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First working build for Open webOS on Galaxy Nexus released 21

by Derek Kessler Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:53 am EDT

First working build for Open webOS on Galaxy Nexus released

Less than a week ago, HP released the 1.0 version of Open webOS. The updated open source version of webOS wasn't released in a form ready-to-install on any particular device, but the inclusion of OpenEmbedded meant that Open webOS was at least capable of running on a variety of hardware. It only took a few hours for the intrepid developers of WebOS Ports to get Open webOS booted on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It wasn't pretty, but it as a proof of concept it was a success.

At the time, the code for the Galaxy Nexus port wasn't available publicly, but today WebOS Ports opened the doors to their porting work for the Galaxy Nexus, offering up everything you'll need to get this early attempt at Open webOS up and running on modern hardware. Just as things were last week, there are still some pretty significant holes to be filled before this becomes something you'll want to run on a daily driver device. Important stuff like camera and Bluetooth support are still missing and the video acceleration to have a more smooth operational experience is described as being "pre-Alpha".

Even with the current unfinished state of the build we're still psyched to see it made available. Not just for the thrill of booting webOS on new hardware, but also because making it publicly open source in typical WebOS Internals style means that other interested developers are going to be able to pitch in to improve and move along the porting process.

Source: WebOS Ports (GitHub, Twitter)


How would the Touchpad specific apps look on this phone?

Although I doubt that the eBay price of the Sammie Nexus will go up because of interest from webos lovers, I wonder if this might bring the cost of Pre 3s down a little... I've been wanting one for a year now but just can't convince myself to pay the going price.

I will be all over this if it becomes stable and works for sprints nexus and can duel boot android & webOS like my touchpad does. That would be awesome to have the option on the phone too. Then I'd still have access to both and have a happy world. lol.

I'll be watching this closely, with my GNex ready to try it out once the install process is easy enough for me to try it out.

If this gets to the point that it can be used on Sprint, it will be my daily driver.

Fingers crossed that I"ll be able to run this on my Verizon Gnex and dual boot between webOS and Android!

I have a brand new Galaxy Nexus here in my Desk waiting to become a webOS device. If only I'd be a better programmer and had as much spare time as I had 10 years ago. I'd join the party instantly...

I'll buy a freaking phone from webOS internals if they can make it run in anything n it's functional.

I agree.

Double ditto.

At this point, if they get it all worked out, it will be awesome to have on a bigger more powerful device. I am confused on a lot of things though. Besides that plus, what does OpenWebOS have right now that's better than regular WebOS? People keep saying they want it on their TP, but isn't it lacking app catalog access along with Synergy? What would be the benefits to replacing 3.x on a TP right now? Either those people are confused or I'm hoping somebody who knows can clear up my confusion. Thanks for the help!

Many internals of the system are upgraded.  On the other hand, there's a lot of stuff that isn't there yet.

Most of the improvements Open webOS has over closed webOS are under the hood (GPU accelerated transitions/animations, Isis browser, overall improvement in speed), and the simple fact that its open scource so it can run on a range of hardware.

The primary advantage of open webos is that it is being worked on.
The year old webos on my Pre3 is still OK - but the browser is aging with every month that goes by.
Web sites are getting upgraded with new HTML5 features and expecting improved versions of Javascript. And the browser in old webos is not keeping up with that.

It's not a big problem now - but it will be at some point.

Thanks for the replies. I am right about no Synergy or app catalog though, right? Don't get me wrong - I can't wait for this to be the better way to go. I have gone through 2 Pres, am currently using a Sprint FrankenPre 2 (which is pretty awesome), and a dual boot TP that I don't even use the Android on. I just didn't understand the advantages. I know in time there will be solutions in place. Where the heck is OpenMobile?????

This is a great step forward for webOS!! Dated though it may be, it's people like the webOS Ports team that make me want to learn how to do this and help the cause!!

Definitely will be keeping an eye on this! Keep up the great work guys!!!

I think at the moment, the webos if it's ported to any phone is barely functional...but the lack of synergy, catalog would be a deal killer. I do think that from a consumer, most do not care about the v1.0 or 2.0, just that it works and meets their expectations, which unfortunately at the moment, I doubt can be met because HP lacks the resources to complete the conversion of every function in webos 3.0.5 to openos ..

Lets see what happens. My pre 2 is still functioning...but showing signs of age. Hopefully by the time it croaks...openos would be at v1.5 or 2.0 and as functional as webos 3.0.5 or more...We can only hope.. and be optimistic.

I can't do much to help, but I will donate, donate, donate if that helps.

I would really love it if openos could be ported to my original samsung epic. I'll keep hoping that it gets done, because I really miss webos.

I realise this isn't OEM hardware but this still seems like good news. We've been wait to hear the words "webos working on new hardware" forever and here it is.

When it's ready, I for one would pay a hundred bucks or so over purchase cost of the unit itself, in order to have a functioning, optimized webos running on this hardware. I know there are other people out there who agree, so I'm a little surprised why there isn't more commentary in this thread.

Am I missing something that should make me less optimistic?