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by Robert Werlinger Thu, 19 Nov 2009 3:01 pm EST

Palm Pixi and Palm Pre

The PreCentral forums are a great spot for discussing all things Palm, and forums member hparsons posited an interesting question: how has Pre ownership changed how you use your phone for the better?

Pre users are a varied bunch, and we've got to expand the definition now to just webOS users now that the Pixi is making its way into hands across the United States. For some, this is their first smartphone. For others, webOS is another notch in their belt when it comes to smatphone platforms.  Regardless of your background, webOS brings with it a set of features including top notch web browsing, social media integration, and intuitive notifications in a unique way that's bound to change the way you approach this oft-used appliance.

Some of the common themes in the discussion include changes in the way users are approaching music, "the cloud", social networking, and web browsing on their devices. One forum member is reporting that 25 - 30% of the web browsing they used to do on their PC is now done from their phone.  Another is reporting that they've moved their calender and sync need entirely too the cloud, which before webOS was a daunting proposition.

So, tell us in the comments just how owning the Pre has changed your phone/internet/social media habits!



I respond to me email even faster. i'm also addicted to twitter now. not always having to carry and ipod with me is good too, it sucks that my pre only has 8 gb because I have about 100 gb of music on my computer.

Yeah, email works quicker. But I still carry my Treo for contacts and calendar that I can't share with the cloud. And I don't do complicated phone actions any more (conference, etc) nor do I use it for sling or parachat.

So, now I carry two devices where I used to carry one and I have to park the Pre for recharging rather than carry it with me all day. However, for special events, I'm a little less likely to drag my camera around.

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why would you ever need to carry more than 4 or 5 gigs of music on your phone. IMO listening to the same songs over and over again gets boring so I actually like going to my computerr and updating my Pre's music every month or so. I mean do you really need more than 8 gigs of storage. I know Iphone users with 16 gig storage and haven't even used 5 gigs of their storage yet! IT'S a phone and its pretty awesome the things that it can do. I've had days where I'm searching the net, responding to emails and texts, all while listening to stereo bluetooth. That's just awesome to be able to do all of that stuff simultaneously with a phone! And, not to mention, I can take the phone calls too. This phone is just awesome!

a great way to get around the music limit is ampache. WebOS has two clients, ampachpre and ampache mobile.

Well for one, I've realized getting a new phone once a month is not as nice as it sounds.

I would have to agree with Calcetin. I never used Twitter until I bought by Pre. I love the apps for Twitter allowing me to follow my friends closer than before. Probably the my most improved aspect of my tasks is my email responses. I have sent emails through an exchange account, received and reviewed a pdf proof of a brochure design, and contacted a print house via a Gmail account all while sitting at a bar having a beer. My productivity as jumped exponentially.

A note to app builders. I would love to see an app allows me to budget a set amount of money per week and allow me to enter expenses. I've seen several iphone apps that do this, and I think this would be a fantastic addition to the app catalog.

+2... me want this app

Checkbook Beta in homebrew doesn't work for you?

I browse a lot more now on the pre than on my previous Motorola Q. Last month, my data usage was more than 5 gigs! I have started watching more youtube videos, listening to a lot more internet radio (pandora and accuradio), emailing and chatting (gmail chat especially, I so almost all my chatting on the pre now). And of course, I've started listening to all the music I had on the computer but never really listened to. But true, it has changed my browsing habit and while at home, I use the pre than my laptop for browsing news etc.

This is the first phone I've had with actual data connectivity beyond e-mail and it has had a big effect on what I do with the device. My Treo had a trivial data plan (4 meg) that I used for maps and such in emergencies

Now, making phone calls and sending SMS is now much less part of the device usage and browsing and on-line communication is a huge part of it. I also no longer really use my MP3 player as I can do it well enough on my phone.

Web browsing is still limited as the screen is a bit small but I'm now actively doing it. Overall, it has turned my device from a phone with data capabilities, to a data device that makes phone calls.

