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Facebook for webOS Updated! Video and Gallery 178

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 03 Mar 2010 8:41 pm EST

Palm's official Facebook app for webOS was just updated - slimjim1219 in our forums let us know that you just need to check your updates app to get it installed.  We saw it leaked in an advertisement last week and sure enough, it's here.

The new version of the app radically improves on the previous version, which we've described as a "Facebook as Twitter" kind of client. It now allows users to fully search and view Facebook profiles, look at photo galleries, use Facebook mail, view events and upcoming birthdays, and look at your own Facebook wall and photos.

More on features, a video showing the app, and a gallery of screenshots is after the break!

The app maintains stays true to its roots, jumping straight to the news feed when you open it. I prefer that to the Android version, which starts on a generic icon view.

At the top of the app is a bar that lets you update your status from anywhere and conveniently shows you your last update. Tapping the center area will always jump you right to the news feed and tapping it within the news feed will jump you to the top. You can also shake to refresh the news feed. Finally that righthand button gives you access to 'News,' 'Photos' (your own photos), 'Search' (for finding profiles), 'Inbox,' 'Me' (for your own profile), and 'Events' (for events and upcoming birthdays).

It's especially pleasing to see the most oft-request feature (that we've heard, anyway) - the ability to view Facebook profiles. You can go to Search for list of your friends and auto-filter by typing. Search appears to be limited to searching for people, however, and won't find pages or groups. You can also tap on any face thumbnail to go to that person's profile Once in a profile, you can check out the wall, Info, and all of that user's photos. If you're not yet friends with that person, you can submit a friend request.

The Inbox section is fairly straightforward, but it is worth noting that when you compose a new message, the 'To' field auto-completes from a list of your friends. You can send messages to multiple recipients at once and the entire interface looks almost identical to the email composer.

Uploading photos also seems a bit improved - adding a caption is a snap. The interface for commenting on other people's photos is also quite nice.

Unfortunately, the app is missing features found on other platforms like notifications, responding to friend requests, or adding shortcuts to friend profiles. The app also is unable to view Facebook video (though perhaps that may change once Flash lands) or use Facebook chat (but there's a 3rd party app for that).

The app is very snappy so far and a huge step forward over what was previously available officially. 

Facebook for webOS Facebook for webOS Facebook for webOS Facebook for webOS Facebook for webOS Facebook for webOS Facebook for webOS Facebook for webOS


fast, intuitive interface


No notification support


First! Cool

This is AMAZING! It's quick and uploading pics are 1000x's easier! I LOVE IT!!

Finally! The concept art was accurate! I just downloaded it, time to play around with it!

Why you hidin' me? :P

so can you use this without it syncing to all your contacts? I immediately removed the old one b/c I couldn't stand the flood of contacts...

All you have to do is remove your Facebook account from the accounts associated in your Contacts app.

thank you! Didn't realize it was that simple

Or you can remove friends like Johnny from the 3rd grade who you hated back then but somehow he made it onto your Facebook friends list nowadays!

Or little Jenny who's the daughter of someone you've never heard of but she friended you and said she knows you somehow!



this is much better!

Although I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of Video support and notifications.

WTH the update isn't there for me :( (Sprint Pre)

I have a Sprint Pre, and I just updated it. Looks good.

I saw the update for 1.1 earlier, but it didn't change anything. Maybe I'll remove and re-add it.

they should add a chat and notifications thingy
but i love it a goooooooooood update!

I think they should add the FB chat functionality to synergy in the Buddies section of the Messaging app

?? there is already a free plugin that allows this.
just install Greg Rolls messaging plugins and you can use ICQ, MSN, Facebook (by means of XMPP/Jabber and many others). They can be linked to Synergy contacts just like any other contact.

so can you use this without it syncing to all your contacts? I immediately removed the old one b/c I couldn't stand the flood of contacts...

