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Fare thee well, Palm -- we'll miss you 27

by Phil Nickinson Wed, 09 Feb 2011 3:51 pm EST

It kind of goes without saying, so we'll say it anyway. The Palm brand is pretty much done. Exhibits A-Q: Today's Think Beyond event in San Francisco. Lots of HP all over the place, and nary a mention of Palm.

Some of us were holding out hope that the iconic Palm brand would live on a little longer, but such was not the case. HP webOS it is, HP webOS it shall be. (But should HP, in its infinite wisdom, chose to bring back the Palm brand at some point? We'd be perfectly fine with that. Just sayin'.)



That hurts a lot. Not seeing ''Palm'' on this new devices Hurts a lot man.


I agree. I'm a Palm fan, not an HP fan. I've found most HP products irritating. I'll let them change my mind, if it's warranted. :)

Seriously, I could cry. I hoped for a Palm Superphone. Guess that will never happen.
They even scratched the logo from the Touchstone.

We'll have to stick to HP phones then, although I hoped to see some design changes. Both phones look like a Pre whith the new ugly gray besel

I felt like you had typed in your liveblog that Ruby had mentioned Palm a few times in the beginning of his speech during the keynote. Maybe its only still alive in his head? also can i use the back from my pre plus on the pre3? lol Long Live Palm :D

No, you can't use it. If you look at the product pages, that are now up at palm.com (odd), the dimensions are different for the veer, Pre/+/2, and the pre 3.

In a market that is dominated by "aspirational" brands, HP are going to have their work cut selling under the HP name. Especially if they aren't offering a single slab/iphone esque phone in the product line up to woo customers from that market. I guess the tablet will show how well webOS works without a physical keyboard.

Blackberry must now have all the mindshare of the "with slider keyboard" market. Palm had legacy brand awareness, but HP just aren't in this market (well they are now)! In fact given Blackberry's falling market share in the smartphone market, perhaps physical keyboards aren't the right choice any more. I love my Pre+ but then I am not representative of the market.

To me the HP brand just conjures up images of uninspiring PC related hardware, intrusive printer software etc... WebOS is the polar opposite of what HP to date have been producing. I guess the question really is, do I trust HP with webOS?

Who cares? Palm died trying on its own. Let it rest. "Palm" would just drag HP down. "Hey look everyone, Palm is trying to make a comeback...again." Get over it people.

All my HP products have died within a year or 2. Let HP go to hell!

I didn't think it would hurt as much as it did. I miss Palm already...

I miss the palm name, it was soooo cool... Oh well!!!

Does this mean that the site will now be called : "HP Central"?

They should rename it palmCentral or webOScentral.net

WebOS phone users should make their default ring-tone "Taps" to remember our fallen comrade.

To Palm! Forever may they rest in peace!

My mom and me saw just the pictures of the new phones and we both thought: Let's buy an iphone. ;-) I'm such a big PALM fan, and now the HPalm Brand is only HP?

I can't believe it.

HP will fail I think.

Now that we'll have webOS on multiple platforms, maybe they will change the name of the site to "WebOS Central"

Does this mean I won't get to see HP WebOS 2 on my beloved Palm Pre 1?

guys remember something, they work for us not the other way around. At the end of the day they have to adapt to what the consumer wants. Me personally I'll keep calling them palm and will slap the palm logo on the back of my devices. I say we should do something and ask Hp To not disrespect the company that is helping them step up their game.

I'm not gonna wax poetically over the demise of the Palm name. I've been carrying Treos & Preos for along time. But, I'm o.k. w/the HP name eclipsing that of Palm. After all, it's their $billion that kept WebOS going.

Rose by any other name...

It almost made me cry... Palm was pioneer in handheld devices (well, if we skip Apple's Newtons). I've used Palm since 1999 and replaced my T|T3 only because dropped it into water one day. I was so rejoiced after webOS and Pre announcement. And now they just throw Palm's name away.
Of course it is reasonable but still very sad...

Dear HP,

After being an avid supporter of WebOS/Palm Pre since it's release in June of 2006, as well as Palm/Handspring for many years prior(Handspring Visor/Prism, Treo 600, Treo 655), this announcement today is a huge disappointment and an insult on so many levels. HP has done zero to differentiate itself against the iPhone/Android. HP also has failed to prove to new subscribers of the platform that HP is investing heavily on development of apps(one of the critical failures of webos). HP also neglected to celebrate the cult following of existing WebOS subscribers. HP also hasn't explained itself fully on what line of carriers will be releasing their new phones/devices. Where's the cloud storage piece for the TouchPad? Where's the phone that backs up entirely to the cloud over the air(including all pictures, call logs and text messages? Where's the integrated audio streaming capabilities via your Melodeo acquisition? Where are the breakthrough security upgrades/enhancements to the platform(similar to Lookout on Android)? Why is there no ability to purchase or rent videos via the device a la iTunes?

HP has succeeded in destroying a brand which I have used for many years, one which I feel had a very strong return on investment as well as a very strong following, It's obvious that HP felt that it is a stronger brand to succeed it. With a company that can't even get their current HP laptop division to have a failure rate of less than 25 percent(the worst in the industry, one in 4 HP laptops fails within 3 years), who exactly is going to trust HP in the tablet/smartphone space. The clear losers here are the existing subscribers of WebOS which just were shown the door(zero support for WebOS 2.0 on existing hardware on any carrier) and effectively told 'don't let the door hit you on the way out'. The lack of Sprint as an announced carrier launch partner for Pre3 and Veer is another point of loss for HP and the Sprint subscribers(approximately 80 to 90 percent of Pre 1 installed base). The clear winners today are HTC, Apple, Google, Research in Motion, Motorola and Samsung.

At this late in the game, I'm pretty sure the last remaining holdouts of WebOS(myself specifically) will be dumping the platform in the next 60 to 90 days for the next whizbang iPhone or flagship Android device. No more will I evangelize or support a company that doesn't respect or support its installed userbase or subscribers. It's been a long road coming, but bon voyage Palm/HP. It'll be interesting to watch your failures over the next 6 to 18 months as you get decimated by Apple's innovative iOS and hardware refreshes, not to mention Google's dominant Android platform. In terms of retention, you better be giving these phones away for practically free in the coming months, or your products have failed before they have even released to your carrier partners.

Hasta la vista,


careful, I think you mean June 2009...

Well, as the events of the last day have settled in and I find myself pretty much disappointed by the ship dates, lack of updates for those of us have patiently waited (LIARS!), I find some consolation in the fact this latest train wreck is not under the Palm name.

Kinda sad, I was hoping they would keep the Palm name.

It's sad to see the name gone. Going to miss the orange... :(

Try actually saying "HP Pre Three" vs. "Palm Pre 3". Its almost as big a joke as "in the coming months" has become.

Freakin about the fact that there was no palm logos anywhere at the event? There was one, sure nobody but the overhead camera could see it, but it was there!
At 30:15 in the vid: