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First hands-on of the HP Pre 3 by Sky TV [video] 86

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 15 Jul 2011 7:12 pm EDT

Mark Bunting and Sky TV have brought us another look at an upcoming HP device (as he has been doing for the last year), this time for the HP Pre 3, due sometime in the next few months. In his usual style, Bunting gets a good overall look at what the Pre 3 has going for it, including multi-tasking, security features, document management and synergy. He calls it "a terrific blend for both work and life," and within just a few minutes he goes through quite a few great features of this larger webOS smartphone.

We don't even know exactly when the Pre 3 will be arriving yet, but it's good to see some hands-on reviews of the device making waves around the web. Watch the video review above and let us know what you think below. It won't be too much longer before we can all get a hands-on with one of these devices.


Can someone shows this video to Sprint!!!

Can Derek please get some guys working for him not clueless enough to call an infomercial a 'hands on review'?


What I found interesting is, that he said that the Pre 3 is going to have ENCRYPTION!

This means that this device actually can be used in bigger corporations... If by that shipping date there will also be a centralised deployment and management software for these, it is truly ready for enterprise and I would also understand what took HP so long to release this product.

I would come back to HP/Palm (like i want too) if this was offered on sprint, for now though I'm using an android phone which is amazing, but isnt WebOS ;(

I'm about to jump from Pre to an android phone with Sprint. Maybe an Epic 4G. I'm not really that interested in paying $10/month extra for the rare instance of 4G access though.

In my experience Android's ability to multi-task isn't as good, but the apps available are too enticing. Plus the huge hardware selection is really nice. I hope I don't regret the switch in 12 months or less.

You will pay the extra $10 a month no matter what smartphone you switch to, unless it is a warranty/insurance replacement for your Pre.

I made the jump a few weeks ago to the Evo3D. I don't miss the keyboard as much as I thought I would, if at all. WebOS always had a certain elegance to it, but I don't regret the switch, and even if I did, I will probably be eligible for another upgrade before Sprint has a new WebOS phone.

Nice one!

Can someone tell me where he buyed it? Wan´t my Pre3!

Is it a review or advertisement? Not that I'm complaining about good press for a webOs device.

It's both. It's like a brief infomercial. From what I hear, they usually play these videos on flights, which is a smart move. It will be seen by a lot of business travelers, and I'm sure once they look at this video, they will hate their blackberries even more & hopefully upgrade to this.

You consider infomercials to be objective reviews of the product featured?

It is an advertisement. There was nothing review about that. Just like a "bought" review in a magazine. Nothing wrong with that, but it just isn't a review. Good press for the Pre 3 though.

I looked up his website. But since he solicits corporate clients to highlight their products, I would consider this is advertisement. It is an advertisement that plays like a review.

Right, it's the video version of the old advertorial.

No negatives? I'd love to love that review, but as big a webOS fan as I am, it's hard for me to swallow a review that caan't find a single negative.

"Currently, unfortunately, while you can *view* your MS Office docs, you can't edit them."

it's not a review. it's like an HP commerical.

This is not a review. It's an advertisement. Sky TV partners with various companies to plug their products to airplane passengers.

Yeah...kind of embarrassing to call this a review.

I kind of figured Tim wrote this before even checking the byline. A lack of self-awareness and perspective seems to be his calling card as of late.

Of course it's a review. All of you are just haters. Just check out their Youtube channel where they give several postiive reviews of.... HP products????


n/m, it's an ad

Love that "All new WebOS system" and all of the stuff they talk about is from the Pre -. EZ Listening music really loaded up the cheesy feeling, felt like they were gonna showcase BluBlockers or Ambervision on the next camera cut.

BlueBlockers lol

I'm jumping ship for a Samsung Charge. I'm tired of making it by and having no ability to geek like I want. I'll miss the cards... but oh well. Also tired of not having key apps I want. Woosh.

i want one.

that guys looks familiar, where is he from. and btw, thie vid looks like an informercial.

omg phone **** ....

Financial success is only a phone call away. Call now and we'll give you not just one but 2 actual ship dates.

to me this is more of a marketing than a review hahahaah

I wonder how much he got paid. I wouldn't call this a review either. This is pure marketing.

Remember, it's not perfect, it's prefect.

It's ridiculous to call this a review. It was a good ad at best.

I see Bing maps. I know we have Bing on the Touchpad but it looks like maybe Gmaps is gone from the Pre3 also. Other than that, he could have been describing a Pre- because I didn't see anything that I don't see on a Pre-. No mention of front facing camera, or Skype or anything new for the Pre3 (other that the 1.4GHz CPU).

i've come to the conclusion that if tha pre 3 comes out on att that is where i'll be seems like sprint doesn't care about what the consumer wants but what they sell the since android is selling up the ^&*( that is what they would stock up on.

