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Workaround for an orphaned card 17

by Adam Marks Wed, 02 Nov 2011 12:18 pm EDT

This tip is for webOS phones only

There is a nasty bug in webOS that allows you to minimize an app to card view but still remains as an fully interactive app. You can try to switch apps but this "orphaned" card will remain in the center of the screen behind the other apps, and it will continue to accept any gestures or swipes that you make on the screen. Not only might you find yourself doing something like accidently deleting a text message, but you will find its hard to close the app because you are unable to swipe it off the screen.

In order to fix this issue and reclaim the card, you just need to make sure that you have the Full Swipe Advanced Gesture enabled on your device. As long as this enabled (if it is not, go to Screen & Lock and enable it), you first need to exit card mode by putting up an app in full screen mode. Then, just use the Full Swipe across the gesture area to quickly switch between active applications. Keep swiping until you get to the application that was within the orphaned card. If you minimize the app again, it should behave properly and allow you to move on with your multitasking.

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First, FINALLY we get something for phones. Was afraid that Precentral forgot there's still people with webOS phones and not just the Touchpad and webOS 3.0.

Second, YES this bug is really annoying. Usually what I did was just restart my phone when it happened, but by luck I found that it could be fixed using advanced gestures. I didn't think it was too widespread, but looks like enough people experience it for a post to be written about it.

It's unfortunate that HP couldn't be arsed to care about their phones. We get stuck with bugs like this, but luckily this bug has a simple solution.

How often did this happen to you and on which webOS-Version? I had the Pre, Pre+, Veer and now have the Pre 3 and this never happened to me oO

It happened on my Franken Pre 2 (Verizon) fairly frequently.

It's depressing me to read this. I moved to Android a few months ago, but this article reminds me how much I would gladly take this (once infuriating) bug with the rest of the benefits of the platform. If only there were more support. Excuse me, I have to find a desolate corner of the world to go and weep.

yes I too "downgraded" to android (Motorola Admiral) and I MISS my Pre- so much... though I still have it sitting on my desk on my touchstone and it is basically a really small Touchpad now (wifi only) :)

I did the same except I got the iphone 4s. After a week of struggling I returned the iphone and decided to get a Verizon Pre2 and put the Pre comm-board on it.

I have to say it is the best thing I have ever done. Pre2 is by far much better than Pre. It's smoother, faster and has more apps.

I am so glad that I returned the iphone before the 14 days were up.

Dude, there are Pre3's available out there on ebay and they are awesome!

yeah but Pre3 can't be converted to work on Sprint otherwise I would have done that.

Adam -- thanks for the tip - good to know. I've never experienced this ... perhaps because my phone's too old? (Pre+ running WebOS 1.4.5)

yeah pretty sure it's a 2.x problem. I never had it with my pre-, but I noticed it when I started to use a frankenpre 2.

Wow, that's odd. I've never had this on any of my phones (Pre-, Pre2, Pre3). How widespread is this, and what causes it?

Never had this issue either. Pre user since day 1, now on a franken pre2.

I have never seen this issue either. It could be one of the patches that is causing this.

Yeah, me too. It's never come up that I can remember, but I went from Pre- to Veer (for about a month) to Pre3.

I never thought of trying the full swipe, just did the Opt-Sym-R when it happened. Heh...

pretty brilliant workaround!

how weird in a pleasant way. Less then 4 hours after I first hit this bug on my Pre3 I read the work-around.