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FileMgr and SysToolsMgr arrive for webOS 2.x 60

by Jason Robitaille Fri, 04 Mar 2011 2:10 am EST

Between the Palm Pre 2, Metadoctor'd legacy devices, and the FrankenPre2 conversion, there's more people than ever running on webOS 2.x. And while webOS 2.x contains a huge amount of awesome, there were some sacrifices. For instance, the JVM was removed, and thus every java homebrew service was broken. This caused apps and patches like Internalz, Advanced Reset Options, and Video Camera Flashlight to stop working for those devices.

That all stops now.  I'm proud to announce the immediate availability of the next generation of my services: FileMgr v2.0 and SysToolsMgr v1.0, as well as a custom Homebrew JS Service Framework.

As some will remember, webOS 2.0 brought with it the ability to run third party custom Node.js-based services. So about two and a half months ago I began work on Node.js ports of my java services. Some don't realize how truly powerful Node.js can be, but evidently Palm did.

The first challenge encountered was a built-in Palm service jailer, which prevents js services from doing anything destructive or harmful to the system. A smart idea for App Catalog releases, but for homebrew services like FileMgr and SysToolsMgr, full system access is a must. With that in mind, Homebrew JS Service Framework was created.  It contains an opensource modular script that any homebrew service can take advantage of very easily. When harnessed, it allows homebrew services to have full root access.

With root access obtained, both FileMgr and SysToolsMgr were able to be completely recoded into Node.js format.  And in fact, they were improved. Both services now stay permanently in the launcher with a redesigned frontend app.  Oh, and old 1.4.5 users, don't worry; the old java services are bundled so the new releases will be backwards compatible.

In addition to the Homebrew JS Service Framework, I've also released a few other opensource tools for developers. A very simple on-device service tester, as well as a generic service frontend, like used with both FileMgr and SysToolsMgr. The best part of the service frontend is that all you need to do is edit the appinfo.json file and it'll work out-of-the-box, so to say. And as always, SysToolsMgr is still opensource and both it, and FileMgr, are fully documented.

The next generation of my services are here and now all those apps and patches will work on webOS 2.x. For example, install Homebrew JS Service Framework, FileMgr 2.0, and then the current version of Internalz will work fully.

Once last note, the NDA that prevented release for the past many weeks is not removed, however Palm has given permission for this release.  Be sure to pass along your thanks to them. And hey, if you'd like to support continued development, consider a donation.

Update: Homebrew JS Service Framework 1.0.0, FileMgr 2.0.0, and SysToolsMgr 1.0.0 are now in the PreCentral ipkg feed.



will internalz now work with 2.x?

Yep, once the new FileMgr and SysToolsMgr updates are installed, all apps/patches that use them will work again :)

Is Jason a god, or just gawd-damned awesome? :)

Well, it all sounds like a different language to me, especially how the JS Service Framework was written to (bypass security and) get root access.

But all in all it looks like yet another advancement of the WebOS cause ;-)

The one thing to take away from the post is that now, all apps and patches that use FileMgr/SysToolsMgr will now work again with webOS 2.x. This includes Internalz, LED Torch, Video Camera Flashlight, etc.

Slight speed bump here Jason. I'm trying to install via Preware, and I'm getting an error when trying to install SysToolsMgr. The URL is returning a 403 error.

Oh, as noted in the forums, the ipkg feed only updates periodically. So it hasn't noticed the update yet. I may message WebOS-Internals to update the feed if it doesn't update by tonight.

In the meantime, download the ipk files from the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery and manually install with WOSQI, palm-install or Preware.

I'll update the post, that's for reminding me about it :)

Cool, thanks for the info.

You guys are amazing.

Just 1 guy, me :p If you were thinking of WebOS-Internals as some seem to, keep in mind, I'm separate from them.

We think you're amazing too! ;-)

You had me at "With root access obtained, both FileMgr and SysToolsMgr were able to be completely recoded into Node.js format."

whatever the heck that means!

damn you are good

garcias y saludos desde españa..............

im getting an ipkg error. but cant wait to get 5x4 launcer working again.

tried in wosqi, and still getting an error. "package dependencies not met."

nevermind had to install homebrew js service framework.

This won't make 5x4 launcher work again; has nothing to do do with above services ;)

As noted above, until the feed gets updated, you'll need to install the ipk files manually.

if you're getting "package dependencies not met." error, make sure you've installed Homebrew JS Service Framework beforehand. It's a new requirement, as explained in the article :)

Dude you're a frickin one-man programming army :)


Install patches in this order:

1 - Homebrew JS Service Framework
2-3 - FileMgr Service and/or SysToolsMgr Service

Worked fine

Already installed. Finally I can use the flash as a flashlight again :)

I don't see them in Preware. As I just MetaDoctored to 2.1 last night on my Sprint Pre, most of my stuff still needs to be restored. What feed do I need to add?

Please read the above comment or the updated section of the article :)

Great stuff! Thanks a lot!!

thanks for your hard work jason

Why the heck aren't you working for HP/Palm???

Yea this boggles the mind. It seems Palm, and now HP, would see all this work and say "Hey this guy does amazing stuff with our OS, let's get him!"

gotta love Internalz, it's always evolving. Can't wait to get my hands on 2.x at some point (Sprint)

Finally made my first donation, albeit a small one. A hungry student thanks you!


You are the man. Though an accurate measurement is impossible, I'd estimate that two-thirds of what I do on my pre is made possible by you. My hat's off to you!

You, sir, are a living legend!

For those of us non-developer types, does this mean i can run my vintage sprint pre on 2.something?

Thank you Jason!!!!!

No, it doesn't mean that unfortunately. It just means that if you ARE running 2.1 on your device (whichever version of the Pre that may be) you will now be able to get Internalz and some patches that use the above mentioned services to work.

