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Fix Coming for Multitouch Zoom Bug in Doc View and PDF View 37

by Jason Robitaille Tue, 23 Mar 2010 9:46 am EDT

Everyone know that webOS 1.4 brought with it many welcomed features and additions.  Unfortunately it also brought with it a few bugs.

When 1.4 arrived, several people took notice that both the PDF View app and the Doc View app now suddenly were missing multi-touch.  Given the recent legal new with App and HTC, some worried it may have been removed intentionally.

Thankfully, Palm Tech Support employee and PreCentral forum member HardBeatZ, popped in to tell us Palm has this tracked as a bug in their system. Furthermore, a few days later, Palm's own Ben Combee posted in the official Palm forums, saying

I checked on this. The lack of pinch zoom is a bug with some common code in PDF and doc viewer that wasn't updated for 1.4, and it looks like it's been fixed for a future release.

Not only was that an unintentional bug, but it sounds as though it's already been fixed and will be in a future update (presumably webOS 1.4.1). Big ups to Palm for allowing their people to be out there in the community, letting us know we're not crazy and that fixes are coming.



Great news! Thanks!

Wird ja langsam zeit !

I agree.

Great now fix the other 20 or so bugs!!! Like when i try to hang up on a call and have to press the button five times! Or the fact that I can no longer transfer money on my bank account website because I can no longer pull down a menu in my browser. Or the fact that my battery drains just as fast as the fist OS!! I bought a Pre the day before its release to the public. Took it back because of the bugs and rebought it again almost a year later and the same bugs continue. And you wonder why Palm is going under?? This phone sucks and I will be getting aan HTC Supersonic this week or returning to Blackberry with a new 9650! Later

Strange, I don't have that problem with my Pre when I hang up on a call.
You've had the problem on two phones, but it's not a common problem for others?. Perhaps your style of touch is not suitable for a Pre :)

Indeed, he's probably still touching it like the "fist OS" to which he referred... ;)

I have the same bug with hanging up a call. Sometimes it takes 6 or 8 touches for it to even register. My batter life has improved greatly, the point that I can now leave the GPS turned on and not drain it in les than an hour! 1.4 did seem to introduce a LOT of new bugs, though...such as random reboots...3 times yesterday! Usually not that many, but at least every other day. Also introduced for me, was the WiFi to 3g bug.

I will give Palm until June to see if the phone and thier position improves before I make a switch in handset.

you'll be coming bck... Soon! Lol
every phone has it's problem.

Oh yeah...they all have problems. I am more concerned with Palm than with the phone! I don't want to be left with a phone from a dead company.

I guess by "almost a year later" you mean 9 months?

Good riddance moron.

How did this not get caught in pre-release testing? There are 1000 people working at Palm. Someone must have found this problem. I love my Pre but you have to worry when Palm drops the ball like this. Makes you wonder what big things they aren't seeing when small stuff like this is going on. If I needed to use this everyday it would be a gigantic headache.

There are 1000 people at Palm, but do you really think all 1000 are developers? Palm is a small company. I just bashed them in my other reply for not releasing small bugfixes in a timely manner, but I do realize that as a "tiny" company (compared to MS, Apple, and Google), there are going to be less resources available.

Then they should give every palm employee a pre or pixi and have them use it for a week or two before release. 1000 people using the phone for two weeks should flush out the bugs.

All 1000 are not developers but there is no reason all couldn't help by using a Pre or Pixi to help test software.

Perhaps they should give some of the more prolific developers and homebrew makers early previews of the next patches to play with. Most of the fixes I have on my Pre are from them after all.

I personally couldn't care less. I want the real deal! Full featured Docs To Go. Where is this so called "news update soon" by Dataviz????

With all the negative news lately, I think I'll start saving for a new smartphone. Sometimes I doubt whether Palm really wants to survive....

Dear Palm,

You are running a Linux system with fine grained control of applications. You can release updates for individual applications ( Doc View, PDF View, Camera, etc ) at any time. Please don't wait for big massive roll outs ( ex 1.4.1 ). Rather start rolling out low level bug fixes on an individual app basis.

- A Pre User

How about Palm slow down on the MAJOR releases and release more MINOR fixes to their MAJOR bugs?

Seriously, I'm getting a little tired of the big updates that bring 5-10 new bugs with them. If they want to do a major release, FINE, but don't wait a month or two before you fix the bugs (if at all)- that's just unacceptable.

I'm most irritated by the constant Luna resets. Hope they fix this one soon.

If anyone has found this to be related to a conflict with a particular patch, please post so that I can remove the offender.


1.4.1 where the hell are you.
Danger Alert!!!!!!!
Anyone using the 500mhz patch or 600mhz,please stop now!! It's only overheating ur phone,constant freezing,and overall messing up your device.
These patches does nothing at all. Battery save that's is joke,speed,yea! Right. Your phone work a lot better without these patches,just think! Why add something that can damage ur device.

I like that kind of communication - big advantage over the other bring them small fixes soon and don't make a big thing out of it ;-) Or bring some major things, those are of course welcome too, like editing Word docs and stuff...PIM and you know the rest ;-)...

Heads up palm

fix the camera showing the grey screen alot of the time

fix the hang up problem

fix the web broswer refreshing every 2 minutes

fix the luna restarts

fix the too many cards issue

fix the forward swipe that was broken

fix the email app where sometimes the add account screen show up when I already have emails accounts set up

that's all I can think of

fix the alarm app (alarms going off early and multiple times, or not going off at all)

Apparently 1.4.1 is with selected developers for testing. So we shouldn't have long to wait

...And the volume rocker bug that finally went away when I downgraded back to

Oh, and the too many cards issue is sad really. I got the patch (I think it was a patch) that allows you to run garbage collectors when the issue pops up and it works like a charm. Why couldn't they use this and have it auto-run after every three apps open? Voila! Cards error never to be seen again! Maybe I should work for Palm :-p

what? Anyone know the name of the patch or app that does this?

Just need the:

1) restart in luna randomly issue fixed
2) DST calendar event jumping up one hour issue fixed
3) PDF multitouch zoom fixed
4) Too Many Cards error fixed when only having 0-2 cards open

Otherwise phone is awesome!

I have my Pre with Verizon and so far it has been flawless. I have not had any issues that have been reported on this site. I updated to 1.4 the minute I got the phone and not had a problem. Hopefully Palm can resolve your issues. This is really a sweet phone and I want Palm to succeed.

For those having random luna resets: Are you running with developer mode "on" all the time?

I just disabled it.. I'll report back if I have any more issues.

Hey, what do ya know? I left developer mode on after I replace Preware after the 1.4.0 upgrade. (Due to problems I had to uninstall Preware and the pkg mgr service, so had to use QI to put them back.)

Just turned it off. Does developer mode consume significantly more resources, especially in the browser?

Great news! Palm Pre Hacks has put together a way for you to track your location through your Pre and then report your.
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Wow, that is the VERY LEAST of my (and many others') gripes about the 1.4 update. How bout the camera being ultra slow and the random restarts?

Who you talking to? The spambot? It's just a silly spambot- see the link at the end "Payday loans"?

camera is slow to load on my pre as well.
It's great that Palm people are active on this site.
Also, it seems that any app, or switching of drop down menus etc. is slower with 1.4....

I still have to remember that this phone is not even a year old, and it has been great so far. Keep going Palm........4G Pre please (-:

Good to see Palm is looking into this matter.

On a side note, will this update address the 'Document Render Failed' issues that persist in PDF view app?
Can't get any information from the forums...