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Father of webOS notifications leaves for Apple 108

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 08 Jun 2010 9:33 pm EDT

The man who "Invented the non-intrusive banner notification system used in webOS" and also did all sorts of other work for the OS, Rich Dellinger, is leaving Palm to return to his earlier employer, Apple, as a Senior User Interface Designer. Per his LinkedIn page (where we learned about the switch), Dellinger's other work included:

Acted as visual designer, interaction designer, and engineer on Palm webOS.

Co-developed the Application Framework used by webOS. Created the CSS structure and defined HTML layout and structure conventions in Mojo Application Framework, and for core Palm applications.

Co-invented software and hardware interaction models for a new generation of Linux-based, Palm-branded mobile devices.

Delliger represents the latest in what could be called a minor brain drain at Palm after SVP of Software and services Mike Abbot left to join Twitter and the main designer for webOS, Matias Duarte left to join up with Android. We wish Dellinger the best of luck at Apple.

Meanwhile, we feel that webOS has a pretty strong design foundation, so it's not time to panic about employees leaving the company ....yet.

Source: LinkedIn. Thanks to nappy in our forums for the tip!




what the HELL!!!

Now tell us how you really feel, lol.

That list makes it seem as though this guy just sat down and created WebOS by himself. He was a cornerstone for the innovation of our favorite mobile platform, and now he's gone. Then again, I don't think HP (or Palm, for that matter) is running low on innovators. Still, this is a blow.

I think the employees doubt hp will treat them as nice.. Hp's track record of dealing with the employees in companies they have acquired isn't the best..

Well, what palm REALLY needs is a bunch of googles coders.. You know, the ones who manage to somehow make chrome faster every week. Webos could really use that.

Palm really needs to start spreading some good news to keep people from focusing on the bad.

looks like Google and Apple are buying up some talent. If you cant beat em... buy em. so many palm haters chiming in on precentral... why not comment on the fact that webos is superior to iphone and android os.... and those companies are realizing they need to go to palm devs and buy them to maybe have a chance at improving their os to webos level. Palm may have already wrapped up the latest phone and are working on the details.... these guys who have left have made their contributions and now are moving on to bigger $$$. Best of luck... on the darkside :-)

please explain how webos is better then android or IOS4

The Webso it`s more friendly than the androidand the windows too... I do have the Palm Pre and the EVO and I do have the
Samsung moment,and I do have the HTC diamond, I did pick the
Pre over all, the miltitasking to pickup info from one app
without closing any other apps, and special the universal search, come one guys,the webos it`s on the top of all smartphone just need more support,the Iphone has been out three years,and the Pre just one years.


This must be a parody of the typical Pre Defense Force responses.

+1 ROFL.

This must be a parody of the typical Pre Defense Force responses

Have you ever tried webOS? If so have you had a chance compair it to android or iOS? If not just do so and tell us what you think. It may not be the best for you. I've used it for a year now and have tried android, iOS and blackberry OS. I feel it's the best for me and yes I will admit that it could use a lil more improvement. It has a great UI and noticifications. It also does true multi tasking which I take advantage of dailly.

Having used IphoneOS, Windows Mobile and Android. It is quite obvious how WebOS is superior.
Now, have YOU used WebOS for any amount of time? We aren't here to convince you. Remain ignorant. Go back to iPhone and jailbreak your way to 'freedom'.

haha of course i have used webos and still am, as a matter of fact im on my 6th pre thanx to asurion.... NOW as I clearly asked b4 can YOU explain how its so superior.. because iso4 can do everything and more then webos and does it a 100x smoother and more fluent.. and has TRU multitasking... for all you hardcore pre fans( i used to be one) you cant keep throwing out that the pre does multitasking caz alot of phones do it now! the pre may have been first but really who cares !!!!

so like i first stated list off some stuff that the infamous webos can do the iso4 cant or android 2.2

ios4 doesn't have true multitasking. Look up "ios4 true multitasking" in Google. Then try to run something like Pandora, switch to another program, and see if your song is still playing in the background.

