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First Paid Apps for webOS Hit Tomorrow 87

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 01 Oct 2009 2:14 pm EDT

Forget Thursday (aka today). Our tipsters tell us that the first batch of paid apps for the webOS's new and improved App Catalog should land sometime tomorrow, October 2nd (barring any more delays).

Paid apps will be tied to your Palm Profile, which results in a couple of nice things:

  • deleted apps can be re-downloaded for free
  • If you get a new webOS device (like a Pixi or a new Pre), when you sign into your Palm Profile you'll be able to get all your apps on your new device.

Also, remember that nice new 1.2 feature where Universal Search can find apps based on hidden tags? For example, typing in "SMS" can bring up "Messaging." Those tags are being made available to developers, so they can make their apps easier to find on the Pre.

We're digging the fact that Palm's doing the right thing by allowing us to re-download deleted apps - we imagine more than a few people will be hitting the frustration app memory ceiling soon and knowing that deleting an app now doesn't mean having to buy it later will make the Orange+Tap that much easier.

Oh yeah, Canadians: you have to wait and we don't know for how long yet, but you're (sadly) used to that by now, we're guessing.



Cool im ready to pay now..... but can you guys post a article on cool web sites to download stuff onto the pre i knw we can download now but i have no idea where to get cool stuff. THANKS

I think it's my old age but I can't tell if you're kidding or not.

im NOt

When it goes live, you will be able to find them in the App Catalog application on your Pre.

im talking about browser downloads

This article has NOTHING to do with browser downloads. How about you ask in the forum.


Holy shit that was painful.

I am new to using Pre and Apps but have throughly enjoyed it since I purchased my phone.
I was wondering when you purchase Apps, is it a one time fee or are you charged monthly?


It likely could be either, depending on the app.

I was hoping for today, but tomorrow wouldn't be that bad.

Though, I think if I was Palm, I'd start leaking dates to this site later than things are expected (so if they expect paid apps tomorrow, they should leak that they're coming next Thursday) ... and then when they come early, everyone gets all excited like we did with the update on Monday. :p

Already entered my credit card info entered Palm! Open the floodgates please, I'm ready to buy some apps just to buy!

All developers that don't know their date yet are hoping their apps are coming out tomorrow along with the launch. (Or maybe it is just me...) :)

Haven't we Canadians waited enough??

I think it's absolutely ridiculous that there is a delay for us Canadians. I'd pay in US$.

Further, I'm getting tired of seeing Bell commercials showing the Pre with Pandora when Canadians don't have access to it. Seems like false advertising to me!

So is Palm going to raise the memory celing so more Apps can be bought? If not... thats pretty crappy.

Especially since there's more than a few of us who have to delete 1/2 the stuff on our phone to upgrade existing official apps, not to mention new ones :/ I don't mind frustration when I'm getting stuff for free, but I don't want to pay money to have to delete other apps I want to use. I can't wait for Palm (or webos-internals) to fix this problem!

maybe they will release free apps on Thursdays like they have been doing and start doing paid apps on Fridays. Just a thought.

This is all irrelevant until they fix the cap on the amount that can be downloaded... Seriously Palm? I have like 5 official apps installed and I can't get any more because of it. How do you expect me to want to purchase any more if I can't download any more?

Don't get me wrong, this is the best device I have ever used, but until that part is fixed, this is disappointing news :(

I have the same problem. If I was a developer I would be pretty upset about this too. If they want to sell more of their apps they need to get on Palm to fix this quick.

I have no room to update the apps i have let alone add new ones.

Are they going to be fixing the frustrating app memory ceiling error/issue anytime soon? What kind of malarkey is it when you spend money for a app but can't install it because you are out of room. Then you have to choose what other app you are willing to delete to install a new one? No way! People won't be able to try out new apps and then actually buy them. This needs to be fixed. I have 7 gigs free, I should be able to download and install every app in the catalog if I want to.

These paid apps betta b betta than the 1982 Atari style apps we got so far on this "very advanced smartphone".

I remember listening to Pandora, while I browsed Twitter and read email on my Atari back in the 80's. Good times.

