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File Manager app and service for webOS, Internalz and FileMgr, hit 1.0 70

by Jason Robitaille Thu, 22 Apr 2010 9:32 am EDT

After months of private on-the-side development, Internalz, the first and only file manager for the webOS, has been released with 1.0 status. Along with it, the custom service powering Internalz, FileMgr service, has also been release at version 1.0.

Internalz made its first public appearance way back on August 18th. Back then, it was essentially a proof-of-concept application, with that early FileMgr being my first attempt at custom webOS service. And after a few minor revisions, I decided to switch to private development and testing. This is the result.

The above video show much of the central features: full device browsing, file/directory moving and copying, easy deletions with optional swipe-to-delete feature, simple renaming, built-in image viewer, built-in text editor and more.

However, there were a few features I forgot to mention in the above video. First off, Internalz supports many international languages. It fully supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. As well, tapping on the "Name" header toggles sorting by name, and tapping on "Size" toggles that respective sorting. In addition, tapping and holding on the "Size" label will toggle it to a label for filetype.

FileMgr, the custom service that powers Internalz, is also hitting version 1.0. As a result, I've released a public API specsheet for developers to freely use. Among other things, this allows developers to write data to files locally on the device. Such a feature is already employed in at least one app, MapTool, by Metaview.

Internalz 1.0 is now available here and FileMgr service is available here. Both are also on the PreCentral feed for OTA installation. Huzzah for homebrew!


Thanks Jason!...oh, and Happy Birthday!


sweet man thanks for the update I believe it essential to be able to manage the files on the device itself.


Wow Jason this is simply amazing feat of work. Thanks a lot!!! I wonder Jason is it possible to develop a full PC back up solution as well. I vaguely remember a forum member started it, but then we never heard about it again.

My other suggestion, I do understand, this is for the community good, but have you thought about putting it up in app catalog for say like 2-3 dollars in order to support yourself.

Backup app in the works. It'll be paid, but free for developers.

And yea, I do plan of getting some paid apps in the catalog in the near future.

you deserve it, you are a WebOS Rockstar!

OH this is SAWEEEEEET! *Nerdgasm*

A stunning feat of programming for sure. Quick question, would this or any other current app allow access to my SMS messages (including timestamps) for off Pre viewing and archiving?

Awesome work, Jason! Thanks so much! Love it!!

Amazing! Thank you for all your hard work, Jason and Co! Time to click that donate button again...Hint Hint.

Awesome work! Jason, any plans on making this work like Resco file explorer? Make it share a folder on the WIFI network to be able to copy and delete files to/from a computer on that same network?

That is something I miss very much from my winmo phone. I could use my computer to navigate the shared folder and copy/open/edit/delete, etc... files as well as do the same from my phone to a shared folder/files on the computer. All over WiFi...

All it needed was to have the IP address and shared folder link and it worked. It even had user/password options with read/write privileges.

This would be an awesome addition to you're already great program. And I would definitely pay if you developed it.

yea I was thinking about possibilities in that area; network shares, ftp sites, maybe others.

In the more immediate future, I have a few other idea for Internalz, like archive extraction/browsing :)

Simply amazing. Thank you for all that you do, Jason.

Sorry for my ignorance, but would somebody explain what this program is for, i.e., of what use would it be for your average Pre owner? Thanks.

Move around, copy, create, and delete files you put on your device. For example, you have music on your device you put in USB Mode, you can delete them.

Awesome Jason! I totally needed this, how do you delete a folder though?

Tap and hold a directory, that'll bring up the the popup menu for it. Delete is an option.

Nice! Now I can delete my stupid Slacker radio folder without plugging in my USB, thanks Jason.

you rock!! this is awesome!

This is a great app; I had to do a full reboot for mine to start working - its fantastic; thank you for all the work you do Jason. LONG LIVE WEBOS

quick question...when using webosqi to install should we remove the other versions first?

You can if you want. Installing over top of the old version should be fine though :)

thank you...i chose to try the install over the previous versions and it worked perfectly...thanks again

what Happens if you delete the wrong file. Is there a trash that I could go and make sure before perm delete a file? I'm afraid I'm going to do something stupid. Lol

Well, deleting is restricted to only /media/internal, /media/cryptofs/apps and /var, so you can't delete anything vital to the system.

There's no trash, however there is a delete confirmation when attempting to delete something, so you can't accidentally delete something. :)


Happy Birthday! Keep up the Great R&D... Thank You for all you contribute to this community.


Simple and intuitive. Excellent work buddy. Happy Birthday.

Wait a minute... Can this be used to actually open files? If that was the case, could you put html files in there, so as to have access to saved web pages? That would make my day.

Also, can this be installed in the SDK emulator?

Great work! Can't wait for the C40.

Unfortunately attempts to open a local html file in the web browser gives an error from the OS. And I could have used a webview widget to display the html file, however, there's sandbox limitations to worry about. So instead I just bough html files to open in the text editor, showing the source code. And yes, it can be used on the emulator.

I'll be trying this on the emulator later today. Thanks for the tip!
I'm still looking for the best way to view offline pages. The current methods seem a bit convoluted...
Happy Birthday!

Wow! This makes Docs2go on classic fully functional. Now I can download attachments from my webOS Email client --- move them into my Classic/Documents file --- and open with Classic Docs2go to edit. Nice!

Right!!!! This ought to be put on the front page of Precentral and Documents to Go! We now have document editing that fully integrates with Web OS if you own the programs Documents to Go for Palm OS and Classic for Web OS! I can download a Word document in Web OS email, save it and then move it to a location Documents to Go in Classic (Palm OS emulator) can get to it, edit it and then copy it back to where Web OS can send it back out again! Now if I could just BT print...I would be really happy! I can also have Documents to Go hotsync from within Classic and keep the files moving back and forth easily that way too!