Didn't Palm get many talented people from Apple? There is nothing strange about people moving from company to company. Happens all the time. I wouldn't read much into it; especially not the "they need to go to palm devs and buy them to maybe have a chance at improving..." angle.

i am really sad now...who do we find...the architects are leaving

No my son let me explain something to you. Architects design structures by synthesizing : codes, client requirements, budget, structure, life support systems, site/context, and many other factors for the expressed purpose of protecting the life, safety and welfare of the people who use them.

Architects create the documents and specifications that direct others to build things, such as the building you are occupying right now... Not the software you use in your little plastic with Horrific Build Quality (TM) device...

You are referring to Software Developers. Totally different concept.

Architect (TM)

Actually, there are many levels of "architects" in IT. Just as there are "developers" in construction.

Architects (TM) haaate it when another discipline adopts the name. I should know, I dated one for 4 years. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Architect#Professional_Title_Distinctions
it's a pet peeve of theirs.

"software surgeon" is the preferred nomenclature.

Well, sounds like the iPhone will finally get a nice notification system in the future. Things just keep getting darker for Palm.

thanks for the updates, palm (insert rolleyes here). Way to keep your supporters... The consumers informed!

nothing to see here... move along.

I had a tons of guilt when I went to radioshack to purchase and activate my pre-ordered HTC Evo..... I felt like I was betraying myself and my palm pre lol.... Now that theres (what seems to be) a mass exodus of sorts; I'm feeling confident.... if the "fathers" of webOS are jumping ships, then something is definitely up....

p.s. I still use my palm pre on wifi, and I still buy apps from the apps store. I keep my Pre in the bathroom lol....

:( I would have been semi-ok with this if he left for Google, but Apple?! I don't want to have to buy a Mac and start developing for the iPhone/iPad - I actually enjoy developing for Android and webOS, but iPhone would seem enjoyable.

Well, I have to state the obvious. Just because the iPhone gets a good notification system doesn't mean we lose ours. We should be more worried about the CEO's somewhat ambivalent attitude about smartphones. I'm still cautiously optimistic. Until someone at HP or Palm comes out and says, "it's over - we're quitting the smartphone biz", I'm in it for the long haul...

Yes, well, this all is starting to pile up a bit. The most pessimistic outlook is that these folks don't like the possible direction of webOS under HP. Palm had set aside cash to retain people like this (presumably), and so it's likely not money that's causing them to leave.

Of course we don't have any real idea why they left, and so it's all speculation. But, nevertheless: bummer.

This blowsssss....smh...@fatmike What does this exodus mean?!?!?!?! lol

minor brain drain? that's a good handful of key players in WebOS.... something tells me employees were NOT happy with the buyout... another nail in the coffin =(

ehh surprise surprise, is there ever good news for palm anymore? it's gonna be a fast road downhill from here.. if something HUGE doesn't happen soon i'm jumping ship next month

som who's left? oh ya Rubinstein. He'll take over EVERYTHING! next up the Palm Rubi.

Honestly I love this OS but if all of the people that made it keep leaving for other companies WebOS wont be top dog for long.

Apple getting the notifications with Dellinger, Android getting UI development with Duarte, whats left? Maybe the fathers of the company just know something we dont.

Perhaps Palm is as dead as the lack of announcements for a new phone make it out to be?

Some possibilities for why folks are leaving:

1. The challenge is gone in developing webOS, and they like the challenge of fixing other platforms.

2. They like being big fish in a little pond, whereas at HP they'll be little fish in a very big pond.

3. They don't like the direction HP will take things (as I said above), or they don't _think_ they'll like the direction that HP will take things.

4. Apple and Google just offered huge amounts of money and freedom to pull them over, having smelled the blood in the water for the last number of months. These sorts of things rarely happen overnight.

There is nothing little about HP. Their cell phone fin may be tiny, but they are ten times bigger than Apple. They are the biggest selling computer manufacture on the planet. They passes Dell a couple of months ago. Maybe that's why he is leaving. He know HP's main focus is computers, Printers, ect.. For apple, the iPhone and iPad take the main stage, at this point. Even though I love my iMac.

