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Fess Up: Are you switching to the Verizon iPhone? [The Competition] 206

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 04 Feb 2011 5:05 pm EST

So now that we've broken the news that the $100 Palm Pre 2 is hitting Verizon's network on February 17th, we have to come out and say it: there's a much bigger Verizon launch happening this month: the Verizon iPhone. After today's news that they sold out of pre-orders crazy fast, we're wondering if any of you in the webOS nation are amongst the buyers.

Go on and let us know after the break and please, no haters in the comments. We're all friends here and no reason to look down on people that will be spending their time in the Verizon iPhone Forums at TiPb instead of here.



Not a chance Id ever go to Verizon for mobile phone usage.. they are the most expensive and abusive carrier out there.

But, I wish them luck!


PS.. besides, Im a GSM guy all the way!

BOTTOM LINE the iphone 4 is still inferior concerning the OS compared to Web OS. Hardware wise the iphone is the best out there.

Personally, I am taking a Alltel Treo Pro over to Cricket and going that route. I'm tired of the fact that you have to purchase a $30 data package to have a quality pda anymore. Fricking joke AT&T and Verizon require that.

I fail to see your argument about IOS being inferior. Rating a GUI or user interface can be quite subjective. The amount of applications AND available hardware for the device is astounding. You can do practically ANYTHING with an iphone - even test your blood, if you're diabetic!

I agree with your second comment - being forced to pay for a data plan just because a phone is "smart". I too believe that the phone companies should be sued for an anti-trust law called TYING - not sure who they paid off in government to get that one by. If I have a phone with WIFI ability - I'd like to be able to use that. Not everyone needs to be connected at all times - and we're paying for not using it mostly too.

I think the reality is if you want to be successful as a phone maker, you need to appeal to a wide range of customers not just a narrow niche and the reality is even if it's "inferior" a massive amount of people want it and thus the conclusion should be that a GUI being "superior" just is NOT that important.

If it was people wouldn't buy it.

You are an idiot. $30 to have unlimited access to your email, streaming music, apps, and internet is a freaking bargain. Enjoy Cricket though, seriously.

People and their "idiot" comments.
You need to watch the Disney movie Bambi.

Why did you type Disney movie like everybody in the world doesn't know what Bambi is?

$30 may be a bargain, but It's not really $30 it's $70 because you have to buy a phone plan to get the data plan. I use like 2 minutes a month so the $40 part would be rip-off for me.

(I pay $40 for Sprint SERO so it's not so bad, but it's a grandfathered plan.)

Everyone's entitled to their opinion but calling someone an idiot is juvenile and only shows your immaturity on the subject.

Obviously you have your phone paid for you or you are single since you do not understand what it's like to have a family. When you have a wife and 5 kids, come back and post how affordable that is. Meanwhile, I'm paying $30 a month for everything at my house - unlimited devices on the internet, ip phone and video. THAT is affordable.

Really? You call someone an idiot for choosing something you don't agree with? Who the hell do you think you are?

I call anyone who buys a smartphone due to popularity an idiot if they never download a single app, or use the calendar or other apps on the device. Buying the iPhone or iPad just because there is so much hype, even when you have no need for it....that is where the term idiot seems appropriate, even if it is not accurate.

That's too harsh a view.

Many people own items they don't use anywhere near their capability. How many wealthy people own Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other high end sports cars and take them to the limit at race courses? No, they use them to maybe 5% of the capacity. They simply take pleasure and pride in owning a fine automobile, and are enjoying the result of their labor.

Many items owned by people are used like this - it is about the pleasure of owning an item.

If someone likes the idea of owning an iPhone and they don't use the full ability of it, that's fine - let someone enjoy some pleasure in this life. You don't show yourself superior to them by running them down, nor should you be in charge of other people's happiness. That is what liberty and freedom of choice is about.

There is a big difference between an iPhone and a Ferrari though. One is horribly common, with no real status behind owning one, and the other is very distinctive and really is a big step above what most people drive.

Now, if the iPhone really was some amazing device in every way and cost $1000, then yes, having it would be a status symbol that you can afford something that most people can't afford, as well as something that is significantly better. That can be easily disputed, except for the quality of the display which IS top notch.

Those who go for something JUST because it is popular, as I said, is a "me too" approach that sold millions of items like the Pet Rock. Yes, the iPhone has a bit more functionality, but the mindset is the same. Lemmings....

The real bottom line is that Palm is SO late to the party that many developers have given up on them.

Even if the hardware that gets introduced on 2/9 is phenomenal, there's still not "an app for that".

H/Palm had better do some serious wooing of developers if they want to even think about seriously competing with iphone & android.

I agree, I moved to the Evo on new year after having the Pre since launch date. Let me tell you, I don't care about the hardware or the OS anymore, I care about apps. For the first time in 2 years I am using real apps that I need. I still hope that the app catalog will catch up someday so I can come back.

People have given up on Palm because there has been a lack of advertising and hype. If sales people have neglected to even show the Pre Plus(original Pre DID have quality issues) to people who have been looking at Blackberry phones, including the Torch, that also is a reason for lack of developer interest.

Take a look, how many apps do you see for Nokia devices these days? The same thing applies, advertising and getting the PUBLIC interested in a device is what makes developers willing to code apps for a given device.