So far so good buddy. One question though: How would I go about editing files without an extension? I have a lot of config files that don't use any sort of extension that internals picks up. It just says no handler.

in a future release, files with no extension will attempt to open in the text editor :)

Perhaps add an option for "Open as Text" for all files.

I can see all sorts of variants on this - an app to manage photos (sort, encrypt, hide), services to delete songs on fly, maybe a ARES component for file management?

Perhaps add an option for "Open as Text" for all files.

Can we move or copy a whole folder?

yes, just tap and hold on the folder and the popup will appear.

WOW this app s fantastic... I love you guys. I graduate from college in a few weeks and have a job lined up for as soon as I get my degree I admit, I've been freeloading here for a while, but as soon as I start getting paid, I think I owe the donation button a few clicks...

Great! Thanks Jason! You rocks!

Browsing every folder (even /root, /bin etc.) with no need of jailbreaking (like the iphone...) is great!

With webOS we can!

Hope to see it soon in the official App Catalog!

This app is awwwwsome...if you can add file transfer via wifi or even bluetooth that will b the cherry on top of the cake... great work jason!

Stunning work as usual Jason - and please tell me why Palm doesn't hire you to just fix all the other myriad of problems that their entire development department cant seem to deal with, let alone fix? The Palm engineers should be embarrassed that a single homebrew person is kicking their a$$!

Thank you Jason; for this much needed GIFT....
Happy Birthday! But you are supposed to get the gifts for your birthday!
Long live WEBOS & Jason!
Donations to the Birthday Person!

Agreed completely!

Holy Crap!!! This is just fantastic. Donation coming!

I just downloaded this and gave it whirl. It's terrific. I didn't go too in depth with it, but it's definitely useful, and works very well. Great job, and thanks for such a handy app!

Heh and the video was very good too!

happy anniversary of your firstday, and thanks so much for a great app

Great job Jason and the gang! This is why I donate to WebOS Internalz.

For the record, I am in no way connected to WebOS-Internals. The app's name was based off the folder /media/internal/ (aka the folder used for USB mode), with the "z" ending being an homage to the PalmOS FileZ app. :)

Great to see this come out of beta. It's a fantastic app and really well implemented. Just a couple of suggestions:

Could the 'move' be implemented using drag and drop? Tapping and holding a file could highlight for moving, then the file could be dragged into folders.

Also... thumbnails for images/vids?

Just a thought... keep up the good work :)

Excellent work Jason!... I used the old version all the time for my pic and music. but this new one is awesome. can't wait to tried it out. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Hate to sound like a broken record, but...




I'm not sure why I've put off downloading such a well-built file manager for so long. I didn't think I really had the need, but that app certainly does make things look like a breeze! Whoa.

excuse my ignorance but is this for homebrew people? I have stock webos, can I get it?

You can get it, though it is homebrew. There's a bit of a process to getting homebrew apps, but it's not hard to setup. There's a wonderful article right here on Precentral on how to do it.

Great job Jason! Internalz works great and is very useful. Is it me or is WebOS the best platform out there? Lets see: ease of development, intuitiveness, multitasking, synergy, 3D gaming, homebrew and on and on! Nope it's not me.

Notice I said platform, imagine a WebOS tablet! Please WebOS survive this storm!!!

Great Job Jason,

Amazing on two fronts: One, that you are so talented and give so much to the community, and two, that Palm left this out in the first place.
Happy Birthday too!

Lovely stuff Jason. Thank you very much

This is what you call "perfect"

Hell. Yes.

Didn't know how much better you could get it over the previous version, but you did. Awesome. Its one of my top apps.

A couple of gripes though, that I wonder if they can be fixed/added:

Image loading is SLOW - A lot slower than previous version it seems.
Would like to be able to slide to next photo ala the WebOS photo app. The speed of Internalz is so quick, I wouldn't mind being able to basically replace the photo app altogether. Its easier to scroll through lots of photos and find filenames versus thumbnails (for me anyway)

Appreciate the hard work, and thank you!

An unfortunate consequence of application sandboxing that occurred with webOS 1.3.5 Images have to be temporarily copied to the Internalz directory before viewing. I've made it much quicker than it was in private testing. I recommend setting the Image Viewer to open in new cards.

It's great app but I can't get it working...When I start Internalz it says "Error: ca.canucksoftware.filemgr is not running" I've restarted the phone and I've got filemgr service..

Great looking app and great functions i have been missing a file manager like i had on my old moto q9c great to now have one Thanks allot

Can anyone help me?When I install Filemgr and open the app it tells me that the instalation is unsuccessful...what should I do?Thanks

Working with a pre plus, keep getting "an error has occurred" message. Followed the steps exactly as written, also tried a few other ways on my own with no luck. Is there an OS conflict with the pre plus?

Got it working. Internalz doesn't do much for my needs though. When you mark a file "hidden" it doesn't do anything. It hides it from internalz but it still shows up in the main part of the phone. For example, I marked a photo hidden to try it, Internals wont detect it, but photo roll still will. Marking them hidden using my computer doesn't work either. Any suggestions?

This is awesome. Question for you though... I have tried to install a patch on my vzw PrePlus for Named pages in launcher. The patch installed errored out on some hunks (not me) and now it won't install cause a file already exists. The install appears to ask if I want to retry but when I take the only option ("OK") it does nothing. I have tried to use Internalz but while I can see the file in question I can not delete it. Please help...