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FCC filing says Pre 3 to launch with webOS 2.3 116

by Derek Kessler Tue, 26 Apr 2011 11:08 am EDT

Our searches of FCC filings just became more difficult, with webOS products now filed under HP’s less-friendly alphanumeric codes. But the HP Pre 3 just popped up, and there are a few things that we can take away from the pages and pages of documents. First, like all prior webOS devices, and pretty much every cell phone in existence, the Pre 3 will not boil your brains. Secondly, this is a straight GSM Pre 3, no CDMA radio in this one.

Third, and the one that we think will grab your interest, is the software version the FCC lists for this smartphone: webOS 2.3. Not webOS 2.1, like the unlocked Pre 2, and not webOS 2.2 like we had been expecting. webOS 2.3.

Now let’s go back to that GSM thing. The phone the FCC tested was a UMTS/HSPA device, with AT&T’s 850MHz and 1900MHz bands. This was not the CDMA+GSM world phone that Rubinstein announced back in February, though with the exception of one photo, the only Pre 3 phones we’ve seen were running on AT&T or another GSM provider when in Europe.

This filing puts the Pre 3 one step closer to launch (the Veer passed through the FCC’s fancy pants testing labs back in February), though when exactly during this summer that launch will occur is still an open question.

Update: an image of the label after the break, with the kind of funky layout necessary for a slider like the Pre 3. Update 2: This editor [Dieter] had a facepalm moment: the GSM-only version of the Pre 3 was fully announced. Title updated.

Thanks for the find, bigmoe88 and the tip, Bev! Source: FCC; via pocketnow



great, hopefully on the June 6th its available to buy, that would be the 2nd anniversary of pre

If the Veer is launching in May (hopefully?), after passing through the FCC in February, this looks to launch in July, and that's probably just the GSM only for now.

FCC filing date doesn't really have much to do with launch date, most of the time.

Exactly, it just needs to be done before the release. Some companies manage to time their FCC-filings in a manner, that they get the approval just a few days before the shipping of their products.

Yea even if it does not come to sprint, I have already moved on. I got burned enough by Palm and Sprint and i refuse to allow HP to do the same thing...

But nice to see the Pre 3 coming out soon@

Sorry to hear that. I love Sprint and webOS, that's why I hope the StingRay comes to Sprint with WiMax.

I hope so too, but how long and I supposed to wait for us Sprint customers to get some kind of love? No pluses and no 2s...

Im seriously having doubts about Sprint and the Pre 3, it looks like I will have to start looking at Android soon :(. I will wait for the official carrier announcements. But hey, at least i will get more apps!! My launch pre is also fading ....comon HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

check out WP7 before you settle on android, its faster and smoother than android!

1.4.5 (Legacy devices), 2.1 (Pre 2), 2.3 (pre 3), and 3.0 on the TouchPad.

I'm curious as to which one a developer should target. I didn't even mention whatever 2.x the Veer will get.

That depends on whom you believe. HP says to develop for 2.1+ and 3.0. Most webOS users are still using 1.4.*.

Personally, I'm still developing on my Sprint Pre and Pixi, both running 1.4.5. I've seen the new stuff in the emulator, but I won't ship a product that I can't test on device. (I don't make enough money to buy yet another soon-to-be obsolete phone.)

Couldn't you run the homebrew 2.1 update for your Pre so you had a cheaper 2.x device to develop on?

Why should he have to?

Of course I could, but then I wouldn't be able to test the code I write for everyone who has a 1.4.* device.

A fractured market is no fun. Do I support the people who play with their phones and install patches and themes on their Pre-with-2.1, or do I support the thousands of users on 1.4.*? I wish there was an easy answer. So does HP.

Well, the answer is time. I guess there won't be a big difference (for the developers) between webOS 2.1 or 2.3... the only problem is that immediately after migrating to 2.x they also will have to migrate to 3.x.

It seems to me, as the Touchpad can run 2.x-Apps (and probably also 1.x) that a lot developers will simply write 2.x-Apps in order to reach the biggest audience.