But just so you know, you can install 2.1 on your Sprint Pre, but I think there are some caveats with it yet.

That's what Metadoctor can do. This, on the other hand, allows a lot of non-working apps/patches work on 2.x, like Internalz and LED Torch.

And Homebrew JS Service Framework and my other developer tools make it easier for homebrew devs to make their own homebrew services :)

J.R. & Homebrew are incredible!

Want to shut up the apple-istas? Link them in to homebrew.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I love you.

Oh how it has been a tough few days without my LED torch patch. THANKS!

Notes about 2.1.0 upgrade on Pre-

Used my VMware Ubuntu installation. Prepped according to the wiki. Doctor did its work and couldn't be easier. Getting Navigation was a huge PITA. Turned out I had the wrong ipk version. Once I downloaded the correct ROM and extracted the correct Nav ipk it is running great.

Hotspot is still causing issues. I got hotspot installed and used the auto IP forward patch. Didn't work, so i installed freeetetherd too, still nothing. I can connect to the wireless AP i create , but no internet is passed thru. any ideas?

Keep getting random slowdowns for no reason. Sometimes with a few apps open I'm fine, then other times it will slow down with one or two cards open.

I am clocked at 800MHz but find obviously 1GHz is better, which brings me to my next point....

Battery life is horrendous. I know at first it was downloading all my apps and restoring the profile which was why it was slow and battery was awful, but now a few days in I'm constantly tied to the wall, whereas beforehand I could get thru most of the day. GPS is off, WiFi is usually connected, so it isnt scanning or anything that would kill battery. I have no clue what the issue is.

Oh and bluetooth is acting funky at times. Like once i click and use voice dial, it never works again til i reboot the phone, and bluetooth starts acting up, where somtimes I cannot transfer the call to the headset and my sound dont work correctly. . This doesnt happen if i use the volume button on phone to activate voice dial.

I was missing internalz so much! thanks! Ypu officialy made my pre2 awesome :)

Wow , lets hear from all 10 of the 2.0 users. To sum this up don't worry majority if not all of our followers, 1.4.5 is backwards compatible.

look out for new releases on

To: mystical users of 2.0.

been around on android forever. next.

Actually, these two services haven't EVER been on Android because the author of these two services never made them for Android. Perhaps you need to get your head checked TROLL

Sorry. The EQUAL has been on Android forever. Sorry to offend you, ****

Great works guys... I'll be sure to pass a little $ down your way! Work like this help bring to life WebOS. It make for an incredible experience!

"Guy" actually. Singular ;)

Just give your money to HTC for a real phone. C'mon now.

Thank you so much for your wizdom mikevillain. Without people like you showing us the error of our ways, how could we possibly become like you. I want to send you a large amount of money for giving me this insight into technology. Where should I send it?

Thanks for all your hard work Jason. You are one of the reasons why I love webOS so much. Keep it up man :)

Jason should be hired by h/palm in the development and relation to expose how resourceful webOS really is!!! He goes above and beyond the measures of an average developer about. I think these developers really don't know what this webOS plat-form can do. Hp should really have him demo what he created on webOs platform so developers can see what they really have with webOS platform!!!!

Hey PreCentral:

Please keep track of all these 2.0 updates/tips and publish them again when the devices hit the market; I just can't digest it all without a device to apply them to right away, if you know what I mean.


You do realize a 2.0 device has hit market carried by a major carrier right??? Plus the unlocked device direct from HP that has been out longer.

I mean I know you have been around for a while, so I am sure you know this....


I am waiting for a 2.0 device on my carrier (like I am sure you are saying), but from your statement, it seams as if there is no device available.

Jason, thank you so much for doing this for us. You have both talent, and the dedication to actually make time for this (maybe HP can do something for you, are you reading this HP?). I'm sure the whole community appreciates your contributions as much as I do!

unbelievably great! awesome! (to say it with Steve J.s words ;) )
Jason is really pushing this System forward!

You just made my day.. and you should put a "donate here" link into that post.

Great! Great! Great! Greetings from Germany! Hope my paypaly gets activated soon...

I didn't even know I was waiting for this. I'm still on 1.4.5. This update has made Internalz blazingly fast. Very nice! Thanks, Jason!!!


"Once last note, the NDA that prevented release for the past many weeks is not removed, however Palm has given permission for this release. Be sure to pass along your thanks to them."

That's almost even cooler than having these services updated for 2.x. Nice decision, HP/Palm.

Great work.

It would be nice to have a webOS 2.0 compatible version of "no-autodial-from-calllog.patch".
Pressing a contact's name and autodialing the number is very irritating.

Thanks! Donated $10.

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For those of us with Pixi's running 1.4.5 who want to use Internalz --
should we use the new FileMgr 2.0.0 or stay with the older version? Is there also a newer version of Internalz as well? AND
(1) Is there a speed difference between the two versions running on that (challenged) processor, and 2) what is the difference in final installed file sizes between old & new versions of both necessary components?

THX, i know that's a lot of questions.

Nothing Interesting.
-1: Unable to run command: /usr/bin/curl -s -I --user-agent Preware --location --fail --show-error 2>&1
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404

I must be the biggest dummy. Want to use the "Torch". Downloaded the "systoolsmgr" and "led" download, says both are "running properly", but I can't find any icon on the laucher or screens to make it go. Guess I'm just too old...but I keep trying. I do love this website... thanks,

I must be the biggest dummy. Want to use the "Torch". Downloaded the "systoolsmgr" and "led" download, says both are "running properly", but I can't find any icon on the laucher or screens to make it go. Guess I'm just too old...but I keep trying. I do love this website... thanks,