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Former HP CEO Leo Apotheker joins board of French IT company Steria 35

by Derek Kessler Fri, 01 Jun 2012 8:05 pm EDT

Former HP CEO Leo Apotheker joins board of French IT company Steria

Sometimes we're privileged to watch somebody go down in flames. If you're watching from the outside, it can be pretty amusing. If you've got chips in the game, it's galling and terrifying. But typically, you never expect to see that person again. It's a combination of stigma amongst those who watched it happen, and what we imagine would be utter embarrassment of the fallen.

Not so for former HP CEO Leo Apotheker. After his eleven month reign of terror at the head of the world's largest technology company, Apotheker got the boot in favor of board member and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. It wasn't until later that we saw just how much of a disaster HP was internally under Apotheker, though we saw plenty of the external signs. Apotheker went down in the kind of flames that made the reentry of Mir look like a kid with a sparkler running around in the back yard on the Fourth of July. He's the guy we though we would never ever see or hear from again, especially following his move back to France.

Nope. We were wrong. So very wrong. Leo's back. French IT company Steria appointed Apotheker and Laetitia Puyfaucher to their board last month, making the announcement today. In addition to her new position with Steria, Puyfaucher is the co-founder and chairwoman of global communications agency WordAppeal. Apotheker, we know him too well. Steria General Manager François Enaud, well, we're not going to judge him too harshly, because we really know nothing about him (or really Steria, for that matter), but he might not know Apotheker that well...

"Given the widespread changes underway in our industry, Leo's expertise in strategic planning and Laetitia's in image development will be precious assets for our group."

Maybe they don't get CNBC in France?

Source: Steria; Via: The Verge



what ?

Once again, a mad German is poised to destroy the French.

cant say much has improved since then.... guess i really dont know what to think about the future of webos and webos phones.


oh!!! i get it... maybe the company wants to go out of business... and this is the fastest way they found.... haahaah...


the one that recommended or hire Leo is really pissed with this company.....


this is a sign of the Aphocalypse..... is the Aphothekalypse...

or the board of that company is full of idiots...

or many other STUPID things... i have no words to tell...

we should warn the employees, they MUST start a strike to that company...
it is not too late to save the jobs of innocent people!!!!


PS: and what about this... it's from the Steria site's link in the source...

"We are delighted and proud to have Leo Apotheker and Laetitia Puyfaucher join our supervisory board. I am really looking forward to benefiting from their experience."

i get it !!!...

the want Leo's experience CRUSHING, and MASHING companies...

they are planning to ask advice to Leo and then they'll make shure to do the opposite,
this is the only reason i found logic, this is the only way they'll be shure to be in the right way to succed...


Is her name really pronounced "poo-ee-fawker"?


Shocked and appalled YES. Surprised that he would resurface not really. Low Lifes like him seem to just keep coming back. Just goes to show you it's not what you know, it's WHO you know. Unlucky Leo must have some friends(?) or dirt (more then likely) on the BOD.

Now I got to find that companies stock ticker symbol and watch it sink.

Bit harsh to call him a lowlife. I met him when he was at HP; he was pleasant enough and said some of the right things, but here was a man WAY out of his depth.

People at his perceived level will never have a problem getting another job at that level. This world operates on two levels; one where most of us inhabit where if we screw up we get fired and, if we screw up badly enough, find it hard to get another job, and the world of directors where past errors don't seem to matter quite so much.

At senior levels it IS about who you know, or possibly what you know about who you know :)

So what exactly did Steria USED to do before going belly up?

Come on guys! You don't need to be that rough on him... oh wait... yes you need!!!



Maybe the one who hired him is TRYING to bring down the company. =P

Any bets on if this company implodes financially within a year? I was wondering how Leo would survive on that tiny golden umbrella he got after the last Aphothekalypse (love that term bluerq)

hahahahaha... thanks!!



dude that picture is so freaky. not sure if i should be scared or angry.

He must have bribed someone to give him his job. He will destroy that company just like he did HP. I believe this is the companies stock page on yahoo

I wonder what will happen? Hmmm Stupid french company (No offense to french people)

Stupid Leo...

We hate you so much!!!

You don't have an idea!!!

Leo - by his history - is anything but stupid.

He made his way to the top of SAP, somehow with business skills that were lacking - if one was to put it nicely.

And then HP came around, and he took a hardware giant, and told the world that the company was going in a different direction. Normal folks just shrugged. Shareholders realized they had an idiot on their hands.

So Leo treks his ass out - dragging 7 million gold coins - and lands at some company called "Sterilized" or Steria ... whatever. They oughta be. Or they will be.

So ... to make a long story short .... Leo's making more money then pretty much anybody here. Which hard as that is to acknowledge, the real question is ... how does he keep getting these gigs.

Can't be the Laurel & Hardy routine.


Not the Laurel & Hardy routine, but "Springtime for Hitler" from The Producers....

Somebody needs to send Steria a few webOS Nation links... and quickly!!

Haven't even read the article yet, just wanted to say I'm glad you post his picture so often. That way there'll surely be no way I can mistake him if I ever see him... Pop him a good one I will.

and another one from me, hahahahaah....


hey... someting on twitter... haahjahaha

the #Aphothekalypse has begun!!!



um yeah nice news

I'm not a Leo fan... But, I will say this, afer I read this article published by Fortune Magazine:

I guess I feel like Leo screwed up pretty bad -- but was also a victim of what I would consider the ultimate death spiral that HP was seemingly locked in... He wasn't the main problem. Very sad indeed.

I would not put all my eggs into a single basket (article) about what actually went down at HP. There are plenty of others that tell a different story including many comments made by HP employees that state the stories this blogger wrote differ from what was going on internally. I'm sure there is some truth in there but it's really impossible to know what transpired unless you were specifically involved.

I agree; the article is interesting but definitely differs from what was happening, and being communicated, internally.

HP remains in something of a turmoil. Even now, there's no real strategy, and the later announcements re layoffs have not gone down well internally.

leo did the right thing killing webos (that hp should never had bought) and trying to get hp out of the small profit margins ps business.

The board and shareholders all beg to differ.

We might see some hy'steria with the Steria shareholders soon.


He will drag this company to the ground!!!!!

Another one bites the dust>>>>>>LOL

Time to sell your stock in Steria :-p

A pox on his testicles.

One thing to point out here is that Apotheker will NOT be running Steria or coming anywhere close to doing so. He will not be CEO, or on their Board of Directors. Instead he has been appointed to their Supervisory Board, the role of which, amongst other things, is to collectively provide advice on major strategic directions of the company to their Executive Committee.

There are 10 people on Steria's Supervisory Board; Apotheker's voice will be one amongst many, and maybe this role will be more appropriate to his skill set.

WTF!?!?!? HE'S STILL ALIVE?!?!?!?!? PLEASE, SOMEBODY KICK HIS ASS!!! Or send him (Leo Idiotheker) my way, I will definitely kick his fraking ass!!!