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FreedomInput webOS Driver... If Palm Lets Them 9

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 14 Feb 2009 10:43 pm EST

Freedom Universal Keyboard

I am a huge fan of Freedom Input Ltd., I admit it.  I use their Freedom Universal Keyboard² on a daily basis with my Palm TX to type out all my university class notes.  It works wonderfully and although it may cost a bit more than other bluetooth keyboards, it has dual HID and SPP compatability meaning it'll work with hundreds of bluetooth devices out there; quite literally one keyboard to rule them all.  Recently I had a brief email conversation with Cameron Macsween of Freedom Input and he was kind enough to answer a quick question I had:

Q: If the Palm Mojo SDK has the required bluetooth functionality, will Freedom Input Ltd. be creating webOS drivers for the Freedom Universal Keyboard²?

A: Yes

Having an external keyboard for the Palm webOS would be amazing!  It would help elevate the Pre and future webOS devices above simple flashy smartphones to full-on productivity machines.  The Pre's thumboard is very nice, but an external bluetooth keyboard is much easier for long amounts of writing, plan and simple.

Of course Palm's Mojo SDK will need to allow that kind of bluetooth access.  Please Palm, include bluetooth functionality for 3rd party developers.

Update: ProfJonathan twittered Palm about the bluetooth keyboard being an important accessory. Palm responded:

Got it. The slider keyboard should cover the bases for most folks -- and we expect a range of accessories for other needs.

This certainly implies there could also be Palm-branded bluetooth keyboard in the Pre's future.

Thanks to ProfJonathan for the update!



Awesome news!!! Now, how can we get Palm to listen...?


(This is the same Bluetooth keyboard sold under the Palm brand name, correct?)

Actually, from what I've learnt, this bluetooth keyboard layout/bodypiece is mass-manufactured, though each company puts their own hardware inside. Palm got a company called Stowaway to design their drivers. This keyboard is from FreedomInput, includes dual bluetooth format (the Palm keyboard only supported HID, this supports HID and SPP), and they make their own drivers.

That's a different body layout from the ThinkOutside (now iGo) Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard on which I depend; my keyboard has an accordion-like folding mechanism and ends up somewhat smaller than the one you show, I think. {ProfJonathan, who remembers hooking up an Apple Newton keyboard with a customized cable and driver to his Palm III}

Yea, the Ultra-Slim Keyboard is quite sleek. Unfortunately Stowaway discontinued their bluetooth keyboard lineup and even their customer support for those products. The FreedomInput one is the same layout as the current Palm Bluetooth Keyboard and that should help some people with the transition.

I've tried twittering Palm regarding this:

They responded generically:

Here's a few places you can try if you'd like to tell Palm you'd like to see bluetooth access in their Mojo SDK:


I'm the technical manager for Freedom, thanks for the write up. Always nice to see people who love our products.

It is looking like the API's for creating drivers in the Palm Web OS platform will be there so its looking hopeful. These things can change so we wont know 100% until closer to the release date for the SDK.

Just to reconfirm though if the tools are available to write drivers for this platform we will do :)

Hello good days

My name is alex and I have a question me podrias to explain please like the keyboard to install freedom unibersal 2 in palm TX?? I have tried(meant) it and have not obtained it since it(he) is very complicated, you agradeceria much if you can help me

In advance thank you

sorry for my inglhis I speak spanish

For the Love of Peanut Butter and Jelly! I will immediately purchase an external keyboard if it will work with my pre!!!

I will also tell other people about it and how awesome it is.