So the thing they sell the most of is not what the consumer wants? Yes sprint is putting all their eggs into the android basket as of late. Those are the most sold devices independent of carriers so it seems they want that. The consumers just don't know yet that they want webOS.

at the end he says "Check it out", but where!? What's the point of these videos if it's not even out yet!?

PC knows better and should change the title of this post. All of you know full well this is NOT a review, but an ad. Fix it before you lose all credibility. I can't believe DK would approve of this.

you are right.

DK was out when I published this, so it's on me.

So you admit it is an ad and not a review, but you won't change the title or add an "Update: This is an ad, not a review." to clarify?

I'll believe the stability of this phone when I see it. I'm so effin pi$sed off right now at my palm pre.
I'm trying to do 1 simple fking task. Take a picture and send it via text message. It's been 10 minutes and i still haven't been able to accomplish that.
Camera app took 1 minute to load up. another 20 seconds to actually take the picture from the time I hit the space bar.
That caused the phone to crash and restart, which takes about 6 minutes.
Now i'm finally back in my phone and it's fcking lagging again.
I hate this POS phone. I'm an idiot for not using my sprint 1 year upgrade to switch to the Evo when I had the chance.

If your Pre actually takes 6 minutes to reboot, and a minute to load the camera app, then there is something wrong with either a) your phone, or b) the OS. You may need to perform a webOS Doctor on your phone. My Pre+ with 2.1 (slower that 1.4.5) takes just about 2 minutes to boot, and only takes 3-4 seconds to load the camera app and another second, max, to get the first picture.

the pre is sometimes very unstable. when i reboot sometimes it takes 2 minutes some times 6. it lags at times when i want to use to camera app. sometimes even causes the phone to crash. i have 2 palm pre- and pre + and its a common thing. stop defending webos. it can be buggy at times.......

Sigh. Calling this a review is like saying something is popular based on a "purchased" Twitter trend.

Gosh I miss Dieter Bohn.

Hey, cut Derek and the staff a break.

Dieter was a good EIC, but he'd had a lot of practice and he learned on the job. I don't see any reason to think Derek is any less capable of doing that.

There's nothing wrong with pointing out a mistake, but until they have a chance to show that they're not interested in fixing mistakes, or learning from them, it's pretty dickish to be deliberately belittling toward them.

1. I don't think Derek is "less capable" and never said or suggested such a thing.

2. I don't think this was a "mistake" as you say. Tim has a very long track record of writing webOS "spin" and it makes me miss Deiter Bohn's style. In this particular case, he didn't just call the video a review by accident (which a simple title change would fix), he actually went into a review of the video and how good of a job it did at reviewing the device being advertised.

I'm wondering if this is a new editorial direction for PC.

Notice that the news about the Pre 3 not receiving a WebOS 3.0 update was never mentioned on here.

I don't blame them one bit if that is the case! I swear, it's like all the dickheads from Android and iOS with nothing to do have decided to camp out on this site and in the forum.

Now count the minuses these 2 posts will have and you'll have a fair idea of the number of dickheads here.

But just imagine for a minute if all posters were like you and played around with Ruby bobblehead dolls all day, oblivious to most things. It'd be quite boring, even for you since all you do is try to fight the "good" fight.

LOL! You usually minus my posts.
Somebody's got to counter the nonsense the 'other side' come here to spew, right?

Do you even use WebOS?


It's interesting that you can judge that the video is not a review, but then mistakenly call my description of the video a review as well. See how easy it is to do?

But that's no excuse for my own mistake, and it's why I fixed the problem. It's why I always fix my mistakes when people point them out - whether that's from a single email by a kind user, or a dozen angry comments in a public thread. All feedback is welcome.

are you calling TSD a WebOS"spin"Doctor?

Derek is fine.

me too.

I'm not going to even look at it. If not going to Sprint, I don't want it more than I do.

Dear HP/Palm/webOS -

As an original Pre user and webOS fan, I am disappointed that there is NO slate phone in your line up as of now.

The Pre, while good,* is boring to say the least. (*I know this is totally subjective and have read all the goods, bads and uglies of the Pre- here in precentral - thanx guys for all you do here to keep webOS alive.) Seriously, the form factor is played out. Veer?? Pre 2, Pre3 all looking the same????? What a complete snore. WebOS needs to be on a slate phone to start pissing with the big dogs. WebOS deserves to be on a larger phone. When will this happen??