I can't speak for all "people" (it would be idiotic to try), but I can tell you that the reasons I gave up on Palm, Sprint and webOS had absolutely nothing to do with advertising or hype. The hardware was/is flimsy and poorly made, Sprint's coverage in my area doesn't even support EVDO, and webOS has been losing momentum for the past year. When I switched to AT&T last summer, I didn't even glance at the Pre+.

I am talking about the perception of the future for Palm devices. If there was a lot of advertising and new devices from Palm/HP over the past year, then sales would have been higher, and more developers would be making a WebOS version since it isn't all that difficult.

Hype, it drives sales, and brings in app developers...silence results in a slow decay of any platform.

i didn't give up on palm cause of advertising. i surely didn't buy it cause of advertising. i gave up because the product doesn't do what i want it to do in the way i want it to.

Hoping for a real flagship phone announcement from Palm/HP. 3.5-4" landscape slider.

I hope they just don't go mid market with a "teen" phone and a pre2. Phones drive tablet sales and they need a phone that will show people with their tablet will do, especially with the Xoom coming out in 2 or 3 weeks running honey comb. they need something big and they need it soon.

If they don't announce any new webos phones for sprint on the 9th then I will be switching to an android device on Sprint.

I already have an Android phone on Sprint. I'm hoping that an EVO form factor phone running webOS comes to Sprint. Otherwise, I'll stay with Android for a very long time.

Nobody cares what you're going to do, so your threats are pointless. Why not just wait for the 9th, and then follow your heart then?

Yes. I'm just riding my Pre contract out then i'm switching. For me, HP product announcements don't factor in. I tried a Pre. It's just not for me.

I dont think HP will be announcing the Pre on 2/9/11, inwhich we all can go on and on about its short comings, so maybe you meant webOS isnt for you, which will be a focal point of all HP's new devices.

My thoughts exactly.

Both. WebOS and Pre are not for me. But yes WebOS is not for me.

What do you not like about WebOS?

Well remember you asked. I didn't just offer to list things. Please don't take offense. This is just my opinion. I'll caveat my response by mentioning some positives about webos. There's a lot to like about webos, it's look, the layout, it's pretty intuitive, multitasking in well thought out, notifications are not bad. But there are things i will no longer go without and they are more important to me than those strengths. Forgive any overlap with hardware issues.

Lack of Apps in general that i have an interest in, lack of the choice that comes with a lot of apps. Companies don't seem to be interested in making apps. It's mostly small developers. That's fine but i want major companies to offer apps. And if companies are making apps WebOS is 3rd behind iphone, Android, and WP7. So i'm not convinced that all of a sudden they'll change their mind. Stuff like Amplitube guitar modeling software, recording software etc. It's just not coming to webos that i know of. And you just don't see that level of app on webos right now. And after more then a year I've no interest in taking another leap of faith in hope's they and many other companies come around. Specifically, Fidelity, where my Roth IRA is. Also, youtube app can't access my account, and it's a been in the o.s. since launch. Google maps is equally poor. And i mention those cause it's my understanding that palm makes those. Either way i don't care who makes it it's neither are great.

Music player, (& yes i've used Music player remix. It's fine just not for me) doesn't have a desktop sync client. i transfer music daily. It's very hard with webos. i alter playlists daily. it's a hassle to convert them. I listen to about 13 podcast and most of them go twice a week so i'm transferring podcast every day from my computer. It's a pain with webos and it's a pain to have to download them over the air. Plus it's not integrated into the music player like my with my ipod. The music player doesn't support gapless playback. The music player is sloppy. It doesn't ignore a, and, and the in listing songs so "The Beatles" end up under "T". It sorts funny so genre goes to songs and i get a giant list of songs. Rather then genre, artist, album, song like my ipod. It's much easier to navigate that way. I listen to audiobooks daily so, again, i transfer files from my desktop pretty much weekly and its' a pain. Plus my ipod can change speed, it always remembers my book position, the scrubber is much more accurate, i can alter the speed of playback.

Then there are little things. Like pictures in contacts are always blurry when you sync with google contacts.

It's extremely laggy. so button presses often don't register. mine crashes often. oh i have the 1gz kernal. i get less too many card errors though. but button presses should be immediate.

The camera lacks advanced features, like zoom, white balance, ability to change exposure length, sepia, compression quality, format. I want an all in one music player, camera and phone, and phone is least important. That's why i bring up music player and camera. if they aren't good enough for me i need to bring more devices in my pocket and i got my pre specifically hoping not to have to.

Palm's failure to update issues with the music player, the lack of a voice recorder, and some simple things within a few months after launch let alone a year and a half later rubbed me the wrong way. Clearly they aren't priorities for them. For me they are. Again especially the music player issues. I mean they tried to solve the desktop client by piggybacking on itunes but when they stopped they never made their own to adequately fill the hole. And i never found the other solutions that satisfying. Regardless i went back to my ipod so it stopped being an issue.

off the top of my head that's the big stuff. but number one are apps and the lack of major companies wanting to make apps and the music player for me.

there is lots of nice things to me with webos. it's not a crap os or anything as some say. But a specific O.S. isn't important to me. More important is that it do what i want. my ipod is getting old and needs to be replaced. i might as well get all i want in one package and never have to hassle with hacking an os and kernals and that stuff. I don't want to have to do that stuff. Oh one last thing. some bought a pre cause they hate apple or iphones. I did not. I wanted an iphone and couldn't afford AT&T at the time and hoped Palm would be good enough. It just hasn't. So i have no dislike for Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. it's just a phone to me. It's not part of some crusade.

