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by Adam Marks Thu, 06 Jan 2011 1:25 pm EST

Ensuring that you always have backups of your contact list is extremely important, in case you ever lose your phone or something goes wrong with a Profile restore after a webOS Doctor or device swap. We have covered a few solutions on sending the details of one contact at a time or a method to create a single .vcf (VCard or "Virtual Business Card") file with all your contacts that can then be imported into any Address Books/Contact Lists, but there are a few homebrew solutions that make this process even easier. Continue reading after the break to export these homebrew solutions.

Instead of having to dial ##66623# (CDMA) or #*66623# (GSM) into the dialer and then accessing USB mode from a PC, homebrew developer abegee created a simple application to automate this process and then attach that file to an email. This app is not in Preware, but can be downloaded at http://abesapps.co.cc/apps/com.abesapps.exportcontacts_1.0.0_all.ipk and either directly installed via Preware or Internalz, or can be downloaded and installed with webOS Quick Install. For more details, here is the forum link for this application

There is also the "Send All Contacts Via Email" patch available in Preware that will add an option in the Contacts app that will perform a similar function to the application above. Once installed, just open the Contacts app, swipe down from the top-left corner to bring down the Contacts Application drop-down menu, and select "Send All Via Email". After preparing your contacts, an email will be created with a .vcf file with all your contacts. For more detail, here is the forum link for this patch

Note that this will save ALL your contacts, not just those in your Palm Profile

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I'm #1 hehehehe

I just created a contact named 'Contact Export' and entered the number to dail as listed above. That's all I need.

I used the old method of pulling the DB using WebOS QI to pull the contacts from my wife's broken Pixi. What a lifesaver. 150 or so contacts that she won't have to enter manually into her new non-Palm (grr) dumbphone.

BTW, you know what's really fun? Putting a Pixi into developer mode when the screen is broken :). At least I had my Pre standing by so that I could reference the position of the buttons.

The palm contact database is pretty straightforward (look for info on webosinternals). I just have it automatically sync to a file on my home server via ssh when I'm at home, and then that gets distributed to my various other systems that need it. I'm too lazy to go through the effort of setting up an actual ldap server for this stuff yet.

No manual process required. My stuff is always just sync'd automatically.

The Preware 'app' is a great help for those of us who wish to properly back up our Palm device like in the good old days (Tungsten, Zire, etc, etc.) Thanks guys!

Pretty powerful server they have. Processing of of files and storage is fantastic. http://www.spectra.com/brocade/used-system/150/index.htm