If you don't already have it installed, you have to install the old version and then upgrade. On Sprint at least. Very odd, but I would guess the link in the main app catalog will be updated soon.

HUGE improvement...

how do I add this app to my app launcher??

As long as you have room in your launcher (i.e.

Yeah! about time! I just hope all the reviews in the app catalog update their scores. This definitely deserves 5 stars

Very cool. It doesn't come through in updates, nor a fresh download. Maybe it's just THAT new that it hasn't rolled out to all distribution servers.

just got it

Would you believe me if I told you that I KNEW this was going to happen today?

I don't have insider knowledge, but this facebook app did dominate much of my dream last night.

That's cool.... and mildly sad.

Not in updates :(

Its in my updates, did you go to "Updates" then go to "Show Applications"? You should see a 1.1.0 update under Facebook

I don't have a Show Applications option in updates

it didn't show for me either in the 'updates' app.

The best thing to do is go into the App Catalog if you already have that app.

Once you are in the App Catalog.. tap the shopping bag icon on the bottom right and it will show a screen with all available apps on your phone (ones you download in both the app catalog and Preware).

Scroll through your list and when you come to "facebook" you should see an 'update' link. Tap it so it downloads 1.1.0

big step up looks like I'm deleting friendsbook!

i deleted friendsbook ass soon as i seen dieters post..

how does this compare to the iphone app? better, same, worst?

iPhone has facebook chat. This doesn't

oh well, i'm ok without chat. This app is really awesome now. Goodbye friendsbook and friendsflow.

As near as I can tell from the video, while still short a few features, it is exactly like the iPhone app. Dare I say, a clone of the iPhone app. If they did not get some kind of permission from the iPhone app maker, I would say a total rip off of the iPhone app. Hey, its Palm. What did you expect?

Are you kidding me? Clone of the iPhone app? This isn't even close! No notifications, no live updates, can't view comments on photos, friend search is less robust, need I go on? This is definitely a HUGE improvement over the old FB app from Palm, but is still not in the same league as the iPhone app. And no I'm not an Apple fanboy; I have an iTouch so same thing but no phone function. If Palm COULD build its app to match the one from Apple, that would be AWESOME!!!

Perhaps I overstated my case just a bit. My observations about the Palm app are based entirely on observing the video. That confines the similarities to look and feel. Having said that, it looks a lot like an iPhone, Facebook app knockoff. It does not look like Palm even tried to do anything different or unique. I would love to be wrong about that.

woo hoo!! Thanks Palm for listening to our cries of how horrible the old fb app was and giving us this, right after 1.4 :-)

Long awaited update, but where's chat?

Actually, it shouldn't be too long now before we can expect that too! Facebook has finally delivered their promised XMPP interface to Facebook Chat. So it's not too much of a stretch to think that we might see integration into the messaging app since it's already doing XMPP for Google Chat/Talk/whatever.

...now if we could just get support for those *other* libpurple back-ends!

Whats the point of showing it in the app catalog when all you get is the 'application not available for your country' message when you click on it.

Shame, looks good in the pictures.

I jumped the gun, it finally works and can be installed using the imported German Pre in Australia. For the record, this is a great phone. They should at least be selling it here unlocked.

Except that the keyboard will confuse the uninitiated. :)

no update for mine?

ok so you say there is a new FB app out so where is it in the App Cat? The old one had to be deleted b/c it no longer works and will not let me log in with my user/pass, what's the deal with that? Anybody else have that issue?

yeah i got the same issue.... i downloaded the app and updaated it... it shows the new version of Fb but i cannot log in ......... help me if anyone one can.....

same here can't log in....i'm in kansas

hey everyone should update what they rated this app if you rated it a bad rating we need to let palm know what a great job theyre doing!

Excellent palm really nice job yet again you guys surprised me.

This update is just awesome!

It's about time! But, worth the wait. Very well done, 1000% better.

hmm not in updates as well still old lame app. whats going on?