Lol, I wish they would announce the All-New Palm Pre OG! Coming to Sprint in June! And then be like, "April Fools" here's the real stuff.

That would be good if the event was on April Fools. Joke Fail.

New Sprint webOS phone. Do want.

I'm in the waiting to see what happens at the HP event but I have one foot out the door already. I'm on my Sprint 4th Pre since launch week and I hope I'm wrong about WebOS's chances now; but if the Pre2 is even part of the "New" device discussions; it has to be over. Especially because Sprint turned down the Pre2 so it's not even an option for us on Sprint.

Love WebOS but the Pre hardware is absolute junk! I'm on my 10th Pre since launch! I sure hope the guy that signed off on the original hardware hasn't been anywhere near the specs for the new devices.

The build quality on the Pre Plus that showed up on Verizon was MUCH better than the Sprint Pre, and the AT&T version was better yet. The problem is that the quality improvements that have shown up for the Plus phones never made it to the original Sprint Palm Pre(since Sprint probably gave up on Palm after the exclusive part of the contract expired).

I DO hope that Sprint offers a version of whatever devices are being announced on Feb 9th, because Sprint customers deserve decent devices. I'd blame it on Sprint that you never saw Plus versions of the Pre though.

How is at&t's plus better than Verizons? I thought they were identical...

I'm on Pre 6, ready for number 7, and I still haven't found another phone on Sprint that I could tolerate. I'll just wait patiently and if I don't have a new webOS phone when my contract is up in June, then I'll follow the webOS to some other provider. Yes, it is that good.

Agreed, I love WebOS that much as well. But, as I've said many times, I would substitute IOS for webOS! And, if Sprint doesn't offer a new webOS device of Iphone caliber, then I will skip to Verizon and buy their Iphone 5 when it's available. I will not buy any new phones without 4g capabilty and I despise Android! So, HP has us right where they want us. They have our attention and they'd better not disappoint because, just outta spite, I won't even purchase a Palmpad if they present a subpar phone. I will be smart and go to the clearly dominant platform with the most longevity. I'm tired of defending webOS. Present some top notch shit or take a hike. We have better choices.....REALLY WE DO!!

with the iPhone 5 on the horizon it's a tough sell to get an iPhone 4 now and I'm well trained by Palm to wait for an eternity.

I'm only gonna wait until the 12th of never, yo!

haha the next iPhone is always on the horizon considering they come out every year...

pretty much then next everything seems to be on the horizon. At some point a man's gotta just decide.

New webOS Phone on Sprint Plz

Amen, but it needs to be 4G (WiMax). Otherwise, I'll graft my Pre minus comm board into a Pre 2.

Its likely you won't get WiMAX where you need it anyway. I got an EVO and learned that the hard way. I'm switching to Verizon for LTE now.



Here in the UK am hoping for O2 to carry a new H/Palm phone soon after the Feb 9th announcement. Sadly I think O2 may have given up on Palm.

Same here. Still got my launch day Pre and its still going strong with a new Mugen battery but its time for a change as its getting very dated and my 18 month contract must be up soon.

I really like O2 - their service and their tariffs are spot on so I hope they stick with Palm. Don't much fancy being forced to Orange, T-Mo or heaven forbid Vodafone for a new WebOS device. Guess we'll all know soon enough!

I won't switch to a non-LTE phone, so I'm waiting to see what HP and Palm reveal in five days. If it's underwhelming, I'll switch to an LTE iPhone when one becomes available.

Dieter - were you just baiting everyone by saying that the Pre 2 was going to be the flagship device for the foreseeable future? That was a huge logical leap, and the only possible motivation was to stoke the flames of webOS hatred.

Perhaps you're one of the iPhone defectors?

why hype the event to re-release the Pre2 ???, doesn't make sense. our mindshare is "thinking beyond" to something new. maybe the pre2 will be available on verizon, and the new flagship device will be coming "weeks later" on another carrier (please let it be sprint)

2ND'D - illogical conclusion. why hype the what amounts to a re-release of the pre2 ??? doesn't make any sense. our mindshare is "thinking ahead" to something new. maybe verizon gets the pre2, and the new flagship device launches "within weeks" on another carrier (please let it be sprint.)

PS: The Pre2 is no slouch, but it doesn't exemplify the "think ahead or beyond" marketing campaign

or "think again" for that matter

The Pre 2 was dead before arrival. Why would anyone seriously consider purchasing it instead of the iPhone 4? Palm better have something huge up its sleeve to save face.

I guess if they still offer the free tethering it might be worth it for some people. My dad for example, was thinking of getting a Pre Plus for exactly that reason but I told him to hold off to see what the iPhone 4 and Palm have in store in February. He's not very technology savvy so I figure I'll help guide him and since he's gonna be paying the same price for the data plan for whatever phone he buys I might as well help him avoid carrying an inferior product.

Why would anyone seriously consider purchasing it instead of the iPhone 4?

Because not everybody wants or can afford a "God Phone" be it iPhone X or Palm Y. There are more consumers out there than just power users and sheep, which are the two classifications I make of "God Phone" users.