And as soon as I get access to paid apps (I'm in Canada) maybe it'll do even more!

ummm... I guess ... Well, I used to spend time with my wife and kids... Then I got a Pre, since then all bets have been off. :-P Naw, but really i do spend a lot more time on my phone surfing the "Interwebs" and I use my calendar for pretty much everything now which I never used to do before. Being able to have my phones calendar sync w/ google has been so helpful! LOVES ITS... ??? LOVE YOU PALM ???

Because the Pre coincided with my work switching over to Gmail, I'm almost neurotically connected to people via google talk, email, AIM, and text. Additionally, the multitasking is so easy that I can do my daily work very seamlessly.

I've long been a smartphone geek, but this switch has made the entire process much more....natural.

WebOS has shown me that multitasking needsnt be a hassle. The cards interface is a real joy. Browsing on the pre is unequalled to...even compared to *that* other phone...

The best part of WebOS is the cloud. I have never been more organized with Contacts ever. I use Gmail for everything, work, personal, calendar, documents, etc. It has been a really useful tool. I use to have a Moto Q9c with WinMo 6.1 and it was dreadful to use to sync contact or emails, etc. It was just awful. Even with some minor upgrades and installs it just didn't work right. Contacts would be duplicated, or deleted, Calendar events never really sync'd right. There was and is just so much wrong with WinMo. I've used RIM before but it was many years ago. So far WebOS has been pleasurable even in its early stages...try saying that for ANYTHING Windows.

Webos has made a phone into a all-n-one communication device. Phones at one time where how you interacted with people not close to you. Now, you can still do that but on several more platforms from phone calls, twitter, facebook, and such. I do have moved my calendar to the cloud, even changed my domain mail over to gmail now. I have found myself using my computer less than I use to. If I want to look up something real quick on the web I can do it from the phone, if I want to check or update my twitter or facebook, I can do it from the phone, if I want to look up a quick webpage for some info, or make a phone call, I can do it from the phone. I mean with all the features that it comes with and with the support from the wonderful homebrew community and those in other areas such as webos-internals this platform can almost replace most task oriented and social uses of any computer...oh, and the themes are pretty cook too ;)

Ditto to all the previous comments. Also, the idea of an always-on device with network capabilites and multitasking means that I have programs doing things for me automatically. For example DrPodder auto-downloads all my podcasts in the background and Feeds auto-syncs my RSS feeds similarly. This is great because it means I always have fresh content stored locally and I don't have to actively DO anything, just set it once and forget it. Much like my TiVo does for my tv-viewing. Now if only battery power were endless :-)

I spend a lot more time on Twitter and reading articles through RSS feeds then I ever did with my Windows Mobile. I hardly touch my laptop anymore for web surfing or messaging because I can do it all from my Pre. I always listened to internet radio though my WinMo devices but I feel like I listen to it more now with the inclusion of a Shoutcast app. I'm addicted to the homebrew community now too.

I use twitter a lot more. I also check gas prices in the Where app before I go to fill up. Browsing is much faster than on the 755, and since I can zoom in and out, its more useful and easier on my eyes. Before, I used the internet when I HAD to, now I use it because I WANT TO. Now that dailykos has a mobile page, I'm fairly happy, but there is a guy trying to do a mobile app for it as well. If any developers can help him out here is the diary from dkos:!-Thank-you!calling-all-programmers!

Social Networking

I never used Twitter or Facebook until the Pre came along. In fact, I signed up for Facebook in anticipation of getting my Pre.

Web Browsing

When I used my old Treo phones I was pretty much limited to mobile sites. Sure, I could surf to any site I wanted to, but the formatting was so bad that it wasn't worth the effort. When I switched to the Touch Diamond, the experience improved (due to integrated Opera Mobile 9.x) and a higher-resolution screen, but I gave up a physical keyboard (and thus some productivity) in doing so. The Pre has given me the best of both worlds and now I do much more web surfing on the Pre than I ever did on any previous phone (all combined).

