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by Adam Marks Fri, 14 Oct 2011 1:19 pm EDT

Although email on webOS is usually a smooth and pleasant (albeit non-threaded) experience, it does tend to have some issues. The most notable is the pesky Yahoo Error 1299 that will cause your email to stop syncing, but there is another issue that also causes your email to stop syncing. You can press refresh and the dots circle around the number of emails and stops without any changes, with nothing new syncing in and even your email deletions not getting sent back to the server. Sometimes, you will also notice that some of your emails may sync, but the text of the email doesn't get downloaded. This appears to be caused by one specific email that must contain some special characters or some bad code that holds up the sync process. And while we tend to notice that this hits our Yahoo email most often, it has hit Google email as well.

In order to fix this, you need to find that one email on the server and delete it or move it to a different folder. You can try accessing the mobile mail site on your phone (for example, or go to a desktop computer and access your mail from there. Try deleting a few emails at a time to find the culprit, or you can just do a mass move of the last handful of emails to another folder and check again to see if your email starts to sync again. I have found that email from the same sender has continued to cause this problem for me and I just unsubscribed from that email to "permanently" fix this issue.

It appears as if this issue (like the Yahoo 1299 problem) is no longer present in webOS 2.2 on the Pre3 or webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad, as email sync works on those devices, even though it will get held up on my Pre2. However, instead of stopping any sync from happening, that one problem email just does not get downloaded to either my Pre3 or TouchPad. So, if you have access to a Pre3 or TouchPad, one way to diagnose this problem is to compare emails between the server on the website vs the TouchPad and find the one email that does not match and delete or move it.


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What about emails, that just dont open (Yahoo emails ONLY)? You receive an error of (An error has occurred downloading this message).

This happens on my TouchPad and it started happening on 10/06/11. Is anyone looking at this issue???

I have problems with gmail all the time. The same stubborn problem carried over from 1.4.5 on the Pre- to 2.1 on the Pre2. If I have any little problem with my connection, it will lock me out and force me to go to the unlock captcha. It's beyond annoying.

Also, gmail won't work at all in VPN.

Strange, I have this problem frequently on my TP. I've never had it happen with GMail, but regularly with my Exchange account.

I haven't been able to send Yahoo mail from my TouchPad or my Pixi Plus in over two weeks. I can receive just fine, but the outbound says there is a server authentication error, my password is wrong. Impossible, because I have deleted the account and reconnected to it, which works, up until the point of sending mail. Then, it bails again. After the Yahoo calendar sync issue of last year, I am 99% of the way towards completely leaving Yahoo, whom has done my PIM/email for over a decade. That company is being run by the same great leaders as HP.

My wife has this problem regularly. It is caused by reservation confirmations send by cinestar. It's sad that this happens...

This is on a regularly Imap E-Mail account by the way, so not coupled to any of the fancy mail account thingies like gmail or yahoo. ;)

perhaps we should collect those identified emails in .eml / .txt files in the forums and send them to HP, to fix this problem for good.

i had the yahoo 1299 error on my Pre2, but was able to get it working with the suggest work around. Thankfully email is working just fine on my TouchPad.

That's a top tip - this annoyed me no end on my Pre 2. Looking forward to my Pre 3 more now.

I cannot send emails either. Syncing is fine and I get all my emails. But it wont let me send out any. Anyone have a work around besides removing account and adding it?

Correction. This happened on Pre 3 after several days using. Same happened on my Veer. Around a month use, suddenly I got this problem. Yahoo sucks! I never have such problem with GMail. Moreover Yahoo messaging using build in app on Pre3 & Veer often have sign in problem. Need to restart device to make it sign in again.

I've been having this issue for a week or so. I don't use yahoo though, i just use hotmail and gmail. I get the email i just don't get any body, i also can't send out emails anymore.

I'm having a similar issue recently with my Pre3. If my phone is only syncing back 1 month and the email is prior to that, should it fix itself, or do I still need to look for the random email that is causing the problem? What happened with mine is that sometime after uninstalling the Uber Cycling Email Dashboard patch (no idea if it's related...), one of my accounts stopped syncing full messages and I got only headers in the list view. I'm pretty sure it was my Exchange Email. I deleted the account and added it back, and I think (it's been awhile now) that it worked for a few days, but then my Yahoo account started showing up with only Header info in the list view and then both emails won't show me the body of the message when I click into them. I have tried reinstalling the patch, and just recently did an EPV and EPR to try to fix it with no luck. I REEEEEALLY don't want to have to doctor to get this back, but I'm thinking that I might have to. Any help anyone can offer would be GREAT!!!