Probably because it's cheaper...

God forbid HP/Palm actually offer a variety of phones for various people/price points.

I think the thought is that there have been no substantive leaks or other information concerning a webOS handset, so they're going with what they know, i.e. Pre2. On the other hand, we have substantive information that at least one tablet will be announced. I think it's just more him not wanting to speculate that a fantastic new flagship phone will be released when there's no information to back that up as of today.

you do know he probably already got an iphone don't you? it's the smartphone network. he probably has darn near every good phone out there. he was also on the iphone podcast several times. But isn't deiter all gsm 4 life and all that? If so he wouldn't go to verizon.

NEWS FLASH -Practically all of the Smartphone Experts blogger use iPhones in one way or another.



Infidels!!! I even think Rene of TiPB also has a nexus one and a Pre. Not positive about the pre but i heard him mention that he has an android phone. Something in need of an update.


Not only "no" but "hell no!" I understand what is good about the iPhone and I'm still a webOS fanatic... Just a better OS. If I was into apps out the wazoo nd iTunes d switch but I'm niether. webOS Palm and now HP For me please!

If it came to Sprint, with not extra "iphone data" cost, I might consider it.. depending on what HP has on Feb 9th...

come on HP.. please dont fail us.. Release the super phone on all carriers!!.. or atleast Sprint first, then verizon/At&t a month or so later.

Update (2 minutes later): Actually i changed my mind.. webos is just too sexy and easy to use/ multitask to let go.. if HP fails on the new super phone front, i'd rather get a pre2 then an iphone..

No way, hose-eh! HP/Palm would have to say that they are no longer in in the cellular biz for me to switch. But please hurry up. I'm in need of a new multi-verse phone.

hp has until the white iphone comes out to convince me to stay. i don't mean to sound heartless but i want a bigger screen and i hat the android phones

And a white phone is big enough, eh?

i think the iphone is the perfect size i tried using the droid x and the fascinate but there to big for me to type comfortably; i guess i have small hands. and i prefer white over black it smudges less.

I think te iPhone is over rated. I will be buying the next HP/Palm for Sprint when it hits. Besides, why would someone want a 3G iPhone when they can get a 4G android or win7 phone. If you're going to get a new phone why not get the best.

HP needs products out first in order to have competition.

HP/Palm webOS if on Sprint. Otherwise I'll keep my Pre a little while longer then jump to Android.


With the announcement that Verizon will have the Pre 2 instead of the new HP phone, I am more apt to believe that Sprint will have the new phone. Oh Happy Days!

Did they really say that? Well iPhone 5 it is then. Palm just sucks at hardware and business strategy :\

Where did you hear "instead of"? Just because Verizon will finally sell the Pre 2(after sitting on it for four months) does not mean the NEW devices being announced will not show up.

If they don't launch something better than the pre2 on ATT before this summer (when my contract is up), then I'm switching.

The Pre 2 for $100 on a two-year contract is not a compelling offer for me. If I burn an upgrade, it will need to be on something better.

HP should offer those of us who have used the Pre's for over a year and put up with the poor hardware quality to trade in our Pre or Pre+, pay them $100 and get a replacement Pre 2 without extending our contract.

Having said all that, unless there is an amazing phone and business grade applications coming from HP soon, I will switch to the iPhone for a couple years. I think HP has a great OS to work with and they may have a great vision for the future. But, I need something that works now.

The quality in the Pre Plus isn't bad...it isn't the best, but my AT&T Pre Plus from launch day has not had any problems.

I don't really want to lose my Sprint plan. I think at this point, if next week's announcement doesn't knock our collective socks off, I'm more likely to see what 4G offerings Sprint's got, rather than change carriers. I love WebOS, but I love my low monthly payment and 10+ years of Sprint service more.

Wow. 10+ years is good for you. You qualify for yearly upgrades. I still have 4 years to go. Still, I will never switch carriers unless Sprint gets bought out or they make me put all my 8 lines on two plans.

if i were going to switch platforms. it would be to an android device. i hate navigating around iOS... way too many taps...

Android's pretty much the same, except for inferior apps and uglier UI.

and forgot to add, usually bad battery life performance as well.

Agree with silkyjohnson completely. If you're concerned about efficiency of use and the number of taps required to do important stuff, Android is not the best choice. The UI is still a mess, too.

I'm disappointed that Sprint never even bothered with the Pre Plus, but now it's getting ridiculous. My original Pre had a problem with the touchscreen and there was no way I was going to go back to another Pre minus. I had one of the early ones that spontaneously developed cracks in the corners and I'm guessing that was what ultimately caused the touchscreen failure. So I bought a "new" Verizon Pre Plus on craigslist and patched it all together so I could use it on Sprint. It works great but I'm ready for a serious hardware upgrade and webos could use some freshening as well (2.0 has been dangled out there like a carrot for months now).

I have IOS and Android devices that I pay for in my household as well - WebOS is the best IMO but HP/Palm really need to step up their game on the hardware side (also, utilizing hardware acceleration for the GUI would be taking a HUGE step). Both of my kids have iPhones and I have used them extensively. IOS feels archaic compared to WebOS but I am envious of the iphone's UI responsiveness, the vast app library, and the iPhone is a really nice piece of hardware, both from a quality and design standpoint (though I can't stand the non removable battery and generally poor battery life). My wife has an Android phone and at first she loved it but it suffers from far too many bugs and glitches. I would have bought her a Pre Plus but there are no WebOS devices on her carrier (T-mo). Anyhow, the wait for new hardware has become almost unbearable. I really hope there is some good news coming soon and I REALLY hope I can buy one in the next few weeks.