The Cloud

While I have been using the cloud for quite a while prior to the Pre, it was generally just for email and there was no Synergy in the experience. The Pre has fundamentally changed the way I think about managing my PIM data (with the exception of Notes...but that's Microsoft's fault for not providing a solution in Exchange Active Sync). When I communicate, I used to think more about how to reach the person and taking a guess as to their availability. Now, with the Pre, when my friends are online, my Pre tells me and I don't have to guess whether or not I can chat with them when I'm on the go.

Overall, the Pre has opened my eyes to some of the possibilities that I never considered before. Now if Palm can further improve integration, improve on the feature set of the included PIM apps, and provide native options for the features that at this point require patching, I'll be happier.

I browse more because the browsing speeds are so much faster than on my previous WM phone. Additionally I do more with my phone because it is so much easier to multi task with the cards concept.

I'd have to agree with the comments about twitter. In someways, its cool to contact companies with a tweet if you are looking for a quick answer, and I also never used twitter before. This is the first time all of my calendars have been synced, google, exchange, ical, and pre, so I feel as if I'm able to use this tech more effectively then before. And while I'm not a huge fan of facebook, the majority of my contacts are family some of whom live in foreign countries so I am better able to keep up with them and again I feel I'm able to use Facebook more efficiently. You can do alot of this with other phones, but I think it was the way the pre introduced/simplified these capabilities is what makes the pre standout.

The Pre has changed my usage habits. I find the ease of moving from application to application, the single access to all my business and personal e-mail and contact information has increased my usage of the phone. I am not a techy but I appreciate the benefits of technology. I was a Palm 650, 700 and 750 owner. I loved my Palm but I never really felt comfortable that I was gaining maximum benefit form a phone/PDA. The Pre has become a device I work with constantly, from applications to RSS consumption, it is a device that I finally feel like I get it.

1. before the pre I didn't have an online calendar of any sort. Now I don't think I could deal without it.

2. I do a ton of browsing on the phone now and will often use it at home even though my PC is only 3 feet away because its just as fast if not faster to pop up the universal search

3. It made me like face book actually. I never felt like checking Facebook when I'm on a real computer, but now whenever I'm needing to kill a few minutes waiting in line or something I'll check FB and twitter.

My phone is like an extension of my body. And that says a lot because I've always been really connected to my phones. But this is different. I really feel like i have the world at my fingertips at all times. the multitasking feature is really the icing on the cake, because not only do i have 24/7 to all of my cloud info, social networking, media and news, but i can seamlessly switch between these things and more importantly, input information from one app into another.

I end up trying to swipe away stuff in Windows.

LOL thats how some Palm ads should be. one using a iphone trying to swipe stuff away then another with the droid LOL thats what palm needs some funny stuff...

So true! I still mess around with some apps on my iphone and i'm constantly trying to change Safari tabs by swiping across the non-existent gesture area.

Palm was incredibly innovative in including the gesture saves screen space by not requiring on screen navigation elements and saving the battery the need for powering a larger screen.

Go Palm!

Wow, I'm kind of stunned and "not at all surprised" how many other people have started using twitter and FB more because of the Pre.

(short and sweet) i have not let this phone out of my sight not even for 4min at a time...... Call me a PRE Fanboy and proud to be...

I've had web access on my mobile phones for many years, but reaching for my Pr?, unlike my Centro or Tr?os, has become habitual when I need information. Who's that character actor on "Burn Notice"? How many calories in two tablespoons of Jif? Why aren't themes loading in Preware?

Universal Search has changed, immensely and forever, how I use my phone. I'll never again own a phone that doesn't make retrieving information this easy.

Coming from a 755p. I'm now more addicted to Facebook than ever since it's always at my fingertips. The internet is now worth using on a phone. Being on the Sprint network is still a major crutch (actually iPCS Sprint Affiliate) because of the poor signal. When I get the Verizon Pre I fully expect my Pre to take control of my life.
Oh, and how could I forget, my girlfriend hates the phone. I pay more attention to it than her she says.