When this first started to happen a few months ago it was bad. Saying that most of the people that worked on the Pre were still there. Now after the announcement of the merger we have now 2 and maybe more higher level engineers running as fast as they can out of PALM. This does not bode well for HPalm.

It's funny, people will tell the unadulterated truth. Sometimes at the most inopportune times (PAGING MR HURD). Something is off track at PALM and no one is TELLIN what it is.

Just one more reason to go to BBMobile and get that EVO thats callin to me.

Yeah. I truly think WebOs is awesome and love my Pre, but, it's looking less good for Palm every week. The complete silence about new phones is pretty telling (Heck, they gave 5 months notice before the Pre was actually released).

Checking out the Evo and the new iPhone makes me feel like the last rat on a sinking ship.

+1, hopeing for somthing, anything to hang my hat on.

well my friend, you are not the last rat on the sinking ship. There are quite a few of us left on here with you. I too share your conserns. Why hasn't Palm said anything about a new device or even HP for that matter. Maybe HP's CEO really ment what he said, "we did not buy Palm to be in the smartphone bis". The only thing Palms keeps saying is that it's biseness as usual. WTF does that really mean. Don't get me wrong I love webOS And I do intend to ride this thing out with Palm but am I just on this ride to end up with some other device whos OS I don't really like. Life is all about choises and most of us here chose webOS. Will we end up stuck with old pres and pixis if we want to continue to use webOS.

we have no idea how far dev for webos has reached over past year behind the scenes for next phone.No need to panic...still.
it's depressing...but that's about it. People move on during mergers all the time. I wish him the best. I'm sure hp has some great resources palm will be acquiring during this merger... Way more good than bad here in my opinion. Staying positive and confident of work that has already been accomplished @ palm.

I have to say, after owning my pre plus for a few months I can say firmly it fails pretty hard compared to my 3GS I had before it. The lack of decent apps and overall sluggish interface makes it just plain less useful. The best thing about the iphone is popping the browser open and getting to something quickly and effortlessly. I appreciate the homebrew scene and all but it can only mitigate so much. Palm needed hardware acceleration across the entire OS, it needed a better thought out development framework, and it needed more feature complete applications (Just open the calculator and realize there isn't even a scientific mode, I was somewhat shocked at that).

I think quite simply, HP will not be needing these guys much. HP has really smart people with really great ideas. Just because someone invented something for a platform doesn't mean no one can improve on it or do it better. That's how america was built on (improvement).

Reminds me that silicon valley types are pretty transient. Seems like they (at least the top ones) seldom stick around for more than a few years. Ok, Palm got taken over by HP but most people would wait at least a few months until they figured out the culture and their place in it and whether the new company was right for them. At least "old economy" job holders would. Guess another company showed them something shiny and off they went.

I think the pessimism is warranted. Please see my previous posts. HP bought Palm for WEBOS and now all the WEBOS innovators are leaving......HMMMM! I mean cmon folks. You know damned well that HP isn't going to do a damned thing to improve on WEBOS or Palm smartphones. Don't be surprised if J Ruby jumps ship too! If HP had so many great mobile OS Innovators, then what did they need Palm for? They just wanted the IP for their printers and have no intention of maturing the OS or Palm smartphones! Mock my words, we MIGHT see one more Palm phone and then it's a wrap for PALM and any new WEBOS device!


does any one know why he initially left Apple for Palm?

Yet? Isn't this the third person to leave Palm? The writing seems to be on the wall.

OK, well, that's two areas that webOS had over other platforms: the UI metaphor (Duarte) and the notification system (Dellinger). With the current damning silence from Palm, I wonder if my misgivings over the HP acquisition are becoming validated as the best engineers continue to leave.

Well, this is pretty typical. HP has acquired other companies in the past and I'm sure this is not affecting them or their decision one bit. The problem to me, is that when the best people leave first it typically signals problems with direction.