You hit it right on the button. We will all be watching the webOS event VERY closely. HP, don't let us down!

If it's alright with you all, I'll wait to see what HP offers Feb 9 before making a commitment. WP7 looks interesting, but Microsoft has never failed to disappoint.

The iPhone is not for me, regardless of the carrier. Although depending on what gets announced, I may be just waiting out my contract and switching to T-Mobile and Android. I've tried ATT didn't like them at all. Didn't much care for Verizon, though they were better than ATT. I like Sprint a lot, but I feel that I should get a GSM phone to make it easier to travel. T-Mobile I have not yet been on, though my parents are happy with them.. In my book, the best outcome would be a webOS device on TMobile.

it will all come down to what HP announces AND RELEASES on the 9th. I'm tired of waiting and being told to wait from HP. Although I think webos has a very high potential, if they just don't deliver products on the 9th that show the industry what HPalm is capable of, I won't be waiting any longer. I have to pick a device that can offer me the ability to get my work done. Heck, I'm still waiting for webos to allow the ability to add attendees to a calendar! If they tell everyone again "in the coming months" I'm done and not turning back again. They talk too much about products in the industry today but release them tomorrow when it's at the tail end of the market.

Quite frankly I'm tired of everyone looking at me with squished faces asking me why I'm still holding a Palm device. It's quite embarrassing now.

Feb 9th is make or break for HP. That's all I have to say.

One point of advice. Don't buy things because your friends have them, get things because YOU like them.
HP seems like they will take webOS to its potential.

that is why I have a Pre, and likely why I'm getting rid of it soon if HP doesn't come up with something worthwhile.

You're embarrassed to own a webOS device? I don't understand that thinking. When someone asks me about my Pre I spend the next 5 minutes showing them all it can do... from the sweet OS (like how easy it is to turn on/off wifi/bluetooth/airplane mode, etc), to the gesture area, to the portrait keyboard to the smooth curves and how perfectly it fits in your hand, etc.

Embarrassed is the last thing I feel with my Pre.

I work in IT. When people look to me for recommendations, they think I'm nuts carrying a Palm. When someone is able to do so much with an iPhone and then ask me "can your phone do that?" I have no excuse.

There is just far too much iphones can do today that Palm can only dream of. The spread is painfully large. If you really think that the Pre is something that great, especially compared to an iphone, you've not used an iphone or seen it's full potential. Really. I'm not joking. You need to open your eyes.

My response is, "Why would I WANT to do that?" if my Pre Plus can't. Except for certain professional apps, my Pre Plus has pretty much everything that I NEED it to do. Shazam or something similar is one of the few exceptions that I wish were available when showing my phone to others.

You MUST be kidding me right? Do I understand you correctly? You are actually saying that if your Pre doesn't do something, that you wouldn't CARE to do it?

That has to be the most ridiculous, obtuse response on this site.

Yea, stay in your "little" webos world while the rest of the world takes off. I suppose you said the same thing when the iphone came out and you were holding your rinky dinky phone too.

i was just about to post this lol

Just got an Evo two weeks ago. I may be back, but I was on my 6th Pre - all due to hardware issues. There was no new WebOS device available so I upgraded to an Evo. Like I said i may be back, but need devleopment to move forward faster. The money problems and sale to HP really slowed palm's success in this market. It will be exciting to see how they rebound and get devices in peoples hands.

No way. iPhone is pretty and all, but it's palm only for me.

Will never, ever get an iPhone. After being spoiled with the freedom I have to mod my Pre, if I ever switch to anything that isn't webOS, it will be Android, and probably then only a Google-direct Android like the Nexus S.

you do know there's a development community for every phone, including the iphone, right?

indeed, the iphone jailbreak community is probably the most supported community out there

But who wants a device that you can't customize without "voiding your warranty"?

I would switch if....

-Verizon prices were equal to that of Sprint.
-I get the same corporate discounts for my five line as as Sprint
-If Iphone would ever support flash
-Unlimited data plan
-The cost of upgrades were the same and I can get an upgrade every year.

All of the above will likely never come through....so NO i will not be leaving sprint/Webos for Verizon

I think iphone is a good product....but like all of Apple's products.....overpriced! I would get and android phone before I get an Iphone but all criteria would have to be met as above as well.

It's worth it, I've had bad experiences with both Sprint and AT&T. I spend significant amount of time in 2 places, and in one place AT&T is total crap while I haven't tried Sprint but in the other place Sprint is total crap and AT&T is pretty good. Verizon has been reliable in both places so I'm pretty happy not to have to put up with all that inferior carrier crap.

I have some time left on my contract from my launch day Pre+, so I can afford to wait and see if it looks like HP can keep up. If not, I'll probably jump.

going to iphone if HP doesn't announce AND RELEASE something worthwhile on Feb 9th.