Sounds like she needs a Pixi...

True, true.

Make sure your Pre is set for roaming. Otherwise, you'll likely get getting the same poor signal at a 40% higher cost. I did a lot of 1x until I found that I was locked on Sprint-only towers by default. I need both services for decent coverage in the woods.

Yea the Roam Only patch is a blessing (and a must)!

I had an Blackberry with the old side wheel, so the Pre was a big upgrade. Also, lost 17 pounds using the Absolute Fitness app.

I have to say, I have not un-docked my laptop at work since I got my Pre. I have it with me at home when watching TV or reading so if I need to look something up on the web, I don't have to go to my computer and look it up. Not to mention I don't leave my computer and monitor on all the time at home, just when I need it. It is amazing how much my electric bill dropped.

Never had a data plan prior to my Pre. Had a Treo 700w before this on VZW and loved it.

However, since switching to the Pre, I find myself (like many) using Twitter for the first time. On top of that, the ability to receive emails and reply to them on the fly, something I never thought would be so important. My web browsing has probably come to 60% on the Pre now, as I can conduct my checkups or quick searches for answers when I'm on the go instead of trying to remember them for when I get home to my computer.

The multitasking has added a whole new level as well, being able to have GameCast open in a browser for an NBA, MLB or NFL game open while I'm texting someone and checking Twitter is surreal. The ability to do all of those things at once may not be appealing to the normal user, but to a power user like many here it is incredible.

Thank you Palm for opening up so many new windows of opportunities!

I have had the Pre since launch. I'm comfortable enough with it now that I'm rolling out 16 more of them to employees at work this month. I'm interested to see how it is received by the company.

Many have tried to talk me into blackberry with a BES server, but I don't think its worth complicating the infrastructure. Exchange 2007 has a ton of features built in for managing the phones that it pushes mail to without any added cost.

I love my Pre.

I use my iPod Touch as a remote for my computer using Hippo Remote. I find myself trying to use the iPod as if it has a gesture area!

i can now watch decent porn from my phone FTW!


I finally got rid of that last "required cable" since I no longer have to hotsync!!!!!!!!!!!!

My primary personal email accounts now end in

I never used facebook until webOS.

I never used twitter until webOS.

I actually surf the web on my phone now.

I actually manage email on device since work and personal email just work.

Sprint Nav replaced my Tom Tom.

Pandora & AccuRadio replaced my old mp3 player.

Youtube keeps the young one entertained.

Conmigo is whipping the wife and I into shape.

I can do many of the above AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!

Changed in too many ways for the better to mention. I agree with all of the above and I'll mention my favourite thing to show off to my friends with iPhones.

A friend asks, 'Where's the nearest Swiss Chalet?' I open the phone, I type swiss chalet, press the google button that comes up automatically, and within seconds I have a link to the closest outlet. I list of all the outlets and a map and a phone number I can call by touching the screen. Eat that Blackberry!

And second, I've finally come around to having all my contacts and calendar on google. It took me a while. I too was like Predogs above who carries a treo around to get contacts, but then one weekend, I just took the dive, I drank the cool aid, and I'm LOVING it.

It took me a while to get it through my thick skull, but now, all I have to do is sit my Pre on the touchstone. That's it. I don't have to remember to sync. It's all done automatically. Yes I would love note and task sync, but I can wait. Now if they could work on a wifi or bluetooth media sync solution, then I'm crazy over the moon gonna explode with Pre goodness.

Since my IBM Thinkpad from like the early 90's is so daggum slow, my pre has really helped to keep up with current events and latest trends. I'm not the guy who knows everything about crazy code-cracking abilities when it comes to my pre, but reading arcticles on this site on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis makes it super user-friendly. Not having to wait till I get to my ancient laptop to view, reply, and compse emails is a dream. And lots of "one-click" options to capture, send, and upload photos makes sharing very fast. I have even uploaded my resume from my laptop to my pre, searched job listings, sent my resume (doc view) to the job, and have gotten a call back to set up an interview...all in 15 whole minutes!! I owe it to my Palm Pre and the awesome developers at palm for my huge career change! Thanks again!!!