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay better! The old one was useless. Good job to whoever is responsible!

palm has been surprising its fans quite often... love u ....my pre..... and NFs for free is germany is the best u coukd ever do for us pre fans..... u are the best...

is it possible to download non-localized english version of the game in germany?


my tip download the old one and look for the update ........ that should work,.......... for everyone not for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

maybe in v1.2 there'll be notifications and in 1.3 there'll be friend request, pages, and group support, and finally with the release of flash 10.1, video will be added O.O

yeah, everyone remember to update the rating they gave it in the Catalog.

Still no update. WTF

im still sticking with x.facebook.com until the app gets notification support but it does look much better. glad to see they're moving in the right direction with it

:( i don't see the update. are they rolling this out somehow?

If I don't have the FACEBOOK app, go to app catalog@search,& look for facebook.Download the old FACEBOOK which is v.1.0. After you installed the old version go to the app catalog,&hit the bottom icon@ur right,which will bring you to, MY APPLICATIONS. Keep scrolling down until you see ur UPDATE,which gonna be the new FACEBOOK 1.1, download & you shall enjoy the new treat.

if you can sign in! Dude this sucks!

So, weird. That works. Thanks!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for showing us how to get to my appilcations. Just got it, and its..........so beautiful :'-)

Why can't I sign in?? This is the second try for download/update. Grr.

This is so frikkin nice! its GREAT! OMG I LOVE IT! Now... we need notifications.. chat can wait... i need notifications, after all, that one of the most important things, right? Otherwise THANK YOU for the update, Palm! And you guys at PC for always keeping us up to date :)

"looking forward to the perfect facebook app with chat and notificatons - coming soon i hope!"

If you want notifications, you can go to the facebook page on your pc, and you can set it up there to send text messages to your phone. You can even reply to the notifications from the text messenger!

Lol btw when you post on facebook, at the left of the update now appears a yellow tiny palm logo! AWESOME! HA! Neither Apple or Android have that :D

just tried it, sweet! another first for Palm. Now Apple will probably copy the idea.


Palm's been really hitting it out of the park these last 2 weeks... I feel really bad their stock is so low and they're not selling many phones...

UPDATE: Unless I'm missing something, they seem to have missed out on adding the ability to include captions with photos uploaded through your phone. Oh well. Maybe next update. Great improvements nonetheless!

Great improvement. A few features missing still but its 10 times better than the previous version

Probably not a heavily-used/requested feature, but still something I'm curious about, if anybody can answer for me: Are you able to "poke" friends and "poke them back" with the webOS facebook app?

yes!!! I wanted that signature that says sent from palm pre lol! woohoo!

I have been loving the updates recently. Consider me a happy camper.

photo galleries doesn't seem to work on mine. I can see the albums but can't open it.

YES! keep it going

No update here. I even tried re starting, nothing....

Nice! I'd rather have friend requests and chat than notifications since I get notifications via email, but it would be great to have it all. :)

Palm shares are down, and there is speculation that Palm may be bought out if they can not perform the following functions: increase marketing efforts, supply unique applications that exhibit WebOs' distinct interface, and finally, what we are all waiting for...a new WebOs phone...a phone that has a bigger screen and a keyboard that is either bigger, or with an on-screen keyboard. -So come on Palm step it up. As a stakeholder in your company, I demand it. I love WebOS way too much for Palm to F this opportunity up.

MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER. still not perfect but much better. did notice a post in my inbox that is a multiperson post about a picture, doesn't include the picture. so i guess included pics don't work in the inbox yet. but still better.

Fantastic!!.....Now add chat please.

You hit a grandslam flint.vandal, great post

Thanks. It was from the heart. lol

Lack of notifications is not an issue. Facebook is going to drop notifications very soon.

I love this. It lured me away from Friendsbook.