I'm not going to be the one to say it, but my spidey sense is telling me there is a barrage of 'fragmentation' jokes in the far, far away distance.

As long as HP holds true to the "we have something planned for legacy users", we should be okay.

I'm just worried that Sprint won't pick it up. HP can't really "make it right" for me if Sprint ruins everything.

at this point i wouldnt take a free pre 3.

Well, then send it to me, I take yours :-P

PS: For free I would even take an Android-Device (not that I would actually use it as my primary device, but I for sure can find someone in my family who WOULD) :-P


If you develop using Mojo, you can easily target all four of those options. It would be better to target them using some other cross-platform javascript option, such as PhoneGap.

Fragmentation here isn't a problem, since by design you are making cross-platform applications, the tools being HTML+CSS+Javascript. Anyone who's been doing web development for a while knows how to make their designs scale automatically to new screen resolutions.

The only real compatibility problems between the Pre and Pixi were with PDK apps anyway, not Javascript apps.

Well, there's the Enyo or Mojo debate. Then, there's the PDK or robust games and media-rich apps that aren't ports issue. Then, there's the "which device will get what upgrades" issue, followed by the "which upgrades will which carrier support", and finally, "which carrier will have the devices at all" issue.

And from the comments from developers in this thread and elsewhere on the forums, seems like HP needs to get these questions answered sooner rather than later.

i think 2.3 just has the addition of touch to share, remember ruby said the veer will get that functionality via a OTA? thats probably wats going to happen the veer will launch most likely with 2.1 and then get bumped up to 2.3 so that it can do touch to share at some point.

I want the Pre3 on Sprint and it seems that IT IS NOT happening :-( Android is looking good right now...

C'mon, man. HP is very smart. I have to believe that they will release Pre 3 on as many carriers as possible, which *should* include Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.

Thank you for having a sense of wisdom.

Yeah, because HP/Palm's past is a pretty good indication that they don't have that same sense.

That isn't really completely under their control, tho, is it?

They made a CDMA Pre 2, and only one of the two CDMA major carriers in the US offered it. And they did it several months after launch and virtually online only.

if you had to fix every customers pre- 4 times you wouldnt want to bother with it either.

No it's not.

Reality says otherwise.

check out WP7 before you settle on android, its faster and smoother than android!

I have a feeling GSm pre-3 is only GSm, while CDMA pre-3 would be both CDMA and GSM

You're right, though HP already said that.

Indeed - I saw the slides and heard them say "We're releasing the Pre 3 as a GSM and CDMA phone"

and NOT the:
"We're releasing the Pre3 as a GSM+CDMA phone"
That all these sites keep quoting...

Makes sense to have the world GSM antennas in the CDMA versions to facilitate connections on travels though :)

Hmm... is it just me or doesn't it say WCDMA right there?

yeah that's what I see... what does that mean?

WCDMA is not CDMA, its what they use in GMS phones...

WCDMA = UMTS = GSM 3G. Ergo, WCDMA is not CDMA.

Gotta do some Googgling. CDMA and WCDMA are very different.

Googling stuff just tosses in even MORE questions. What we need are straight and CONCISE answers from the experts.

For example, one googled site says that WCDMA = GSM+CDMA. That could explain some stuff right there.

And yet another would say that WCDMA is an improved version of CDMA.

While another says that WCDMA was developed by some group so that GSM and CDMA networks can inter-operate.

So, is this or is this not the world phone that Ruby was talking about?

As I understand it, WCDMA is in fact a derivative of CDMA, but it's used only for the data connection of GSM phones and not by Sprint or Verizon for their CDMA implementations. Since these phones have two antennas/connections [one dedicated to voice and one to data] that is why you can have simultaneous voice and data on GSM carriers.

Wikipedia says that WCDMA is synonymous with UMTS as alvaro_qc said above. You can then check out the UMTS entry on http://www.precentral.net/dictionary for your requested concise answer.

Another place you can look to see that WCDMA is not the same as CDMA is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W-CDMA_(UMTS)#Rationale_for_W-CDMA

I'm sticking with Sprint and keeping my Pre till they finally decide to carry a new WebOS device. If it breaks, I'm buying on Ebay since I doubt they have any replacement Pres left at Sprint... I WILL NOT leave WebOS for Android. There is no comparison.