I had an iPhone that I loved. It got stolen when I was mugged so I had to replace it. I had been up-sold around 100 bucks in accessories at the AT&T store as well as two years of Apple Care. The sales associate had even told me that theft was covered as I asked specifically about it being in college. Not only did my apple care not mean jack; they wanted 600 bucks to give me the model that had just been priced down to 99 USD. They also told me that they had no way to tracking my phone nor retrieving my contacts or messages. The next day I had caved and went in only to see new signs up saying how they could not track your stolen iPhone and retrieve all your data. I was so mad I canceled my contract and went next door to Sprint, bought a Pre, and haven't looked back. It sucked not having as many apps at the start but now everything I used to use has been ported and being able to run more than one at a time is probably the best part of the Pre. I will never go back to Mac for a phone.

OMG this phone has changed everything for me. Coming from a windowsOS treo. Sure I could get email & surf with that, but it was a chore. It's so seamless on the Pre. I can go away for a day or even weekend and for the first time I don't NEED my laptop. I never listened to music on my treo but now between my downloaded songs and pandora it's a snap. I agree with silversuperman - i used to spend time with the family - lol. But today we got my wife a Pixi and she's in love! I love google calendar - i have my schedule, my wifes and the 3 kids all color coordinated and I can keep track of where everyone needs to be. It's an awesome platform.

I no longer bring my laptop to work. Which I used to use for watching TV and just fiddlin' around. Now I can do everything on my Pre from watching TV to surfing the net. It's been great.

To be honest, the Pre did not change my way of using my phone. I call myself addicted to mobile devices, I cannot count the phones I had. WM, Symbian, "normal" phones. I always tried to make the best of the phones I had, and so do I with the Pre.
Maybe the biggest difference is the open software system. I got Preload, Preware, WebOS Quick Installer and I am always searching for nice apps. I do not like the way Apple is doing it with its store, and I think it is only a hype that will be over at some time, maybe when people realize that free software is good or even better than thousands of paid apps. This is what always kept me away from an iPhone.
Yes, I mean, multitasking is nice experience, but to be honest, I do not use it that often. I did not miss it with my earlier phones, and it is only a gimmick. I do not need to write email, listen to music, and surf websites at the same time.
I do not have more than 2 activity cards active at a time. Maybe it is a waste of resources, but it is my way to work with my phone.
The thing I am not really pleased with is that all data from my address book and my calendar are transferred to the Pre via Google. I like Google, but I dunno how they do it with privacy. Let's see what the future has for us, hopefully an alternative...

Ditto on the cloud.

I have switched my home Outlook to sync with Gmail alone and then sync my calendar to the Gmail calendar. I never have to worry about where I should be because I can see everything in a single view.

I setup Gmail to collect all of my e-mail accounts so I literally have one home cloud and one work cloud (Exchange - not really a cloud I guess).

I love it!

The Pre is my first smartphone, so a lot of the impacts on me are purely from having an advanced device, not specifically WebOS. STill, I love it. A few things I can think of off hand...

1. Calendar. I used to have multiple calendars on different devices at home / work. Now, I pretty much run everything off of my phone using Google. I use it to manage all personal and work appointments / schedules, etc.

2. To Dos. It's a simple little program, but I use the To Do List app All the time. I'm a compulsive list maker and I create a list of tasks for each week. I used to do this with a Moleskine notebokk I carried EVERYWHERE. My whole life was in that moleskine. I was delighted to see that the to do app emulated the moleskine look. I use it all the time and now I can shift tasks between weeks and lists with ease...something paper never allowed.