Hehehe. =)

It's a smartphone, not a gaming system... smartass

I wasn't really talking about games, actually. I was referring to the primitive graphics and lack of function.
-- Smartass

I wonder if Eco has as much trouble relating to people in real life as he does in here. He must have taken a real whoopin on the playground to come in here full of piss and vinegar and try to belittle people and what they want.

+1 Yep. It's easy to belittle people when they're not standing in front of you.

If you want change in app memory, contact Palm so they know what we want.... 2 easy ways:

Our feedback is one of the only ways we can expect changes....Let the email and feedback begin!!!

thanks, I just submitted my request .. next .. submitting a request for forwarding texts..

I put my credit card info in right after I downloaded the update .. but seriously .. what is the point?- if it won't even let me download anymore apps .. crossing my fingers for a fix to be coming soon.

I still can't believe that Palm didn't address this with 1.2. I know it's been known for a long time, but the more everyone gets on Palm about this the quicker they will fix it. Make sure to contact palm and let them know you want it fixed.

nooooooooooooooo, i was ready to spend now.

ill be sleeping most of the day tomorrow.

what i want is an app price list??????

How can you have an app price list without any paid apps?

On the memory issue, I believe a fix is coming soon because there is a thread on some workarounds that have been being played with and apparently Chuq from Palm contacted them saying becareful because a fix coming soon could mess up their mods pretty bad. That leaves me to believe they are working on a fix very soon. Sure hope so!

Really do wish they took AmEx, but oh, well.

Are there any clues as to what apps will be made available in this first release? I'm hoping for some strong new ones in addition to apps that make the upgrade from our Home brew community. No offence to our amazing home brew developers, but I want something new too!

I have hit the memory ceiling many times. I download stuff that looks cool, but hardly ever ended-up using them.

I have purged all of my apps except for the one I actually use. Haven't had an issue since. But, I do agree that the limit needs to be increased or removed. It is frustrating to get the "out of memory" message, and then go into device info and find that it says you have several gigabytes free.

It would be nice to remove the NFL, NASCAR, and Sprint apps (web, TV). I wonder how much space those take up. Personally, I used the NFL app but the rest could go., amd make more room for apps I really would use.

I am looking forward to having some really quality apps, hopefully!!


These paid apps betta b betta than the 1982 Atari style apps we got so far on this "very advanced smartphone".

I like the idea of not having to RE-BUY apps if deleted etc. BUT if you store info on that app, and then have to delete it, when you bring it back to install the old info stored is GONE. NOW that is crap, I know I was using the Mileage Monitor App, and then had to reinstall app, now ALL my previous info I wanted to keep is GONE!!!! NO!!!!!!! That is really the only major major issue with having to delete apps to switch them out.


Does this mean that the App Catalog will be coming out of beta? Not really that important, I realize, just curious.

I do not understand this problem you people are having with an App ceiling?? I have downloaded 27 apps, currently available in the App Catalog with no issues. I was up to 33 at one time, delete the others because they were worthless.

How many apps are you guys talking about, before this issue happens? I read in one of the comments, some guy only has 4, that absolutely can not be right.

Talk to me.

What are you the app police? If I want to put 100 apps on my phone, that's my business.

No I am not, but tired of people whining and complaining to Palm. The Palm Pre is only going on 4 months old. May I remind you that the iPhone 2G, was loaded with problems and did NOT even have an APP store until one year after it's original launch date.

If you want to put 100 apps on your Pre, so be it, just quite whining! Tired of reading same old crap... "come on Palm, remove the app ceiling," or "come on Palm my Exchange is not working after the WebOS 1.2 update," or "come on Palm how about a on screen keyboard" or "come on Palm my PRE keeps freezing up."

Nuff said!!!

Then why read the comments then? I've never understood why people say they hate the whining, but continue to read it all. They continue to go into a forum thread they know will have a complaint. Seriously man we get it you hate whining. Some us would like to be able to add a few more apps is all. Who do we complain to if not Palm? Please get over yourself and understand not everyone is whining. Some of us want to get the most out of our Pre.

I work in IT, I support Windows & Mac environments, all interface all types of PDA with my Exchange 2007 server. I have trouble tickets I feel out and compile stat reports every month. 94% of the reported problems on the PDA devices are user related errors. People automatically assume the device is the problem when in fact stats indicate it is mostly user error.

Thank is why I do not like whinning. I browse the forums because I am always in search of more knowledge. There are alot smarter people than me that browser these forums and I could learn something from them that will help me at my job.

