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Foxconn and Compal contracted for 5-6 Palm devices in 2011 [rumor] 142

by Derek Kessler Mon, 25 Oct 2010 9:22 pm EDT

  Palm device mock-ups

While the Palm Pre 2 might be eliciting less-than-impressed responses from Palm fans, we can’t help but wonder what Palm might come out with next. It’s all but assumed that the Pre 2 was the phone Palm had in the pipeline and that it was supposed to be out several months ago, but what’s not all that clear is what’s due next.

According to Chinese trade paper's "industry sources," Foxconn Technology and Compal Communications have landed contracts with Palm to produces several new devices. Foxconn is said to have secured the contract for four or five devices, including the PalmPad, while Compal has picked up the contract for one more device. Additionally, all five (or six) devices are due for production and presumably sale in 2011.

If this is true, consider our minds scrambled. That leaves us wondering just what devices we could see if up to six different form factors hit the shelves next year. There’s obviously the tablet, but what else there might be is unclear. Options include portrait and landscape sliders, a keyboard-less slate device, the candy bar Pixi form factor, and... something else to make six? Here's hoping Palm can take some inspiration from our amazingly talented members.

HP has made it clear that they’re intending to invest major dollars into making Palm a successful company, and when you spend $1.2 billion on something, you generally want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Multiple devices hitting the market in the span of a year is one way to get attention, and hopefully rake in some profits.

We’re also taking some comfort from’s use of Palm as the contracting company, not HP. It’s a comforting notion that these would be Palm handsets (or tablets (or toasters)) and not HP branded, calming our fears of the Palm brand fading away anytime soon.

Source:; Via: Telcompaper; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


Very exciting!!


I want my phone before Christmas!!!!!

Let me rephrase... I would like my new Pre before Christmas, please :-)

You can get a new Pre now from Verizon and a new Pre 2 from Verizon soon....

I hope this is somewhat true. I don't know about 5-6 devices they are talking about and leaving all of them in the hands of other companies. 1 or 2 fine, 5 to 6 maybe not so good. BTW I love hoe PC used all the mock-ups for the 5 mystery devices.

We might want to re-think this and hold the applause for a moment...

Why??? As is stated in your link:
"Foxconn is a much-better known entity, as they have acted the ODM for Motorola, Nokia, and others (either directly or through other subsidiaries like Mobinova)."

They didn't design the bad hardware, they just made it. A manufacturing company can't polish a turd to shine any brighter than when it came through the door.

You can now with brand new PreTurdShining Solution!

Awesome, maybe a watch will be in there for number 6

Actually, way back I wanted and I still want a nice inconspicuous watch that can connect with my phone like Sony Ericsson's line of MBW watches but potentially in even more ways than that. Somehow, a watch with full-on webOS would fit that but maybe they can surprise me.

Anyway, back to topic: it would be great if HP|alm would bring out that many devices in 2011. - and start delivering them from the earliest... :)


Five devices is easy:

Three devices with keyboards:
1) Pixie successors at the low end,
2) The Pre 2 and future Pres in the mid range, and
3) Whatever the Roadrunner HD is at the high end.

Two slate devices:
4) The "Mansion" which is small and a phone, and
5) The PalmPad which is larger and is a netbook replacement.

However, if it's six, I bet we're just counting the Pre twice, the version 2 that is just out now, and the version 3 that should come out a year later, assuming approximately one year refresh periods for each device.

But a watch would be cool :)

I am smelling GREAT things...

Well, that...would be me.

HP better not mess with my favorite cooking spray or I'm out.

LOL... agreed..

HP also better not be messing with the PALM brand either.. ^_^

six device - printer companion?

Quite possible. I wonder who manufactures HP's other printers?

please edit the last sentence in the first paragraph.

Thanks. Fixified.