3. Google Maps. Love it. NEver have to worry about looking up directions and printing them before I leave anymore. I've got my phone...I'll look it up on the way.

This has radically changed the way I do phone/email/web browsing, largely due to the fact that....

...pause for dramatic effect...

..This is my very first cell phone.

After decades of resisting the ever rising tide of ultimate cell phone ubiquitousness, I finally held my nose and went in. I figured if I were going to be last human in the industrialized world to get one of these infernal devices, I should go all the way and get the best.

I feel a bit like a borg. But I really like this phone. I'm one of them! Argh!

LOL... Good choice then... I am tho suprised that this is your first phone AND you are part of a forum for that phone! Congrats good sir... CONGRATS!!! :-D

once used the navigation.
(I didn't have internet or keyboard on my old phone)

i'd hoped i'd use apps for games and entertainment but the apps are lacking. Oh, with one exception. for a while i used Ampache pre to remotely access my music which was cool. But my server died so i can't do that anymore.

The big issue for WebOS is i can surf the web, text, and check email with any smartphone these days and i have a Garmin Nuvi. And it's not like there aren't good navigation apps. Not to mention Google's is free. So the difference is a smartphone not webos.

I do the same stuff I did before, but now with much more style :)

I don't have to look up directions anymore! I just use Google Maps or Sprint Navigation. I do a lot more random googling or wikiing. It seems this phone is a bigger convenience than what my Treo 680 and 755p used to be.

I remember back in college when I had a Treo 600, people would be head over heels when I used it. Eh, kinda satisfying to see how far Palm has come.

Much of the features like twitter, browsing, emails, and PIMs I was already using heavily with my previous smartphones but what changed me with the Pre was a big increase in tweaking and development for the phone, thanks to open coding :)

I feel like I'm using a dumb phone.

Google Maps - Awesome!! I never have to think about directions ever! And last weekend it saved our arses 10 fold - We were on our way to watch the fights and found ourselves in the middle of heavy gridlock. I busted out the Pre and GM, found out where traffic on the freeway eased up, checked the street routes (AND what streets were already packed), got off the freeway, took the backroads and got back on the free moving freeway about 2 miles down...FTW!!

Multitasking - This alone is worth having relatively inferior hardware!! To go from FB to texting to email with such ease makes my alone time with my phone ultra efficient (even though for the most part, it's a time killer...haha). Sure other phones/OSs claim multitasking, but WebOS just takes it to the next level.

Universal search - I've been using this more often lately (for web searches). It's just so helpful to be able to just turn on your phone, enter some text and get answers in .004 seconds ; )

I basically got the Pre to replace my ancient Casio electronic organizer. I needed something new to keep addresses and phone numbers in as well as to remember birthdays. Little did I know how it would change my life.
Google maps-now I do it on the road rather than on the computer
news-I'm up to date on news because of various news apps
calendar-I remember birthdays, appointments, meetings etc

There's more that I can't think of right now. It's made my life easier and left me more time to think of important things like gaming.

Although the Pre is my 1st smartphone, like many, I am not new to many of its features. My primary usage has always been geared toward being able to carry a maximum amount of music with me as I spend alot of time in the gym. Now, not only has my music experience been catapulted to another level with having 3 different streaming music apps on one phone, Pandora/AccuRadio/Net2Stream, and STILL carrying at least 6.5gb of my library at the same time, I can now enjoy all of the other features, benefits, and possibilities brought by a more powerful operating system. Features such as enhanced GPS capabilities, better email/browser functionality, and applications that can seriously enhance day to day life. For example I just moved to seattle from california, and could not imagine how I would get around without GPS! LIFE SAVER!! And coupled with the seemingly endless possibility of upgrade and expansion of WebOS, the Pre has been BY FAR the best phone experience I have had in owning countless phones having been a sales manager for a major carrier for 5 years. Not to mention its just so pretty! ;) Thats my experience 16 apps and 23 patches later.