Kinda funny that it came out right after the Friendsflow review.

the update is saweeet!

man I hope things start lookin up for Palm. The longer I own my Pre the more I wonder how I'll function with a different OS

Me too. I'd hate to have a phone that doesn't work with the Touchstone. Best thing ever.

I'm in cali & it's not here yet...although my "new apps update" glitch is finally gone!

*update* just got it! It's A LOT better now! I'm sure chat & notifications will be updated soon enough! Newayz, great app!!!

wow. this a huge improvement over the original FB app. i can live without FB chat. this app does everything i need. bye bye third-party FB apps.

Wonder if this means Palm will win the $1M best app contest now. They probably could use the cash.

thank god for this update. it's amazing

New app rocks!! As far as chat goes, why can't they just have facebook chat sync with the other messegers in the regular messaging program?

So what I dont understand is why create an app when the full website works just fine with chat and all...
Thats all I ever use and I can do everything on it that I can on a full web browser on a computer...

I love the new app.

Sweet. Now I can delete the bookmark in the web browser. Here's a good read about developing the app and some ideas for future releases:


Awesome, updating mine right now!

The pictures from the photo albums look horrible. They've become low resolution photos or something of that matter. I'll stick to the iPod touch. Switching to Android soon because the Pre is too disappointing.

I just looked at the photos using the updated FB and the pics are not low resolution. Try again

FYI if you are doing a new install you need to do it twice to get the latest update. I deleted this a while back to make room for new apps and had to do a new install. Didn't realize that it was v1.0 till I noticed it was missing some features mentioned in Dieter's article. Looked in my apps and there was an update to v1.1 available. So new install equals two downloads to get latest version. So far looks like some great improvements!

phenomenal update!!!!! love this app

There is only really one thing that's missing and that's the ability to see tagged photos of your friends. You can see the albums that they uploaded but you can't see photos of them that other people tagged easily all in one place like you can in the full version.

FYI if you are doing a new install you need to do it twice to get the latest update. I deleted this a while back to make room for new apps and had to do a new install. Didn't realize that it was v1.0 till I noticed it was missing some features mentioned in Dieter's article. Looked in my apps and there was an update to v1.1 available. So new install equals two downloads to get latest version. So far looks like some great improvements!

friends book pretty much does everything this does and more.

friends book pretty much does everything this does and more.

hey guys I have a problem. Everytime I try to download an app from the app store, it tells me to restart to install. But after I restart it just says the same thing can anyone help me?

No update listed here either. It shows an update in preware for today and when you click on upgrade it loads the app catalog which only gives the ability to launch the existing version...no choice to update. Should I delete the old version or just wait? hmmmm

This is awesome. I was just getting desperate for a better solution for facebook on my Pre. I would use the palm app for this, and the touch website for that and the full site for this.

Now it is just the palm app and the full site! :)

Now we just need dashboard notifications, chat in the app, friends requests in the app, and a way to see photo comments in the app.

Def a better solution. Thanks Palm!

yea the only thing thaat wouldve made this app legit is if it had chat! The mobile myspace has chat which is awesome but yea and how come the x.facebook.com hasn't gotten an update??? I would like to c a chat update for that

I had to go to the App Catalog, hit the little Palm shopping bag for "My Applications", then scroll down to Facebook and it showed the 1.1. update. The actual Updates app didn't find it.

Agreed on notifications and chat, but on balance this is a huge improvement. Clean and elegant interface, just like webOS itself. Prolly doesn't hurt that so many of the functions look like native apps.

Great work.

wow huuge improvement! works great! cant wait for more updates... com'on notifications!!!

Works great, cant wait til Chat and Notification is added!

Why on the email page I can not tell who the thread belongs to? Dont put my picture, use the person I am emailing picture. No other way to know who the emails are to.

I love the update! Good job palm!

this is long overdue, but nevertheless I am still thrilled!
Chat and notification needs implementation ASAP.