I spent a lot of time over on AndroidCentral today, I have to say that EVO is looking more and more inviting. Luckily I have a few months to wait before upgrading. I say luckily because it will allow stuff with the EVO to shake out and hopefully for Palm to address their next move.

Just go hold the HVO in your hand. Dont buy it on impulse. Just hold it and look at it. Go home and sleep on it. Thats what I did and while its a great phone, it has lost a lot of its luster. The size, screen resolution and build, just arnt for me. I wanted it to be great...

It's like this... Steve Jobs, Jon Rubinstein, Bill Gates, Mark Hurd... and so on. All the great leaders and innovators always do the right thing.

Uhhh, errr... Mark who? Oh yeah... Hurd. The guy that's going to make smartphones too. We're in trouble!

Ohh... not good. We've lost 2 UI designers 2 Apple. I have don't really have a problem with Apple and actually I'm a big fan of the Mac and iPhone OS (or iOS now I guess)- I just happen to prefer webOS. When this many key people leave a company, something is wrong. I'm starting to get nervous.

i'm still holding out hope that Palm has a new phone in the works and they've learned from Apple's model as well as their own shortcomings and announce a phone 3-4 weeks before it is released to the public! The 6 month wait killed the hype of the Pre and also allowed competitors that much time to catch up. So hopefully we'll be pleasantly surprised. However, I don't think this is likely at all.

I've spent some time playing with the evo and it is pretty slick. But I don't like it's size.

Bottom line, i'm still happy with my Pre and won't jump ship unless my phone dies or it takes more than 6 months for an announcement of a new phone. If/when that day comes, I'll still wait for an android phone that not only kicks ass but also fits in my front pocket.

Need some serious good news soon from Palm. Between HP's zig zaging, some of the great minds behind webOS leaving and the killer new smartphones hitting the market, I'm feeling pretty bummed about my favorite phone platform. :/

Now I'm concern.

Let's keep things in perspective:

1) The basic functionality of WebOS is sound (in fact, awesome), so we don't need to worry about someone leaving who's already contributed his/her greatness to WebOS.

2) Any given engineer can be met (or topped) by any number of other engineers out there. Losing Anders Hejlsberg (the chief architect of Delphi) didn't kill Delphi - advancements continued apace. (The fact that Embarcadero (the new owner of Delphi) won't reduce the ridiculously high prices for that development platform to put it into as many hands as possible is the *real* problem there...)

3) As someone stated above, it's likely that Apple & Google threw bags of money at these people. I love Palm to death, but even I would be tempted.

Calm heads and cool ideas will save the day here...

Bob, I think you're right. I keep myself the same things. I mean, these Palm guys... where did they come from? Surely there must be budding engineers that are just waiting for their day to shine... right? Seriously. I keep telling myself these things. Hope we're right.

As soon as PALM went on sale...everything fell apart, now I'm just waiting for Jon to leave

I'm starting to think Mark Hurd (HP CEO) thinks innovation means "how much can we charge for a 42 milliliter ink cartridge?" "Now that's innovation people!"

It's funny how unfunny this may end up being. I hope Palm keeps their mojo... pun intended.

Need some serious good news soon from Palm. Between HP's zig zaging, some of the great minds behind webOS leaving and the killer new smartphones hitting the market, I'm feeling pretty bummed about my favorite phone platform. :/

I'm officially a "troll." I don't even know what that is exactly. This is my third post in five minutes.

In the last week I've started seeing a smartphone market go places so fast that my head is spinning. I didn't even know I wanted a "retina" lcd screen until today. And I'm telling you, I WANT A RETINA LCD SCREEN NOW DAMMIT!

I am worried Palm will lose it's focus, it's innovation. But that is not to say I know they will. I love my Pre and webOS, so I hope they don't.

What I think we can all say is this... The smartphone market is on fire and going places so fast that no one really knows where we'll be in a year from now. The bar gets raised about every two to three months. Bigtime. In the end this can only be good no matter what brand is on our phones. (And trust me I want my phone to say "Palm" on it a year from now!)