#1 Ampache Mobile: I now have an MP3 player with unlimited space. I currently have 200GBs of music available on my Pre and all it uses is 3MB of flash!

I do a more browsing now than I used to on my pre now. Universal search makes things so much easier.

Pandora keeps me from carrying my mp3 player everywhere.

The multi tasking on this phone makes things so much easier plus it catches a lot of peoples attention when they see how it easy it is compared to using other phones.

I get on the web on my phone almost as often as I do on my laptop. Email management isn't a hassle. I'm more and more interested in all the things my phone can do.

webOS got me to buy a smart phone when my Sanyo V2300 started to fail.

I rarely use my computer to check email, Twitter, Facebook or IM anymoreusing my Pre to do this stuff almost exclusively now. I even stopped using my work cell phone, forwarding calls from that number to my Pre as well as connecting to my company's Exchange server so I don't have to carry around two phones. I never open Outlook at home and don't even care to sync it to GMail anymore.

I use the browser a lot more than I ever did on any previous phone. Much improved internet browsing with the Pre over WinMo IE (or mobile Opera, Skyfire, etc.), mainly because of the pinch gestures to zoom in and out. Zooming in and out on my previous WinMo phone was a pain in the a$$.

I still use my mp3 player for music simply because it has more space...I never know what I might be in the mood for (I enjoy a wide variety of musical genres). Though I do intend to load some music on my Pre for those days when I decide to hop the metro to DC for a day of museum hopping. I do use Pandora occasionally when I don't have my mp3 player with me.

I tried out NFL Network's live broadcast last Thursday. Yes, it's kind of blocky and jerky, but it's better than not being able to watch (I'll be watching again from work tonight too). Also tried the live audio feed last Monday for MNF and it worked very well. Call me a happy camper because I work nights and can now get my Thursday and Monday night football fix. Wish Sprint had some sort of agreement with NHL and MLB for audio and video feeds.

I barely use my ipod is not a touch. I don't carry my gps or laptop around as much as I used to. I love my pre and I cant wait til sprint actually improve the tv quality so I can replace my cable.

I have to Dito the twitter and internet stuff. I still use my phone to listen to my MP3's like I did before. But with Pandora, I actual canceled my satellite radio. I also travel a lot and use Net2stream to listen to all my hometown stations as I drive across the country.

I think the main change has been with the calendar and e-mail. I am always connected to what is going on. My wife enters something that I need to do when I get home or something the kids have going on in her blackberry and within minuets its on my Pre. I enter my work schedule on my Pre and my wife can look at her phone and know were i am going and when. No more sitting down and going over our schedules. All we have to do is look at our phones. I just love how everything works together. E-mail, calendar, text, Im's and notes. I hear people say the Pre isn't living up to what palm said it would do. I couldn't disagree more. Maybe your not using it right, but my Pre definitely knows what I want before I do. This phone is truly integrated into my life.

Ive had my Pre several months and am still finding new ways to use it. Such as having people text me numbers when they need me to call them at a location I don't have in my phone. I just click on the number and the call goes through. I really wish my employer would use this phone. As it is, I still have to carry my nextel phone while working. Even though since getting the Pre I hardly ever use it.

Motorola makes a pretty notoriously rugged product, but neither they nor Nokia make particularly attractive phones. It's a good topic, and I'm on the fence for sure, but what I do know is RIM should merge with Glad so they're easier to throw away and Apple should merge with Charmin so you can wipe your ass with your iPhone.

Oops wrong article.

Biggest change. Improved and increased multi-tasking. Also, I get to watch Thursday night football.

LOL... I think my biggest change is becoming addicted to PreCentral and WebOS-internals. Feel like a junkie waiting for the next patch to come online. Love this phone!

+1 amen!

And I love being able to turn the mp3 player on and off in the lock screen. It's a nice little touch like that that make using the device a joy.

Oh and I entered this with my Pre.

