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Fingerprint Scanner 4

by kdubhotsauce Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:11 pm EST
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KDB Productions
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This is cool, fun app that has only one purpose, to show off how cool your phone is! Simply open up the app and pretend as if you are actually scanning your finger for access to your phone. With stimulated graphics and cool animation, they will truly believe you have the first ever, fingerprint scanner on a cell phone! *NOTE, This is not an actual scanner, image results or not accurate and all results are simulated*
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And you want money for that? Yeah...right...

This is a maximum of 2 hours of work.

Or you could buy a soda for $1.25 that took a maximum of 10 seconds to fill...

This app works just as described, and I applaud the developer's efforts

Reminds me of an old PalmOS scanner, bring more of it's character here and you're on a winner.

So, this is replacing the original locking method? Just hold your finger on the spot for a couple seconds to unlock?

Well, it has style, I'll give it that.