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Former Palm CEO Donna Dubinsky talks about Palm's 'seven lives', looks forward to its next phase 13

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 05 Jul 2010 8:32 am EDT

Former Palm CEO Donna Dubinsky has an opinion piece in Silicon Valley based MercuryNews where she looks back over Palm's history as a company and as an innovator since its inception in 1992, and looks forward to Palm's next phase as a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard.  

Dubinsky, who co-founded Palm with Jeff Hawkins, ruminates about Palm's "seven lives" by looking at its history as an independent company and as a subsidiary of several companys, about Jeff Hawkin's vision of Handhelds being the next seachange in computing before there were lithium-ion batteries, low powered processors, and even much of a public internet, and looks forward to Palm's impact on the mobile computing space in its new role at HP.

She goes on to cite numerous breakthroughs and innovations that came from Palm, including one of the first mobile browsers that could view most webpages in a satisfactory fashion, a large-display hand-held computer with no keyboard and many more.  She also cites the reason for such a long and varied track record of innovation: great people and a great culture.  (This is an area where HP clearly agrees with Dubinsky, as Palm will function as a simi-autonomous business unit inside of the tech behemoth.)

Hit the source link for the full article, it's a good read.

Source: MercuryNews; thanks to Isaac for the tip!


passed up chance for 1st . . . NOT!

yeah..... Sooo..... Anybody know where the update is?

Hp is there Pimp now. Lol

With a HUGE bankroll and Penthouse Suite and Solid Control in at least Half of the world. :-) Sorli...

I enjoyed Donna Dubinsky

yeah, I know where your patch is.

I saw this link in the forums. She did a great job of highlighting Palm's historic contributions to the hanheld market. You can sense that she is proud of Palm's accomplishments. You can also sense that she is aware of how unaware people are on Palm's accomplishments. She mentions "Now that Palm is a part of HP, I hope that its seventh life will have as much impact on the world as have the previous six.". Its sounds like she is defending Palm, stating that Palm was a major innovator / contributor to the handheld market even though it failed to continue as an independent Company.I also liked this statement:
"A great product culture also tolerates failure. Palm always developed both evolutionary products

I can't actually access the article, but I would say that there's one danger in the "It takes several iterations to get things right" approach: That's a luxury that small companies don't normally have. That seems to be what put Palm in this position in the first place.

I think Palm's best hope is to produce a slightly larger version of the Pre, with a microSD slot and a front-facing camera. Also, while people may disagree with this, I think that Palm really needs to ramp up in-house development of apps. WebOS clearly isn't keeping pace with Android and the iPhone OS, and WebOS needs to be seen as a serious platform before it'll generate that kind of excitement.

nice article and great commentary

Well said clutch1222!

Very nice article...we don't get credit for what we've done enough. All the innovations and breakthroughs...everyone is going apple or android...i am really scared for them. i can't wait to see what Palm comes up with now. THEY are the leaders of the wireless world because without Palms innovations, they wouldn't be.

From a m100 pda in 2000 to a Pre Plus in 2010 with a m105, z22, and T|X along the way, it's amazing what I as a Palm fan have witnessed. I'm so happy Palm has survived and can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring!

That's a "semi-autonomous" business unit, right?