With Sprint being pissed off at Palm/HP for their spectacular marketing fumbles, and vice-versa, some heads need to role. Hopefully this new Marketing/Sales guru will know how to sell webOS. One phrase: SHOW WHAT IT CAN DO!!!!! for the love of *&%#%&!!!. And get this repeated endlessly on every channel, like that outrageous EVO commercial with the spider being beat on the table. I can't stand that woman screaming, I have to mute it every time. But it's constantly on. It makes me want to buy and EVO just to shut her up. Haha.

So I'm on my second Pre. It's cracking in several places, it's getting sluggish, no updates on 1.45. I'm not happy. The speaker is intermittent and it feels like it's on its last signal to the tower. I trudge along with an original Pre-. Thank god for webOS Internals and homebrew or I would have left a long time ago. You need to give Rob and his group a million thank you's of gratitude. Servers don't cut it in my opinion. But nice gesture. They saved webOS from the masses leaving in folds. The Pre had less functionality then the Palm Centro. I distinctly recall posting about that 2 years ago. Who in the **** thought that was a good idea at Palm? How in the world do you go backwards in functionality on software??? Now I hear the TP is the same way? Don't gimme that **** of building from the ground up. Have you not heard of copy and paste?? (haha - just joking here, I know there is much more to it, but I'm sure you get my point).

I am so liking the EVO now that I have seen several friends on it. My contract with Sprint ends in August. I'm looking to upgrade, and I'm having a hard time making a decsion. I don't want to leave the platform and start all over, but I don't want to leave Sprint. And I especially want a cooler new phone. HP you have nothing to show but same ol', same ol' form factor, and the phone isn't even available to me on Sprint? WTF? What's really screwy is that you put out three phones of the same form factor??? And one that is smaller then my original?? What IN the **** were you guys thinking??????? I want to know who at Palm thought that was a good idea?????

I have 2 grand coming to me on July 31st. I am not convinced I will get treated well if I buy a first generation TP as well. It looks cool, and I have played with it a couple of times at BB, but i'm just not convinced it can take over as my main computer tasks. I'm also considering a laptop since my main one has bit the dust. I don't know if I'm fully ready to ditch MS and a laptop. Could I be convinced by HP to finally move away from MS?? Now if you had webOS on a laptop and a new slate phone, I'd know exactly what I would be getting, I would have no hesitation.

But right now, I'm hesitating on what to purchase. I so want newness that I'm strongly leaning towards the EVO, that keeps me with Sprint and I get a new slate phone.

I may have to change my screen name to ChiAndroid. ;(

What to do - what to do?? ((((((shaking my head)))))))

It's coming...

Hey, did anyone notice the new YouTube icon at 1:17?

Also at 1:25 you'll notice that the Maps app has been updated with a new UI and is using Bing Maps.

the facebook upload clip is misleading. why didn't they show the option to upload from a sample pic instead of the facebook site?

He says "1000's of apps" as if that's a big plus for the Pre3. Definitely not objective reporting.

This isn't a "review" at all. This is a paid commercial. Please change the title to reflect this.

I love how webos is "all new." Now maybe he could have said new version. But webOS has been around for 2 years now so i wouldn't call it new. I'd call it updated or something.

i'm 97% sure this video is at least a few months old and hit the internet not long after the Pre 3 was announced.


Variety is the spice of life. I prefer a keyboard, but I'd like to see WebOS on slab phones for the sake of WebOS. At least you could type in any screen orientation.

this guy definitely is not a review

as someone who has done webOS sales training, I can tell you this guy is reading straight from ad copy. This is HP marketing, nothing more.

i have a feeling this phone is not going to sell as well as the pre 2.......

Has a feel of a midnight infomercial. Cheesy music. Bland video. Haha love it.

He said "terrific battery life". It's still a webOS phone, isn't it?!

Just what I was thinking, I'll believe it when I see it. I'd love to see two days or more but in reality I'd settle for it comfortably making it through the day.

The only way a screen that size can go 2 or more days is if you're just not using it. I'd hope that the Pre3 has a nice large battery to go with the nice large screen, but I suspect it will have a comparable battery life to every other smartphone-- needing to be on the charger somewhere around twice a day, depending on how much you use it (and how long it charges each time).

I like that they actually show the Device and the Software and in REAL TIME. Most commercials have "Images simulated" and I can clearly see that these are not :)

I'm guessing this is sarcasm. But just in case it's not, what is being shown is NOT "real time".

Ok, from a WebOS LOVER, here's what I saw.