Gonna see what Feb 9th holds, but then probably go with Android and the Evo. Even though I love WebOS, I'm tired of the absolute nothingness coming out for WebOS. New software gets released in France first, most apps look terrible and perform even worse, and there is still no GPU support even though there is a GPU in the hardware. You can only wait and hope for something good to come for so long before you finally opt for true functionality and go with what is good now. I wish it wasn't this way. Lets hope Feb 9th brings us some good news and not more of this "new stuff is coming!!.....in the coming months...or years" junk.

I'm sticking with my evo maybe next December there will be a new palm worth getting when it is time to renew

I have an iPhone 4 and Pre Plus, so I will not be switching. I'm interested to see what HP will do with webOS and more excited to see BlackBerry's QNX on phones in the future.

you know whats messed up apple dell even sprint are trying to rain on hpalm party, like palm says there goin to have there own event. all of a sudden apple says aaaahhh lets drop iphone4 now then dell says i want to b cool lets have a event. OOOhh dont forget android xoom honey comb event the other day. smellls like bull to me... as for the pre 2 if i had no choice other then that on sprint i'd buy it..

Right now I'm using the LG Optimus on Sprint but I'm really looking forward to what HP/Palm shows on Feb. 9th. I've always been a Palm girl and don't expect that to change. Here's hoping HP/Palm announces a new phone for the Sprint Network.

Big Red = Big Fail. Never ever again ....

I guess I have already switched because all I want is a PDA (with wifi) and have zero need for 3G/4G and refuse to waste an extra $360/year on a data package I won't ever use.

Since no nationwide carrier offers a smartphone without a data package and Android and WebOS products are only offered through the cell carriers, the iPod Touch was my only option.

I must admit, I am impressed...it's pretty neat. I still use a Treo 650, wife has a Centro, but we share the iPod Touch for everything not cellular (skype, audio books, pandora, photo album, etc).

The "phone home" feature in many apps to check for updates and such makes the data plan requirement logical and fair. How much would the data cost from your carrier for that data without a plan?

HELL NO... Would never purchase an iphone with my hard earned money!!!

Go HPalm and WebOS!

Just wait... 6 months from now things will be looking so much better for WebOS and HPalm. HP will resurrect Palm from depths of despair and the brink of death. WebOS 2.0 is much more refined and smooth. With new hardware and products releases more frequent… it’s a great time to be a WebOS fan. February 9th will be the start of a new revolution.

HP spent 1.2 billion to purchase Palm in order to get their foot in the industry. HPalm become an industry game changer! WebOS will be a house hold name. WebOS will change the way we connect, change the way we do business, change the way we work, change the way we think!

I know there’s been a lot of haters but the winds of direction is about to change!

Go HPalm and show us what you are made of!

I wouldn't say haters maybe just realists who are tired of holding on to false hopes and broken dreams.

I got tired of waiting 6 months ago. And that was 6 months after hearing "just wait another 6 months to see the great improvements coming to webOS!"

hell no, if I wanted an iPhone, I would be on ATT already.

ATT and VZ makes no difference to me.

WebOS 4 Life!! (Or until it's not available on Sprint) Can't switch got 5 lines and every other carrier is way too $$$$$expensive$$$$$

I really wonder why would anybody buy a phone these days on a network that cannot handle data and talk at the same time...LOL...Apple peeps had lost their mind long time ago...in fact they handed the key to SJ...too bad.

i've never wanted to talk and use data at the same time. I never even occurred to me that I "couldn't" do it until i heard it on a podcast. Not something i even miss.

Ugh. The ear-piece / mic on my Pre are on the fritz-- my Sprint Pre is no good for voice calls anymore. Those new HP phones better not be too far out! Zero interest in Android, and honestly don't want an iPhone.

For those of us holding on to Sprint upgrades, is there a date when they will be killed if they're not used? I didn't see anything about that in the new Premier subscriber coverage, but I think that would play a role in most people's decision-making. I'm sitting on an upgrade, but if it goes away before HP releases something on Sprint, I'll probably see what Android has up it's sleeves for the time being.

I'm staying. Not even pushing to the Pre 2 yet. Sticking with VZW Pre+ at least towards the end of my contract. I got the Mobile Hot Spot thrown in and I have no idea if that would continue in an upgraded or new plan. Plus, maybe by the time my plan comes up in a little more than a year, they'll announce a Pre 3??? (or second editions of whatever other new phone devices they announce on the 9th).

it depends on who gets the next/best webos device.

if sprint gets a webos device, ill get it for my self. and then have the job get the ip4/5 in june when the bb plan is up in june/july.

if sprint doesnt get it and verizon does, ill ask them to get the webos.

and for personal use i'll go android/win7 on sprint.

You little devil you. Good plan though.

I have 5 lines on Sprint.
It would be crazy to pay all of those ETFs to switch to Verizon.

And for an iPhone‽ No thanks.

I expect new webOS phones to be available soon enough.

I can wait; my vintage Prē works just fine.

Thumbs up.

The Pre2 is a joke on Palm/Hp, its the phone that should have been released originally on Verizon as the Pre Plus over a year ago.

If there is not a new competitive or industry leading device announced on the 9th, I will be jumping ship. It sucks because I do love webos, but all you do is wait for nothing to happen and that is bs.

There is just no room for slow development in the cell phone world. All palm needed to do was listen to the people that supported it from the get go. All the answers where there, its not rocket science.

Follow or be the leaders palm?

