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Foursquare 2.0 to leverage webOS 2.0 16

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Sep 2010 12:16 pm EDT

Foursquare 2.0 When webOS 2.0 comes around, Foursquare app developer Geoff Gauchet (a.k.a. Zhephree) is going to be ready with version 2.0 of his popular check-in app. As announced on his blog, Gauchet plans to hook into every webOS 2.0 feature announced thus far. You’ll be able to find places near you and submit shoutouts directly from Just Type, as well as unspecified interactions via the opened-up Synergy and new Exhibition mode.

Patching it up to work with webOS 2.0 isn’t the only thing Gauchet plans to do with Foursquare 2.0. In the cards is a massive rewrite of Foursquare’s core code, fully integrating many of the new features that have been implemented since the first release. This will serve to do a few things, most notably make it easier for future additions with less extraneous code lying around and make the app all-around faster than before. Less code means the phone needs to do less thinking. Foursquare for webOS will also be moving to an OAuth log-in scheme, just like Twitter and associated apps and services did earlier this year. Oh, and there’s the matter of switching to the not-yet-released-but-sure-to-pack-lots-of-newness API from the folks at Foursquare HQ. Even with all this, the developer is finding the time for a few new tools and features that will be sure to delight Foursquare users.




I can't handle new hardware yet... Guess I should state a PALM savings account so I can get the new phones and hopefully slate when they drop too!

Anyway, yeah, with WebOS 2.0 coming out, this should shake up a lot of things and I might start using FourSquare again instead of ZipSquare which has been making my life so much easier.

New programs already getting ready for WebOS 2.0 is making me even more excited for it.

There is soooooo much activity around WebOS 2.0, it makes me wonder just how close is it? Days? (not bloody likely) Weeks? Months? And can new devices be far behind?

God the anticipation is so friggin' cool!

I wish I knew everything I was going to build into the app, but until everything is announced, I can only guess!

Rest assured, 2.0 will be awesome (foursquare and webOS).

Thanks for the plug, guys.

Nice! Hope other devs see this and jump off the iPhony and You wil be Assimilated band wagons and come on over to 'The Light' and start porting or developing for the WebOS .

Since the dev is reading these comments...

How do you get those little blue number icons to hover over the buttons (see the blue 1 and 2 hovering over People and Tips)? Is that a webos 2.0 feature?

Those little numbers are something iphone has that I'd really like to see used more in WebOS. They could be used on the email icon to show the number of new emails, on the calendar icon to show the number of events today,etc. I wish palm would add and use this feature.

The other feature I miss from competing platforms is the widgets you can add on the android home screen. I would love to dock a weather app or daily agenda feed right to the wallpaper on webos so I dont have to open an app to see that kind of stuff.

I just created a a DIV with position:fixed and set its bottom and right properties to the correct pixel values to position it over the buttons, then set its z-index high enough to be on top of the command buttons instead of under them.

You can also assign a template to a button in a commandmenu or viewmenu widget and set the HTML up that way, but my way was quick and dirty. And by using bottom/right instead of the usual top/left, the number bubbles adjust fine on smaller resolutions, like the Pixi.

Could you have created the divs inside the buttons themselves? Then you could have done {top: -10px; right: 10px;} to make the top of the number div appear 10px above the top of the button, and the right of the div 10px left of the right side of the button.

This assumes that the button itself has some type of positioning applied. If not, just give it position:relative;

Been a while since I hacked some webos apps, I'm not sure if you are allowed to create child elements inside wigits like that. Might be worth a try to un-hackify that cool little effect.

Can this guy make a Gowalla app too? The one gowalla made for webos sucks. It takes almost a minute just to open it, and checkin to a spot.

I'm not a Gowalla user, honestly. I prefer foursquare, so I'm sticking with that. But I've heard your type of comment a few times. Just be happy Gowalla made one for webOS! There probably wouldn't be a foursquare one if I hadn't made it.

Yeah I'm sure WebOS is very low on Gowalla's priority list. I was on foursquare for a few months and used your app. It was fantastic, and now using the Gowalla app after using yours just makes the Gowalla one seem archaic.

Anyway, keep up the good work! WebOS needs developers like you to really show the world what the platform is capable of! I cringe whenever I see comments on gizmodo/engadget/etc where people just call them "web apps".

Great. Except VZW users will probably get the WebOS 2.0 update in late 2011.

I just Hope that the Mexico-Telcel Users don't let us behind like they have done with the 1.4.1, 1.4.5 and now 2.0 version, we can't buy applications yet!! it's frustrating see great business and applications for the same equipment in other countries and not in Mexico when we already have the equipment.

Zhephree does great work. Glad he's on the webOS platform!

All right Geoff! Fortunately there are still developers that realize that WebOS is going to explode (in a good way.) Seems like people are craving WebOS but with nothing to use it on. Soon, says HP, soon the hardware will come.