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by Adam Marks Tue, 30 Nov 2010 10:12 pm EST

Email - All Flagged Flagging an email message is a great way to keep track of those important email messages that you don't want to lose track of, regardless of what folder or account that message may be on in your device. While you can always move emails to a specific folder or try to type-to-search to organize/locate an email, it may take extra time to try and find that one specific message you are looking for.  Luckily, flagging an email will consolidate all your important emails in one spot to get to easily in the future.  To learn how to use these email flags, continue reading after the break.

In order set a to flag, just open up an email message and swipe down from the top-left corner to bring down the Email Application dropdown menu and select Set Flag. You can also use the Meta-tap shortcut by press-and-holding the Gesture Area and pressing G on the keyboard. A little flag ( Email Flag )will appear on the subject line of the message and will also be shown on the left of the message when viewing the list within a specific folder.  Once you set a flag, following these same steps will allow you to remove that flag.

Email - Set All Flagged So, once you set the flag, what is the easiest way to then find these messages?  All you need to do is to toggle the "All Flagged" folder in your email by once again swiping down from the top-left corner from anywhere within the Email app to bring down the Email Application dropdown menu.  Now, just select "Preferences & Accounts" and toggle "All Flagged" to ON. Once you go back to the main view of your mailbox folders, a new "All flagged" folder will appear that will consolidate all the flagged emails from all your email accounts and folders.

Note that these flags may or may not sync back to your email account; flags in webOS will sync as stars in Gmail, but don't sync back to Yahoo. Also, this will only show messages that are on your phone, so if the message is removed because your account only syncs email from the last 2 weeks, for example, it will not show up in the "All flagged" folder.

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It would be nice if these flags on the phone translated nicely to flags (Exchange) or stars (Gmail) on the server side. I personally do not find flags all that useful.

Flagging does actually sync back to Exchange as well as Gmail... at least, it does here.

Flags actually DO sync back to your e-mail server if you use Gmail. They show up as stars on the Gmail side. I know it works, because I just tried it :)

While I don't use flags often, they sometimes come in handy. I recently rediscovered this feature and have been using it occasionaly. I especially like it for emails that have addresses or conference call info that I will need weeks later. Instead of scrolling through weeks of email, I can just use the all flagged email option to find it immediately. Good tip!

Maybe it's just me, but I like to save relevant phone numbers and addresses in the associated calendar event or contact entry. I guess flagging the e-mail is probably quicker, though. To each his/her own!

I usually do that as well, but for meeting notifications that include more info than I want to bog the calendar app down with, I'll just flag it.

Besides Gmail, flags reliably sync back on all my generic, ISP-hosted IMAP accounts.

I wouldn't expect them to sync back to a POP server (which may reflect Adam's experience.)

EDIT: Oops..you are correct. it does sync back to gmail, but not for my yahoo account! I updated the Tip

Yep, they also go back to my ISP-based account (set up as IMAP).

Flagging e-mail is a term for blocking e-mail. Why choose a term that could easily be replaced by favorite, starring, etc. When one flags an e-mail he does not wish to receive e-mail from that sender. Hopefully HP will change this and work with the normal standards in the E-mail world a bit.

Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook/Exchange, and tons of other email services use "flags" for important emails. It's much more common than starring, which is mainly used by Gmail.

Somewhat related:

Does anybody know if we will *EVER* get support for automatically alerting on more than just 'inbox' with imap? I'd even settle for just checking folders marked as favorites. The whole POINT of imap is to let us check mail, filter, etc, all in one place, regardless of which device we are checking with. Not checking my other folders on the phone means I have to create another account to forward to, just for the phone, and have to manage my email in multiple places. Lame.