I bought a couple of used Pre-'s on eBay a month ago or so. One of them in mint condition! (though it appears to be a refurb). I spent about $30 total for both phones (and my original still works fine). Not a bad deal at all ;) Updated the mint Pre to 2.1, it's given the Pre- enough life that I can not patiently wait for something to hit this summer on Sprint.

that should say I can "now" wait... haha. Doesn't make sense to say "not".

Don't buy another Pre- on Ebay, buy a Pre 2 and Sprintify it.

new versions of webos are not huge leaps in any direction. the only thing they have going for them is multitasking and being able to close apps easily. android is finally getting an automatic background task killer and has a billion options not to mention an active developer community. had sprint had a decent android phone when the pre came out i never would have bought the pre.

Yeah, a background-task-killer! Killer-App of the century! /s

I felt the same way about not leaving webOS on Sprint. After 5 replacement Pres I decided to get a Pre 2 and like everyone else been saying, "Sprintify It!" It just took me three nights and eighteen hours to do it. Oh well, I enjoyed and had fun exploring new things.

After two weeks on having a Pre 2 on Sprint I can say that I can actually wait or rather keep using it for a while. The Pre 2 is much better than the Pre by a huge comparison. So far, I'm really happy with it and I would do it all over again if I had to.

With a GSM and CDMA radio in the phone, I wonder if this means you have GSM roaming options while in the USA? That WOULD be nice when you're in the sticks. The radio makes 8 to 10dB more RF power at GSM bands. Makes for a potentially hotter radio, but if you're in the sticks and can't get a CDMA signal, maybe you could get a GSM signal.


No CDMA/EVDO roaming. Only GSM AT&T here.


kilroy was pondering about the capabilities of the "world" phone, not the one in the article.

This saddens me. I left AT&T in 2009 for Sprint because of the Pre not being available in GSM flavor at the time. By this news it seems I'm going back to AT&T. I'm glad to have bought a WR Pre2 to FrankenPre to ride out the tail end of my contract with a device that is modern. It might even allow me to lifeboat until Pre3 comes to CDMA land. We shall see what the tide will bring.

Where's the 2100 MHz WCDMA? So much for having the Pre 3 be a world phone...

Doesn't mean a World Phone is out of the question. This could just be GSM flavor with World and CDMA coming out soon.

As much as I understood the GSM-only Pre will be HSPA+ while the other will be HSPA (3.5G) and Evdo rev.1 only (as much as I understood the only modern CDMA-GSM-Combo-chipset that Qualcomm offers for now).

It appears to actually have CDMA.. unless WCDMA is something completely different from CDMA...


WCDMA is not VzW or Sprint CDMA/EVDO.

WCDMA = UTMS, which is a fancy way of saying "GSM 3G".

Nothing says this is the Pre 3. I thought HP said that the Pre 3 would launch with webOS 2.2. Maybe this is the leaked keyboardless phone *crosses fingers*

yes this could be the pre3, but like you said nothing on this says anything about a pre3. model: HSTNH-F30CN?

searching on google yields only a few instances of this part # and they all refer to the pre3, though it seems they are speculating, I would think the pre3 is much closer to market than the slate phone ppl are gossiping about.

I am barely hanging on at this point - ready for a new phone after 2 years with my Pre minus and having to baby the thing to make it last until the possibility of a Sprint Pre3. If there is not Sprint Pre3 by July - I will have to consider either switching carriers OR changing OS. Neither is a decision I am looking forward to making. Either way, if I leave the webOS world - HP not only loses my phone business, but will lose my tablet, laptop, printer and ink business since there would be no point in maintaining a compatability relationship any longer. The stakes for HP are bigger than just a phone for me and I bet others feel the same way.

I try to stay positive but each day my will is tested by the bits of information being made available by HP's massive marketing department.


I'd say more appropriately the LACK of the bits of information being made available by HP's massive marketing department. Shrink wrapping a couple of Mini's? Really?

