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First webOS 2.0 Doctor hits for SFR Pre 2 32

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Nov 2010 9:31 pm EDT

Palm Pre 2 The Pre 2 is only available in France right now (and only on French carrier SFR), but even then our amis français may find themselves in a near-bricked Pre 2 bind. Thankfully, Palm is continuing with its history of releasing the full device ROM in the form of the phone-reviving webOS Doctor. For the uninitiated, the Doctor essentially reflashes the phone’s operating system to overwrite any errors caused by, well, it doesn’t matter exactly what. Thanks to the robust and forceful nature of the webOS Doctor, it’s near impossible to brick a webOS device.

This latest release is the first packing webOS 2.0 and will provide the first chance for the code divers to dig in and see what code is lying dormant in the new operating system. For those interested, this is webOS 2.0.0, build 70. Also, for those interested, no, you cannot use this Doctor to load webOS 2.0 onto your older Pre or Pixi device. It won’t work, and if it does, it won’t.

Source: Palm; Via: WebOS Internals (Twitter)
Direct Link: SFR Pre 2 webOS Doctor



Does this mean we can flash our 1.4.5 with a French 2.0? I have an old pre that I only use for wifi with no cell network, maybe I can use it, I anyway dont have any cell service on it.

Short answer: no.

Long answer:

The OMAP3400 series chipset is not the same as the OMAP3600 series, and so the Pre2's kernel will not be happy on your original Pre.

Of course, this is a relatively small obstacle to overcome... I'd expect interesting developments soon.

Did you read the article? Anyways it was made for a totally different device...

So tempted to try, I do to see how 2.0 runs on my Bell Pre Minus

Can someone explain why the frogs are getting 2.0 and no one else? Is there some agreement with Palm that 2.0 won't be released for a certain amount of time? If not, why not release it? The code is obviously stable.

carrier approvals?

its a complete new device in France that's already been released. It would make sense for them to have it out

WebOS 2.0 is one of the selling points for the Palm Pre 2 right now -- this is similar to how Apple promoted iPhone OS 4.0 with the new iPhone 4. For this reason, HP/palm seems to be deploying it first where it'll generate the most buzz.

Hopefully that doesn't mean the rest of us will have to wait for all the Pre 2's to come out before an update comes along for pre/pixi on the existing carriers.

I agree with the post above as well, carrier approvals may just be getting underway, where the process of developing and testing a new device and the operating system it ships with is bound to have started a long time ago.

Code divers! Is it possible now to get patches ready for webOS 2.0? Don't want Govnah and UberKernel to fry my phone...

"It won

That's just Derek wordsmithing

haha yeah i get it. he's just being sarcastic. he means it wont work, but if it does for sooome reason... it wont work dont kid yourself

can't wait for 2.0 to hit my pre minus.

I think he ment and if it does, don't.

Just a matter of time...[hope]

I would hope that the official 2.0 upgrade will be out before anyone can take the time to hack 2.0 onto the older hardware.

But that just...hope.

loud noises

Just for kicks, i tried the webOS 2.0 doctor for SFR on my pre and got this error "Your device is not compatible with this version of webOS Doctor."

So can I use this Doctor to load webOS 2.0 onto my older Pre or Pixi device?!

This is testament as to how easy Palm phones are to use as clearly some owners struggle to read!

if webos-internals doesn't hack it soon, then that could mean they know 2.0 is soon.

if webos-internals doesn't hack it soon, then that could mean they know 2.0 is soon.

right..... Sprint first verizon 2 months later att pixi a year from now.

according to who? The only info I found was that VZ was getting it in Nov....nothing about Sprint, we only had it est and never got the + but fuckin sprint @ it's best again, the lesser of 2 evils? Idk starting to question that

finally all the goodies can be spilled.

hopefully us sprint pre (minus) users won't get shined on 2.0! I'm still holding only my 1st replacement and I would consider myself an avid WEBOS USER! I work @ home depot and my hardware has held up nice! I've had to replace invisible shield att least 5 times between my 2 devices! SPRINT PLEASE RELEASE 2.0 TO US!!!!

People just freaking wait for them to release it for your device!

I think it is too soon to say if the 1.4.5 kernel would not work with the 2.0 userland environment. also, kernel sources will probably be available in short order and could be compiled using the build instructions already in place for uberkernel/thunderchief/etc. Hopefully palm has or is close to submitting 2.0 to carriers for approval and distribution. I imagine our french friends will be beta testing 2.0 for a while, though.

some people are incapable of reading past the picture. Nobody will be hacking it for other devices, and just because webos internals isn't doesn't mean anything except they don't want to waste their time.

and NO this will NOT work on your pre/plus or pixi/plus.

What makes you think we're not? :)

I don't even care about all this... I just want the phone available on sprint. :)

[i] --Sent from my palm pre

OH DARN. And I SOOOOO wanted to use this Doctor to Flash my Pre Plus with French Kernel it wasn't designed for, in a language I don't speak. Won't be FRENCH FRYING my Pre Plus then!! LOL!!

Is the screen a downgrade all together? 24 bit color isn't the palm a 264 million tft? or is this just another name? All I know is one of the few thing palm has besides a couple unique features is the clarity of the screen.