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Facebook App: Reclaim your friend's photos 25

by Adam Marks Thu, 25 Aug 2011 8:55 am EDT

With some of the recent updates to the phone-based Facebook app, you may have noticed that your friend's profile pictures and any uploaded photos were no longer showing up within the app. While many thought this was a bug in the app, it is actually a result of a security setting within your Facebook profile itself. If you have the option to "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible" turned on, it seems to block these photos from transferring to the mobile app. However, if decide to turn this option off, then all those photos will magically reappear once you refresh the app.

To toggle this option in order to reclaim your photos:

  • Load up the full Facebook site on your computer, TouchPad, or webOS phone (you must use http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf if visiting from the phone to access the full site)
  • On the top-right, click Account and choose "Account Settings"
  • On the left-navigation panel, select "Security"
  • The first option will be called "Secure Browsing". Click "edit" on the right side of the screen, uncheck the box, and click "Save Changes"
  • Load up the Facebook mobile app and enjoy seeing your photos again

For more information about this setting, you can visit this Facebook's blog posting to help you decide if this action is right for you.


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Very helpful. I wondered what I had broken!

I think the fix should come from the app, I much rather browsing FB in HTTPS than seeing at the pictures in the app.

This annoys me because I have HTTPS turned on on my FB account and the Facebook support I've built into incredible! shows the photos just fine because I'm accessing them properly. I've told them how to fix the bug, but, never heard back.

They need to make sure they're accessing the API over HTTPS already (which they should be as the Graph API requires it.) and then every photo source needs "?return_ssl_resources=1" appended to the URL.

Unless, of course, they're using the *deprecated* REST API for Facebook, in which case, they need to rewrite the thing from scratch.

Someone patch the app or something.

"They need to make sure they're accessing the API over HTTPS already"

exactly. I'm so glad this problem got reported (I was about to go play with my patches thinking that perhaps the Ad Blocker patch didn't like facebook pics). But now I'm just annoyed they're not doing it right. I'm not about to turn off HTTPS from my settings just to see pics. Facebook is weak enough as it is for security.

Time to use Incredible! for Facebook access instead? I should have responded to Zhephree's beta request email. darn.

It's not a bug in the app per se, but the app should be updated to handle https and somewhat surprised it hasn't been...

EDIT - What zhephree said :)

Seriously? They should update the app, as opposed to turning of HTTPS. No offense, since it is a valid tip, but this is just silly Adam...


I was in a developer workshop in Sunnyvale, and someone (I think he does work on the kernels in Preware) was critiquing the webOS app for sending so much info in cleartext.

At first they didn't believe, and then they either didn't understand or didn't care.

This is serious, and I agree that a patch is needed. I doubt they're using the REST API.

A patch is sorely needed.
Has anyone just tried a global search+replace on all facebook urls that begin w/ http:// in the app? (to https://) I think I just finished catching all it and it looks the same, but maybe it needs to sync first..

My issue isn't quite like the screenshot, inline images come through (mostly), but not folks' pics.

Just because there is a workaround doesn't mean it's not a bug. The TouchPad app handles photos perfectly despite the SSL setting, so there's no reason the phone app shouldn't be able to do the same, except that HP probably doesn't care about it anymore.

I can't even log into Facebook through the app.

Good tip; and Zhephree, thou art epic...

I shouldn't have to weaken security settings to see pictures. There's nothing wrong with my facebook settings. Thanks for the tip. But this still strikes me as an issue with the app not my settings.

I must have told people how to do this a dozen times on the webOS facebook page... Good post!

Sometimes I prefer to use the mobile version of Facebook's web page - I find that when I tap a notification, they're faster to load. Plus the pictures are fine.

It didn't work for me. I already had it set up like that.

same here.

so, I guess I'm Mr paranoid... As I run https and 2 factor authorizations for new workstations... (it texts my cell phone and I then have to enter another code...)

btw, This doesn't work on the webOS client so I end up using the browser...

writes "fix me" in the rear window dust of Facebook for WebOS.

I would advise that people change their security settings to require authorization when logging in from any new device. This will make it more secure since we are disabling https.

Thanks for this! My wife was blaming her Veer (her G3 iPhone died) on breaking her photos. :)

If you will be using this app on an open wifi network (e.g. Starbucks) please do NOT turn off https: just use the browser instead. See www dot grc dot com slash sn slash sn-272.htm to see why (it's called Firesheep)

Wait what? Recent updates??? Sigh.... 1.4.5, can some bootleg an updated FB for us 1.4.5 peoples pretty please with sugar on top!

There are going to need to be a LOT more updates to the Facebook App than this to get me to start using it again...and I mean a LOT, as in a whole bunch, many, quite a few, a good amount...etc :)

where I can get or how do I get to install the QuickInstall, I expect a favorable response

Thanks for the post, I been having this exact same problem and had no idea at all what was going on. Really frustrating, check here for more information on this.