I ordered an iPad last night. I wanted to wait for the TouchPad but I just got tired of waiting. A big part is HPs lack of support for the Pre and Pre Plus. Promises of “Great things to come” only work for so long. I guess I'm not alone. I read an article on Crave that said the number of people planning on getting a WebOS phone was down 50% from six months ago.

Ugh! I still want a Pre 3 on Sprint.

Thanks for adding your unique input.

i want a Galaxy S II on Sprint... how bout that?

That Galaxy S II is one **** beast. Specs-wise and apps-wise completely destroys the Pre 3. I'm torn between that and the Evo 3D. Sad to leave my Pre-, but wtf would I go to a new-outdated-phone from my old-outdated-phone?

once again, it is the galaxy S, not the S II that is coming to sprint!

Recent trademark applications would suggest otherwise. So, unless you work for Samsung or Sprint, stfu.


really? lets see here, galaxy S II is a dual core phone, if you did not or do not know this then please research this, engadget has a great article on it from the CES11

reading your article, not sure what itconfirms about sprint getting a galaxy S II so please as you but it.... STFU

My Epic 4G is a Galaxy S device.

why does everyone think the galaxy S II is heading to sprint... Its just the galaxy S, not the II... so it is NOT dual core device, its the same old galaxy S that t-mobile has had for a while!

If you want a Galaxy whatever, go get one. Hope you enjoy it more than I did my Samsung Galaxy Epic. Android may have newer models and more glitzy ads, and does have lots of good every-day apps. It is also a chaotic OS that is a royal pain to use compared with WebOS. And Samsung/Sprint are glacially slow about getting OS updates to phones once you already have them.

Furthermore, don't expect the GPS or Bluetooth to work. Oh, updating to Froyo broke the camera app on my Epic, too.

So Enjoy your new Galaxy S Superphone, while you check contacts and emails in 3 different programs instead of one, and a hobble forward with the seriously lame Android calendar.

I'll be still be peacefully using my old Pre on Sprint (or my son will, to be more accurate) and enjoying my new Verizon Pre2 while I camp, and anxiously awaiting the Pre3 and a Touchpad, too. The nice easy peaceful smooth WebOS Zen experience goes on!

I'm not getting one...

Re: 1.4.5, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 ...... my hope is that all 2.x devices will see OTA updates to 2.3 in 'the coming months' so we can avoid this fragmentation issue.

As for 3.x -- my hope is also that all current WebOS 2.x devices will get OTA upgrades in 'the coming year'.

Foolish hopes? Perhaps, based on past-history. To my mind, this is the only proper way to go now that HP is attempting a 'fresh start'.

Of course, most of us still have 1.4.5 Pre or Pre+ devices, but, that's a whole other discussion.

In theory, 2.2 should be available on Pre2s when the Veer comes out. 2.3 should be available OTA for Pre2s and Veers when the Pre3 comes out.And sometime in the fall, all devices should get 3.0 (Pre2 will get 3.0 lite sort of how iPhone 3GS don't get full iOS 4.0

In the coming months my interest in WebOS may return...

For now as a consumer, I can't predict when or if the Pre 3 will land on my carrier (Verizon), so it is hard to get too excited about it.

As a developer the situation is worse. Which version do I target? Only 1.4.5 (or earlier) is on a significant number of devices, but mojo has lost its, oh never mind that lame joke. Enyo is where it's at for the future, but for months now we've known that without a SINGLE device on the market to consume it. Bleh!

I carry 3 phones in my pocket at the moment:
Pre Plus
Pre 2 (unlocked dev GSM phone running wi-fi only)
LG Quantum (WP7 phone)

Of the three the one I like best is the Pre 2, BUT it is GSM only. So is the Quantum, but that belongs to the company I work for not me. For a lot of reasons I can't leave Verizon, but I'm DEFINITELY not buying a Pre 2 on Verizon when the Pre 3 is "just around the corner"...

What to do, what to do...