Someone mentioned before that people come and go in mergers. That's true to a point. People in higher places like this stay on through the merger so that it all goes smoothly. Someone of this caliber and stature leaving this early is a clarion call of trouble ahead.

The only good I see here is. That if all these people who built WebOS leave and HPalm goes poof. Android and Apple just got a heck of a lot better.

HP is a boring, enterprise company, not an exciting, consumer electronics company. They make printers and faxes, for Pete's sake! What on earth did you all expect!? Sure, they make notebooks. The most exciting thing in their line-up is a MacBook Pro KIRF! That is their idea of innovation. They also make phones. For the life of me, I can't think of what they are. They just announced a new line of... wait for it... PRINTERS! Consumers are moving away from, not toward printers. That is the type of INNOVATION and VISION that you can expect from HP's billions.

Immediately after purchasing Palm, the CEO wouldn't shut up about all the things he wanted to do with his new acquisition. He went on about all sorts of things... except smartphones. Finally, someone nudged him in the ribs and reminded him that Palm makes phones, too. This is the same guy who thinks making great smartphones is easy.


And there are hundreds at Palm still committed to the platform, and hundreds of us out here who still believe in this platform and are *still* writing for it and *still* using it. People come and go. People die, people move, people retire. The company is still there and still has a mission. If HP begins to steer Palm in the wrong direction, we'll set them straight. If that doesn't work, THEN we abandon ship. Until that happens, I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE...

all the big brains from palm are leaving. hpalm better come out with something new by september or i might just jump ship too. or not necesarily september, but as soon as my pre dies. i'm still on my first sprint pre.

People... this didn't happen just now. If you look at Rich Dellinger's LinkedIn page a little closer, you'll see he actually started working at Apple last month. (Judging by his Twitter activity I'd say he left May 17th-ish)

I agree with BobAtPitt. You guys act as though there's only one engineer in a million. These folks CAN be replaced... or even bested, given the right tools and team.

My 0.02, HP didn't make him an offer he wanted to take.

It's becoming clear that HP wants th IP of WebOS but not the people who created that IP.

We won't notice any change for the next year. Perhaps two. But when the first HP Palm phone is released, it will be different from the WebOS we know, for better or ill.

Hopefully for better, but it will be impossible to know.

Mark Hurd: "Smartphones aren't magical... anyone can make smartphones. Hell, smartphones just let you do blase things... like, watch feature-length motion pictures in the palm of your hand, or, or, video chat with people in China... you know boring things we've been doing those things for years." "Now printers... printers are magical! Because, because... well they just are."

(Printers are magical because... they magically bilk geeks and nerds like designer colognes bilk gigolos or gold chains bilk rap stars!)

so when should i start panicking then? if no news of a new webos phone by the fall i'm probably gonna grab an android phone. don't make me do it, palm/hp

Uhhh, I'll bet my yearly salary that Apple is well aware of the notifications on the Pre. If you ignore the "better" things your competition does, you'll soon become a dinosaur. Rule #1: know your competition. HP & Palm WILL be better.

You'd better get Jon Rubinstein an iPhone 4, then, because he claims to never have used an iPhone.

I'm not all that concerned. The general design framework of webOS is finished, and is excellent.

That's not what needs work now. What needs work is the technical stuff behind the scenes.

I appreciate what he did for webOS in the first place, but at this point, that sort of work doesn't seem quite as necessary.

Efen Funny..DAMN, but true...... I'll be wearing the solar powered touchstone around my neck

I'm looking forward to my new webOS device.

It will be a web connected inkjet printer that I wear on my hip in a large leather holster. People will ask me, "Isn't that kind of big for a smartphone?" I will answer, "It's the latest and greatest webOS device... Do you want to see how it multitasks?"

I will hit them with this one (it's killer), "Can your smartphone print? Like actually print? Pretty cool huh?"

Then I will finish them off by saying this, "It's smaller than my webOS refrigerator too!"