I already have an iPhone on AT&T and I have a Verizon Palm Pre Plus. I like Verizon in the U.S. but also need a GSM phone to travel. I don't feel the need to move to an iPhone on Verizon. The standard Palm Pre apps give me almost everything I need and the rest of the information I need, I can get through web apps in the browser. I'm not a big fan of having to download apps for everything. I'd much rather just go to a web site on the phone without having to download/install everything.

For me, I need a bigger screen (the text on the Pre is too small for me -- my eyes aren't what they used to be) and I would like a faster phone with hardware-accelerated UI for smoothness. I really hope HP can deliver what I'm looking for because I'd like to stay on webOS. The notification system and multitasking are so much better than what iOS is currently offering. If HP releases a larger-screen phone, I will buy it the first day that it's available.


that teaser video did not show a pre 2 in it for those already pushing the panic button, verizon however did spear hp in the back so to speak, heres the android here comes the iphone and then we will release the vastly outdated pre 2 which we should have come out with 2 months ago. just a thought , I am thinking verizon fear yes FEARS the data possiblities of an HP running webos 2.0 or greater device because frankly the pre plus pre, pre 2 are pocket computers. which is probably why webos 2 isnt avail yet , they cringe in terror at one running flash player with an unlim data plan.

I have to disagree on that. Android users have flash too and they use just as much as webOS users in regards to data. I think they just wanted to get as many iPhones sold as possible. I think that is the delay.

the iphone is like an ass everyone has one..im sticking with WebOS...dont care about android or iOS

I will keep my Sprint Pre until my 2 year contract is up in August. I will upgrade to whatever WebOS phone Sprint carries then.

Never. I don't want to turn into another apple buying zombie.

I'll happily be sticking with my Palm Pre and Pixi until I get my shiny new phone for winning the design competition :)

Plus, I can't wait to see what HP/Palm have to announce next week!

I have been with Verizon for years and also with Palm. My launch day Pre Plus with webOS is the best phone form factor I have ever experienced. The Pre 2 is a step up in hardware so when my Pre plus is ready for a replacement – I will go with the Pre 2 if some other HP webOS device is not available.

I have never been interested in the iPhone because I couldn’t personalize the phone or OS to fit my needs.

but you can, all you gotta do is jailbreak it

I preordered an iPhone... as much as I LOVE WebOS, it doesn't have the support that I need, at least not yet. I hope to come back to it, because WebOS is the best and most elegant OS out there, hands down.

I'm on my 5th pre on sprint and although I love the pre and webos, I may switch to an android phone next. Mainly because of the lack of app support on the webos. Hell, even blackberry has more major app support than webos...

When the websites that i like to visit, the places I like to shop at and companies that I do business with start to make an app for the webos I'll be on line to get a new phone.

I've had my pre since day one and I love it, but without support, what's the point of it all? HP can come out with the greatest phones next week and improve webos ten fold but it won't mean much if you end up having more home brewed apps on your phone than officially supported apps.

Is it too much to ask for a walgreens app???

I am already w/VZW using a Pre+. So, no switching. I'll either keep what I have (assuming I can get WebOS2) or get a Pre 2 depending on next week's announcements. An iPhone is not in the picture at all.

They have until the end of day on the 9th to convince me. If their products are not competitive or available before the beginning of March, goodbye WebOS and hello iOS.
I had an inclination to go to the Artrix 4G on AT&T, but after their ridiculous pricing on it, I'm out.

if the pre was a horse, it would have been shot already

I would never switch for iFauxn. If Sprint does not get a decent webOS phone, I will switch.

If what HP announces doesn't impress me, I'll start looking into an iPhone.

How do you convince someone not to switch to another platform? Webos does not have many useful apps and it will take a long time to fill that gap plus the current hardware blows. How do I tell someone that needs more functions in a phone like spreadsheet/document editing and access to tons of useful apps not to switch? If Palm releases a new phone that's any good there is still that app gap. Should I tell them just wait? The same thing I was told almost 2 years ago.


As I'm still rooting for HP Palm to release something truly epic - I highly doubt that will be the case. People are swarming on devices that are PROVEN nowadays. Unfortunately, that leaves little room for the new kids on the block. Not that Palm is a new company now bringing phones to the market (because they are most certainly not) but because they have not caught mass appeal. After the poor marketing train wreck they Palm did to further distance themeselves from relevancy, HP is trying to come in, clean up the mess, and make it seem like a second coming will be epic. I will have to say that first impressions last quite some time with most people, and forever with many. Good luck to HP Palm, they still have a very tough road ahead of them even with whatever epic announcement they have forthcoming.

Its really an unfortunate truth that took me 18 months with a Sprint launch Pre and a transition to the iPhone 4 back in October to fully realize. At this point, we (as in folks rooting for WebOS recognition) are a huge group of fans who are stranded on a remote island with a great message for the rest of the world; only they can hear us.