Good point _alvaro_. This whole Pre3 situation is stressing me out haha. I just want to know where my future is in the mobile world. HP either doesn't have the answer or they are just not willing to tell us yet. Carriers are one of the biggest gripes with the whole WEBos community. Why wouldn't you tell us something. Tell us you're trying to work with certain carriers, one of them being the carrier for the original pre. "making it right" does not include leaving us in the dark for 2 years!

Well this is pretty much my kick out the door from WebOS. Cannot hang with my Pre another 6 months til the Sprint Pre 3 could possibly launch. Unfortunately Palm did not build the Pre to withstand 24 months of service....I'm already on my 3rd refurb. I love WebOS but unfortunately it just isn't meant to be with Sprint anytime soon.

Perhaps by the time my next upgrade cycle comes around in a couple years HP will have its act together and I can come back.

May 8th looks like I am Nexus S bound.

And how does a GSM Pre 3 kick you out?

Does this mean that if GM sells their new Sedan in Europe that they won't sell it in the states?

This is a GOOD NEWS and doesn't imply any exclusivity at all.

AT&T USA, Europe and maybe Latin America for a GSM only .Unless HP has a Pre3 CDMA version for Verizon and Sprint or a LTE/Wimax version? who knows.

And what about the keyboard-less smartphone ?

I have to purchase my phones outright anyway. regardless of contract. so I am finally SADLY biting the bullet on Android picking us the Nexus S on May 8th. THEN if HP decides that they want legacy owners to get something special I will check it out. It if doesn't have tons of Apps I may just have to wait out the slate device. I rely on my phone daily and the Pre Minus us starting to slow my down.... UGHHH I have talked so much **** in the affirmative for Pre that I hate being the one to bite this barrel but it is time... PLEASE HP, don't make me stay gone for TOO long!!

I guess the codenames on FCC numbers is gone as well. Remember how the Pre was CAS for Castle.

Like many others, I am still on my original Sprint Pre (minus), but it's dying a slow, sometimes painful death. I will need a new device soon and definitely DO NOT want to move off WebOS; having said that, I don't want to move off Sprint, either (I've been with Sprint since the late 90's). however, I would have considered a move to Verizon just so I could stick with WebOS, but to AT&T? Hell no.

If there is no CDMA WebOS phone announced soon, preferably for Sprint, I'm afraid I literally will have no choice but to move to a non-WebOS device. SIGH to the 982349827398472938743 power.

I'm curious.
I understand why you want to stay with your current provider.

But if you switch - why do you prefer a provider (Verizon) who's technology (CDMA) doesn't allow for simultaneous voice and data connection over one who has that (GSM)?

GSM is also way better when you are travelling. GSM is available practically everywhere, CDMA only in a very few countries.

it is hilarious to watch the "fanboys" of webos try to rationalize their reasons for how great this phone will be. i read so much about the apple fanboys, yet the people here that do it are as bad if not worse.

when the company has a fault it has a fault. HP cant make, or develop great phone hardware, simple as that. and until they prove otherwise, no one (by no one i mean actual consumers, not people that will buy anything they produce just because they are have a non sexual crush on the OS) will buy the product. They continue to lie to consumers, which cant sit well to outsiders, and produce products that when launched are already outdated.

I can only imagine how well the software would be doing if apple or google had purchased WebOS and actually utilized it. It is actually kinda criminal what HP has done to it. What a waste of such a great and innovative idea and product.

To be fair, execution speed - when starting from scratch - is hard for any company of any size to maintain. Take Google....even though they were able to rush Honeycomb to market to launch in Q1 of this year, they had to do it with a slightly buggy version of the OS and verrrrry few apps. Them being Google, consumers and the market will give them the time to get to speed.

But if this were HP relaunching WebOS that way, it'd be DOA. In a way, Palm's past failures have only raised the bar for how HP needs to re-emerge. I'm positive they could've rushed released the TouchPad, Veer, and Pre 3 in unlocked form by now if they were as desperate to get to market as Google was with Honeycomb tablets. And they would rightfully be getting raked over the coals.