Seriously, size, scope, scaling, it's all relative. All perspective.

webos is old news.. and is too far behind.. i keep hearing ppl say its the best os .. but really its getting old .. the evo or iphone 4 can do way more and do it all without lagging... i am not married to my pre and i dont like apple much but i will be getting the iphone 4 without a doubt.. if webos can ever catch up AND surpass the iphone maybe ill switch back.. but the number of users using iphones have to say something... all those ppl cant be wrong about a devise. think about it

This is great news! I know its hard to see but this is part of the silicon valley life cycle. Rich is a software architect. His job and expertise is laying a foundation from which you can build from. His and the others leaving sends a signal that Palm is moving on to the next phase. It is up to Palm to leverage the foundation that has been laid by these people. What more do you want notifications to do from a function point of view. It is up to Palm and developers to use that tool in creative and innovative ways.

Palm is moving forward. Expect good things to come in the fall and even more as time goes on. Could the speed at which this happens be faster, most definitely. Expect new high tech names to move it with new needed skills sets. This is not a loss but growth.

I agree. These engineers are tech vets and they go to where they are needed. Plus, who is to say that HP doesn't have someone who can take webos to the next level. Fresh and new ideas is a good thing. Especially at this point in the maturity of webos.
I also think a webos enabled printer is underestimated. I would find it way convenient to have my phone talk with my printer the moment I walk through the door and have my docs or whatever printed and ready as I walk up to it. Print and paper is not dead. And being that HP covers thing from printers to phones to even tvs, we should be excited at the bigger picture. Integration and synergy. And to get good start and foundation on that picture it will take time. No half assed shit just to get it out there. (4G phone with caca coverage) So if you don't like webos, I say go and feel out the new toys out there, and remind us how much you'll miss elegant multitaksing and gestures etc etc

"....I would find it way convenient to have my phone talk with my printer the moment I walk through the door and have my docs or whatever printed and ready as I walk up to it...."

What "Docs" or "Whatever"? And how often?

Good for Rich! I was glad to see him go to Palm and even more happy to see him returning home to Apple!

WebOS = Amiga 500
Android/iPhone = IBM PC

The next huge WebOS release will print 100 color pages per minute and allow you to order more ink cartridges from the comfort of your office chair. BUUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I love it! Very funny.

All I can say is there is a lot of negativity here. Yes, it is too bad Palm has lost a few people to the competition. Yes the Evo seems pretty neat (played with one today). But my Palm Pre still works fine and I would REALLY miss WebOS. I am not saying this as a "fanboy", I am saying this as someone that uses my phone and have had or at least used the others. I think that the elegance and simplicity of WebOS is great. I have 95% of the apps I want and need. And I would also REALLY miss my touchstones. Not having to plug my phone in is a blessing. So while playing with the Evo was neat, the screen is nice and some things are also simple to use, in the end I like WebOS better and I don't need a different phone. If my Pre dies and I NEED another phone and at that time HP is not doing anything then the "other" phones will still be there to choose from. So people calm down a bit....

+1. yeah there are huge bunch of whiners that write on this post. relax. companies go belly up. that is life. i am not calling it quits for palm yet.

ok this is your opinion, and that is nice! on the other hand, others(like myself) like to have the next best thing, and as Iv'e said before.. webos is getting old already and with android 2.1 and climbing and ios4 being released.. webos is way behind and for me... i dont like that! you know even with my pre over clocked to 800mhz its still slugish and lagggy.. the only thing i will miss when I DU DU DUH get the iphone 4 is yes "the wonderful touchstone" and im not saying that anybody else will be getting the iphone that is my choice... but its pure smoothness has sold me.. like i said the pre is too choppy for me as well as the evo!

ok Im done

Well I like new tech too, so I have the itch for new hardware, but in all reality my Pre is just fine yet. I can't really justify $300 buck for a new phone right now. And about the time I would drop the $ then they will come out with a new WebOS phone and I will not be able to get it because I will be in another new contract. I will wait for WebOS, and if it don't come the other phones will be there. And really, WebOS is "old"? Ok... Well I guess with that we need to buy a new phone every 3 to 6 months, because just like computers, phones are out of date that quickly. Don't get me wrong, I always want the new a greatest thing too, but I am trying to grow up a bit and look at what I need and use and there is nothing on the new phones that is going to change my life, I can do pretty much everything on my Pre. And my Pre snaps right along with the Overclock without much sluggishness. So I am trying to learn patience, being practical and saving a bit of money for now.

