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FCC files suggest AT&T Pre due in May 49

by Derek Kessler Sat, 13 Feb 2010 7:38 pm EST

AT&T Pre Our man ToniCipriani (of the PreCentral forums, not Grand Theft Auto fame) is a sleuth of the FCC variety. Digging through the files for manufacturer O8F, known around these parts as Palm, Inc, ToniCipriani found that for each released webOS phone the external public photos availability date matched up almost perfectly with the launch date. And then he found a model with the FCC ID of O8F-CASG, with a photo availability date of May 10th, 2010.

What could this be? Considering that both the Sprint Palm Pre and Verizon Pre Plus sport the FCC ID number of O8F-CASC, we’re wagering that the O8F-CASG is the US-bound GSM version of the Pre. We’ve known for a while that the Pre’s internal codename was Castle, and when combined with a CDMA phone we get CASC, whereas GSM would lead us to CASG.

It’s a distinct possibility that we’ll see the AT&T Pre on or around May 10th; the photo availability date for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus was dead-on with the launch date. Being that we’re not the betting type (we prefer to just throw stuff out there are see what sticks), we’d merely say that sometimes in May is looking like a good timeframe. And that lines up pretty well with AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega’s “first half of 2010” for webOS on his network.

Thanks to Norris for the tip!


Clearly, they decided on that launch date because they knew it was my birthday.

Well, happy birthday!

So about 60 days to wait for the AT preIs it supposed to be the pre plus with 16gb?

Unknown. The Pre and Pre Plus had the same FCC IDs, likely because the radios and other stuff the FCC cares about were exactly the same.

Actually the SAR suggests that the unit under test is P100UNA, so it's the regular Pre just with a GSM radio. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there are additional documents being processed at the moment, given that the Verizon Pre Plus is a Class II change granted 10 days before the release.

So Pre or Pre Plus is still open to the air.

Also Derek, you might want to add that O8F-CASG is the FCC ID on the Mexican Telcel Pre, which is already of the right bands for AT&T. Euro Pre doesn't have an FCC ID.

So... Pre2 exclusive to Sprint for 6 months confirmed?

Actually, an even more dreadful possibility: Pre Plus for everyone, and no Pre2 until Q4. D:

Third possibility: Pre2 for everyone in July, HAHA early adopters!

What is going on?!

Maybe the new release on AT&T will be Palm Pre plus plus. Not sure about the rest of you, but I'm hoping for a revamped Palm Pre2 around that time. Come on Palm, you need to step up your game before Google and Apple make you irrelevant.

Dieter, they didn't launch the original Pre on your birthday as you predicted, but I'm glad they honored your BDay on the AT&T launch.

Any indication of anything new on Sprint in the FCC files?

so at&t get a year old pre..so is palm planing of making a new Pre or not?

too bad ATT's network is terrible. i wonder how hard it would be to unlock a gsm pre. preware maybe?

On the Sprint Pre ... It isn't available from the BestBuy.com or RadioShack.com websites anymore. I've been pricing it out at different Sprint resellers and just noticed this today.

I hope it is because they are getting ready for 1.4. And not dropping it from stores.

I work pt at radioshack. We still carry the pre and pixi. Go into your local store and they either have them or can get them fast. We have three in our inventory. Email me at hoffman.terry@gmail.com if you have any radioshack specific questions.

Too bad at&t has such bad data service! Doesn't matter...Pre, Pre Plus, Pre Plus infinity, iphone 5000 (maybe the next version will have 5000 aps in it strait out of the box!). I guess what I'm sayin' is at&t sux. The pre will be blamed when it's at&t's awful 3G. I'd rather see cricket or boost get the Pre than at&t, could be bad for Palm to be subject to such a bad wrap.

Cricket won't get it for a while (small regional carrier with no real leverage).

Boost won't either (owned by Sprint.. Prepaid.. Just got the OLD BlackBerry Curve 8330 a month ago when it came out years ago).

I believe its going to be the pre plus and pixi plus versions for AT&T. Which make sense then Palm will release a brand new phone this fall for sprint, to compete with Wm7 and the rest of the android 1 ghz phones. I just hope Palm considers a better design i did email Palm INC an idea of one, which is pretty much the HTC PRO 2 Shell type of phone.

Another network, more customers, better market presence, woot sauce!

Hmmm, Palm announces a next gen webOS device at MWC (For AT&T?), releases webOS 1.4 on the same day. Upstages MS and their WM7; Pulls another 'Palm' = Epic Win.

I believe the Pre Plus was confirmed for AT&T.


Urgh, you got a point -.- Oh well, Pre2 for Sprint at MWC? Well, we can dream...

Where did you hear that??

Everywhere I see is "two webOS devices" from AT&T. Everything else is speculation.

Palm isn't even signed up to be an exibitor.

There goes that theory.