Of course, if they'd made a full court press with the Pre 2 and WebOS 2.0 last September, they'd have bought themselves a lot more good will and time to get the tablet tip-top. instead, they're transitioning between phones, tablets...even development frameworks...all at the same time.

while i agree with you, i also have to disagree in a way. if they needed the time, why then take the time to have an event to show off 3.0 when it was unpolished and then wait another 4-6-8 month to launch it?

it had been so long as it were, using your logic they should of updated the phone hardware and then the software to 2 **** and then just got them onto the shelves.

No argument there. The Feb. 9 event was a big net negative in terms of energizing developers, the existing user base, and the public-at-large.

I certainly understand your frustration daforrds and Jmaestro1 but I certainly don't think Apple & Google would have been good stewards of the webOS platform. Both would simply have stripped it down for its patents and the pltform would have disappeared in whole forever, only to exist as an extra gesture, graffiti area for styli, TTS ports, etc. I still feel like HP is the best thing that could have happened to webOS but like all major corporations, the behemoth that acquired this small company moves very slowly and this long wait by our standards is simply an outgrowth of that process. I remember seeing one HP PDA or smartphone after another fail in the market for one reason or another. This time, HP has the right OS and that is why I have faith in them to deliver BUT I also think that HP is going to take longer than any of us (on this forum) is willing to wait so I will say what others have said. Flirt with other platforms now while you still have time (I am personally going to sow my WP7 oats for a few months) but don't spend alot of money on apps from other platforms. In this way, you won't feel so entrenched in the "B" platform that you cannot come back to webOS when the time is right. And you will know when that time is right. With some us, it will be the Pre3, others like myself will come back when Crestron, epocrates and Lutron apps are in the catalog. Still others will come back when the fragmentation issues are all sorted out. The point is we all LOVE webOS and it is ok to spend time with other platforms until webOS is ready to come out of the oven. The HP boys told us all that they are in this for the marathon so I am not going to treat my phone like I treat my marriage - No, no! I am going to be a cellphone polygamist.

How's the WP7 thing working for you. Getting a Pre Plus to try, but I'll purchase a WP7 if need be. I need something that gives me more flexibility than Blackberry has.

I haven't actually picked up a WP7 phone yet. I've been scanning the LG & HTC forums and I'm thinking I won't be happy with a WP7 phone in the long run because of the lack of customizations on the platform. I plan to suck it up and just take the plunge to hold me over until I see more apps on webOS.

HP need to spend their time talking about the apps that they are building and the companies that are developing apps for webOS. I think that will push the webOS platform in the right direction because clearly HP is not going to discuss their carrier and release dates to the public until those dates are imminent. This GSM-only filing is a serious blow to Sprint & Verizon Pre users. I never really expected to see the 2.x upgrade on Verizon anyway since they've always seemed to have a grudge against webOS. I planned to switch back to AT&T or move to Sprint when the new devices were released once it became evident that Verizon screwed us over on the GPS functionality. Also, I was always frustrated with Verizon's testing process and "carrier-optimizations" to say the least.

HP what is the point of announcing a phone that you KNOW is no where near ready? IT'S BEEN MONTHS??????? NOT EVEN A RELEASE DATE? WHY CANT SOMEONE DO THE RIGHT THING AND SUE HP ALREADY? THIS IS BS

What could they be sued for - upsetting you. I am sure lawyers will line up to get in on that suit. Good luck on that.

+1 lol

No CDMA? Doesn't that mean no Android, I mean, Verizon? Maybe that's just for this phone?

Someone needs to confirm as soon as they can if we have the availability to swap out the radio in the Pre 3 with a earlier Pre. If that's still the case I could cares less, I'm staying on Sprint with a Franken Pre 3. I Love my plan on Sprint. If I can MAKE it work I will, yeah I shouldn't have too etc.. but nothing comes easy and if it does it's cheap and you end up not wanting it anyways ;)

no, you cannot. The whole concept of the qualcomm SoC is that the radio is integrated on the processor.

Personally I don't care what flavors it comes in as long as I can get my CDMA Verizon Pre3 by my trade up window in late summer. ;-)

Seriously... I'm still hanging onto my pre minus (barely) for the hope that the pre 3 will make it to Sprint.
If the pre 3 is not on sprint on its launch day I am going to take my pre minus and smash it with a sledgehammer, then ship it to HP.
I suggest everyone that is in the same waiting situation do the same thing. Ship HP your smashed up pre minus.
I'd be pissed if all this waiting ends up being for nothing.