Derek, please also edit the very last sentence. You've misspelled Palm as Pam; and now I can't get out of my mind that Verizon Palm commercial of the mom in the kitchen. :-)

I was wondering what the cooking spray comments were about. I'm too awesome for correct spelling, it would seem.

no worries brahhh, we dont judge you too harshly ;)

Can someone please put me into a coma from which I conveniently wake up on day 1 of CES? kthx

LOL Jsnusry 6 can't come fast enough

Be careful. That's a surefire way to get end up fighting in a war for ostrich-riding beavers in a future where smartphones no longer exist.

i think i just might b ok with that

Don't you mean ostrich riding otters?

Giggity giggity!!

It said devices not phones that could mean anything!

That slab on the front left would definitely have me switching back to web OS.

thats my baby the Palm Superior HD... its a mock-up i created for the p|c contest. It made it to the from page!!! im so proud!!!!! tear.....

That design is highly inspired! Did you send it to Palm because that phone should be the flagship webOS phone...pssst, add a keyboard though!

Im just hoping sprint will get some of these. If not, then im leaving.

i highly doubt sprint wont get at least one of the new phones that comes out closely after CES


+1 ...heck, i'd like a WebOS kitchen! Or, offer me a flip-down rotating WebOS display from under the hanging kitchen cabinetry, so i can double-check that recipe while i'm cooking at the stove, watch a quick How-To prep video from The Food Network, tweet to my friends how the culinary venture is going, and engage in a pleasant playlist from Pandora. (Everybody eats when they come to my house, I'll fix your favorite dishes ...)

it must be 4g de3vices for sprint

it must be 4g de3vices for sprint

My head asplode! New Sprint Superphone, come on!

It's possible that CDMA and GSM flavors of the same form factor could count as two phones.

If this is in-fact true, then 2011 will be a VERY exciting year for WebOS. Then becomes the problem of "..too many to choose from, I can't decide!!"

How about a swivel netbook form factor with a touch screen? I believe this is a form factor HP has used with some of their laptops in the past. Personally, I think this would be a killer device for the business world, with a physical keyboard for emails and report writing and a touch screen for scribbling notes and such.


agree! Dual boot windows 7 and webos. Sounds good to me.

6 different form factors would be unprecedented. A different form factor for each kind of taste. But, I think they're gonna make six protoypes and narrow that number down though. We can dream right.

nice. then ill boot osx on it so i can use garage band! i wish windows had garageband :(

Perhaps the six "devices" are actually to allow for carrier-specific versions that play to each carrier's unique customer base, network, or market taste.

We might wind up with a real "family" of devices with a low-end (Pixi-ish), mid-range (Pre 2), and high-end phone device along with the aforementioned PalmPad and two or three "carrier" devices for those that like exclusivity (like a high-end 4G phone for the Sprint faithful and an LTE phone for those who are so inclined).

That would be what I call "bringing HP scale to the Palm marketplace".


Hell yes.

Device #1 - Sprint

looks like the Superior HD with a slidedown keyboard

Device #2 - Verizon

Landscape keyboard version

Device #3 - AT&T

Slab phone with no keyboard (for obvious reasons....)

Device #4 - T-Mobile?

This one's iffy,but I can see HP going for all 4 carriers. Slab phone also

Device #5 - All Carriers


Device #6 ???? Printer integration dock?

All of these are an obvious example of what Samsung did. HP would seem to be going the same route. I certainly freakin hope so! I've had one foot out the door since Palm was on the chopping block.

I will now officially let WebOS 2.0 hold me over till I see what shows up at CES.

Show us some love Ruby!

another narrow minded one, thinking HP is producing for the USA only :D

um... accessories? say, car dock for example?

i have a touchstone mounted on my dashboard... it works awesomely as a car dock. my android fanboy friends are even impressed with that

Now what are we going to do? Instead of 2 devices to complain about we're going to have 6 more...And which one to choose...oh no?!?!

Now that's something I can get excited about.

Foxconn also did the iPhone right? That was the company with the employee suicides?


