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Fix stuck email, part deux 5

by Adam Marks Fri, 22 Feb 2013 8:14 pm EST

Email - refreshWhile email on webOS has been known to have its share of issues, from the annoying Yahoo Error 1299 or a disruptive message that prevents your email from syncing any more messages, webOS 2.2.4 on phones or webOS 3.0.5 on the TouchPad has been pretty much problem-free.  However, this writer's Pre3 has been seeing almost daily situations where the email app just continues to work (as seen by the non-stop rotating dots around email count on the top-right) and while no error message appears, neither does any new email.  The good news is that unlike the other issues mentioned above, this one has a simple fix that just requires a reboot of your device. A Luna restart is not enough to fix this, instead you will need to perform a full Device Restart or cycle the power completely off and then back on. Wait the few minutes for your device to load back up and your email should be working again. 


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I had the synching problem and notifications not arriving on time. For me luna and full reboot worked temporarily sometimes. It wasn't really fixed until I deleted and reinstalled my most used acccount

No Problem with my Pre2, however I was considering to acquire a Pre3 but after seeing so many problem I rather stay with my Pre2.

Long Live WebOS!!

I, too, was not getting my emails on my TouchPad. Fortunately, I discovered that rebooting works-for awhile. Was glad to read the post on WebOS News. It reassured me that my TouchPad had not been infected with a bug. Working normally, in other words!

I've NEVER had email issues, period. From my Pre-, my Pre 2 and my Pre 3, not ONE single issue. I have my AOL and my Gmail accounts. Not even on my touchpad I have never had issues. In fact I'm always praising how well my emails work. Are you sure these issues aren't due to something weird happening with yahoo and the way it connects with webOS?

My email account is with Verizon. No way for me to know the root cause, but glad to know the the workaround.