This is unfortunately typical for AT&T...look how long it took for them to get the Nokia E71, for example. Plus Verizon has some sort of exclusivity deal on the Pre Plus, and I don't know when that ends. That would explain us just getting the Pre instead of the Plus. Honestly, by now I'd settle for a Palm Post Minus, forget a Palm Pre Plus.

This is all assuming, of course, that AT&T and Apple don't renew their exclusivity vows to love and honor, and for AT&T to obey. If they do, I foresee several new phones suddenly not making it through their testing for some strange reason. And what a coincidence: they all run Android or WebOS.

Apple's exclusivity with AT&T is just that. Apple devices on AT&T only. Not AT&T being Apple-only. That is illegal and ANTI-TRUST (monopolistic). Look what happened to Intel when they paid companies to not use AMD chips. It is illegal.

AT&T will most likely get the Pre/Pixi PLUS. The Verizon exclusivity might be CDMA exclusivity only. Or it might be a 3-4 month exclusivity.

Look what's happened to Apple and AT&T so far. NOTHING. Apple doesn't even have to tell AT&T to do anything...you think AT&T doesn't know that their sweetheart exclusivity deal with Apple is contingent on them not carrying anything that might be legitimate competition to the iToy?

Since when has a petty little thing like the LAW bothered corporate America, hmmmm?

Believe me. The Pre/Pixi Plus will be on AT&T. It is not a matter of if, but rather when. And it will be soon. The fact that Palm themselves has had AT&T branded Pre devices is not coincidental.

Apple cannot impose a requirement. AT&T may not accept a device, but Apple refusing to renew a contract or buying themselves out of a contract simply because AT&T were to carry the Pre would not happen, nor could it legally.

@npaladin: You said "...by now I'd settle for a Palm Post Minus". We've already got that! It's called a Centro. :) I'm with you, though. I just want to see SOMETHING on ATT!!!

they should launch the Pre 2 simultaniously across all carriers with a "big bang" that way avoiding all confusion etc. thus sending just one straight message. Palm should then just advertise their phone and let people choose their preffered carrier IMO

Exactly what I said a few days ago. Make it a simultaneous worldwide release for all carriers being capable of carrying it.

It would require at least 3 different types:
GSM - UMTS traditional
GSM - UMTS AWS (T-Mobile USA style)

Maybe even a:

Palm cant market there own phone simply because they can afford to, besides they shouldnt have to the carrier should..

it would be nice to see the pre 2 with a universial carrier launch but palm dont have the man power... but we can dream

all of that sounds great but how likely is that?

I wonder if the AT&T plans will be the same for Palm as they are for Apple (I can't see why they wouldn't be). In which case, it comes down to the phone. What motivates someone to buy a Palm phone versus an Apple phone when the monthly plans are the same cost and you know more people with an iPhone. At this point, you're already planning to be on AT&T so its down to that last decision of which phone.

It's about the Brand, and what it means to the individual

Good point, but I myself need a physical keyboard and I can't stand a big honking flat thing in my pocket. So whereas the iphone can play all kinds of cool games that would waste my money, that's all I would choose that phone for. The Palm Pre was designed to be easy to hold and easy to carry.

If theres such thing of a pre2, could it be released on at&t and sprint at the same time?

Yes, there could be.

As we all saw, the original exclusivity with Sprint was for the US only (would be stupid otherwise).

It would be stupid for Palm to not also have the exclusivity agreement be based on technology (i.e. CDMA or GSM)

Now, with that being said, the different technologies' phones have different model #'s and different FCC IDs. Because of this, I believe Sprint would have exclusivity to P102EWW and AT&T could have exclusivity to P102UNA (both hypothetically are Palm Pre2s).

Keep in mind, this is in theory/is hypothetical. The model numbers are also hypothetical.

Sure I am out of contract... but any chance at an UNLOCKED GSM PRE+??

Derek Kessler - Correction: "stuff out there are see what sticks" should be "stuff out there [and] see what sticks"

Whatever it is Palm better do something quick before I switch to another phone. With phones like the Nexus One and the HTC HD 2 coming out this summer.. I'm tempted to cross over.

Look I love capability of the phone, but in ways I'm just envious of everything that is new out there. I want very witty, sharp phone that responds to my every touch instantaneously, just like your droids and apple 3gs.. I dont care if its java script..blah blah. I just cant see this phone running flashing and performing ideally. Not a SPEC UPGRADE, but a mega boost.. All Guns firing.. 1hgz process whatever, 512 ram...whatever it takes. Give me a phone that doesnt cause more stress to my day. I love my pre, but it is already becoming preHistoric .

i understand the way you feel that snapdragon thingy sounds pretty damnn good... 1gh sheez i have computers in my basement clocked slower than that

Palm really needs to release an upscale device with a HUGE screen ton of ram and an overclock snapdragon and release it like yesterday or at lease allow webOS to be licensed to other manufactures

I feel you bro... I feel ya'..

When they announced the Pre Plus exclusive to Verizon I immediately suspected that the exclusive would be only 3 months. My prediction is that AT&T will get the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus in May, and Sprint will as well.

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