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Flash on webOS still in the works, Adobe wants you to know 56

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Jul 2010 1:12 pm EDT

Flash on webOS

Reader klubhead is the first of many to let us know that Adobe has changed the default "Flash doesn't work yet" message you get when you tap a Flash element on a webOS phone to the newer official statement we got from Palm earlier this month:

Adobe and Palm continue to work together to bring Flash Player 10.1 to WebOS as quickly as possible. At present, the integration work between the Player and WebOS is undergoing extensive testing to ensure we deliver a high quality implementation.

m.flash.com Want a preview of what you can expect from Flash on your webOS device? Well, the you should point your browser to m.flash.com. Oh, wait, you thought I meant on your phone? That’s not what I meant - go to your desktop where you’ve already got Flash installed, and go to m.flash.com. Then you can check out Flash for mobile.

Sarcasm aside, the Adobe Flash showcase for mobile gives a preview of several premiere Flash-enabled websites that we have great expectations for functionality should Flash ever actually arrive on webOS. In the meantime, we’re going to sit here and shrink our browser windows down to tiny and pretend we’re using our phones...

Thanks to @JohnLBurger, klubhead, nascar_fan, and Nathan and to our own Jonathan Ezor!



Very cool!

when will I get flash damn it ?!!!!!
lol... Just kidding.
patience grasshoppers!

still waiting, insert jeopardy music here... :)

if I don't get flash right now..... I'm going to put baby pre in the corner!!!! Go ahead... I dare you to refuse me...And yes, it will be on YOUR conscious ;-)
done... That did it... We should be getting flash anyminute now.
no more threats or despair necessary.

Honestly, who even cares anymore?

This has been drawn out so much, it doesn't even matter anymore.

ya that's right.. Notice Adobe changes their tune when it's no longer Palm the independent company but now Palm the subsidiary of HP...

looks like Adobe don't wanna mess with HP... Lol

HP can finally put their foot down and threaten to smack Adobe around a little bit. Poor Palm couldn't because they were just a small, semi-struggling company with little market share. I wouldn't want to mess with HP either.

They changed it because the end of the first half of the year was today. The message was out of date starting today and to cover it's inability to deliver on its deadline they put up a generic "you'll get it when ever its done or we run out of $ for developing it" message.

When the HP pressure really begins, then we'll see another date/general time for release.

Suggestion to Webster:

adobe: v. To miss a dead line by a significant amount.

Example: Adobe really adobed it's WebOS flash release.

Wow that was awesome. Made me chuckle, thanks!

i feel like i have had this question answered before but... when, and if, Flash comes to WebOS, will it be coming to the Pixi, or just the Pre?

since its "coming to WebOS" it will work with both Pre & Pixi because both use WebOS although I'd imagine it would work a little differently for the Pixi and not for the better

I said it once, and ill say it again. BLACK MESA


I still say "Best reference yet." :D

Thats what all this feels like. Black Mesa will be awesome if/when it ever comes out. Black Mesa has no release date, and has given release dates but not made them. So now we have Black Mesa that says, it will be out when its done.

Replace "Black Mesa" with "webOS" rinse and repeat. LOL.

Duke Nukem Forever also comes to mind...

No... It's all about Aperture Science

The difference this is we actually have seen Portal 2 gameplay. All Black Mesa gave out was Images, and Test Videos. Not actually Gameplay.

Portal 2 was delayed till first half 2011, I don't expect we will see it delayed again. Afterall, this isn't half life episode 3 were talkin about here heh.


Finally, an appropriate place where all the "Flashers" can post their comments about Flash on WebOS. ;) Yea!


HTML5 FTW !!!!

do the people at adobe get paid? Because I know that if I don't finish projects at work they find people who can, and I'm without a job? I know it's not all as simple as that but seriously this has taken the time required for such a thing beyond over due. Time to fire some adobe employees if I was them.

Always glad to help ;) .. at least Adobe is acknowledging the situation rather than just assuming our still non-existent flash support for the first half of the year went unnoticed.. hopefully its coming verrrry soon

Big deal, who cares, by the time it's ready for WebOS, there's gonna be new hardware lurking out there from palm and people will be whining about a release date for that. Then when adobe does release flash, thell be whining about the battery being dead in an hour, then thell be whining about the bugs in flash....

I won't be at all suprised if we don't get flash on webos till new hardware. Perhaps the delay is now in palms court becuase flash on webos 1.0 hardware didn't live up to expectations of palm and now were waiting on the 2.0 hardware that is expected to be delivered later this year.

i am starting not to like adobe...seriously. hurry up

HTML5 fluck Flash


I'm gonna puke Why did they say by first half of 2010 if they can't deliver ****ing Liars


I take back what i said the preview was amazing...please get it right so Steve Jobs can eat crow

One of the reasons i bought this phone is for flash and it looks like it will never happen way to go plam and adobe you really failed on this one its just one lie after another with
adobe its just one thing after another and im sick of it

(YAWN) Bring the HTML5 Flash is so Web 1.5

Yeah forget flash. When WebOS get flash, some phones will be up-to-date with HTML5. WebOS always get the last portion of the meal.

Why, oh why, we have to be soooo late??

I thought - Adobe made it known that Flash was done and in the hands of Palm to distribute. I thought we were beyond the R&D stage at this point. No???


Why are we back in R&D mode with Flash. Didn't they announce it was with Palm?

I know that what I heard/read too!

I guess I will just hold my breath for flash.. Will I look good in blue?

Oh no, internal code name for "Flash on webOS" - "Flash Nukem Forever"

(Edit: Strange: when I posted this it was around the 10th comment. How did it get way down here? )

screw this....my android using friends have flash lite so why cant we...maybe they cant play games with it but they can at least get a 3rd party hulu app to work.

I'd seriously take a buggy version of Flash at this point. Put it in the beta feeds already and let the tinkerers do with it what they want. I've doctored my phone 4 times since owning it and it's still rocking. I'll take my chances already. Damn! I'd say we know the risks. Just show the die hards some love.

Never mind. Link is working now.

forget the kudos for acknowledement... they had a long time to work on this. no excuses.

im starting to not care whether it comes out or not anymore. im starting to go with apples side and say screw adobe.

ill start rooting on and push for html 5 just to spite adobe since they kept us hanging for so long.

i hope adobe is looking the peoples response. the more kudos we give them, the longer they will take.

long live apple, hail html 5

okay well enough of my ranting.

Too little, too late. With Hulu now going premium, by the time Flash hits WebOS, all you will be able to watch will be old episodes of Knight Rider and The Love Boat.

man FUCK adobe..just let me know when its out..every 5-6 months adobe on webos..all i need now is slingbox..

do we care anymore....?

at least every porn lover cares. everybody else... dont care!

My battery life is horrendous enough, already, really. I can't think of anything in Flash that I'm missing, anyway.

I will believe it when i see it till then i am not holding my breath...

Wish they'd hurry up about it. Far as I know, Flash is needed in order for SlingPlayer Mobile to come to webOS. And I WANT SlingPlayer Mobile on my Pre!

Seriously, HPalm should just leap frog Adobe and join a host of others

Just downloaded Flash 10.1 Beta for WebOS from the AppScoop site. Is it really a valid Flash beta?
The app is called Flash 10.1 Installer.

its a fake, i just tried it.

Well Android not only supports Flash, they have the beta in the marketplace. Also, Sprint apparently is allowing me to switch phones after just one year, which I will be doing shortly.

"A beta of the Flash 10 browser plug-in for Froyo is available in the Android Market; search for Flash there to download it. It works just the way you'd expect."


I can see the app on the store ,actually it is bullshit,there is nothing swindler.