-double post

My guesses are:
* Pre 3
* Pixi 2
* Pixi 3
* Superphone
* Palm Pad 10"
* Palm Pad 7"

Perhaps foxconn is not as comfortable with making smarttoasters (or watches) as compal.

iPod Touch competitor based on the slate phone.

I would love for them to do this, but I am not sure they have the stones... This would be great as a travel device when my sprint service is out of reach. The iPod touch is a great device really with little in the form of competition (save maybe that new samsung device they have been showing recently).

I hope one of them is Venue Pro like 4.1" vertical slider :)

Dual screen clam shell ala Microsoft Courier.

Maybe they'll introduce multiple tablets at once.

I am really still worried about the Pam brand being ended myself. I really like butter better though.

They would never touch Pam. Butter just doesn't do well in making my pancakes look good.

My wife's Pre slider was sticking a bit. Guess what I used to help it? Yup. Pam.

its gotta b your resourcefulness is what she married you for haha... what a guy

I almost jumped through the ceiling when I saw the picture from this post, thinking they were pics of the next devices from HP/Palm. Then I realized they were from the well done mock ups contest. Still excited nonetheless, 5-6 new devices is awesome, HP/Palm FTW!

awww..what? No toaster!!!??

convertible like the tm2 please

good news !

i can dump android when sprint gets the superpalm phone next year.

I'm starting to feel that these are actual devices and not mock-ups. I wouldn't mind if a few of these mock-ups turned into devices soon. I even showed a co-worker what Palm's upcoming devices are going to look like and couldn't resist not showing them. I lied for the sake of webOS because those mock-ups are calling us!!!!!!!!!!

My guess:

New Keyboard Flagship Device
Slab Keyboardless Device
Pixi Centro candbar style Device
Palm Pad Tablet Device
4G Variant of one of the above 4 G Devices

Advanced Touchstone Charger

Actually Compal makes the Pixi as well as the upcoming Pre 2.

I always thought it was either Mattel or Fisher price.

Toaster, toaster-oven, dedicated bagel toaster (a very specialized gadget,) cross-branded Easy-Bake Oven (good way to get the kids started on webOS) and combination tablet/bun warmer.

Also, card metaphor will be replaced by Pop Tarts.

Hmm. Dedicated bagel toaster-oven. But in soviet russia bagel eats you!

that's great news. Hope it's true.

Shoe Phone!

and Cone of Silence to use it in!

*sheads a tear* of joy of course.. Can't wait :D

Oh thank God!! I use Pam spray on everything I cook. Don't want to lose that brand!! Whew!
>>"our fears of the Pam brand fading away anytime soon."

i have aleady posted a link to this article to my friends' facebook page who have said palm is dead.

Will this work with my slap-chop?

Could the sixth device be the Palm Napkin?!? If so I'm all over it!

Hope we get some stuff like those awesome mock-ups! We really need something with a bigger screen, like 3.6-4inches, and a version with a horizontal slide-out keyboard (with a DEDICATED NUMBER ROW), and one without! Palm's vertical slide-out keyboard is ok, but a horizontal one would be much better, or at least give us a 5th, dedicated number row, use of function keys to type in numbers is stupid and outdated!

And widgets for the OS! I love the way the guy made em for the Palm Superior HD!

I'm fine with the Pre/Pre 2 form factor. I actually like having my phone in my pocket.

People will still moan and cry unless the phone has a 2GHz quad core processor with 2GB ram, a 4 in. screen, and a 1440x900 resolution, with a flash drive port, SD slot, removable hard drive, 100GB on-device storage, and a compass.

I'll take two. But only if I can fit it in my pocket.

It will fit in your pocket - but with battery it weighs in at 6 pounds! You'll need a pocket-brace for that bad boy!

You forgot:
auto-focus, dual cameras (hell, why not 3!?!?), dual-led flash for a 10mp camera, included mobile flash, projector, and friggin' laser beams.

I just hope the BT stack is better than the original.