If HP Palm pulls this off - I will be the first one to baptize my Sprint Pre and celebrate by speaking in tongues lol. But seriously, it will surprise me if HP can really "get through" the marshes that iPhone and Android have created around themselves. I honestly blame the downfall on the Verizon launch of the Pre Plus. Had Palm not been on their "6 months from now we'll be releasing something awesome" strategy - they would have beat DROID to the punch to capture all the needy Verizon customers salivating for a new device. Instead they were late to the party and didn't even get desert. That moment was crucial considering Palm already made a huge impact on Sprint. I'm sure the whole exclusivity deal with Sprint had something to do with the late arrival on Verizon but how could the fallout impact as negative as it did without some sort of Plan B in place? It truly looked like a disaster - and now we are here a full year afterwards, wondering if they can pull a Bently out of the magic hat? (Note I said Bently, because the bunny thing is played out lol) Good luck to HP Palm, and good luck to ourselves - we are all wishing for what is nearly impossible. Look at MS - they have huge name recognition but even they couldn't crack the code. Not that its a failure becaue WP7 rock! But it will be sometime before they can claim true relevancy too, if they can continue to invest and cater to their customers in such a way that keeps them with their product. I'm not too sure how well Palm did at that as their still is a strong community but I don't see the upside there once used to be. Sorry, these are my personal opinions but it speaks from the heart on the matter. Nonetheless, GO WebOS!!!

You blame Verizon for Palm's failings? Come on now! All Palm had to do was put out some decent hardware that can stand up to the competition... how does that fall on Big Red? Palm's been digging it's own grave by refusing to release an appealing and proven design. The screen's too small for the average consumer, the keyboard's too small and just subpar for the average consumer, the laggy touch experience leaves something to be desired. Combine those three and it just makes for an overall bad phone. I love webOS but honestly I've just been forcing myself to use Palm products out of sheer stubborness and because you can find them pretty cheap on Craigslist... and also the free HotSpot tethering that I can use for my iPod Touch which I get more value out of than any Palm product I've owned (have owned both the Pre and Pixi).

Palm has an excellent OS that can compete with iOS... they just need to slab it on an appealing piece of hardware that's appealing both functionally and aesthetically and they're back in this. Sure they got a huge hole to dig out of and their application department is trailing by many many miles, but it doesn't need those countless amounts of apps. As long as it's got a capable device that people want, development will come and those essential apps will start showing in the Palm Catalog.

iPhone has a huuuuge amount of apps but a lot of those apps are just alternatives of other existing apps that serve the same basic functionality, they just may differ in the UI or polish, or adding an extra layer of functionality. If you grouped all the apps that did the same thing, the number wouldn't be as impressive. So in that sense, Palm's catalog will probably never reach the amount of apps Apple has but it can come close in offering essential apps to making Palm phones nearly as functional as iPhones.

Yes they may have to try a little harder to get Netflix and other big companies to jump on board and offer their services but hey nobody said it would be easy, but they're not very far they just need attractive devices and content providers I'm sure there'll be plenty of sheeple willing to leave the herd.

I specifically stated:

"I honestly blame the downfall on the Verizon launch of the Pre Plus. Had Palm not been on their "6 months from now we'll be releasing something awesome" strategy - they would have beat DROID to the punch to capture all the needy Verizon customers salivating for a new device."

Where in there does it imply I'm directly blaming Verizon? I said the Verizon launch - not the company - and went on further to state how Palm's strategy (for the Verizon Launch) was late when considering the Droid launch. You misread my words.

Also, I would have to disagree with your take on the "all Palm had to do was release some decent hardware" statement. If this were true, then why was the launch so successful on Sprint? If people really saw the hardware as something that got in the way of them purchasing - the phone wouldn't have gone on to become the most sold device on Sprint (at that time). The phone had a huge following essentially overnight as the Sprint webOS base became enormous very quickly.

I highlighted Verizon because they had no phones people were interested in at the time; and VZW customers know it. Many of them were considering jumping to Sprint but that was ruined by Sprint's old reputation of being a crappy carrier - which they were wrongfully accused of by that time as that had improved (from their early 2000's reputation). So Verizon customers always said that if the phone came to their network, they'd buy it - simple as that. However, Palm Plus (announced in May '09 but wasn't released until Jan '10) was beat by Motorola to the punch with the Droid (released Nov '09) - and history is made right there. You don't recall that big holiday push back then that Verizon/Motorola put together with the Droid? "Droid Does"? It was marketed to compete directly with the iPhone - which for the Verizon network can claim much success at doing for the rest of the Android community. That would truly become the Android seed that was planted that has grown into the large base it currently is today (which is the largest). The Verizon launch of the Droid resonates through the celluar industry so much that it even ruined the chances for webOS on Sprint. As much as Sprint backed Palm initially, they couldn't ignore the hype train that Android created on Verizon and in part the Evo can give much credit to that - along with it being the first 4G device. By the time the Evo hit Sprint, it felt like Sprint had moved on from the Pre and Pixi (they truly did).

As for your argument about Apps - I do understand your point. However, I must express that it is nice to have large catalog at your disposal. I have web sites (like TiPb - Precentral's sister site) that often highlight great apps to consider downloading. I've addressed all my app needs to this point within the first month or two of having the iPhone 4. Now, I just read about up and comers. Quality apps are essential, and although the App Store made be filled with many junk apps, there are many high quality and highly useful apps that are available; a ton more than webOS currently has. Like you said, you find the one that does the best job for you since they all fall into one category or another.

Palm does have an excellent OS to compete with iOS and Android - but marketing it may have taken too big of a toll to rebound from to think that they are the next major player in the Smartphone wars (queue Star Wars intro music).