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Fixing Classic App in webOS 1.03 - Plus New Features (Updated) 16

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:35 pm EDT

 The minor webOS 1.03 update has us pretty jazzed --not necessarily because of new features but just because we're pleased as punch that Palm is on a path to rapidly updating the Pre as necessary.

There was one bump in the road, however: lots of users reported that the PalmOS Emulator Classic ceased to work properly after the update.  This was because part of the update changed the Classic App to version 1.1, which has some changes .

Luckily, MotionApps has put up a blog post and an FAQ on the issue to help you get Classic working again.  In our forums bitimage has a bit more detailed walkthrough of a good method for getting things back on track.  

One happy side effect of the 1.1 update: new features! You can now use the pinch multitouch gesture inside classic to zoom in on PalmOS apps as well as drag the screen around while zoomed in! Also be sure to check out the Preferences for Classic (under Menu -> Options) where you can set your emulation mode, toggling "turbo" and sound modes -- not to mention Alarm Mode:

If the Alarm is ON, system will automatically launch Classic when some Palm OS application has an alarm scheduled.

It's worth noting that sound support in Classic is still "experimental," so use it with caution.

Update: File Under "yipes."  A few readers have sent in an email detailing just what happened here with regard to Classic and the 1.03 update.  It appears that support for the new and improved 1.1 version of Classic was included in the update, but that Palm left out some "critical files" and that's what's causing the Blue Screen bugs people are running into.  The FAQ entry at MotionApps has the deets on how to get yourself up and running again:

1. Connect your Palm Pre via USB cable to the computer

2. Select USB Drive mode on Pre's screen

3. Delete all files from folder "ClassicApps/Install/" on Pre's drive and make sure it contains no files

4. Disconnect the Pre from USB cable and start Classic.

Note that with the 1.1. version, the installation method for PalmOS apps has changed a bit, see here for more details.  

...Major bummer all around.  We truly appreciate the rapid update schedule, Palm, but perhaps hiring an extra bug tester or two would be a good idea.



Okay that was strangely unsatisfying. I'll never understand why people like to do that so much...

9 out of 10 of them were always last be be picked for dodge ball.

"There was one bump in the road, however" -- actually, there were two bumps. A number of us have phones that are unable to either detect or download 1.0.3 due to a failure of the Pre to recognize that its profile has been verified, even though the phone still does backups. Some people have been able to correct the problem. Some, like me, so far have not.

Boy...slow day. Not only that...I'm beginning to think all these updates does very little. First and foremost this is a phone, and that means the phone portion has to work flawlessly and quickly. I'm finding the phone is a pain in the ass to use now. I've been annoyed before, but it's gotten worse. When someone calls it's just react too slow. By the time I get to answering the phone the other person already hung up. The phone app is slow. The ways in which you answer the phone is slow. There needs to be 1 way to answer the phone and it has to work quickly. We don't need 3 or 4 ways to answer the damn phone.

When the phone rings I have to see if I am I locked or unlocked. Do I click on the button or drag the button up. Is my screen off, do I need to turn on my screen first and then pick up the phone. There's too much to decide just to answer a damn phone. I'm beginning to think that Palm made one huge mistake in leaving out a dedicated phone button. It's a phone for god's sake.

Palm needs to fix's very annoying. I had calls coming in and my screen was off for some reason, when I click on the power button, the screen came on but it says I rejected the call. That is annoying, I have had other instances where trying to answer calls resulted in hangups or missed calls.

I have to agree that the Pre like the Treo 755p sucks at managing phone calls. Have you been on a 3 way call and wanted to just hang up the second call you made while keeping your original call connected? GOOD LUCK with that one. You have to hang up everyone. Now that sucks. Ok, so let's say you say "fine, no need to hang up the 2nd call" and just let it keep counting time...When another call comes in you can hear it but you can't see it or answer it... WTF is that? Are you kidding me? Not to mention that since you can't hang up that 2nd call, you can't make a new 3-way call unless you hang up your original caller even though they are the only one you are talking to. This complication with this phone damn near makes 3-way calling a useless feature. No other phone that I've ever used handles 3-way calling this horribly! And, I can go back 15 years in cell phone use...Come on Palm, don't advertise 3-way calling if it really doesn't work. Don't give me the option.

Are you sure it's not just a defective unit?

I've never had that problem. Phone app works fine for me. Screen comes on when the phone rings. Open slider, tap answer button.

