issue that Palm needs to address.

In a weird way I'm happy to hear that it isn't due to the webOS 1.3.5 update. I've been very satisfied with this update.

Hopefully Palm gets the issue fixed quickly though.

Oh no it was Y210!!!!!

Actually, that should be abbreviated as Y2K10 (but since that is actually more characters than 2010, it's kind of pointless to abbreviate it in the first place). ;-)

Y2.01K rears its ugly head! Beware of falling jumbo jets!

Any idea if the Exchange Server version matters? I'm on Exchange Server 2003 and I don't see this issue on my Pre. My Pre did completely stop EAS Syncing on Thursday morning (Dec. 31st). My WinMo phone synced fine so I deleted my EAS profile, re-added it and everything sync'ed back just fine.

I keep pushing our IT department to upgrade to Exchange 2007 but no luck so far.

Oh joy...another opportunity to remove all my patches and then re-install. C'mon Palm...don't tarnish a great product with New Year glitches! Maybe a little less time trying to hit the 1,000 mark on apps (with some pretty lame ones at that) and a little more time on QC would have been helpful?!?!

May not be limited to EAS. I noticed my Google calendar stuff was missing too.

Also, when you set the date manually, change the year first, then the month and day. Lastly, don't turn network time back on or the issue will come back.

I too was having the issue with both EAS 2003 and Google. This workaround seems to have fixed the problem...after it took me 5 minutes to change the date, that is. Wish i had seen your "year first" recommendation BEFORE I got started.

Me too! Google Calendar info is gone for all of last year and 2010.

It is not limited to EAS. I use pocket mirror to sync my Outlook to my Pre and all of the entries disappeared along with my google calendar and sports app calendar. Everything on my calendar disappeared. I turned off my network time and now they are back.

That's weird. 1.3.1 gave me an EAS issue where I had to re-log in constantly throughout the day but 1.3.5 fixed it. Honestly that bug was the first really bad one I had run across and I was contemplating replacing it since I needed to have my Exchange stuff synced. Thankfully since 1.3.5 it has been working fine again. I would imagine it has something to do with specific settings or versions server side since these updates seem to affect some people and not others.

I upgraded to 1.3.5 in late Dec and my Exchange sync (2007) has been working fine since the year changed to 2010. Is this in intermittent problem?

Can't thank you enough for this timely advice on how to get Calendar working again.

Don't you think Palm should be beta-testing each upgrade to Palm WebOS with a couple of thousand paid beta-testers BEFORE they disseminate it out to the rest of us Pre owners? This is getting ridiculous. I don't want to ever upgrade now, once the phone is working.


After experiencing the 1.35/Exchange Calendar issue, I thought it was a problem with Agenda. I deleted Agenda, then found the workaround. I applied the workaround - got my calendar back - reinstalled Agenda. My remaining problem: Agenda was on my Quick Launch Bar when I deleted it. Upon reinstalling Agenda, I could not locate the Icon to launch the program on either my Quick Launch bar or on any of the Launcher pages. However, when I use Universal Search to find the program, it appears and can be successfully started. - I don't think this is a problem specifically with Agenda, but possibly because it resided on my Quick Launch bar when I initially deleted it. I thought this was a good place to post my issue and request for assist with a fix. Appreciate any recommendations and Happy New Year to all!

I had the same problem. Rebooting the phone made it appear in the normal launcher pages again. (But note that rebooting will necessitate reapplying the workaround.)

Stickb0Y... Thanks very much for the Quick/Correct Fix! --- Should have tried that myself, as I always tell everyone else to "reboot". As the TV commercial says... "That was easy"! Thanks again!

Another strange thing since the update (for me, at least)... not always, but often, calls don't immediately appear in the call history. The delay often takes a few hours before they show up. Anyone else experiencing this?

the post references turning off network time...does that even work any more? That broke for me 2 updates ago and never started working again. Stuck on "waiting for Network time...".

Was assuming it was same for everybody

Ah - found a fix...thanks GregV!

"Minor progress. You can force network time to work by turning it on, going into airplane mode, and then turning off airplane mode. It gets the time correctly when first connecting to the Sprint network, just not when you're already connected it seems."

This is weird but I just checked and my EAS account did not have any issue with 1.3.5. All the appointments I had in my EAS account are still seem to be there (both those in the past and those in the future). I wonder if this actually is an issue with specific EAS settings, Palm 1.3.5, and 2010. Also, no Google Calendar issues.

Didn't affect me on the 1st either until I restarted my phone. And will arise if you have an EAS account on your phone, and affects all calendars. Hopefully will see an official fix soon, knock wood.

Like others have indicated, this problem is not isolated to EAS calendars. I use the Palm, Exchange, Yahoo and Sports Calendar app calendars. All calendar information was gone when I checked it today. The workaround fixed me up.

I assume this only applies if you upgraded.... I have done full wipes+webosdoc for the updates (mainly because I patch/homebrew, and then want a clean slate to judge off of).

I'm also not 100% sure that appts made on the Palm Pre are going to Exchange. I did the fix you mention, but noticed that a haircut that I had in for Wed did not appear on my Exchange desktop calendar. I just put in a test appt on my Pre and Exchange does not seem to pick it up. Appts made on the desktop are going to the Pre.

Am I correct? Are others seeing this?

This sounds like the issue that came up in 1.3.1 w/Exchange. Check here for more info and fix.

Thanks for the update and tips! Definitely change the year to 2009 first when you "fix" the calendar, then the month, then the day. I did this MDY the first time and ALL of my notifications from the past year got re-sent and my phone crashed.

