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Former HP CTO Phil McKinney taking over CableLabs as the President and CEO 7

by Derek Kessler Thu, 31 May 2012 8:53 am EDT

Former HP CTO Phil McKinney taking over CableLabs as the President and CEO

At HP, Phil McKinney served as the Chief Technology Officer and was responsible for driving innovation across the company's product platform. As such, he was a pretty big fan and supporter of webOS after HP's purchase of Palm. Even though he wasn't directly involved, you might say he was the cheerleader in chief. He was a force within the organization, though the changes that struck HP over the past few years clearly were starting to wear on the man. By the end of 2011, McKinney had retired from HP, setting out to work on his first book and spending more time working on personal projects.

Six months later, things are changing again for McKinney, with his new appointment as President and CEO of CableLabs. If you follow the television news space, you might have a passing familiarity with CableLabs as the not-for-profit research-and-development organization funded by the cable companies. McKinney's innovation and creativity-driven philosophy will fit in perfectly at CableLabs, whose on mission is to drive innovation in the television space. CableLabs has been responsible for DOCSIS internet, CableCard and Tru2way, and other "that's awesome!" innovations that the cable companies stomp out for fear of jeopardizing the precious control over the end user (you). We could go and on about how the cable companies quash and handicap a lot of the innovation that comes out of CableLabs (for instance, CableCard was supposed to allow you to plug a simple PC Card - remember those? - size card into the back of your TV and get full cable access without needing a stupid box and another remote, but that never went anywhere), but that's for another blog at another time... 

We wish Phil all the best luck at CableLabs - it should be a good fit for the man who brought HP the BlackBird and FireBird desktops, the Envy laptops, and fancy-pants flexible displays.

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Ah Derek speak for yourself. I have a cablecard in my pc watching and recording my shows in HD. I will agree that the Cable operators have alot to be blamed for it's lousy adoption. Lets not forget M$ in all this. Vista first had cable card support that is as long as it was a machine approved by cable labs and cost in excess of a grand. Then just as they get it right with Win7 here comes Win8 and not only is it out it more then likely won't be in it ever. Tru2Way is a good idea that seems nobody be it the manufactures or the cable industry is supporting.

I wish Phil all the luck in the world. He's going to need it in there.

Best of luck Phil, and thanks for all the cheerleading!

Ditto what mech1164 said above. I don't have a cablebox any more. I've got a HTPC with a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime with three tuners that takes a CableCARD.

No monthly cable box rental fees, DVR, and the ability to add storage as I see fit.

I realize that public adoption is low as TV manufacturers haven't picked up on it. Perhaps they are paid by the cable companies to keep people locked into rental boxes which are around $200 a year on Comcast.

OpenWebOS DVR software (modified from MythTV maybe), combined with some hardware that accepts a CableCARD would be interesting.

I do like that idea, imagine if Kinect use was integrated to allow gesture controls....

here in mexico the cable boxes are free... at least in my State... you just have to ask for it... or they give it to you when you upgrade to Premium plans... HBO, MovieCity and Adult Channels... is a shame that they charge you for them.... and yes!!! Open webOS [[[ ]DVRs will rock... bye bye Google TV... and Apple TV...

congrats to Phil McKinney...

but... he was at PSG, and worked to get the Envy Line out,
but the Envy line came from VoodooPC... ...

Voodoo PC was founded by Raul Sood... , i recommend reading his blog... the Last Computer that was sold under the Voodoo Naming was the Voodoo Envy 133.... and the HP Firebird with VoodooDNA...

now they are only named HP Envy... and they are very good... specially the newest HP Envy 17 3D... ...


For every webOS and/or HP "top dog" that finds a new master, the chances that one remembers why he/she was here, is one more chance they will - as "top dog" somewhere else - breathe some life into webOS.

As long as Homebrew / Internals/ Phoenix / whoever ..... can keep the ship running - and maintain it - the opportunity to stick around long term improves. With grass-root talents tuning it into a solid and stable OS - a future with webOS in it, could surprise some.

The strength in webOS lies in its' synergy - which apparently - seems to reflect that one stop shopping that humans aspire to.

I could go along and wish some good luck to Phil... But... No! I wishing all my good luck to webOS!!! Buajajajajajaja! LONG WILL LIVE webOS!!!

P.S.: Just joking Phil, good luck!