This is America, since when were we practical? Is mankind even leaning towards being more practical? Bail outs, walking away from homes, extended unemployment... is the system even designed to help people to become more practical? Thus, people will continue to buy what is shiny and new because their friends have it. I'd much rather hear people say: "Yeah guys... it stinks, but we just have to deal with not getting a new phone." instead of.... "this is really what everyone wants, forget a new phone and just give us 1.4.5.... because we want to be practical!"

Keep it real! Sympathize with the customer. Don't tell them to quit crying... tell them you're crying too.


I'm going to give them until mid Fall to make an announcement about a new phone. My 1 year is already up and I am really wanting a new Palm phone. I bet they are waiting until the AT&T launch, EVO and iphone hype are over to announce. My buddy has a brand new EVO 4G and a Pre. Earlier in the day he was trying to get me to switch. By the end of dinner with him tonight, he was ready to throw the EVO out the window. Android sucks! There is nothing intuitive about the UI...that is until Matias Duarte gets his hands on it. For now, I'm sticking with Palm.

Yup. I went and played with the Evo today. Using it is actually better than I thought it would be as far as intuitive, but there are things that were very annoying also. WebOS is a powerful smartphone OS without the need to be cumbersome.

And also.... Palm/HP are NOT going to announce anything new when the merger is not even complete!!!!!! Do people really expect something new to be said when this is not even final yet? And also they are not going to announce anything new during the start of ATT, that would piss everyone that bought a Pre at ATT off. I don't expect any announcements until fall. The merger will be complete and people at ATT will have had the phones for 3 or 4 months. So if they announced a new phone and it came out 3 or 4 months later, people at ATT will have had there phones for 6 to 8 months. So as much as I want a new fancy phone from Palm, it is not going to happen right away. But it may happen soon enough that if I go buy some other phone I will be stuck with it and not be able to get the new WebOS phone until my contract renews again.

ok ok all the other phones are rubbish BUT ...... are we oing forward with palm or are we standing still... lets hope the 1.4.5 update is a good one

Why are so many people so impatient? I understand if your contract is up and you can upgrade, you'd love to have a new phone to choose, and I feel bad for Sprint users who'd at least like a Pre+. But with the merger not yet finalized, Palm can't be expected to have any big product announcements, and neither can HP tip their hand. Please give them the benefit of the doubt until the deal is sealed. Surely they know they have to make a huge splash right away then, and the timing will be right with the Evo and iPhone news dying down. I suspect the HP CEO's remarks were coyly noncommittal but they're not stupid--they know they have to come out with "bigger and better" immmediately to prove the genius of buying Palm.

You know HP's printer business probably did a lot better than Palm's phone division. So tell me where you think they're going to put the focus on, the division with the most momentum. That's how I'd go about. These guys are all about money, not passion.

Nothing to see here. Please move along.

I see Rich Dellinger and Matias Duarte departures as recognition from Apple and Google for webOS's excellence.

Look forward to more talent leaving, it's just a matter of them finding a new job first.

It's obvious that HP wants to go in a direction that these guys aren't interested in which probably is not innovative enough for them. My guess, don't expect a new phone before Christmas as HP's next priority would be to integrate WebOS into their printers first. Most probably, the people who buy their printers don't care or know anything about what's going with Palm or what WebOS is. So HP isn't really worried about this bad press.

Any phone that they do make won't be promoted the way HTC or Motorola promotes theirs.

I don't know how many Pres or Pixis were sold, but I'm sure it wasn't enough to get their mouths salivating.

