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Fix the "You must eject the device before using Photos" error 21

by Adam Marks Mon, 14 Mar 2011 10:29 am EDT

After accessing (and then properly ejecting) your phone from USB mode, there may be an issue where parts of the OS still thinks you are in USB mode and therefore prevents you from accessing some media on your device: the camera may not show the last picture taken and the Photos app just displays a "You must eject the device before using Photos" message. In order to fix this, you need to initiate a re-scan of the media portion of the device, which should happen automatically after you eject from USB mode. The easiest way to do this is by using the Internalz app (either the homebrew or the official webOS 2.0 App Catalog version will work), following the steps after the break.

  • Open Internalz
  • Navigate to any folder and find a file that you don't mind changing the name of (e.g. a picture or video works well)
  • Tap on the file and select "Info" from the pop-up menu
  • Tap on the name on the top of the Info Screen and change the name, even by just adding or deleting a single character
  • Tap elsewhere on the screen and choose "Yes" when you get a pop-up asking if you wanted to rename the file
  • Back-swipe out of the Info screen

In you load the Photos app back up, you will no longer see the error message but rather a spinning wheel to indicate that the device is working. After a few minutes, you will see all your photo available to you, which means that the re-scan has completed.

Does any one else have another method to fix this issue?


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I actually had this happen to me for the first time yesterday. Thanks for the tip!

This has happened to me about 3/4 of the time I eject my Pre ever since 1.4.5. The only solution I know of is to reboot the Pre. Do you know of a solution for people on 1.4.5 (and who don't want to hack the device)?

This started happening to me recently. My new procedure is to double-click the icon in the tray (I'm using Vista) that "safely removes" a USB device and follow that procedure to "safely remove" the Pre. Then I open Windows Explorer, right-click on the Pre and select "Eject" - works every time!

I was going to post in the forums a while back but never got around to it. I found that ejecting the drive twice fixes it. On a PC anyway, in "My Computer" eject the "Palm Pre" drive, then you will see your phone go out of USB mode. The drive name will then change to "Removable Disk" or something like that. Eject that too. I found that this works.

I have Windows 7, and when I eject the Pre the drive disappears so I cannot eject twice.

Happens to me when I transfer photos on my Pixi. I just restart the phone.

I still cant get my Pre 2 to show in iPhoto on my Mac. Worked fine before 2.0. Have to physically add the pics, as it isnt recognised as camera.

To me it seems like the shortcut way requires more work than the regular way of fixing this problem...which is to restart the phone. Than again, restarting the phone takes more than 5 minutes so this shortcut might be faster. This problem happens to me 9/10 times so I avoid connecting my phone to the computer as much as possible. This happens even if I don't put the phone into the usb mode and just charge it through the computer.

More than 5 minutes to restart? Are you sure it doesn't just seem like 5 minutes?

I just restarted my phone and timed it. It took four minutes and about 30 seconds. I think the reason it takes so long to restart my phone is because I have like 50 patches installed and had over 150 apps installed. This is...according to Preware. And when restarting, a full restart has to be done, and not just the luna restart.

The problem can be totally avoided by using an sftp connection into the device. I know there are instructions for this on the forums, though I'm not sure where.

I totally agree. Once you use sftp it would be the last time using cables. I not only transfer pictures, I transfer copies of my resumes and pdf files. The instructions are here.

A double eject or restart (which by the way just took 2:07 I timed it out of curiosity) seem like reasonably easy fixes to me. I mean jeez! 2:07 and your back. Slightly longer than your average commercial break.

I noticed that the last picture I take wasn't showing up. I thought I was losing pictures. I am about to doctor my Pre2 but I will try this first and see if my pictures show up.

There's a muuuuuch easier way. Download the "Advanced options in Launcher" patch, and there should be an option in the top bar's left menu to rescan.

I do have that patch...but I don't see that as one of the options. All the options I am getting is
...Enter Edit Mode
...Set As Default Page
...List All Applications
...Default Applications
...USCL Help

Am I missing something? I don't see this rescan option

There's a screenshot.

It should be right there under "Advanced Options"

Launch Preware, as soon as it starts downloading go to the top left menu, hit luna manager and then the rescan button. No need to wait until it downloads all feeds. This seems like the easiest and fastest way to me.

Well, after about 10 months of 1.4.5 tips, there aren't that many left, so it makes sense to start providing 2.x tips. But, if you want us to keep up with more 1.4.5 tips, feel free to provide you own by going to

As for this tip, this is for both a 1.4.5 or 2.x device... nothing in this is specific to 2.x

This has happened to me probably 5 times too.

My phone takes over 15 minutes to restart...

I'm not joking. It sucks.