Definitely use my Pre for web browsing more often, even when my PC is just in the next room! I used to have the BB Curve and the web browser just sucked. Now I have a true web browser and get all the drop down menus that I couldn't get on my Curve before. Love the multi-tasking, the speed, universal search. Also love the Synergy, which finally pushed me to synch all my contacts in the cloud. I never felt comfortable using Google for all my contacts because I would synch my Curve with the desktop. But now that I can do it all in the cloud, it's truly liberating! And no more plugging in to do updates. I definitely feel more attached to my phone now, I feel lost without it! I now truly rely on my phone for so much and it does pretty much everything I need! Was thrilled to see the FB app and Yahoo IM & synch and finally SMS copy/fwd! Plus I switched over Sprint just for the Pre, and now I'm loving free Sprint TV and navi as well. I

I have an iPhone 3g. My local carrier was purchased by AT&T, so I got one for just about nothing, and was pretty happy having the Jesus phone. Then, six months later, Palm released the Pre on Sprint, which has ALMOST zero service where I live (Central Vermont). And you know what? I don't care. I read alot more about the Pre and WebOS than I do the iPhone. The interface seems more intuitive, and I want one. Once a week, I look for contract changes on AT&T, so I can cancel without an ETF...
So, yeah, how has having a Pre changed my life? It hasn't. But WANTING one has.

The Pre has lowered my smart phone usage. I already used my old phone for Facebook, Twitter, Music, MP3 player, I-radio, Calendar, email and web browsing. The Pre does all of that faster and with decent battery life.

But my biggest use of my phone was reading books. The Pre SUCKS at this. I used to have 30-40 books on my phone and could read them whenever I got a moment. I am considering resurrecting my old Treo just to have a book reader with me.

Would love the Pre, if it could do EVERYTHING my Treo did.

If someone hands me their phone I typically hand it back witha smudged screen. Sometimes when I type on my computer I press shift and F to type 5... Its sad really. I'm sitting here with my back to my laptop reading and typing on my Pre. I do a lot of web browsing on my phone. I think it may annoy my friends. I've had my Pre for months and I think I've logged maybe 30 hrs of talk time, but I use my phone constantly. It has also replaced my alarm clock thanks to timepiece and the touchstone. I never used my phones calendar. I use twitter more, actually pay a little attention to facebook. I've had "music" phones since I got the, then top of the line and the 1st phone to sync with iTunes, SLVR, but I never really used the music feature till now. I might start using IRC again. I don't have to look for a flashlight. Oh, and I check out this site almost every day.

Wow, kinda of cool, I thought this website was just a crying towel for Pre haters, nice to see that there are alot of people out there that feel the same way about the Pre as I do.
I was working out in the field yesterday and had Pandora playing in my BT 903's off and on all day. When I travel now my ipod and laptop stay at home now. The UI is so simple and easy to use and the internet browsing is fast, unlike my old BB device. Best rates in industry!

eMail's the biggest thing for me. Not even SnapperMail could get me to do my email on my PALM OS devices and I think the reason is is that what I do on my device near-enough instantly updates on the web. To me it's practically one and the same.

It is really nice to be able to speak openly about what I like about the Pre here at Precentral.

I know I know, you guys are fans not fanatics, but I check this site everyday because I love the Pre and it's nice to see a thread about the good things. It makes me want to come here even more.

Never had a phone before that I had to carry spare batteries for. I guess that changes the way I use my phone.

I just got the Seidio 2600 battery (thanks to the sale here at precentral) and I now don't ever worry about battery life at all. I can pound away on the Pre using email, media, video internet all day long, and I never have to worry. That's nice too.

how can you tap on a number in text message and call it. When i tap mine forward copy delete pop up

"For others, webOS is another notch in their belt when it comes to smatphone platforms."

It has ruined my life, my friends hate me cuz i prove them wrong everyday the momnet they something that sounds fishy i just start typing on my pre. I use me pre more than my pc now.

I think the WEBOS is definitely the future. There is nothing better then webos. I think it is so good to use.
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