Don't get me wrong, I think the WebOS is amazing, but

+2 pjjohn73 - your making plenty of sense to me....

These guys are scary...the boats rocks a little bit and half of them jump ship into the water with the sharks.

We'd all like new HW and tech, but everything comes a price and last I checked I don't have the money to break my contract leaving Sprint early and spend another $1k bones moving to ATT is not going to happen anytime soon.

For those of you who can throw money around without thinking twice, hopefully you like your new toys and possible new carrier, but do us all a favor and stopping whining from the top of your lungs "the sky is falling!"

Last I checked, 1.2 Billion is heading Palms way with a reserve of 25 Billion backing that effort. If that does sound interesting then nothing will save you. Sorli...

I think it's fair to say the boat has rocked more than a little. :-)

Anyway, I agree with you on breaking contracts and spending extra just for a new device. To each their own I guess. But you must remember that many people are Sprint Premier customers and have been with the Pre since launch. So many people are switching to the EVO without breaking contracts since it's been over a year already.

In the end, people are gonna do what they want. For me, I'm on my 4th Pre and it's cracking from the charging door and getting ready to spread to the screen...again. So you people are jumping ship, but I think some would ask why I'm still on that ship after so many returns.

FYI, got 4 Pres on launch day (family plan). I'm on my 4th, and like I said, it's also defective. Wife's Pre is fine. Brother's Pre has the charging door broken off and oreo effect. Mom's Pre also has the charging door crack and oreo effect.

So that's 7 Pre's in 1 year and only one is not defective. We've also replaced 2 Touchstones during that time.

We are still evaluating what's available and haven't upgraded yet. However, I'd say we gave it a good shot. Wouldn't you?

seems like the news keeps getting better every day...for other platforms. :-(

Has anyone seen the new MultiTasking for iPhone 4. It seems like a good competitor to the WebOS design

The SS Pre/webos is on a collision course, the crew is going overboard. Abandon ship, abandon ship every man, women and child are for them selfs. Get to the life rafts before this old crate starts to sink. Palm you need to innovate or get out of the way, like time technology waits for no one. Palm wake up, if you snooze you will lose! Like the man said webos is getting old so stop making excuses for it. Palm is now the laughing stock of the cellphone industry, sorry but its the truth!

I think the new iOS multitasking is a joke. It's just save state . It's clunky and awkward.

Not really a big deal. Seriously. Silicon Valley is so incestuous it's ridiculous--personnel jumping from this company to that company every other day. This is just one more. And he's not the only smart guy out there. Wish him well, indulge in the competitive spirit, stay fired up and go beat out everyone else with the next greatest thing. All that requires that no one panics in the meantime. Honestly.


from a poster on another site:

"Its interesting. Google got the interface guy from Palm, Apple gets the notifications guy. Both sides getting the people they need to improve their respective OS's. It would appear that nobody senior at Palm has any faith in HP's vision for their future. If I had a Pre I would take this as a VERY BIG HINT."

Now what I wanted to say:
"minor brain drain" are you fing kidding me..... 3 major designers of what WebOS is ..... gone .....

others have said it (its hard to read all these posts), Palm better start at least hinting at some new hardware, innovation or something, because people are jumping ship. Every week that goes by is a week where webOS users contracts are eligible for goodies .....

Im not going anywhere (love webos, contract not up until October, and am slow to change)

Come on Palm !!! Get in the Fight!!!

HP Sucks

Hmmm so everyone seems to be going MEH at this news. The question I have is how many people have to leave before people start waking up to the fact that we have a problem here? 2? 10? 30? 50? And we are only seeing the high end people leaving. Anyone care to guess if there are other midrange programmers and designers that are jumping ship behind the scenes as well? Not saying its happening. But its something we as the average user would even be aware of.

That's too logical of a way to think about it.

It's much easier for people to be in denial all the way to the end. That way, they can ignore or dismiss awful news that impacts future WebOS development as they sit and wait for that magical morning where they wake up and the Palm Pre Plus is somehow the world's leading smartphone.