Yeah! Dual lenses on the back for 3-D photos!

No, dual lenses on the front for 3D video conferencing. Phonesexs gets a hole new dimension!

Don't forget the special 'input' port.

I only ask for one thing: AUTOFOCUS CAMERA!!!!!

Lord God, if Palm keeps coming out with phones that house crappy cameras.......

Other than that, a 1 Ghz processor on all those devices, aside the PalmPad which definitely needs more than 1 Ghz, would be perfectly ok with me.

no cd-rom? what a piece of crap. i dont want it

I have a lot of data on some old 3.5" floppies that I'd like my next Pre to be able to read, too.

I want a tape deck and 8-track player in mine, or no deal!

(OK, back to work now)

Good thing I installed Preware & overclocked my Pixi, I can wait at least until CES, maybe a few months after for new hardware. 2011 is going to be know as "Year of the Palm" lol.

@rsanchez1 And the ability to sync with your flying car.

Here's to the Samsung Galaxy Pro way with multiform factors on different carriers!

My guesses......
Palm Superphone 4"+
Palm Pixi 2 3.1"
Palm Pad 7"
Palm Pad 10"
Palm Printer Doc 5" (removable mini palm pad, designed for docking on printer)

I can't wait for a high end 4"+ WebOS phone. I am sick of Android and my EVO.

Bring on H-Palm!!!

a watch, tablet/pad, slate, slate w/ keyboard, and big tall pixi.

That's 5 for Foxconn.

Compal will do the Pre2 for verizon/at&t and unlocked dev phone.

Good luck to the marketing team assigned to a "big, tall Pixi."

oh, and they are removing the stupid usb doors for easy slide into the hp printers.

oh, and they are removing the stupid usb doors for easy slide into the hp printers.

I vote for the slate without physical kb shake things up and get in the game big time HPalm

No one is talking about a wifi only device. There is a huge demographic out there that can't afford $100 a month carrier fees. You know, those millions of people buying iPod Touches.

Bingo. + 1 Billion


Or don't want a second device with a carrier fee. I want my phone to have the mobile hot spot and my palm pad to connect through the phone. I'll always have the phone with me anyway.

This really makes a lot of sense. They are following the strategy of Dell, one of their major competitors. Dell announced the

thunder(4" slab And.)
lightning (vertical 4" slider W7)
aero(3.5" slab And.)
streak (5" mini-tablet And.)
looking glass (7" tablet And.)
smoke (2.8" candy bar And.)
flash (3.5" slab And.)

That is 7 different form factors, 2 different OSs. Did I miss any?

details here

Dell announced a big move into mobile, HP needed to do the same.

I'd like to see a gaming device.

+1... i think i have said like a million times in posts id like to see a landscape slider with bumpers and psp style joysticks... how awesome would that b?

it's probably different variations of the same product. (16gigs & 32 gigs.) & different carriers with their own spec requirements. Hoping some carriers build dual cameras in it though.

great news. cant wait to see what new products will be announced during the CES show. hope they announce a new pixi type device on steroids.

Six devices may be:

P102UNA, P102EWW, P102UEU.

P122UNA, P122EWW, P122UEU.

I wouldn't get too excited. A Pre2 and Pixi2 can fulfil the information that this report presents.

-- Rod

Thanks Rod for bringing us all down a notch :sadface

I don't think so. Remember they also stated "including the PalmPad." I wouldn't see them calling the same phone 3 different devices, because they aren't. They are the same device with a different radio module in them.

But then that doesn't fit the picture actually. If that's the case shouldn't it be 3 devices for CMCS-Foxconn and 3 devices for Compal, and not 4-5 for Foxconn and 1 for Compal?

Hi all,

This sounds GREAT, makes me very happy that HP was the winner of the buyout! I also am glad I decided to keep my Centro and not jump onto the Pre 2! take care, Jay

Isn't it obvious that a GSM pre and a CDMA pre could count for 2 devices? Or an 802.11-only pad, and a GSM+802.11 pad are 2 devices. Maybe there are fewer "form factors" than you think.