I'm glad to have Classic back since I depend on it so much, but I find the new version is less stable, even with sound and turbo off. A game like Zuma crashing is one thing, but I've actually had SplashMoney blue screen it a couple of times. It doesn't happen often, but it never happened at all before.

I depend on SplashMoney via Classic as well. Sort of regret dropping $30 for such a buggy app. Since there is no way to sync or backup data from Classic, adding transactions to SplashMoney and then having it crap out a week later with no way to retrace what I did really sucks.

Hoping SplashData will port SplashMoney over soon so I can dump Classic.

I also am waiting for SplashMoney. I didn't even TRY it with Classic, because I knew its not worth playing with.

I'm surprised none of the comments discussed the pinch/zoom functionality that was added. That is the $#!+, man!

It seems to me that this would make Docs2Go via Classic almost doable. Hell, QUITE doable.

eWallet Application

I've relied upon eWallet, an encrypted database storage utility application, for a number of years. With the Pre I've been unable to Install and use it. I was in the process of installing it via Classic when I installed the 1.0.3 update which "Kabashed" that. Now I don't have Classic or eWallet installed and in fear of trying it again. Any forthcoming word on the Pre's ability to work with eWallet? I still have to use my Treo755P for my eWallet file work.

Anyone else out their an eWallet user, and who has the same problem, or even better has had a successful installation and use of eWallet?

I agree the 3way sucks that hasn't changed tho the centro handled the 3way the same exact way and I used that 4 past two years... I actually still use my centro though its not connected to my sprint account 4 doc2Go... I would love to see a word processor on the pre, I have no real complaints about my pre I bought mine opening day didn't have to wait thanx to a radio shack in brooklyn that was kind of hidden on court st. Lol, Only problem I had was that battey defect and after the first update released (I believe that night or or morning after opening day I had no problem) maybe being a UBUNTU linux user I'm more accustomed to the kind of things that will occur with this phone... A program may not work or update will have problems like if ur connection (internet) goes dead you may need to delete entire program and re-install due to files being corrupted during download especially since there is no "resource management app" to address things such as broken packages... I say if ur not to big, or don't understand linux don't go altering your phone too much until we get outta beta... The perks will come down the line... This phone has much promise... And great things comes to those with patience... Get the whole "destroy the iphone" thing out of your head and wait... Like a buddist monk... Lol

--sent from my Palm Pre

Regarding EWallet, I echo your same almost identical sentiments except I have resisted taking the Classic Plunge yet because of the problems you had and the question of updating it with my computer. I have contacted the manufacturer (Ilium) and a Pre version is just hitting their radar scope, it seems. They just released an iPhone version recently! I've got hundeds of items in EWallet, dymanic and change multiple times a week as more and more places require continual updates to passwords or new sites appear with their own unique requirements and combinations.

I've got the same issue with Pocket Quicken. I have considered returning the Pre and continuing to limp along with my 700p. At least it is fully functional. And the lack of ability to convert Tasks and Memos, and update them on something other than the Pre, is absolutely maddening.

I was hoping to at least maintain the same functionality rather than take a gigantic step backward with the upgrade to the Pre. The other new features are simply cool, however, and I know, with time, just like the iPhone and their App Store, things will settle down.

Is there any way to tell when an email is new rather than an old one? With my treo and with the iphone you can tell at a glance when there is a new unread email (e.g., a little blue dot next to the new messages on the iphone). But on the Pre, all the emails are on the screen with nothing to distinguish old from new emails. I am using gmail now, because the Pre is not compatible with my work server (argh), so I don't know if that makes a difference.

The Classic ROM Updater seems to put a .txt file in ClassicApps/Install if you run it a second time from within Classic accidentally, which crashes it.

It could be a terrific, powerful program, but they've got to clean out contradictory instructions. It says to put .prc apps in the ClassicApps folder, the ClassicApps/Install folder in another place, and in ClassicApps/Palm/Launcher/Install folder. The software that looks for .prc files puts a stray file in a folder that shouldn't exist because of confusion. The blue screen of death tells you to remove offending software files that disappear necessitating a hard reset or complete removal of the software. My trial period was marked with momentary success, and repeated crashes. I went ahead and purchased it on faith as it still wasn't functioning when my trail was up.

Now the website claims it'll run thousands of pieces of software, but the program warns me each time I launch any of mine that it isn't Classic approved. Which ever ones are Classic approved don't add up to thousands. It isn't very elegant to load files into Classic/Palm/launcher/Install.