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Fix "Not Enough Storage to Download" error (homebrew) 12

by Adam Marks Mon, 11 Jun 2012 6:25 pm EDT

not enough storageHave you ever tried downloading an app from the App Catalog, only to get a "Not Enough Storage to Download" error, despite checking to make sure you had plenty of storage space on the device?  Although the error message suggests clearing space on your drive by deleting music or photos, this will not help the issue if you already had enough space for the app. As it turns out, there is a bug that sometimes occurs if your /var/luna/data/downloadhistory.db gets too large, causing one of the internal drive partitions to get full. Luckily, a simple fix for this was found in our webOS Nation forums, where just need to delete that file with some simple homebrew magic.

The easiest way to fix this is by using the Internalz Pro homebrew app.  To delete that file:

  1. Open Internalz Pro
  2. Navigate to the /var/luna/data folder
  3. Find the downloadhistory.db file. Tap on it and select "Delete" and then confirm the deletion in the pop-up dialog. Alternatively, you can also swipe-to-delete the file as well and then confirm that deletion
  4. Reboot your device

Once rebooted, you should be able to install apps again. If you are still getting the error, make sure that check that you do in fact have enough storage space on your device

Thanks to @Pre2Ries on Twitter for identifying our webOS Nation Forum thread with this tip

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Kool did this last week so I could buy a app for "buy a app day" I wonder if HP was still putting major dollars into Webos this would have been a bug fix sooo long ago.

I started getting this error when I installed CM9 nightlies either official or unofficial and booted back to Webos. Once I unistalled the nightly and restored to Alpha 2 the error went away. I tried deleting the download history file which was small to begin with but it didn't work.

I have deleted the browser history file and have 12GB free space on my touchpad and I STILL get the error.

Oh well, it doesnt appear if I install everything with Preware...

I think something else is filling up my /var partition, and I even have it Metadoctored to 2gb.

Some app is filling up those 2gb like mad.

I also had this issue and deleting the downloadhistory.db file worked for about 2 weeks and then the error returned. Only a trip to the doctor solved this problem in the long term for me.

not that I'm being negative about the article - its great to make people aware of the fix, they should just be aware it isn't always a permanent one

Thank you. Well, I hope this works, but I have this problem and will try this fix tonight.

I needed to do this a few days ago. So far it looks good.

Thanks for the tip, worked for me.

Thanks for the hint!

But I wonder what is this file good for? /var/luna/data/downloadhistory.db
Is it just a db file that records all downloads since .. since the first use?
Who is reading from this db?

Why does it grow like hell and who(what app/process) manages this file?

Well, this fix worked for me till now. I've cleaned up downloadhistory.db and even filenotify.db, but I keep having the 'not enough storage to download' error.

Does anyone know if it's possible to fix this by deleting the ApplicationCache.db because it's 2.54MB

that directory is not listed in mine. I have /var/luna/preferenes only
any idea?

Used PreWare to installed InternalzPro,
When I start it, I get Error "Service does not exist: ca.canucksoftware.filemgr."
Can somebody please help. Thanks

If none of this works, you should probably see the thread in the forums titled: "No Space Left: the real cause". It gives a lot more details about the problem.

I would link you to it, but WebOSNation thinks that I'm a spammer if I link to its own forums - ugh!