1. The app load times were not accurate. It showed, click, load screen, and almost instant app. If you watch closely, you can see where the video is edited to make it appear faster.

2. They showed a lot of smooth launcher scrolling, but did NOT show much in the way of app scrolling. The little bit I did see, is choppy - much like my 1.0ghz overclocked Sprint FrankenPre+ with WebOS 2.1.

User perspective is user reality. If the phone LOOKS fast (i.e. iOS, where you click the app and see a SCREEN SHOT of the app's main screen WHILE it's actually loading), then you FEEL that the thing is fast, even if it's not. If you're looking at a pulsing "LOADING" logo, you know how long it really took to load the app. Scrolling down the list of contacts or phone call logs on a phone should NEVER lag. Pre-cache it, accelerate it, something...

A device should never (or RARELY) lag out or not function. Too many times (WebOS 1.4.x / WebOS 2.x), I've had the camera app not get open enough to take a picture -- more than once. Missed taking a picture of the Presidential Limo fleet because of that (gas station, camera crashed TWICE in a row - only got shots of behind and side of the vehicle), and then the app locked up.

You should not be on a phone call, get another call, and have the phone app lag long enough that you cannot answer the second call. Respond to touch IMMEDIATELY, at the expense of the other multitasking applications. In fact, the PHONE app should have the HIGHEST priority of any application on the PHONE..

1. The app load times were not accurate. It showed, click, load screen, and almost instant app. If you watch closely, you can see where the video is edited to make it appear faster.

This is pretty common practice for these types of ads. They are edited both to "advertise the best features" and to keep the length down where every second matters.

It's also one of the major differences between a "commercial" and a "review" or "hands on".

Too bad HP/Palm has taken ever so long to actually get this into the hands of users. I'm a long time WebOs fan and I finally decided the wait was too long for me.
I went to ATT and bought an iPhone. Actually, I bought two of them, one for me and one for my son.

I wrote and called Sprint a couple of times before I left. I would have gone with a Pre 2 if they offered it.. No go...

I am still in the market for a tablet. I'll be getting an iPad if the geniuses at HP don't get it together and start porting the iPad apps to the Touchpad. It's damn near the same operating system, so it shouldn't be that difficult. The hardware is as worthless as a paperweight without the applications. All the multitasking in the world won't make up for fewer apps/less utility of the device.

I'm really disappointed by HP and how ridiculously slow they are to market. I hope they read these posts... I'm a long time Palm customer, but I will totally leave if they don't get it together.

Note to HP- it's so much less expensive to retain a customer than to acquire new ones.losing your customer base is a BAD idea.

Does this version start up immediately when plugged in on a dead battery? Or does it still take a half hour?

If it still needs the half hour, forget it being any level of a choice phone for business. Period!


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I think can all agree it's an advertisement... It's been said a million and one times... But what I found interesting that it showed that it was running on H+ network. (AT&T 4G?) but then the guy in video pinch to zoom's to Kansas.. Where ironically Sprint's headquarters are located..

Yeah, H+ is AT&T's current version of 4G (and runs on the HP Veer), but they're supposed to be rolling out LTE soon. I have no doubts that Pre3 is coming to AT&T, hopefully the LTE will come out at the same time =)

Based on all the feedback I've heard on the Veer, I think this phone with its larger screen and processing power is gonna knock 'em dead.

However, I do think that eventually HP will have to release a bar-style phone with a virtual keyboard to compete with all those droids. Sometimes that slider keyboard gets in the way of what is otherwise a very smooth, seamless user experience (at least it does for me... but only sometimes).

I'll keep this short: Legacy device. No (sprint) updates coming. No devices coming. Don't want/need any tablet. Not paying Verizon or AT&T prices...for a Pre 3 which may or may not be released...this year? ever? when?

my Pre 1.4.5 broke on Friday. the replacement Pre is messing up the sync / back-up. updating to Dec 2010 and no email accounts will sync.

webOS is best, of course, y'all. Just ask anyone I've met who ever discussed cell phones.

See you again webOS, farewell and good luck. I hope it runs amok over mobile computing everywhere! come next upgrade, will see where webOS is and maybe come back to it then.

For now, it's Droid.


I just bought an Evo 4g because my poor little pre- is on Life support.

Picked the Evo up for $29 at RadioShack and held on to the pre for wifi use. Although I still have my pre I already miss using it for everyday use.

I want webOS on my HTC Evo 4g!!!!!

I'LL be back.

At ~0:50 - "Files on my Palm"
HP needs another month to finish the airbrush job before they can release it?