Long enough answer?

you must be the IT guy from SNL! (wasn't that Jimmy Fallon?)

Yeah same here. I have 30+ apps with no memory issues. Maybe they have other stuff thats taking up memory i.e photos, music, movies...

The limit seems to be around 50. With 97 in the App Catalog even before Pay versions are released, it is possible to run out of app "slots". It is good that you aren't running into this, but many other people are.

Homebrew apps can make you hit the limit as well. Which is likely why he only has 4 official apps (I don't have many more than that). Although if you install them with Preware then you can install as many homebrew apps as you want.

The problem isn't with the number of apps installed, it's with the space they take up. For official apps, there is only 256mb of space allocated for them to install to. That's also used by all the apps that came with the phone and can't be removed.

The applications are stored on a separate logical volume so they aren't effected by the number of photos or music you have.

Nice information. Thanks.

I've taken to moving everything that came with the Pre onto the second launcher page and then everything I download myself, whether from the catalog or homebrew, goes on the first page (since I frankly use that stuff a lot more than the built-in stuff... the most common stuff like contacts, eMail and web I put on the quicklaunch bar so I rarely have to go to that second page). With this, it's easy to track: once I see 50 apps on the front page, I know I'm done.

Weird thing is last night I went to download an update of an existing app and I only had 47 apps on the page and it STILL wouldn't let me until I deleted two apps... so now I'm frankly not sure if it's space-based or "slot"-based. Probably a combination I think.

In any case, add me to the chorus of voices saying it's crap and needs to be resolved... might be tough given the partitioning scheme, but I could see allowing the user to select where to install to, media or internal partition (kind of like the choice you get on WinMo when you have a memory card, it asks where to install to). I wouldn't think that's too big a lift for an update and I suspect most people would be perfectly fine with it.

by space based I'm talking about how full that 256mb logical volume is.

Well I'll have to wait I guess like the canadians, since I couldn't enter my credit card info!!! Can't believe they didn't include the U.S. Territories like Puerto Rico in their credit card form!!!??? Sucks for me, and all of us in PR. Hope they're planning on changing that soon...........

At least you have bathtub temperature beaches to go play in. :P I was just there for a weeks vacation on San Juan and I want to go back!

lol, yeah that's a plus! But I LOVE my technology too! lol

Well this is one spot that the iphone has palm beaten they didn't make us wait, they were prepared before hand not flying by the seat of there pants. I love my pre but if the app catalogue stays like this in canada I will be going back to my iphone at least I can buy or get what I need there.

??? The iPhone didn't have 3rd party apps for the first year.

I find it really funny how threats like this are always being spewed on this forum.

Point blank is. if you leave who would really care? It would be your loss for leaving the future and going to the present.

Just be careful during your grand exit doors tend to slam on patrons asses lol

gthom, I'll hold the door for you, ehhh!

I'm a little disappointed that I have to enter a credit card number instead of just having purchases billed to my Sprint account--wouldn't that be easier for all concerned?--but I'm doing it. Interested to see what the first wave of paid apps brings.

I don't think this will happen. When this is released on Verizon, or Tmobile, or wherever, Palm would have to have a billing system that talked to a bunch of different carrier billing systems. THAT would be a serious headache. By keeping the app store separate, they just have to worry about one account.

Stuff would get so torqued if it was any other way.

Cool, wonder what will be there.

If my "Device Info" is correct, I still have 7.1 GB remaining with about 12 apps downloaded. Am I not looking in the right place or do other folks just have an ass load of stuff loaded on their Pre?

The apps only get 256mb of space to install to right now.

"It's a smartphone, not a gaming system... smartass"

Actually, it has the ability to do the same as the iPhone. I consider that a gaming device and so do MILLIONS of others.

Its unfortunate that people apologize and make excuses for Palm.

The only thing it shows ME, is that THESE people are completely satisfied with their device doing less than half of what it is capable of.

They sold you a V8 that runs like a Yugo. I find that pitiful.

the only things im willing to pay for is visual voicemail, video recorder, and voice recorder....anything else who cares..imo

if they launch this with only 4 of 5 apps i'm going to be heavily disappointed.....

i'll believe it when i see it. we've been getting these "release dates" for awhile now. if it happens tomorrow that is awesome i will be spending some cash like the rest of you, but if it does not happen i will not be disappointed...