FYI, I was on a tech support call with Sprint regarding my original Pre (which is in dire need of an upgrade) and I said: "You guys should carry the Pre 3", and she inadvertently said: "Oh yeah, we just got training on the new WebOS phones, but they haven't set a release date". I kept asking her: "Are you sure???", she told me: "Yes, I think theres a couple of WebOS phones that we're going to carry".

As always, I should take this news with a grain of salt. But if the tech support people are getting training for WebOS phones, it would make sense they actually carry it.

Crossing my fingers since I would hate to switch carriers, I've been with Sprint for years.

I haven't seen anyone else mention it but on the FCC label is a SIM location arrow. Last I knew none of the Sprint CDMA phones uses a SIM. Let's just hope that this is only one label and not the only label.

This product and the Veer did not go through "the FCC’s fancy pants testing labs"; per the submitted & published reports(at the FCC page), testing was performend by a third party lab (Sporton).

DISCLAIMER: I am an HP employee. I do *not* work on or with Palm projects.

Lucky you. You'll still have a job in two years.

People, people please!!! All this talk about moving to android on Sprint, yes I agree, the pre 3 is not looking like it is making it to sprint right away BUT.... If you do have to leave webOS, I highly suggest looking at WP7, I have both android and WP7 and by far WP7 is the clear winner! Yes there is no 4G support on WP7 yet but it will come, but WP7 is such a smoother OS than android! Its fast, smooth and really easy to use! A lot of the same apps from android are on WP7. regardless of what you have heard, WP7 will run some apps at the same time just like android, no it is not webOS multitasking but WP7 is just as easy if not easier than android is to switch apps!

tell you what, they put pre3 on another carrier an not sprint an try an make me wait another year to get 4 new pre upgrade phones! I WILL NOT DO IT,I hate apple but at this rate with HP stupid marketing teams given print app to iOS be4 pre-minus pre-plus an pre2 an not hilding the print app till pre3 an touchpad areout is just stttttttttttttuuuuupppiiiid! THAT COULD AND WAS A SUPER SELLING 1 POINT FOR THE PRE3 AN TOUCHAD! Had me exited about it watching the demo. seriously why would you buy new hp phone or pad when they rather put it on other devices than a OS you purchase n then keep killing its future by craping on its previous\loyal followers is wrong an i will stop pushing webos to family a friendsan move on to anorher OS aN maybe better device provider, your move HP got till july an you can bet thats 6 pre3's plus an 6 touchpad plus you will not sell. sorry random thought cuz i'm ticked-off

Looks like a true world phone with the GSM and CDMA. This could be a great phone while traveling in Europe, for example, where all you have to do is get a new SIM card I guess.

Say you were in Rome while a new Pope was being selected, and cardinals were being killed at various churches due to an ancient conspiracy. When you figured it out, you could actually call the police, etc, instead of just pounding on doors or etc, like in Angels and Demons tonight.

Or on the other hand, it could just enable economy of scale in manufacturing and delivery, without having to worry about which type of phone went where. But the Hollywood scenario is a lot more fun to daydream about while doing boring paperwork at night!

Based on the "world phone" comments I was really hoping that the Pre3 would be a true tri-band 3G phone supporting (850/1900/2100) but looking at the FCC filing its still dual-band.

For the class of phone the Pre3 is aiming at that's a major failing. Hopefully its an omission otherwise the major reason I had for upgrading (using the same phone in Europe and the states) is out the window. :(


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Love Sprint's pricing, hate the limited selection of phones. Sick of waiting for a new webOS device, and I don't really care for Android. Kinda stuck right now. Even if there is a new webOS, the lack of apps is disappointing. I love my iPod Touch, minus the lack of multi-tasking....but could live with it if Sprint ever got the iPhone. So until I hear of another option, I guess I'm stuck with my two year old phone for awhile.

Free tether + iPod + Google Voice? Carrying two devices would be a pain too! lol