There are A LOT of us whose EAS stopped working with 1.3.5 altogether. I have not been able to login to EAS since the update. Our Exchange 2003 is working fine. The support from Palm is horrible.

I deleted my account to try and add it back, but it won't allow me to add the account back. You would think that there would be an easy way to see a log file so that they could quickly fix it.

I'm having the same exact issue with EAS email not working after 1.3.5 update. Doesn't seem like a lot of users are experiencing this though.

Anyway, contacted Palm support and this is what they said. So I'll try to be patient and wait for a fix.

Date: 01-04-2010 12:57 PM

Unfortunately I do not have a workaround at this time other than to revert to a previous version of the OS such as 1.3.1

As for an ETA on when it will be fixed I can't state, it is an issue engineering is well aware of and now that the holiday weekend break is over we will be diving into these issues full on.

I had the same when i selected a time frame to input a new calendar event the app would not respond. I could enter a new event only with the main menu in upper left. anyone can confirm this as part of the bug too?

But I did get my Pre working again. I did this as I remember:
1. Turn off WiFi
2. Set Airplane mode on
3. Set Network time to off and set date to Dec 31, 2009
4. Calendar events were now viewable
5. Turned Network time to on
6. Set Airplane mode to off

After network time was synced I went back and all my calendar events are still viewable and I can enter a new event by selecting a time frame. Can't say that any of these steps were the key but that's what worked for me. Will reboot and check to see if I see any issues.


I was about to say the same thing about selecting a time frame to enter in a new event; I wasn't able to do that either with the bug.

Confirming that when I followed all of your steps (airplane mode seemed to be a key w/ synching the network time properly) the issue was fixed, was able to set it back to network time and still have my events viewable on the calendar. Thanks!

I may have spoken to soon cause after a reboot the calendar goes back to showing no events.

You're right, a standard reboot kills the calendar again... Rats.

I have no issues. My Exchange (2007) calender info has remained visible. I upgraded to 1.3.5 the evening it was available. I have network time set on, have not touched it.

Try a reboot and see if there are any issues? btw how can you tell what EAS version the company is using? I think we are on 2007 but would like to double check.

Your exchange administrator can tell you what version of exchange you are using.

UPDATE: I reset this afternoon to get the GPS to work and the problem appeared. I had to perform the work around described in this article to display calendar data. Thanks to all on the forum.

I use Missing Sync to synchronize my WebOS Calendar with iCal on my MacBook and the disappearing appointments have been an issue for me as well. The aforementioned work around for correcting the issue have worked for me until I reset my Pre. I hope Palm fixes this soon.

Played with the calendar and email settings for an hour before I remembered that I am not alone with my Pre. Came to Precentral and searched and Voila! Here is the solution to my problem with exhange 2007. Thank you, Pre Central. Now I can re-install some of my patches that I deleted trying to find the conflict.

I have google as my default calendar, along with exchange and yahoo. My appointments all disappeared too. I got them back by turning off the display of the exchange calendar and resyncing the calendar. Network time has remained on the whole time.

Fastest thing for me was to simply "not display" exchange when all calendars is selected (in the preferences).
Resets won't undo that effect.

I also have this issue and am using EAS and Lotus Notes Traveler. All 2010 Calendar events were missing for me, but after the workaround they reappeared.

I use google and the "Workaround" has not been working for me. I have tried everything mention in the comments above. I guess I'm just out of luck uggggg! At least I can log into on my phone I guess. Get your crap together palm (first time I have really been slightly upset with Palm). This should be fix by Monday or many of us are going to become pissed! I guess it isn't that bad if the "workaround" works for you.

I have been trying to "workaround" this all evening. Unfortunately I did not find this article until after I ran the OSdoctor, completely resetting my phone to factory settings. Then, of course installed 1.3.5 again, and it trashed my calendars, again. What's worse, is all my exchange contacts are missing as well! This "workaround" worked for the calendar, but not for the contacts.

See Palm's Knowledgebase article on this issue:

I have it with the German 1.3.1 too.

But not only for the Exchange Calendar. All events (Palm Profile) are gone. But only for January. All Febuary entrys are still there.

Come on Palm - this is major stupid. Don't you have a QA process? I am the internal Pre champion at my employer and this just gives blackberry users ammunition. And it is a huge inconvenience for me.

Man, that's annoying.
I've got an EAS account as well as Google and nothing can be displayed when the system year is 2010. Change it back to 2009 and you see all your calendar entries.

I have a Exchange account through my work, and so far, have had any issues. I even accepted a meeting invite this morning, and it shows up fine on both my Pre and Outlook.

I'm not having any problem. I did have a problem before the update - I used the work-around of turning network zone off and left it off with the update. Maybe that's why I'm not having any issues. I've created events on both desktop and Pre and both have synched perfectly. Oh, and I'm not missing any events on any of my calendars. So weird!

Just got off of a tech support chat with Palm they are aware of the problem reverting back after a reset. No update though on when a patch might be released but they said they were working hard on it, I would suspect we could also see something from the homebrew side of things to tie us over.

Thanks for posting the fix. Amateur hour at Palm continues. After all why worry about business users having access to their calendars.

Palm has apparently created a to deal with this issue?

Does anyone know if I have to remove all of my patches before the update?

solution worked, thank you. thought i was losing my mind.

Let's hope Palm brings back our old appointments we lost with update v1.3.5. You might know that Palm simply erases all appointments older than 3 months from the phone :( - to speed up the calendar.

Treo/Centro had all appointments (and could search them) and it was still super fast.

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