This is the most talked about problem with Palm on this issue. Its nice to have a lot of Apps and payed Apps that will be coming out tomorrow. But it's not nice to have Apps on the Pre that you like and then buy new ones and have to delete the one's that you have to save space. I hope Palm erases the install limitation on the Pre so we can download as many apps as we want.

Too bad about us Canadians not getting the new app store yet... frankly I had hoped to see pay pal as well.. but what the hey.. I will link my online credit card to this and go with it.. Yes Jimmy, I dont trust anyone with my real credit card info... lol.. not with an untried phone... i wont even use online banking on the pre.. too many freaks out there.. but over all,, im happy with the phone..

Quick question. How are you guys all so sure Canadians won't get the new paid apps too? Isn't this a tip, not official from palm. Its now 3:40 on the east coast and still no new apps. I know they may very well come later in the day but I'm just sayin...Not official.

Nary a mention of the paid apps and or app store today. Clearly today is not the day. Maybe Monday then?

i think posts like this should not be posted until Sprint or Palm says it. lets just hope something gets released by 12. otherwise posts like this is misleading and not cool at all.

yes its certainly not today...because i checked and i have asked many times on all the sites. the rumor is bogus. I am not a happy chipmunk

I agree.. I'm getting sick of this. Every rumor around here lately has been false and only gets people all anxious and excited for nothing. Just stop with the damn rumors already! I waited all day for apps today and am ready to kick your stupid "tipster" right in the balls!

for some reason I try to add my info on the app catalog such as my name and credit crd number and everything and I get a error when I click submit. Anyone would happen to know why?

come on palm. you guys were doing good till all these delays with the update, and the paid apps. it gets kind of annoying checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if there on there, or coming on here to see if there's another delay. either release the paid apps, or stop with the dates there gonna be out so no ones waiting around all day for something you guys said would be out.

other than that, nice work on everything else.

Im sick and tired of hearing things like this, Its ridiculous.. Every other week we hear things like oh palm is coming out with this and that. I swear that if it was not for the expensive plan I would go back to my Iphone. The app catalog has been in "beta" forever and the apps aren't hitting the catalog quick enough.Its sad that "precentral" has way more apps than the catalog and the phone has been out for like months. palm needs to step up their game or hire some of the people that are creating apps here..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is BoguS!! They should just replace the app catalog with with precentrals homebrew apps, FOR REAL!!!!!!!

yes, thank you precentral, for getting my hopes up as well. For now on, just keep the information to yourself, cause it's not saturday morning and I have no apps, got my credit card information out of the way, just have nothing to buy in the catalog. Really, do you guys double check your sources...two misleading blogs in two weeks. Let's hope their is a catalog before you guys do your live chat on monday night....cause i will restate my frustration with this site...that i go to everyday for what used to be reliable information on my phone.
So far I can't find an app that keeps my attention for more than five minutes, Step up your game Palm!~

not is supposed to be "now" in that last post.

I mean You cant blame Precentral for the info,shoot at least they have apps for us to test and try which I am very thankful for, but Palm has to take all the blame.These delays are really annoying. I mean apple has like 70 something thousand apps (not all are useful but at least they are there) lol.. Im not saying that palm needs catch up cuz its impossible but at this rate by the time the app catalog hits 1000 apps palm will be launching their next pre(LMAO).My thing is, if you're compete against something like the Iphone you gotta go hard and always be on point,Cuz lets be serious all these companies are lucky the Iphone is only on AT&T cuz if they were with every carrier it would be like some type of new monopoly... LOL.. But im not giving up "LETS GO PALM"!!! Im routing for you!!!1

Well Palm, you have managed to take all the fun out of this "App Store" deal! Pretty much done with it...good thing my iPod Touch has access to thousands of Apps..just went back to playing with it. Thumbs down on Palm, was willing to give you the time but this is horrible!!

You need to relax. I was excited by this announcement but are you really trying to blame Palm for a rumor that did not come directly from the company? That's like blaming Apple for the rumor that Steve Jobs died (I think it was last year).

My point is that you need to exercise patience. Paid apps will come, don't think about it and you won't get your hopes up.