See what this article did. It confused the complainers. Now they don't know what to say. I should have started a rumor a long time ago.


Nice job with the contest models all together like that! HP must be drooling over this....

But where is the can of WebOS Pam for the non-stick OS experience?

E-mail me your CC info and I'll get right on it.

haha everyones wishlist is making my expectations go way too hight.
i just hope a candy bar style phone is in the works.
with just a touch screen. with something similar to the recent flurry of phones being released.

A tapwave zodiac's like please !!!

Hopefully one of those will be a device for sprint. My phone is falling apart.

Legitally hope the mockups in the picture are whats announced.

A slimmer bigger screen pre, a wider bigger screen pixi, a horizontal slider, and not an all touch device but one like that dell win 7 phone

I am hoping, personally, for a Pre HD type phone, one with a 3.5-3.7 inch screen and a really really nice resolution along with the portrait keyboard. That is my dream phone and I'm praying thats what the road runner HD is.

I favor a Pre HD looking device too.

Maybe a tweek to the OS to make everything flip landscape when you have it on its side.

How about an HP webOS emulator built into all HP touch screen PC

soon enough phones will b powerful enough to run a full version of windows... that will b the day

Why would you want to run Windows on a phone though? It's made for precise control with a mouse. Try running PalmOS progs in Classic to see how fun it isn't to tap on the right word or tiny box.

I prefer WebOS for phones, Windows for keyboards. (But will buy a bluetooth keyboard for WebOS 2 to take to conferences to take notes on my phone :>

I can't wait. Plus I have a friend from my work who has an I-Brain as I call it... and he is starting to hate it. Told me he is looking at going to sprint and getting an EVO when his contract runs out in March, I can't wait to take him to a Sprint store around that time and intro him to the HPalm lineup!!!! NOT LEAVING THE STORE TIL HE BUYS A WEBOS DEVICE!! CAN I GET A AMEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS


I used to work at Foxconn a while ago here in Houston, tx. I rembember Hp had contract with foxconn (building motherboards). I never liked that company (foxconn), seriously working in a chinese company sucks pretty much. So this rumor might be true.... but I believe they usually build the inside of a device, I am not sure. Now making a contract under the name: PALM, that is weird.

I saw a most requested christmas toy list. 1 and 2 were iPhone and iPod Touch. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a handheld meant for games. Something parents could buy their kids instead of a phone with data charges (and adult web content). It also would be useful for those that only want to use WiFi and stick with their dumb phone. Phone 7, Android, & Nokia users could get one, to play webOS games. WebOS is #2 in games. Might as well capitalize on that.

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I think an ad during the Super Bowl would make a wonderful coming-out(back) party for Palm. Some of those HP dollars thrown around for some snappy ads showcasing some awesome new devices maybe? Might help remind everybody why Palm is so awesome.

eStation upgrade.

I would actually get ALL of the devices from the above picture. Under the following condition: SIM-free, all-wide EU availability from day one. Palm Pre was available in EU that way after 1.5 years after the announcement. That's really not professional.

Seeing how it's doesn't look like Palm is concerned about it's Sprint fan base (the original), then these phones are useless to me because I'm not switching company's anything soon. I however am drooling over the PalmPad (dumb name, say it isn't so) because I don't want a iPad , and don't need a Galaxy Tab (I have a EVO) That's all I hope to see and hope it's look like the picture (this one not the square one with the hp logo up front and center) and hope it doesn't make me wait till the world ends (2012) to get my hands on one.

I saw a most requested christmas toy list. 1 and 2 were iPhone and iPod Touch. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a handheld meant for games. Something parents could buy their kids instead of a phone with data charges (and adult web content). It also would be useful for those that only want to use WiFi and stick with their dumb phone. Phone 7, Android, & Nokia users could get one, to play webOS games.