This is a great improvement, but no notifications really frustrates me as an avid facebook user. Chat would be a bonus I guess, but I don't personally chat all that much through the computer version anyway.

Notifications though is the heart and soul of facebook for me. To interact with people through comments at your convenience is what its about for me and notifications are absolutely necessary as a result.

So, almost there!!! It would be nice to not have to open multiple apps!

A HUGE jump up from the previous version.

Spectacular! Great job Palm! Awefrikkinsome!

Just one more teeny weeny wish: Please show all the comments for a post under the post itself, instead of having to press on the comments icon.

this app is useless until it has notifications. not sure how they can leave out a fundamental function of the site.

hardly useless as many people like me don't use notifications or want them. not saying it isn't a good feature but it doesn't make it useless.

Makes me love my Pre that much more. I had actually stopped using facebook for a while, cuz of the lack of a decent app, although friendsbook wasnt too bad. But good work Palm, made alot of people happy today.

yay, I love it, It's just about perfect!!

pleasantly surprised, considering downloading the update over Sprint EV was quick. I thought it was just a minor 1.4 fix. WOW beautiful app

Neither can I. I've downloaded the old then updated. Deleted, restarted, tried it all over again, downloaded just the updated version this morning (which is now showing in the app cat.) and it's just stuck in login screen. The button won't even stay in the "logging in" mode. This is frustrating. Please help.

Me too! Help!

I can't get pass the login screen, please advise.

Sorry, the above "Neither can I..." is supposed to be down here. My bad.

wow, just upgraded it on wifey's Pre and this app is really good. wish they have similar one for android.

Now with a proper Facebook, Epocrates, Slacker, WSOP Hold 'em among others. I am REALLY starting to love this phone. It's really coming into it's own.

Application got better but it still
1. Syncs everybody on your facebook to your Contacts
2. Can not search for people who are not your friend to add
3. Accept / Decline friend requests
4. FB Chat


2. you can search for anyone by clicking the tiles button on the upper right, then clicking search, and then pressing the 'everyone' button underneath the search bar. Then when you type a name in the search bar, the app will search everyone on facebook, not just your friends list.

I do like it. It works like a charm and got everything needed besides video...Great design. It all takes some time to get it done right.

Thanks Palm

I am having problems I can't get pass the login screen, please advise

I also click "login" and nothing happens. :( I've uninstalled, reinstalled and updated the app about 6 times now, and can't get past the login screen no matter what I enter into the fields.

i am also having problems with this. did you figure it out?

There seems to be confusion. For the time being to get the 1.1 version of the facebook app, you first download the old (1.0) version. You then return the the first screen of the app catalog. You click on the shopping bag on the bottom right hand corner. you select the option to "install updates"

Do not use the "updates" app. Do not look for Facebook 1.1 in the recent list.

If you're having problems logging in, try logging out from your PC.

Well thank you Palm for the update. The Facebook app is not 100% up to speed with features; however, this app is far better and a extreme improvement compared to the past app. I appreciate the work put into this app. Hopefully Palm will keep developing and improving, not just stop here.

This is all around beautiful, and Palm's work is much appreciated by THIS user, but I REALLY wish they would add an option to make it so that adding accounts in the app didn't also add them to the Contacts app. BOOO Palm, boo.

In addition to chat and notifications, I wish there was a way to see who 'likes' my status instead of just '3 people like your status'.

Great app by the way. I love it!

Nice. Adds the functionality I've been looking for.

With the version 1.4 update and increasingly improved apps like this is making my Pre the smartphone that I really wanted now.

Its a good app.. But I wish it would let you delete some of the "friends" from the synched contacts. There are a few on there that I dont need to have in my phone contacts. Even though I dont need them in my phone contacts doesnt mean I dont chat with them on facebook every now and then.

Yeah, I wish facebook would hurry up and add this feature. Sucks that palm is left holding the bag on this one.

Is there a way to have the facebook app with out it adding all your facebook friends to your contacts?